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Unvaccinated, Let Them Die, CNN, Obese Vaccine Propaganda. The Fake News is making huge headlines. The world has gone mad, and it is getting worse. The headline of the Toronto Star in Canada reads, “I have no empathy left for the wilfully unvaccinated. Let them die. The headline continues, “Unvaccinated patients do not deserve ICU beds.”

Fake News journalists make tens of millions from Big Pharma.

These are the journalist making millions from Big Pharma, the label, hate speech no problem, death speech no problem. Promote the vaccine and demonize the unvaccinated. The Fake News is pushing the vaccines 24/7, day in and day out. Not a word about Covid treatments.

People should research and understand why a vaccine that is now failing is pushed or even made mandatory. Study Israel and India to understand that vaccines do not help or even potentially worsen things.

Big Tech makes things complicated with censorship. I am doing my best to see the threes through the forest. I hope you find my blogs informative. Some are pretty serious, and it took me a long time to gather the information I write about.

I will mention sources like the CDC and other sources each time.

Big Pharma Big Money

The doctors and Pfizer are all making money with Covid, big bucks; everything is compromised, and nothing can be trusted. The almighty dollar is ruling the medical industry and everybody who is attached.

No room for horror stories of people who die from vaccines. There was not a letter in the mainstream media about the report of the German Pathologist Union (see my previous blog) with devastating information on Covid patients who died from the vaccine.

The people who make the vaccines together with Big Tech will determine what you can see and how you should act. They pay the Fake Media hundreds of millions. To have their puppet parrots like the dumbest person on earth, Don Lemon, read you scripted propaganda from a teleprompter.

Sally Susman, the VP of Pfizer for over 20 years, sitting at WPP as Board of Director

WPP is British international communication, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company headquartered in London, England. It is considered the world’s largest advertising company, as of 2019 – and controlling the Media!

They are not hiding it; so powerful are they that they don’t give a shit

The clown’s CNN Network is getting a taste of their own “medicine” Hoax.

Headline from CNN: Healthy 40-year Old Covid Victims Last Words: “I blame the unvaccinated for this.” In the first paragraph of CNN’s awards-winning Pulitzer prize propaganda.

The text of the falsified article reads: “Sheila Johnson lived the way any healthy American would, “She waking up at 6 am to eat a dozen eggs, 36 pancakes, 40 sausages, and washing it down with a gallon of maple syrup”.

The CNN Hoax hits the Covid problem nail on the head!

The truth is even worse. The Fake News and “the everything” is a racist community pushing humanity into the abyss. The ugly truth is that over 80% of the ICU beds (in my country, the Netherlands, over 90%) have Obese diabetic eating machines as patients. Don’t speak too much about this in the mainstream media.

In newspapers in my country, the Netherlands, sometimes over 90% of patients in hospitals and ICU are Obese.

AD in the Netherlands reports that a professor (yes, it takes a professor to figure this out) found a connection between Obestias and Covid. No kidding, who would have thought?

In some districts, 90% of Covid patients in the Netherlands are Obese patients in the ICU. The newspaper softens this shocking news. If you have a BMI above 30, you should not immediately panic.

Fuck, this is what the title should have been in “blunt honesty.” If you are a fat, overweight, mentally unstable addict of crap food, you should be terrified of dying young and not only from Covid.

The woke community, Big Pharma mafia, and their enablers like Fake News are guilty of the world’s agony of lockdowns and misery. They force hard-working people to stop with their business and work. This rips families apart, and suicides skyrocket. They all blame the unvaccinated, creating two camps.

Last year in the UK alone saw 1 million more alcoholics, a staggering number. People are drinking away their loneliness and Covid headaches.
The fake news makes things worse, and the CDC forces people to stay inside. There is no question that these lockdowns lead to less vitamin D, less exercise, and more junk food and alcohol. These obese/diabetic. Unhealthy people are dying like flies!

Unvaxxinated is the target of a media hate campaign

Why can’t governments and people like Bill Gates promote daily walks in the park? Prepare your daily organic food. Chew 28 times before you swallow. Take your vitamin C and other vitamins. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.

A girl wants to be a boy. Her parents would support her by cutting off both breasts young. Plastic surgery and hormone treatment for people who suffer from an overdose of soy and wokeness are astronomic.

These corporations push you to buy cheap processed food full of preservatives. If you don’t drink enough water and get a headache, people run to the pharmacy and purchase paracetamol tablets like smarties.

The solution from Big Pharma is selling you a vaccine, and all will return to normal. Bluntly said Big Pharma and big governments “got you by the balls.”

Soy products make men’s estrogen levels explode.

The line of soy products in supermarkets are all chemical imbalanced estrogen bombs. They create human imbalances and have healthy men produce a massive amount of estrogen in the body. It makes the men’s female hormones rise like a volcano.

Big corporations and people like Gates have the solution for the mentally ill and Obese community. They can prolong their miserable lives a little longer.
Take the Franken shot “vaccine” and blame all your misery and sorrows on healthy people, make us trillionaires. We save you.

Journalists are breaking the woke code, blaming and wishing people death is the new normal.

Fat-shaming is not allowed because that’s a bigot and racist. They shame unvaccinated people—the perfect way to divide people into groups and fuel the fire of unhappiness.

If you have cancer, you are not lucky; worse, the hospital informs you that they are fully booked. Sorry for your cancer and stuff. We make far more money with the other patients. The Obese people seem to be at the pinnacle of all these lockdowns.

According to the CDC, 79.1% of Covid-19 hospitalization in 2020 were people with overweight and Obese.

The Obese community needs ventilators because their fat blowfish heads can’t breathe when lying on their ICU beds. They snore like pigs and night, and their uvula gets stuck in their throats.

I have met ultra-fat people who traveled with a vast oxidant tank and a mask. Like I meet somebody in the Hyatt at Ave of the Stars in Hollywood for breakfast, and some crew would drive that oxidant tank with him. This is real. I am not making this up.

Completely shameless and does not give a damn about anybody.

Many people need medical help such as operations. Cancer patients can not be helped because the Obesity community has occupied the ICU beds. This happened already before the pandemic started. No extra hospitals got built. But many countries imported millions of refugees, asylum and fortune seekers. The majority had terrible health and carried deceases with them that were long eradicated from Europe.

The obese people occupying hospital beds are ruining the lives of people who need medical help unrelated to Covid.

The doctor labeled this as follows: you have a sleeping disorder; the name is apnea. Here are some pills, madness.
No, you have an eating disorder that fucks your health and body. Worse, it does fuck up the lives of other people:

Let’s research dairy products like ice cream, massive amounts of Molton cheese, chocolate, and milk with cow steroids. Maybe the daily intake of these products is the breeding ground for a virus like the Flu/ Covid? It clockes up your throat and arteries; it’s the Walhalla for a virus-like Covid.

We do not need any more research about Obese people and Covid. Do you think Obese people get a vaccine and now they are going to be healthy instantly?

Half of the planet needs mental help.

These people need mental help, which means half of the planet. If we do need to blame people, let’s do the numbers. Humanity is held hostage by people with eating disorders.

The Fake News and Big pharmacies do the opposite. Not follow any science. Promote their agendas to make money, lots of money. These big corporations bombard you with fear and play the blame game to enrich themself.

They promote Obisita’s, but it is a mental illness; say the wrong words, and the woke and LGBTQ community will attack you. You become the fat-shaming racist bastard. From now on, you should be banned, erased, and put out of work.

There is no more following science or common sense. Companies are using mentally unstable, weak people to brainwash the people a little more;

India proof Ivermectin works

How does it feel to be on the wrong side of the track? Unvaccinated is the root of all evil. The media brainwashes the masses, giving people victimhood on a platter. Those filthy unvaccinated are doing this to us.
The blame community and big government should realize that studies in Israel and India prove Ivermectin works perfectly again Covid.

The low death rate in Japan and countries like India proves Covid is just the nasty flu. Denmark opens up everything, no mask, no covid passport, nothing.

The study in Israel proves that vaccinated people can cause more problems spreading the virus. Today the most vaccinated countries have the worse death rate and Covid infection numbers. Just look at Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, and Singapore.

Dutch Newspaper; people infected with Covid immune systems fight Covid up tens of times than vaccinated people. This means that the vaccinated are the problem. My personal opinion is that we are all victims. But we should stop behaving like victims and take back our world.

The Globalist “Great Reset” plan is the problem. These Eugenic freaks do not stop till they get their way.

They will all be exposed; what should we do with the enablers who helped push this genocide program?

Should the Toronto Star people get round up now? What about CNN and MSNBC anchors? Are we now going to give Trudeau, Fauci, the Australian prime minister, and Macron the guillotine?

No more people flying who are vaccinated, and they should have no rights. The prepared CDC camps should be used for the vaccinated. How does that feel for the vaccinated people? Only vaccinated people should all have a covid passport and be stripped of everything.

This guy of the Toronto Star and people like Don Lemon do not deserve regular treatment.

Take a good look at the above and study how dangerous and ridiculous this is. These human feelings and ego to blame others come from the inner part of surrender.

The enemy is big Pharma, Big tech, and their media enablers. Humanity should go on strike. Screw them. You blame others because of the endless propaganda the media bombards people with. 16 months in this mess, and people have had enough.

Stand your ground and fight for your freedoms. Justice and karma will get these elites. It will be challenging to control a furious mob with nothing to lose their space.

We should stay civilized and make this world a better place.

As a start, get rid of the news; no more CNN, MSNBC, Fox, HYT, WP, nothing more. Google and other social media companies need a court with a jury; no more libs are censoring conservatives. President Trump, who gets banned from social media. A Taliban terrorist or Putin can keep his account by making fun of freedom of speech by talking about Facebook.

Stop this nonsense now. “Stand Your Ground.”

German Adverse Vaccine Reactions Report, Obesity Death Cult.

(C) Bas Boon

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