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German Adverse Vaccine Reactions Report, Obesity Death Cult. Woke socialist, globalist democrats who only push immigration, climate change, and racism gender politics speed up the end of humanity. It’s an Obese, vaccine-obsessed death cult.

German Ministry of Health report on adverse reactions.

The German Ministry of Health came with news regarding vaccine adverse reactions. Their first tweet was that 1 in 5000 people would have a severe side effect that leads to hospitalization, paralyzation, or dead. Later they deleted that tweet, and the new tweet says there is a 0.2 percent chance in 1000, which is probably the same but sounds less scary.

What people should know is the following in my previous blog about Germany, I have written about the following essential things.

First, a German whistle-blower came forward and said that the German Hospitals were falsifying reports. For example, German hospitals get Billions in Covid if their hospital beds are above 70%. When this was not the case, they just removed hospital beds to fall under the category of 70% occupation.

Second, people who come to the hospital with Covid are mostly morbidly obese and already have multiple health issues. These obese people are triple vaxed and get Covid and are always dying of Covid. The German Hospital officials claim that the patients do not die from the vaccine or other comorbidities. So any physician/doctor who reports a patient with Covid gets paid. If he says a patient has issues or died from vaccine side effects, he might lose his license.

The correct numbers for side effects are much worse.

Third. Doctors cannot believe the official findings of the Pfizer trials and adverse reaction numbers. Under pressure from a judge, the Pfizer company has to show the results of adverse reactions publicly. Now doctors know what to look for: Covid, Obesity, or vaccine-related. The famous doctor/data analyst Dr. Campbell on YouTube reported this. He did not even know some of the side effects or the correct diagnosis.

Court ordered Pfizer to produce a list of causes and names of adverse reactions.

We should remember this when we read the German Ministry of Health report. The information is on the data the Ministery of Health received. We can understand that the ratio of underreporting and misdiagnoses are astronomical high. For almost two years, many doctors did not know what to look for, so how can they make the correct diagnosis? Doctors and hospitals get paid for covid patients. Vaccine adverse reactions can lead to losing your license and billions of funding. You do the math.

Another blog of mine was about the official report of the Union of the German Pathologist.

They raised the alarm clock about vaccine death-related autopsies over a year ago. The result was that 30-40% of the corpses they did an autopsy revealed the cause of death was vaccine-related. These findings should ring all alarm bells worldwide. Why do other countries not take notice? Why not do the same autopsy test in each country. It never happened.

The winter of 2022 will be catastrophic for humanity.

The lockdowns and even the vaccines did not do much to help the prevention of a Covid infection. More and more people realize it is nothing more than the terrible flu. That said, it is an artificial virus made in a lab and modified to spread faster than the flu. It can also be longer lasting.

The numbers in, for example, the Netherlands reached a stunning result. Some reports and news headlines said 91% of all hospitalized Covid patients and death cases are among obese people.

Now let’s do the math here. In the first year of the pandemic, hospitals run out of capacity to help people. The medical personnel is under pressure, not only among German medical workers. But it’s worldwide, especially in Europe. The threat is real. It would help if you took the experimental shot. If not, your resignation will follow. 

In many elderly homes with older people, the death toll of Covid is horrific. Politics, elections, and Globalist seek their opportunity to use fear with Pfizer to push the Fake News Media to make things far worse.

How to make things worse?

The lockdowns cause YouTube and Netflix to skyrocket. Now the already Obese fat people do not walk outside at all. No more vitamin D. But increasingly consuming snacks, monster energy drinks by the liters, and ginormous oversized pizzas in front of the TV. The fat community gathers more and more kilos on top of their already Obese figures. 

In England, they register more than 1 million alcoholics in that year. No mention of the increased diabetic Obese community that is occupying the hospitals.

I have talked in my previous blogs indicated above what Merkel did with unlimited immigration and asylum seekers. It ruined the engine of Europe, Germany. The German worker soon will vanish. The immigrants mostly have weak immune systems. They are already causing massive pressure on the capacity of the hospitals. This pressure of the lack of not enough hospital beds is all over Europe. All this before the pandemic even started.

I remember the major of Milan, Italy, who initiated a campaign to hug a Chinese? Yes, in the middle of a raging pandemic, he pushes to embrace Chinese because it’s called the Chinese virus. If you think that Sri Lanka is bad, wait.

Here is my prediction for the winter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023

We know now that more and more information has come out that the vaccines do not work. Everybody gets Covid, whatever variant. We also know now, because of the latest study from Germany, that the more vaccines a human will take, the weaker the immune system becomes. I think the German Health Minister did not plan to send that tweet about adverse reactions. We know that natural immunity is better than people who get a vaccine. So why will anybody with the right mind still take a shot or even have their children take the vaccine? The answer is fear and stupidity.

Here is what will happen.

The amount of depressed, overweight vaccinated people will get a combination of Covid and the flu. This health disaster is on top of other underlying health issues they already have. The hospitals will not be able to cope with the number of sick people. The Obese woke communities’ revenge on the healthy, sane people. The Germans were praised at the pandemic’s beginning for their low infection and death rate. I wrote immediately that all their number were bogus. Check now. They are in the world’s top five countries with the most reported deaths and infections.

It’s never the mouth, addiction, or habits of the Obese gluttony cult members. The woke will point the finger at Covid and the unvaccinated. When you criticize a fat person, you are a bigot, racist no good conservative Trump Nazi. They will scream at people with no masks and who are against lockdowns. The perfect division between left and right which the globalist big Pharma will fuel paid Fake News.

Your gym will close again, and most restaurants and health food stores must close. Open will be the Frappuccino coffee (sugar) shops and 7/11 chains (pre-packed “food”), and online Amazone services.

The perfect created storm of Panic, Chaos, and Death is upon humanity.

Europe will have the extra ingredients of disaster because of the lack of energy. They will blame Putin for this. Indeed, it’s Europe’s woke climate policies, especially in Germany. The Germans got rid of all their nuclear energy facilities. The broken windmills are not doing the trick. If the winter is severe, it will force people to stay inside. Food scarcity will be another stress factor on top of all the other headaches—the perfect storm.

When the hospitals fail to help, people will die on the streets, and the Fake News fear campaign will go into overdrive. Your government will force new mRNA shots to protect you from virus mutation variants. In unvaccinated concentration camps, the government will protect you from “others,” but everybody needs to give up their last bit of rights and freedom. 

The preparation for humanity starts with the announcement of the Monkeypox virus, B variants to Omicron, and the latest “Marberg” escape virus with a 50% mortality rate: a statement from the WHO.

People will soon die on the streets simply because their health is so terrible that the simple flu or Covid will kill them. 

Then, a real pestilence, disease, and death will follow, with corpses rotten on the streets. The images on social media will be horrific. But it will help the Globalists. People will have forgotten about the term “adverse” reaction. It’s survival now.

It is happening right now.

Biden got Covid are the headlines. With the headlines come the new Pfizer medicine “Paxlovid.” More pills from Pfizer after the morbid Obese weaken what’s left of their little immune system by taking experimental booster shot “number six.” See how the media put the president of the US, Biden, in one headline with the new drug push Paxlovid. How is that for Scot Adams saying “too much on the nose.” 

The government pays Pfizer billions, using part of that money to deliver for all the pundits and Fake News corporation to push their narrative. I expect more German whistleblowers and from other countries as well.

In six months, we will know if the report was correct. Maybe it is not 1 in 5000 or 1 in 500 or even 1 in 50 who will die from a shot. It will be more than 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 who will die of the combination of adverse reactions with other comorbidities, medicine, and stress. Top that with high inflation and robots taking over the human workforce, and it’s the perfect recipe for disaster. I wrote about this in Omicron. The new worldwide lockdown is imminent.

Another even worse scenario, Nuclear War!

I think the censorship of woke socialist brainwashed sheeple will not prevent the truth from coming out. When the dollar starts to fall, the push for the Globalists in charge will be an all-out war with Russia. This madness will lead to a nuclear world war. Once they know they are losing control of the money and their positions, they will push for this scenario. Another lockdown will have disastrous consequences—an excuse to print money again. The coming inflation will be insane.

Please let me be wrong. If I read my previous blogs, more and more of my findings and predictions are spot on. I need to be wrong this time!

With his admiral / White House administration, Biden gives a clear signal to Russia, North Korea, and China that they must shit their pants. A German friend of mine gave me a visit to Pattaya. He read my blogs and said why are you so sympathetic towards all those degender LGBTQ freaks and Obese people? Let them have ten boosters and a couple of packages with Paxlovid and other pills. It will speed up their miserable ending. We need a dozen of Fauci’s. He meant what he said.

Let them die. Why sympathy?

He ended the conversation by saying that Adolf Hitler would look up (or down) and think, why did I not think of this scam? Most people line up for injections. They get sicker and sick. And then ask for pills from the same company that produces the vaccines that make them sick in the first place to finish the job! I looked at him and said, it’s just not me, man. I have empathy and sympathy for humans. The majority are just weak.

I did not even mention mental health.

Unvaccinated, Let Them Die, CNN, Obese Vaccine Propaganda

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