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Pedo Biden and Crackhead Hunter’s New Suicide Squad. Crackhead Hunter Biden is all over the internet again. First, we had the mass media denying his laptop from hell was real. Until they got sued by the repair guy who cleverly kept backups, he had a good reason to be skeptical about handing Hunter Bidens Laptop to the FBI. 

The FBI has a history of losing laptops. Hundred sixty laptops with sensitive material in the last four years. That is an average of four each month. This information is according to the General for the Department of Justice.

For four years, the media ignored the crackhead Hunter Biden Laptop story. The real Fake News screamed this story is Russian misinformation. Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon are just right-wing tools and spread Hunter Biden misinformation. In reality, we all knew it was real. The Gestapo Twitter police suspended even the NYP for tweeting about pedo Hunter Biden. Finally, after four years, even the leftist Bezos-owned Washington Post and the NYT admitted the content and laptop were real.

There are no words or comments from the White House about the Hunter Crackhead Biden scandal.

The new little person, Afro-Haitian former CNN political commentator Karine Jean Pierre is the new White House Press Secretary. She is the replacement for lying Jen Psaki. Jen is leaving the sinking Biden Ship for $$$$ for her new job at leftist broadcaster MSNBC. Karine is colored, a lesbian, and very inclusive. During her career with CNN, she lived in Alice in Wonderland. Who cares what words she produces? She is the ultimate example of how inclusive this Pedo Biden administration is. She also comes close to being a dwarf.

Now I use the words of Hunter Biden, who calls his father president Joe Biden Pedo Peter. Hunter says his stepmother, Jill Biden, is a Selfish, Silly, Entitled Cunt (he speaks the truth). He calls his mother names because she advocates for him to visit another Drug Clinic to fight his crack addiction. How weird to ask of the stepmom? Hunter as a crackhead, banged the dead brother’s wife. In the Biden Crime Family, this should be considered normal behavior.

This new information is according to the 4chan mobile phone iCloud hack of Hunter’s mobile phone. I do not believe that story (that 4Chan hacked this), but Hunter is a crackhead.

It should not be difficult to guess his password or leak it deliberately to throw Biden under the bus. Pedo Biden’s approval ratings in now in the twenties (still too high).
Sam Brinton, the new WH staff deputy assistant secretary of energy

These are the latest WH strategic placement of inclusive LGBTQ allegedly pedophile staffers.

The new Pedo Peter WH is the Inclusive strategic hiring of none Binary Drag Queen Sam Brinton as deputy assistant secretary of energy. At the same time, Europe and America have an energy crisis. The none binary Sam hits America’s fake front-page news. 

The new none binary assistant is in place, no coincidence. Suddenly headlines from Reuters stated that 5 million barrels of oil from the US reserve were sold. A big part of the strategic oil reserves was sold off to China. By coincidence, like Burisma in the Ukraine, Hunter crackhead Biden has a stake in the Chinese company that purses the oil. What are the odds?

While the none binary “thing” secretary of energy is on fake news front pages, Russia shows hypersonic ballistic missiles. They are marching forward to conquer Ukraine.

The Pedo Biden Crime administration already installed a transgender Admiral (Levine). The admiral and a new gay white house interim must scare the shit out of Russia and China?

Sri Lanka followed the globalist Klaus Schwabs WEF guidelines, and the results are in. The pedometer administration blames Putin and Russia for Inflation, high gass prices, depression, and Sri Lanka’s revolution.

Meanwhile, Putin shows off new nuclear submarines with torpedoes that can cause mass tsunamis and devastation.

Transgender colored dwarfs. Joe Biden is forming a secret suicide squad unit.

The next hire for the minister of defense must be a none binary colored transgender pregnant dwarf. This move is the ultimate new crusader secret weapon against the evil fascist. A none binary-colored dwarf at the table with the new head of the energy department and admiral Transgender Levine. All under the guidance of the LGBTQ role model interim. The enemy is on high alert.

This Biden action is a clear sign of multi-cultural diversity strength. The CIA has informed Biden that the middle east fears Transgender suicide bombers. The enemy knows the reputation of transgender cult members and that more than 50% attempt suicide or commit suicide. 

If you think suicide bombers are something for Muslim extremists and a desire for a bunch of virgins in the afterlife, think again.

The Transgender community does not believe in the afterlife. Putting them on the war frontlines is becoming the most feared and dangerous weapon rapidly toward US enemies.

Why should suicide bombers be only for Muslim extremists? That is racist. We need equality. Stop this racist bigotry, let the transgender person become valuable, and give them a life purpose. They want in the military, let them in the particular special unit “Bidens Suicide Squad.”

Some men dressed up as women were put on the deck of ships so Germans would not sink ships with women on the decks in WWII.

PedoBiden Suicide Squad Will Includes Members of the Far Right

Throw in the arrested Q-conspiracy believer Bull Horn guy with many fake insurrectionists. Add some white nationalists with Neo-Nazis. Put in some unique Patriot Front and Proud Boys with a mixture of FBI undercover agents hiding in U-Haul trucks. Gather all potential school shooters from the FBI database and throw in all FBI and CIA operatives. There must also be room for LGBTQ transgender people in this suicide squad. No country would ever pick a fight with the US again.

Army of None Binary Dwarfs to replace 60.000 US soldiers who refused experimental Vaccines.

The perfect replacement for the 60.000 traitors who are afraid of a needle and refuse the Covid-19 vaccine. Unique trained mutated none, binary African American dwarfs. Secretly Biden is gathering an army of dwarfs of color who have to be none binary, transgender and gay. Pedo Biden is seeking to become Mr. Inclusive LGBTQ knight. The truth is that Hunter crackhead Biden pitched the Idea when he was full of crack.

Lots of advantages, like no need to camouflage. The dwarfs can crawl under barbwire behind enemy lines. Most enemy combatants will shoot over the heads of the dwarfs, wasting ammunition.

Look at dwarfs’ success in movies like Monty phyton and Game of Thrones. Who does not know the incredibly successful lethal dwarfs in Lord of Rings middle earth and other hobbit movies, those super dwarfs save the world from evil annihilation. The dwarfs are the ultimate secret weapon and will be in a particular unit within Biden’s Suicide Squad.

To top that off:

  1. Release all death row inmates and prisoners who have lifelong sentences.
  2. Give them some suicide vests and put them to work.
  3. Drop them behind enemy lines in the middle east is preferable.

The neocon’s favorite place to drop bombs was and still is the middle east, but it is changing now to Ukraine and Russia.

Remember the quote “fight fire with fire well” Well, uberlord PedoBiden makes it” Blow up suicide bomber with suicide bombers. 

Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and White Nationalists are all Welcome.

The Patriot Front members all have the same uniform. They made headlines in a parade in Infront of the White House. The FBI arrested many patriot front members (90% Feds and 10% brainwashed victims). The latest catch was when the Front members jumped out of a U-Haul truck. By coincidence, there are a bunch of cameras. Action, take one, camera roll. 

The media reports that this group of patriot front guys wants to attack an LGBTQ parade. In the U-haul, the FBI found one smoke bomb. They are still looking for AR-15s months later. A cop later informs the media they had informants in the patriot front group. Who would have guessed after the FBI organized the fake governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping?

The latest 100 patriot front members arrived in U-haul trucks and were supposed to go there for a parade. A parade for no reason in the state of Boston? No reporter asks any questions. The boys all wear a mask and the same outfit. Why Boston, what is the purpose, and who is the leader? These people should get an equal chance to be in Pedo’s Biden Suicide Squad. It will finally make Biden the unifier in chief.

Pedo Hollywood hires Nicole Kidman to promote eating bugs.

Remarkable grown insects and mealworms are the exceptional choice of heroic foods for Biden’s degenerate suicide squad. Pedo Hollywood’s department hires Nicole Kidman, who recently played the first post-op transexual, a story that starts in the 1920s. Two of Kidman’s kids also became a member of the church of Scientology cult. Nicole promotes how delicious the food is for US soldiers and Citizens. Straight from the Klaus Schwab worm menu.

Nicole Kidman must be a Bigot?

This new movie starring Nicole Kidman is about a true story. It is about a man who, with his wife’s help, turned into a transgender person in the 1920s. The book The Danish Girl became a bestseller—the story of the Danish artist Einar and Greta Wegener.

Lile Elbe, former Einar Wegener, underwent several operations where many Hollywood pedo journals report varying success. Of course, the truth was he died of a horrible infection and complications from transporting a uterus into his body. Why would a woman want to play the role of a transgender person? Why does the movie studio not hire an actual transgender person? Look at Biden’s latest WH staff. 

She takes the role of a transgender person. Deep down inside, Nicole Kidman must still be racist and a bigot. She takes the jobs of minority victim transgender cult members and gets enormous dollars.

Charlize Theron could be preparing her child for Bidens Suicide Squad.

The opposite star in the gender-bending story is Charlize Theron. I loved her in the movies like “Mad Max” and playing ice queen in “Huntsman Winter War.” But her life story is pretty messed up. Her poor children are pedo Hollywood LBGTQ guided. And her first daughter became transgender before she was four years old. The scriptwriters and most producers in Hollywood are gay. Who would have thought? One in five Hollwyood children is now an LBGTQIA cult member.

She is raising two beautiful black African girls to be ultimately inclusive. This is the ultima self-projection of inclusivity, sacrifice your “own” child. Who would not want to join the transgender club in which 52% commit suicide or tries to commit suicide at a young age? But then there is savior Pedo Biden with his new suicide squad. One of the better ideas of crackhead Hunter Biden.

Charlize was a witness when her mother shot her dad. Her father shot through a door where she hid with her mom in a bathroom. It was self-defense, the father was drunk, and Charlize was only fifteen.

If we do not die from a Thermonuclear World War, this will be the future of the US.

Gavin Newsom will be the new democrat candidate for 2024. He is the perfect Democrat stooge with a sewer record. Newsome divorced his wife accordingly to alcohol problems. He appeared at an event where his underage girlfriend was drinking. To top this off, Gavin admitted his affair with his campaign manager’s wife. Some say his ferocious battle in favor of same-sex marriage is because he is an in-the-closet person or bisexual. He will not need advice from crackhead Hunter Biden; he is a natural.

This resume would make him the perfect democratic candidate, and let’s throw in former bar tender AOC as a vice president. I think Kamala Harris will be in a mental institution, and by 2024 Kamala has or will die of Covid (vaccinations) or STDs. The election system with more ballot boxes gives a guaranteed democratic winner. Gavin’s campaign slogan will be “Make all America Homeless and Crackhead Forever.”

The Ultimate inclusive “Suicide Squad” will get Biden None-Binary Dwarf Rainbow competition.

FBI organized Idaho staged “Patriot Front Group” arrest?

((C) Bas Boon

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