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Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein push Eugenics LGBTQ Cult. Why are people like Bill Gates, George Soros, and the Rockerffelers pushing and financing Eugenic projects?

What does the LGBTQ community have to do with getting funding from people like Gates, Soros, and Rockefellers?

In this blog, I will try to show you the connection why more and more people become victims of a Eugenics project which is set in full swing.

Yeonmi Park escapes North Korea to make feel unwelcome at woke Boston university.

With fascination, I watched the podcast of Jordan B Petersen with “Yeonmi Park,” a young girl who escaped from North Korea who is the author of the book “In Order To Live.”

Quote: “Yeonmi Park’s account of her experience at Columbia University is harrowing – as someone who had just arrived in the West after her escape from North Korea. The idea that she had to censor herself at a prestigious university like Columbia, or any university for that matter – which have historically been bastions of free thought is horrifying. Her experience serves as one example of just how far the Universities have deteriorated.

Imagine you escaped from North Korea. You went through hunger, rape, family members in prison. To understand which monstrosities this girl experienced, watch the podcast or buy her book.

The highlight came for me when Jordan, who is interviewing Yeonmi Park, has tears in his eyes and is ashamed of Columbia University putting Yeonmi once more in a state of mental imprisonment and brainwashing program of CRT wokeness and Marxism.

Why would the US promote Marxism and LGBTQIA propaganda?

In another podcast, Peterson asked his guest he does not understand why the U.S. would promote and finance such a Marxism and LGBTQIA promotion agenda. 

I will provide this answer later in my blog.

The amount of money which are made available for this LGBTQIA brainwashing campaign is staggering.

And its having results: 

mental illness

The world has gone mad.

The most extensive brainwash operation comes through Tv and social media, especially the stream services like Netflix and Disney+.

I wrote before that the LGBTQIA and wokeness agenda ruined my appetite for watching T.V. series or movies; everything gets destroyed. My biggest disappointment and the most disgusting moment was the ending of the Tv Series Black Sails. I was a fan of pirate movies and books from the day I was born.

Long John Silver became the LGBTQIA Pirate

The most famous one is Treasure Island “Long John Silver.” No wonder I started to watch the Black Sail Tv Series, and I enjoyed it from the start; the rough pirate Captain Flint is the main character, and it’s excellent.

So I watched the Black Sails Tv series based on the Captain Flint character from the first episode till the last. In the final episode, the scriptwriter could not hold himself back.

Once again, the LGBTQIA propaganda caused the famous pirate to change into the kissing, crying, gay guy.

I already stopped watching Black Mirror and other Netflix Tv series because of the constant push of LGBTQIA personalities and transgender people.

Black Sails pirate character gets raped.

Black Sails was excellent till the last episode. Imagine you are a big pirate fan. Then at the end of the last season, the rough Captain Flint is captured and then starts crying. He goes back to some working camp where his surprising gay boyfriend is waiting for him.

The ending of the Tv series Pirate Captain Flint is kissing his gay lover in a labor camp??? I mean wtf, the raw, rough Captain Flint, the writer rapes the character? What was he thinking? What an anti-climax.

Kiefer Sutherland goes from 24-hour rogue though guy to LGBTQIA promoting president with transgender family

Kiefer Sutherland who played the head of the anti-terrorist series 24 for ten seasons, torturing terrorists. That Kiefer Suttheerland started in a new TV series named Designated Survivor. I tried to watch the series but it ended my passion to watch any TV series ever again. Designated Survivor stopped for me when the secret service black guys have to screw each other constantly. They even advocate having sympathy for an HIV-positive African American gay guy who does not tell his BFR he has the disease.

Gay Trek where no none binary fruit cake has gone before

Star Trek movie with the purple-haired “woman” with her hat caught between two doors is a leading figure? I stopped watching right there. The latest Star Trek T.V. Series has “Scotty,” the former guy in Star Trek who is in charge of the control room kissing and sleeping with an African American in many episodes, so I stopped.

Banshee crossdresser violence

The rough series Banshee is incredible, but indeed there is the cross-dressing transgender person. The Hollywood scriptwriters can’t help themself or is there a plan? What is the reason?

The muppets got screwed, my favorite muppet Gonzo becomes a transgender

This shit goes very far in having Transgenders teaching children. My favorite TV show when I was a kid was the Muppet show. Of course like Disney, the Muppets show gets woke and becomes a transgender promotion outlet. Gonzo, from all muppets, becomes a crossdresser/transgender muppet, the end.

The brainwashing starts with the children’s first education.

Hollywood is infected with LGBTQ actors, writers, and financiers. nothing is spared from woke LGBTQ propaganda. Everythings gets infected, even the Teletubbies and Disney classics.

Disney pushes transgender and LGBTQ propaganda through their content

The racism card and blame game start now from childhood. You can’t escape it. It is mind-blowing:

Even Sesame Street has fallen for the LGBTQ push

One hundred years ago, there would be one transgender child in 10.000 now that is 1 in 100 rising to 2-100. Hollywood is the perfect tool, and there is money available for this new cult. Recently we could see the announcement of Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Movie Stars sick and mentally ill network of delusional perverts

People should know that Jamie Lee Curtis was an addict (she became sober) 22 years ago; she was popping Vicodin’s as smarties and flushing them by the dozens with a bottle of wine.

Jamie gets children later, and I am sure her drug abuse and Hollywood crazy life have nothing to do with her kid wanting to change from a boy into a girl. Her son surrounds himself with transgender and gender-natural cult/group members and decides to be a girl himself.

It can get a lot crazier. Children go to school getting educated by a Transgender wearing a Monkey Suite having a dildo hanging between his legs? 

madness, sick, simply criminal

Hollywood parents are many times victims themself.

I am a big fan of Charlize Theron. Her role as Ice Queen in the Huntsman and Mad Max Fury Road is incredible. 

Hollywood is so cozy with all those LGBTQ writers and producer rapists. 

Charlize Theron was abused as a kid, does this affect her being a good parent?

Her father was an abusive raging alcoholic who took a shotgun and fired three times through a door from a room in which Charlize and her mother were hiding.

The psychological impact of such abuse carries a long way, and I feel for her.

The problem is that a mother should not promote these life-changing decisions for a six-year-old. She should understand that a massive percentage of transgender, gender-neutral people end up as junks, addicts, and finally, they commit suicide.

The rate is staggering, so the cycle repeats itself in another form. You are signing up your children for a death cult that has a 50%+ chance of becoming suicidal. Is that what you want for your child?

Why does the media not learn, the viewers are not interested in their woke propaganda.

By now, you would think that the media has learned? The viewers are not interested in athletes lecturing them on racism. Viewers want sport there is no interest in wokeness, what gender other people would like to be.

Only sports matter, people’s sex lives should be private. Seeing sports athletes taking knees and disrespecting the American flag is repulsive.

LGBTQIA and Go Woke in Sports

I still believe that the business model for Tv would be high ratings and advertisements for running a sports channel or any channel. Another huge mistake the broadcasters make is to give the woke activist a massive platform for their activism. Piers Morgen was not having any of it and tweeted that Quitting is not winning.

It does not deserve more daily headlines than the actual gold medal winner. By now, everybody knew who Simone Biles is. Great way to promote your next book. I suffered from mental depression and quit.

Every time you say “quits for each item,” bam headline, what a genius way to market your new book. Do you know the name of the gymnast who won a gold medal?

Fighters wife in labor on the day of the fight.

Now I have been a manager of top athletes. the mental statements can significantly influence their performance. I had experienced that fighters were on the phone an hour before the fight with loved ones being in the labor of their first baby. They talked with a family member if a family member would be dying or had substantial financial trouble.

The fighter would take a fight even when severely injured because of money problems.

There are many causes an athlete would underperform

The best-prepared athlete would perform 50% or less from their abilities. The press would criticize them on the performance regardless of what caused the underperformance.

Piers gave legit commentary, but Google suppressed his blog, you know, free speech and fact-checkers, the new digital police force. Guess what?

There is a division that permits what you write and read or label hate speech as a “thick skin” amount of LGBTQ soy boys (paid for by big tech and shareholders like Soros, Gates).

The SuperBowl had the lowest ratings in 52 years.

ABC’s NBA season is lowest rated ever on Broadcast TV

NBC the Lowest Ratings Ever

At least we have a twerking African American taking worldwide headlines. The once most powerful nation on earth, which liberated Europe from a dictatorship, is “woke” every second of the day.

What is the cause of these huge ratings drop? A group of LGBTQIA activists is the cause of the low ratings. The last Olympics T.V. live broadcast is used for spreading LGBTQIA propaganda, this wokeness plummeted the TV Ratings even more to an old-time low.

Go woke to go broke or lose. You could feel this bad energy crawled up to the U.S. soccer team. When I was young, you would go to a soccer match with the Dutch flag, proud of your country. In the U.S., we see a bunch of kneeling losers hating on America. Do we seriously think this would get the support of the people?

Of course, they lost; it’s just a follow-up of bad energy karma which keeps crawling up in the athlete’s minds. Most of these team players are always angry and carry hate, which they do not even realize comes from their professors at the universities.

Hollywood is paid propaganda to brainwash the masses.

The media and Hollywood give the last push for their behavior as a “normality.”

Doctors and food and medicine are a huge cause of humans becoming confused about their gender and personalities

Doctors would amputate the breast from a 16-year-old because the girl wants to be a boy. The same doctor who should first try to convince such a young person to seek professional help will give the children hormones and even surgery as law permits.

The avoidance of meat and vitamin B12 leads to imbalances in the body. The replacement Soy products are the cause for a massive spike in female estrogen.

The million-dollar question, why is this happening and promoted?

The answer is more sinister than you can imagine. The reality is straight out of a novel by Stephen King.

Like in my previous blogs, the best question and research is to follow the money trail. Who funds this madness, and who benefits?

The only logical answer is to ask this question. Who benefits from depressed and miserable people? Big Pharma benefits from making huge profits.

People who fight over their own identities because Pbig Pharma pumped them full of medicine.

The LGBTQ communtiy are victums of Big Pharma and Propaganda

The number one contributor to students who want to start working in the healthcare industry is Big Pharma.

Doctors and psychiatrists are paid by Big pharma to diagnose patients every 5 seconds with: depression, bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, and Mental Illness. HIV is also popular and their latest label: people with Long Covid? 

Do not get me wrong, I feel for these people, whatever they choose to be in life. I do not care about their sexual preferences or even if they want to be a fruit.

The LGBTQ people are victims in a sinister game from psychopath billionaires for eugenic purposes that I find despicable.

Child abuse sex slavery “normalized”

Big Pharma only cares about profit.

Hundreds of billions of dollars profit for Big Pharma who will send kids home as young as 12 with the subscription of Ritalin and later oxycodone, Vicodin, etc.

Brainwashed patients wrestle with all kinds of gender issues and are bombarded with pronouncing labyrinths.

These kids’ bodies are “fuelled” with tranquilizers and downers, making them completely lifelong junky zombies.

These ingredients make the majority suicidal and full of hate and rage. The last bit of life gets used to becoming activists with other cult members who feel miserable. They become social justice warriors who blame others. The cut members/junkies can’t get jobs.

Most live with their parents even in their forties if they make it to that age. This process of activism gets supported by the Fake Media who Big Pharma funds, and the cycle starts again.

“Thee Musketeers” Bill Gates, George Soros, The Rockefellers-Eugenics

Eugenics: Quote from Wikipedia “Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits.

It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities, and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population.

Did you know that the father of Bill Gates was on the board of planned parenthood? Some people claim that the father of Bill Gates was running planned parenthood.

Quote “Julian Huxley’s significant contributions to the movement enured that the underlying notions associated with eugenics would transform and continue into new social movements “Marxism.”

Melinda Gates book The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

The book highlights the failure to acknowledge women’s unpaid work, drawing on feminist economist Dame Marilyn Waring’s book “If Woman Counted.” 

You get the pictures. Melinda is a feminist.

To get into the mind of feminists and why they become who they are now, another episode of Jordan Peterson (views over 40 million times).

He who controls the narrative on Universities shapes the future.

Now we should understand that Rockefeller took over the pharmaceutical industry. Rockefeller took over the entire industry and used his Oil/chemicals made products for fabricating medicine. This product was superior. According to Rockefeller’s army of “journalists, it did not take long that plants became toxic, his media empire would brainwash the public.

There is a division of the Rockefeller, Gates, Soros branch that consists of journalists and lawyers; most woke, activist LGBTQ recruits. Their scholarships on the universities, studies for journalists, law school, and medicine studies get financed by Rockefeller, Gates, Soros.

That results in a woke generation never seen before.

The amount of Soy dancing in this video from law students (your future lawyers and judges) is from apocalyptic proportions.

George Soros does not need an introduction. His billions and open society foundation stand for No borders, liberalism, Marxism, and Globalism.

Bill Gates and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

So why was Bill Gates multiple times on Epstein’s plane? Why did Bill Gates even meet with Epstein after he was convicted of pedophilia? The reason is simple: Eugenics.

Epstein planned to use his New Mexico Farm to breed new humans. Special selected girls/women who would be inseminated with Epstein’s sperm. God forbid, there is already an army of little Epstein pedophile rapists’ children somewhere running around.

The Third Reich is promoting the pure Arian White German Race, and Hitler Jugend comes to mind. Recently Gates himself tries to whitewash his meeting with Epstein.

Bill Gates claiming the only reason he met several times with Epstein was that Epstein promised he had claimed he would have access from people to donate billions for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates is lying about his connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

This claim from Gates is a farce, and here is why. First of all, wealthy people, especially billionaires, know the way themselves to Gates. Rich and famous people do not need some pedophile convicted middle man creepezoid.

Second, even if Bill gates would speak the truth he clearly shows what an unethical person he is.

Jefferey Epstein is convicted as a pedophile and spends time in jail, even after Epstein went to jail Bill Gates kept seeing him.

Jeffery Epstein himself once claimed Bill Gates was interested in his work in Eugenics. Epstein sponsored several Eugenic projects in universities.

Insiders said Bill Gates wanted to invest 200 million in Epstein’s ventures, not visa versa.

Let’s ask Epstein, bummer he committed suicide or recently found a new name for his death: he got Epsteined.

Milanda Gates estimate worth after the divorce-60 billion, Bill Gates must have really liked his Eugenic friend Jeffery Epstein.

People close to Melinda Gates have been leaking information that the divorce between Bill and Melinda has everything to do with Jeffery Epstein. 

Epstein was known to be a specialist in blackmail, provide the rich and powerful with a minor sex slave, film the event. Just imagine Bill Gates goes to Epstein multiple times. During one of those visits, he can’t resist and “rests “with a young “masseuse “in one of Epstein’s rooms.

Epstein films the event and later confronts Bill Gates to “invest” in Epstein’s breeding farm for a “donation” for his work in Eugenics. Or worse, no blackmail is needed. Bill Gates and Epstein become good friends as they have the same life goals. Eugenics.

Get rid of the “rotten apples” in humanity and breed a super race.

So what is the result of these three “Villains” Gates, Soros, Rockefeller using their billions $ gifts and investments for Eugenics? Are they the three musketeers or Spectre out of a James Bon movie?

To answer the question, we should look at the results. If you are into Eugenics, vaccines, population control, this is what is happening.

U.S. Population Growth, an Economic Driver, Grinds to a Halt, WSJ July 25th, 2021

The U.S. Birth-rate Has Dropped Again. The Pandemic May Be Accelerating the Decline. NYT May 5th July 2021

Add falling Sperm Counts to the list of threats to human Survival, epidemiologist wars. (over 50%) USA Today 

A Conversations with Bill Gates: GMO

Why is de Gates Foundation Investing in GMO Giant Monsanto?

Fluoride in the Drinking Water causes sterilization 

A Bill Gates Venture Aims to Spray Dust into the Atmosphere

Infertility because of “food” consumption and medicine intake.

You can google this for yourself. The quality of sperms is in decline, and guess what? Chemicals are mostly to blame. The amount of processed food and big Pharma medicine is causing a crisis of Obese people, diabetics, and cancer. In the last 40 years, the quality of sperm has declined in many countries by over 50%.

Now add to this the growing suicide LGBTQIA cult, which has over 50% of certain genders types attempt suicide.

Gay’s and lesbians can’t get babies—dysfunctional families or no families at all. Girls, women will go to plant parenthood as if they visited McDonald’s to eliminate a “nuisance.” 

mentally insane

Speeding up mental illness.

They help to decimate the human race. Heterosexuals are in a similarly wrong position; lockdowns, closing schools, and closing people’s businesses are all ingredients for depression, mental illness, and conflict.

There are programs like the CRT pushing propaganda for White people to hate themselves and feel guilty about their great grandfather’s—imports of vast amounts of illegals, including some of the worst criminals ever. 

There is a weird feeling crawling upon me because the propaganda used by social media Fake News, Factcheckers, Hollywood, WHO, CDC is far over the top.


For example, fact-checkers would ridicule and deny that Luciferin and Albeit Luciferase are harmless substances, and their use in medicine is approved.

Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System. It needs an enzyme called Luciferase to make it work. HR6666 is a bill that has to do with Contact Tracing.

Just imagine you are Bill and Melinda Gates; you are under a microscopic lens from a conspiracy theorist and doctor whistle-blowers, and you use names as Luciferase, and there is a bill named HR6666?

Is the propaganda way over the top to take a vaccine shot for a virus with a 99.9% survival? Mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns, censorship, arrest, all for this virus?

Criticize everything especially power-hungry psychopaths.

I do not buy it, it’s too much on your nose, and it makes what Alex Jones preaches now quite scary.

He claims that the people now will die from the vaccines and blame the unvaccinated. Yeah, I know Alex Jones is labeled as the number one “conspiracy theorist,”. People like Gates’s name appearing on anything that has to do with life or death is screaming for criticism.

WE can see these are not positive results for injecting hundreds of Billions of $ to “help” humanity. They have been doing this for quite some time now.

The only reason this madness would make sense would be that they focus on population control. 

Vaccine craziness

They were present at event 201 when they talked about this coming pandemic, and all knew what to do. 

What these billionaires really should do to help instead of pushing a Eugenics agenda.

If these “three musketeers’ wanted to help humanity, they would push for a healthy lifestyle, grow and prepare their food, family life, walk in nature, eat fish and avoid GMOs.

This style makes the majority of people in these five blue zones live over 100 years old. People experience happiness, and virtual no decease should be on the top of the “musketeers” list, it is not.

Here is an article explaining why people live over 100 years and older in these five blue zones.

Why did Gates, Soros, and Rockefeller not build excellent hospital facilities, created a particular guideline for what to do and not to do? Help the infected with their recoveries? No, they put billions in CRT, LGBTQIA promotions and make things worse?

Pfizer vaccine praises are rising.

You judge for yourself if things are improved now? Ooh, wait, new press releases announce that Pfizer vaccines went up drastically in the prize.

Now it’s recommended you need a third booster shot. The people are fed controversies by the fake media.

The people become a participant in being vaccinated and blaming each other, while the musketeers just made another trillion. The vaccines are not working like they promised they would. In some fully vaccinated countries—they need more booster shots for the double jabbed vulnerably.

Pfizer just announced the price of the vaccine went up. The musketeers are on a helping streak again.

(C) Bas Boon

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