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Fourth of July Shooter Crimo, a Transgender Crazy Junk? I was in the digital twitter police cell for hate speech for 11 hours. My “crime”; I wrote that the 4th of July Highland Park shooter is possibly a transgender mentally ill fruitcake. #RobertCrimo looked like the #SandyHook shooter #AdamLanza and possible transgender #Uvalde shooter Ramos Salvador.

My focus was to seriously watch the news and how they would try to spin the fact that he was a transgender leftist suicidal lunatic—no need to wait for a long time. Quote “Lake Country Sheriff’s office released a picture. Do authorities say Robert Bobby Crimo III, the suspect of the 4th of July parade shooting that killed seven and injured dozens of others, wore woman’s clothing to conceal his facial tattoos and identity?

How should we name the cross-dresser shooter? Be careful, or they will ban you from social media.

First of all, the simulation is screwing with us again. The shooter’s name is Crimo (Crime). But what a retarded statement by the authorities to disguise the facts that Crimo was a mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, transgender murdering, crazy fruitcake. What tattoos was Crimo hiding? Did he have a swastika or a hammer and sickle on his forehead? And yes, maybe he has a rose tattoo depicting social liberalism leftist on his neck (says nothing). So why would he need to wear feminine clothes to conceal his identity? There are no male hoodies? What about just a male pullover? Was it a female-only parade?

The sheriff is a racist bigot, not calling Crimo a transgender person.

So, is the sheriff racist and a bigot because shooter Crimo has not the right to be transgender and dress up like a woman? Let us be inclusive and anti-bigot. The security cameras show images of Crimo in woman clothes wearing a female wick, can we fucking name the person correctly, namely a transgender? Stop insulting transgender people.

Pictures of allegedly Crimo sex doll appear (unclear if it is a non-binary sex doll). Crimo is a mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, transgender murdering fruitcake who is also on meds. They should arrest the father for sponsoring his mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, crazy junk, transgender murdering fruitcake for buying five weapons.

Of course, the police know him. No surprise there.

Later, the police reported in 2019 that he was suicidal and threatened with violence and killing others; he even made rap songs about this. The first time the police went to “his” family house was when Crimo threatened to kill all his family members. The police only confiscated 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword, “nothing” to worry about. This mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, crazy, transgender murdering fruitcake is just your everyday, no need to flag “guy.” And at that time, there were no guns at home. 

In April 2019, the police visited Crimo’s family home for a suicide attempt. These suicide attempts are typical if you are sexually frustrated and a member of the transgender community. More than 50% will commit suicide or make suicide attempts, which is “normal.”

The father of shooter Crimo must have been devastated that all of Crimo’s knives got confiscated. So in December 2019, he sponsored the application for his crazy junk, mentally ill, theybie, son, daughter, none binary, fruitcake person to buy guns.

Here comes the kicker

Quote police statement, “there was an insufficient basis to establish a clear and present danger” and deny the gun application, the state police said in a statement.

WTF, are State Police and FBI on Meth?

You have a transgender crossdresser who threatens with violence and to kill his whole family. They confiscate 16 knives, a sword, and a dagger. The vegan soy boy transgender person looks like #SandyHook mass shooter Adam Lanza and has many characteristics of Uvalde “transgender” shooter Salvador Ramos and Miami Pulsar shooter Omar. Some of these shootings happened recently, but the state police said no clear and present danger?

Now you need to see some pictures where you can see Crimo with purple and pink hair. Photos were his eyes popping out of his socket, and you know he is on drugs or some meds. His social media accounts are full of violence. But my Twitter account is put in Twitter prison for hate speech. You can not say this shooter is a mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, transgender murdering fruitcake? Salvador Ramos announced he killed his grandmother and was going to do a school shooting on social media?

Wtf is wrong with the social media algorithms? Crimo had multiple alarm bell moments! But I get instantly flagged and punished for calling out the truth? But murderers scum can tweet and post on social media about their murders and murder plans and even rap about it?

Politics, he is a Trump supporter. No, he is Antifa?

In one of the pictures, Crimo wears a Trump flag once, and he is at a Trump rally. These two pictures are enough for the democrat retards to try to depict Crimo as a Republican Trump supporter. But a blind person can see that Crimo is trolling in these pictures. If you know he threatened to kill his whole family, the relationship with his parents cannot be a happy, normal one. Mostly the kids revolt and do the opposite of what the parents do and would like for their kids. Father was a republican and wanted to become a major. A pattern is emerging here.

It also does not make sense when you are a Trump supporter to go shoot up a mostly conservative celebration of Independence day like the 4th July parade. If you were a right-wing extremist mentally ill moron, you would shoot up a BLM, Anti Abortion, or LBTQ parade.

Some more research on his social media reveals the following: The Fourth of July shooter follows leftist social media accounts (which says zero). He even likes a post with the following statement: all January 6th “insurrectionists” should be in jail forever. Not Trump-friendly likes if you ask me (not that it would matter, he is just a crazy junk kid with an identity crisis and mental illness).

New gun law.

But after the Ulvade and Buffalo mass shootings, Congress did pass a law last month. The first major federal gun reform in three decades. This reform will provide federal funding to administer “red flag” laws. They make these laws to remove and prevent people from getting guns that we as a society consider dangerous. I guess the computers were not up to date in Chicago? 

No police in the nation would know possible mass shooting suspects? After all the recent mass shootings, what about the mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, transgender fruitcake threatening to kill his whole family? We only confiscated 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword then. His social media is full of violence, clearly all signs for nothing to worry about.

Ooh, and if you want to look at the similarities with the vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, fruitcake crossdresser transgender Salvador Ramos shooter; Check out this blog;

Texas Shooter, Salvador Ramos, was he gay? Why, Why?

So why target the 4th of July parade?

While in Twitter jail, I searched the internet for a motive from the shooter. The latest reports are mindboggling. According to the latest police statement, the 4th of July shooter Crimo committed his act of horror because of the number 47? He was obsessed with the number 47, and you know it has to happen on the 4th of July (7 months). I do not believe this for a second, but even if true, this shooting’s most critical learning process should be how and why he got mentally ill. Indeed the parents, especially the normalization of lunacy in combination with soy foods and drugs/meds, are the leading cause.

If we want to continue to make more mentally ill gender ID crises mass shooters, vote for State Senator Tiara Mack.

This Democratic Senator of color is exceptionally talented in twerking upside-down, standing on her head in the sand dressed in a thong only. She sponsored a bill for teaching kids “queer inclusive-pleasure-based sex ed.”

That ass, that ass, that ass, “Vote Senator Mack’. The Youth organizer for planned Parenthood. 2016 graduated from Brown University (simulation screwing with us again). She is a board member of the East Side/Mount Hope YMCA and serves the Women and Health education Funds. Senator Mack also is a donut lover and a rugby player. Who would have guessed? And should I report she is queer as well? Ooh, you thought of that yourself?

The democratic party is so far left they live on another planet. The planet of degeneration of humankind. This degeneration is a democratic manufactured creation of mentally ill lunatics with identity crises. These people run around full of drugs, becoming crazy junkies. The fake media pushes them as perfectly sane to become the new normal. 

The Twerking Lesbian Senator of Colour.

Vote for this twerking Queer, attention-seeking, sexually frustrated Senator. Your vote will guarantee an avalanche of mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, transgender, fruitcake, crazy junk mass shooters.

The censorship of criticizing people with apparent mental health or an identity problem regardless of color promotes future mass shooters. The normalization is causing an epidemic growth of mental illness, and the drugs/meds don’t help. 

It’s now eleven hours later since I started to write this blog. The Twitter Gestapo restores my Twitter functions, and my social media is working again. It is waiting for a total ban. I will be replaced on Twitter by a mentally ill, vegan, soy theybie, son, daughter, none binary person, crossdresser, transgender, fruitcake, crazy junk person. The kind of person you can never offend or criticize. I just caught myself adding “theybie” to my spell check dictionary. Fuck.

Gay Muslim Orlando Shooter is Terrorist Democrat Omar.

(C) Bas Boon

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