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Dutch Farmers Protest Take on WEF, New World Order. Farmers lock down the Netherlands, but there is little news reporting in the world media. Even in the Netherlands, where I used to live, there are few headlines.
Years ago, Alex Jones and other “conspiracy theorists,” or should I name them modern-day Nostradamus’s predicted that the climate mafia would come for your assets.

The world should pay attention to Farmers in Holland. As well as countries like Canada and Australia. Here is why!

Now the world should pay attention to this Dutch Farmer’s protest as The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia are Beta Test countries as test grounds for the new Globalist New World Order rules. The Netherlands is at the forefront of these Nazi practices, starting with Nazi Prince Bernhard (married to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands). In 1954 he became the co-founder of the Bilderberg group, which is equal the Klaus Schwab’s WEF / Davos.

Bernhard became one of the environment mafia’s inventors, later followed by Al Gore (eco-tax). He co-founded the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) he was president in 1961. With Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and others, Bernhard established the WWF’s financial endowment, “1001: A Nature Trust”.

The Twitter account of “Rise Melbourne” shows images of Dutch farmers blocking roads, media parks, and food distribution centers.

It should be noted that Prince Bernhard was a member of the “Reiter SS,” and many of his family and friends were aligned with the Nazis.
It’s hard to undo (even these days with Google and social media) the scandals this Nazi Prince Bernhard has to its name: Taking bribes (Bernhard took 1.1 million in bribes in the Global Lockheed scandal). He loves Ferraris, and the Dutch state almost paid Bernhard 800K a year. Some of the money reportingly went to his mistress of Bernhard in Paris. A real Prince role model.

Klaus Schwab and Prince Bernhard

I mention this because Prince Bernhard and the WEF of Klaus Schwab have something in common: Nazis. A photo circulated on the internet allegedly depicted the father of Klaus Schwab in a Nazi uniform. Many headlines on Google say this is false, but what is true is not mentioned. The father of WEF founder Klaus Schwab was an industrialist and managing director of Escher -Wyss & Cie. This company supplied their products to the Nazis in WW2, and the Jewish Schwab family had a lot of privileges.

The Dutch government uses Nitrogen as an excuse to bankrupt and confiscate the assets of Dutch Farmers.

We are breathing 78% of Nitrogen gas, so the reason for attacking the farmers to give up their lands or bankrupt them is a complete farce. Schiphol airport produces a lot more nitrogen gas, and there are no indications this airport will be closed anytime soon.

Similar tests with different subjects are The Australian-none vaccinated, which were locked up in concentration camps. The freedom truckers of Canada had their bank accounts frozen, and trucks and assets were confiscated by WEF puppet Trudeau.


What has Bill Gates to do with the Dutch government stealing land from the Dutch Farmers?

The reason is more dreadful than you could guess. The name Bill Gates is again at the forefront of these climate measurements. Bill Gates invested in a company named Picnic. Well, hold your horses; Picnic is an online supermarket.

Soon robots and drones will deliver your ordered computer-manufactured synthetic meat to your home window.
Bill Gates is a personal investor and through Breakthrough Energy Ventures in Synthetic meat, and the message of Bill Gates also to rich nations is “Shift entirely to synthetic beef.”

Bill Gates is now also becoming the most prominent private farmland owner in the US and probably the world. He could be the official new leader of the New World Order in the not so distance future. The same Bill Gates whose wife divorced him because he kept hanging out with Eugenics-obsessed pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

A trucker’s doomsday story.

More sinister is the report of a trucker who went to a harbor to upload a scheduled container but was sent back. The trucker called his friend who works at the docks. He told him he soon would be out of a job. He said company Tyson and JPS would no longer be shipping meat to the port? Remember all those ships with containers to unload in the worldwide media headlines?

Why are food distribution centers going up in flames?

For some reason, there is almost a weekly headline of food distribution centers that go up in flames.
Tucker Carlson made a report about this.

Climate Mafia

The climate is used as the next scam to enslave all of humanity. WEF Klaus Schwab’s book “the great reset quote, you own nothing, and you will be happy.” The digital currency and Covid vaccine passports will be upon humanity much faster than anybody can think. This way, they can monitor your carbon footprint and punish you for not following their new rules.

The Dutch farmers are experiencing this now. I don’t believe for a second there will not be future lockdowns. The government under the New World Order / World Health Organisation will come up with new Omicron variants and a combination of the flu and Covid in the coming Winter months.
Lockdowns will be forced upon the people again.

Robotic Future.

Picnic is just one example of a company built on robotics. So will Amazon and many car companies. Massive layoffs of the workforce as Robots do not cost social taxes and cause problems. They don’t sue and get sick or need pronounces. More suicides will be upon humanity than ever. Because of the lack of meat and total control of the food supply by people like Bill Gates, Blackrock, and Vanguard, most people depend on them.

There will be a minimum of testosterone and an avalanche of more soy products. This will cause an epidemic growth of homosexuals, soy boys, and transgender people. It will cause “natural” sterilization. Humanity will come to a halt, a designed halt. Now ask yourself the following:

Eugenics and Nazis. So who is involved, and what are their motives?

The Nazis were heavenly involved in Eugenics and the perfect race and the control of that race. They strived for a New World Order, so to say. Bernhard is a Nazi, WEF founder Klaus Schwab is a Eugenic freak, and Bill Gates is a Eugenic freak. These three are on the top of the pyramid, controlling governments, votes, and installing prime ministers and presidents to advance their Eugenics program. Do you still believe this is a conspiracy?

Only a revolution can stop these maniacs. If the people of each country would stand with the farmers, the people could win this battle for existence and freedom. Unfortunately, most people are scared now to lose their job as a policeman or a cashier at a supermarket. Nobody realizes they have these jobs on borrowed time.

AI will replace at least 75% of the human workforce.

AI will take over; the plan is to give the people a universal income and small victories. Like in the case of the Dutch farmers, the government could negotiate they would only take 15% of the farmers instead of 47%. The moment the farmers give in, the following happens. A few months later, the government will want 30%, and after the next elections, 50%.

More and more farmers will give up, tired of playing the game. A French-like revolution style with the return of the guillotine would do the trick. If you are in the US and still ask why people need guns to defend themselves from a tyrannical government, read no further than this blog.

I am ending with a song from my favorite band when I was young named “Normaal” the singer Bennie Jolink came up (and made songs) for the Dutch farmers. But now he is old; he became a left-wing propaganda puppet for the Dutch political establishment (shame on him).

Vaccine Failure? Fascist Justin Trudeau’s “Stocks” Crash.


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