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DARPA; Is War with China imminent? Dr. Fauci Lied. Pentagon DARPA Whistle-blower dropped the hammer on Fauci and Peter Daszak who wanted to release genetically altered Coronaviruses in the wild.

Several news outlets today report the biggest story of the 21st Century.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology attempted to secure 14 million dollars in funding for the Wuhan Coronavirus research from DARPA (Pentagons division The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency). The funding is for genetically altering viruses, like the Coronavirus, to make them more infectious for humans.

Peter Daszak and Fauci knew exactly what their funding for the Wuhan lab was for.

The project leader Peter Daszak is getting funded and advice from? Take a wild guess: Anthony Fauci. This “associate”(funded by Fauci’s company) Peter Daszak is running this bioweapon project, he asks the Pentagon/DARPA to release the virus in China. The new documents show DARPA refuses this. This would cause war with China and would be out of control.

DARPA refused the contract – saying, “It is clear that the proposed project led by Peter Daszak could have put local communities at risk”. While warning that Daszak hadn’t fully considered the dangers involved in enhancing the virus via gain-of-function research or by releasing a vaccine into the air.

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In my first blog on Covid (18 months ago), I write about this war scenario between the US and China.

First of all, people should realize we are talking here about a bioweapon Covid-19. Biological warfare is aimed at killing hundreds of millions if not billions of people. Even when you are a psychopath like Franken Fauci, you will not release an altered killing coronavirus for humans if you would not have the antidote yourself. 

Team Fauci ask DARPA to release the virus out in the open. Eighteen months before the start of the Pandemic.

Stuart Neil, another big pharma-paid virologist who investigates HIV and Ebola, comes to the rescue. for Peter and demands a correction from the 

London Telegraph:

The Twitter feed of some of these virologists and journalists reads that they are possibly pointing the fingers at DARPA for apprehendingly throwing them under the bus. 

Heads must roll now.

The ghost is out of the bottle. Heads will roll. This can not be stopped. Somebody at DARPA clearly grew a conscience and provided these documents. The scientist does not deny any of it. Except they are all innocent and only did what was asked, the usually denial crap.

I hope Rand Paul will be all over this, he proved already right about Fauci, and this is just more evidence. Oh, the Peter guy from team Fauci asked DARPA to release a Coronavirus in the wild. DARPA said no at the time. Eighteen months later and the whole world is in agony and lockdown.

Fauci says in public that he thinks the Coronavirus comes from the wild (not artificial). At the same time, his companies fund the Wuhan lab’s “gain of function” to make the virus more contagious for Humans. We know this now because of the DARPA documents. 

This Fauci guy should be arrested on the spot.

Just the thought that a human virologist fund these bioweapons and actually ask to release them on humanity? The sickness and evil of these people are off a whole new level.

Peter Daszak Thanks Fauci for a Lie.

Remember this scumbag Peter Daszak thanked Fauci on April 18th for pushing back on that the Coronavirus leaked from a Wuhan lab. Surely Fauci lied again that he stated it probably came from Animal to Human while they all were enhancing the Coronavirus to make it more infections for humans.

Two months later, Peter Daszak is recused from the WHO team in Wuhan China UN-backed commission on Covid-19 Origins. As with Big Pharma and people like Bill Gates controlling the FDA, here is an example of Peter who has to research himself and thank his fellow handler Fauci.

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The same Peter Daszak is also president of the New-York-based, none-profit Eco Health Alliance. Daszak stated that a British scientist funds his research. Peter was working for the WHO team in China’s Wuhan but is now recused from the UN-backed commission on COVID-19 origins. 

I never received money from the Chinese, why make that statement?

He claims that Eco Health Alliance gets funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the US Agency of International Development (USAID). Of course, Peter said he never received money from the Chinese. 

They were all just picnicking in the Wuhan lab on US taxpayers’ money. So, the money came from Fauci. His footprints are all over this. Fauci lied about it in congress, and Rand Paul was right. It is very clear now what the gain of function was. 

According to DARPA/Pentagon, the gain of function was to enhance the virus to make it more contagious for humans.

The shit is coming to the service now.

Some brave employee within the DARPA Pentagon branch had the guts to blew this cesspool of evil wide open. Now you know why Peter thanked Fauci on April 18th with his statement.

That statements were completely bogus both Fauci and Peter knew this. They deny the virus comes from the Wuhan lab and is made to be a bio-weapon. They blame bats, and nature, it’s a bad joke.

Now here are some scenarios that are fast become a reality now.

Russia, China, and some other countries use vaccines that are not American mRNA-based. 

It is possible to manipulate the virus in several ways. First in line make the flu type of virus more contagious. It attacks weaker and elderly people. However, Covid-19, in combination with the Fake News fear mongers, has another effect. The push for people to take a vaccine.

Just realize this, the people who manufacture the vaccines are in controlling people who do not even realize it can get a bad or a good vaccine. With that, I mean an elite group who approved the release of this bio-weapon Covid-19 has the antidote.

Why did we only see propaganda from Wuhan?

Just ask yourself, Covid-19 is extremely contagious, yet we suddenly only see images of a bat eating Chinese and people drop dead on the streets from Wuhan? Chinese people from Wuhan cause many infections in Italy because Chinese people from Wuhan flying back and forward. But what happened to Shanghai, Beijing, those sites with tens of millions of people?

The China and US relationship is falling of a cliff. Is war imminent?

Maybe both countries did work together on this bioweapon. It is plausible they make this bioweapon into a joint venture. I do not see the point of this, but anything is possible. The smart thing for both countries is to work already on a vaccine (just in case).

Is that why we saw such a record-breaking time for the US to come up with mRNA vaccines? What about China? Did the Chinese also break a record to produce an antidote? Or did the Chinese already have the antidote?

This would explain why we never heard or saw footage from China’s biggest cities battling Covid. No images of hospitals overrun and people die on the streets from Beijing or Shanghai, nothing. 

If you compare the Chinese death toll and infection numbers with the rest of the world, they are extremely low. This should ring alarm bells.

Trump lost the election because of Covid-19 and its enablers.

The US was winning the trade war with China, and the first treaty was signed between Xi Jingping Ping and Donald Trump. The “miracle” virus destroyed Trump and America’s greatness, and this kicked the US and the whole world in its belly.  

The “miracle” Covid-19 virus.

Suddenly China is on top of the world again, supplying the world with medicine, ventilators, and mask.

Fauci becomes the face of the WHO and CDC (like I predicted in my first blog) with godlike powers. 

The censorship and ignoring of healing effects using drugs like Ivermectin are ludicrous. This latest bombshell news should lead to Fauci’s arrest.

Bombshell is the shocking news from the US Navy Seals.

The perfect way to weaken a military opponent is to have them not participate in combat. There is a video on social media about a guy who claims that many military personal people quit because of forced vaccinations. Many of the online community claimed it is a hoax. It’s now about one week later, and the story is confirmed at least 2500 Navy Seals refuse to take the shot.

Chinese whistle-blower confirms China is preparing for war and that the US military is weakened. Navy Seals are replaced by transgenders, with leader Milly making things worse every day for the US and the rest of the world.

Surely we should not believe anything, as everything can be misleading Fake News and propaganda. For example; the Chinese “whistleblowers.” It is even possible that Fauci and Peter are set up as scapegoats. This could be because the research teams from the opposite side (thinking of Rand Paul) reveal too many damaging materials

When, if it comes to logic and it all sounds way more plausible than a girl eating a bat, claiming some deadly virus release is just an accident.

The US gets weaker and weaker and the enemy knows this, war is looming.

Some countries recall their US Ambassadors, Biden mumbles and stumbles eating ice cream on every occasion. Countries laugh at the US, once the greatest and strongest nation on the planet.

This situation concerns us all, and nobody should accept any lockdowns or vaccinations. Republicans in the US, act or you are as guilty as the Fauci’s and the dollars which funded this bioweapon.

Do not let this turn into a war with China.

Quote “1. “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” – Sun Tzu.”

Slayer Fan Video ” The Crooked Cross” about blind obedience and what this can lead to. Humanity should not forget!

C) Bas Boon

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