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Covid-19 Fake Data from Hospitals, Says, Whistleblowers. German Data analyst reveals he can not find a Pandemic in Germany from studying the numbers. This blog provides shocking information on how Hospitals and government instances handle the Coronavirus Data of people who are infected and die.

I studied this video where a German Data analyst wants to prove to his family members that Covid is real. Nobody in the family should downplay Covid-19.

The data analyst studies his data, and he is shocked. He is wrong at every point he is trying to make. If we read the data honestly in Germany (compare death rates with other years), the most deaths occurred in 2012.

It would help if you did not compare apples and pears. Strangely this is precisely what many data analysts do.

Hospital Beds Reduced by 25%? This Covid-19 Scam Will Make Your Blood Boil. 

The Hospitals in Germany received an amount of over 10 billion euros (so far) during the pandemic. Yes, 10 billion. If you want to receive government Covid funding, the rule in Germany is to occupy 75% of the hospital beds to get the special Covid funding.

The hospitals have a “huge funding” problem. There are not enough patients to fill 75% of the beds. The hospital beds occupation of 75% is necessary to get government remarkable Covid euros. There is a simple solution to this “problem. You remove hospital beds and let them re-appear when necessary.

This shocking fact of reduced hospital beds comes from complex data. When the data analyst confronts the Hospitals, they claim they do nothing wrong.

German Data analyst is shocked. 

Crazier, how do the hospitals count a Covid-19 patient?

For example, a patient with Covid Health issues goes to the Hospital. They count the patients who are positive for Covid-19. If the patients need medical attention, the doctor or nurse will escort them to a room for treatment.

If patients need to stay in the hospital, the doctor counts the same patient again as a Covid patient (that makes one patient into two).

When the same patient has to go to the ICU, he is put on a ventilator. This patient counts as a new Covid-19 ICU patient—making one the same patient with three separate Covid registrations.

Ooh boy, it does not stop there.

Here is a shocking example. A patient who recovered from Covid and never went to the Hospital gets an accident. He has to go to the hospital because of two broken legs. 

He arrives at the hospital; they bring up his medical files. It reads he recovered from Covid two months ago. This patient with the broken legs is now officially again a new counted Covid patient.

This story is not a one-off. Multiple nurses, doctors, and whist blowers have leaked the data and the truth. There is no pandemic if you use the data the right way.

A data analyst discovers that other colleagues and fake news do not correctly handle the Data. You cannot compare apples with pears. If we compare the numbers with the previous Data precisely, we will get a clear picture.

Apples with Pears Compairisments.

Comparison; how many older people from what age did die in the previous years? What estimate can we expect if we look at other years? When you make the comparison like this, you find that actually, the year 2012 was way more deadly.

Project veritas nurse whistleblower people die from the vaccines unreported.

Vaccines Cause Heart Problems and Other Side Effects. The Data is Incorrect.

Let’s call him Harry, an older man with Covid-19 six months ago. Now, Harry breaks his neck after a fall on the stairs. He comes to the Hospital. And according to the protocol (yes, protocol), this is a new Covid-19 patient. But Harry still dies from his broken neck injury. The death certificate says– death by Covid-19 (counted as a death Covid patient).

Another whistleblower whose business has been the Family Funeral Service for decades has shocking news. He never wears a mask, never got Covid, and has something interesting to tell the world about the Data and the vaccines.

Follow the Money.

Europe and the USA “governments “give considerable sums to hospitals for treatments and people who die from Covid. These money rewards do not help the “accurate“ data as well. 

A Guy has stage 4 cancer and comes to the hospital for treatment. He was Covid but had no symptoms; three weeks later, he died from cancer. The death Certificate will read Covid: The Covid payout for the Hospital, in this case, is US 38.000.-.

Big Pharma does not only have the universities and education about medicine and treatments in their power. They control everything from the FDA to the CDC and WHO. Everything is commercialized.

They are warning of heart inflammation in the description from Pfizer and Moderna.

Pfizer 2,3 billion dollars criminal case. They are bribing doctors and suppressing adverse trial results.

Sometimes people with a conscience step forward. Big Pharma giant Pfizer got caught and sued for 2.3 billion for bribing doctors and suppressing adverse trial results. Do not think that these giant Big Pharma corporations will not commit criminal proceedings.

The only reason there is a settlement in this Pfizer scandal is hungry lawyers who smell money. Nobody got fired. Zero happened, just a “parking ticket” for them. This Pfizer company that produces the vaccine, we should blindly trust? Should we trust their “science” and the Big Pharma rollout of a new experimental mRNA vaccine?

Here is a Fake News tweet from the famous horror writer Stephen King about Covid Death toll numbers in Florida:

Stephen King is a massive advocate for the left; he is furious like a devil possesses him, precisely the topics he writes about in his books. I love good stories. Stephen needs to understand people are living in the real world.

Stephen King, your everyday guy, stop being a hypocrite.

The writer got an avalanche of criticism about his Fake news Tweet. Because of this criticism, Stephen made a new tweet with his apologies. Stephen King knew what he was doing when he posted his first tweet. And the damage with the first tweet is already one.

Lots of Fake news journalists and celebrities are pointing fingers at the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated people are to blame for everything, but we now know the numbers are incorrect. India has not even vaccinated 8 % of the population, and the Indian Covid Case numbers and deaths plummeted.

People who take the vaccine can still spread Covid-19 even more than unvaccinated people. There is a considerable risk for highly healthy people who are double jabbed and did the right thing to end up in intensive care.

Check out De La Hoya 

This Video is removed from Twitter as it does not fit the narrative sorry, dude, for telling your horrific story; you are censored.

Comedian Chris Rock is a doubled-jabbed hypocrite who challenged big Pharma with jokes. Rock makes a joke in a sketch on stage about Big Pharma. They don’t want a cure, as the money for Big Pharma is in the medicine. He advocated for the vaccines and now has Covid. Chris Rock is sick (he is vaccinated) but still spreads the message of vaccinating. Does nobody question the vaccine?

Some say the original Covid-19 infected people in Germany is about 4.5%

If you compare the data with India, there is no pandemic; they hoaxed humanity.

I was right with my Blog. India holds the key to unraveling this horrible scam.

More cooked-up bogus Covid numbers because of the Fake News and morons like Howard Stern.

Its people like Howard Stern and the Fake News constantly scare the sheeple every day with fear causing unnecessary hordes of people to run to a hospital. Their message is we are all going to die from Covid. Blame games. The unvaccinated are to blame for us not having our freedom.

Maybe Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and little Brian Stelter can do a segment about one of their colleagues balancing their fear porn?

Fearmongering makes people insecure; if they have a slight headache, they run to the hospitals.

Because of this fearmongering, healthy people run to the Hospital when they feel mild pains or a runny nose, thinking they have Covid-19. People’s experiences of lockdowns and losing their businesses and jobs influence their mental health.

People like Don lemon and other media Scumbags are constantly trying to get people who blame the unvaccinated in front of the camera. They milk tragedies for propaganda purposes. So far, the only big news outlet that apologized for this is the German News Outlet “Das Bild.”

Even if vaccinated people die, some media or family members find a way not to blame the vaccine.

Why do CNN, the BBC, and other Fake News outlets not show both sides? Maybe an idea to show perfectly healthy people (famous people) who are double vaxxed and end up in intensive care or even die. It is rare, and this type of news will be censored or not shown to the public.

Doubled vaccinated people die more and more. Somehow they appear in the news headlines blaming the unvaccinated?

Scott Adams said in his daily podcast that we can not use the VEARS numbers and statistics. VEARS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The institute VEARS is where healthcare workers, vaccine manufacturers, and the public can report vaccine side effects

I agree with Scott Adams that no organization, statistics, and other data providers can not be taken seriously. As we can see at the beginning of this blog, I pointed out how hospitals manipulate Data to get Covid government funding.

My prediction is that the flu will come back at the end of the year.

The regular flu will come back (never left) at the end of this year. Many predict that the vaccinated people have powered their immune system for this. Others claim they ruined their immune systems with the vaccines. There is a strong possibility that many people will die, and hospitals will be overrun.

We keep ignoring that Covid numbers going down is just a sign of the end of the seasonal flu. Nobody pro-vaccine likes the Data from Israel, Palestine, Gibraltar, or India. They must have false data and have done something wrong. Them Data freaks!

Sweden and Portugal won’t even allow people from Israel into the country. Israel is the most vaccinated country on the planet. Nobody pro-vaccine likes to talk about medicine like ivermectin, Regeneron, or Hydroxychloroquine.

The vaccinated will blame the unvaccinated. In both scenarios, the regular flu will cause havoc. This coming flu season will have some “genius” at the WHO or CDC label the new mutation of the virus the banana variant. This will result in a recent worldwide lockdown, QR code, vaccine passports, and tyranny.

A Big Alarm Comes from Data of the Pathology Institute in Germany.

You would think with such data. Every country will immediately do 50 autopsies. They must examine the double-vaccinated victims to determine if these German numbers are correct. It should alarm us and worry everybody, including the fake news, politicians, and world leaders.

The data from Germany should be ringing worldwide alarm bells and cause immediate action for autopsies in every country.

The fact this does not happen is not a conspiracy theory. Some entity is preventing this from happening. There is a reason. This reason is money and population control. Why would Big Pharma reach out that vaccines are unsafe? They don’t!

More and more countries understand or think it is a scam.

(C) Bas Boon

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