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Vaccine Failure? Fascist Justin Trudeau’s “Stocks” Crash.

Great news as many countries open up again and remove all the Covid restrictions. The main reason is that the hospitalization cases are down. The fast spread of Omicron causes people to get a rapid natural “vaccine” producing antibodies and protect people from future Covid infections.

Do not celebrate too early.

There are a few issues; lockdowns cause severe mental health problems.

Omicron spreads very fast. Unfortunately, people who get infected with Omicron can not participate and function in our society. It would help if you were isolated or self-isolated (at least those are still the policies). People can be infected multiple times. The rapid speed of the Omicron infections causes a considerable part of society to halt. Transport has enormous problems. Logistics, goods, and manufacturing are becoming more and more problematic.

On top of all these problems, more and more people suffer from “long Covid” symptoms. These people cannot work or function in our society. The bad news does not stop there, as there is the looming threat of war between Russia and Ukraine. More “juicy” news is the Sky-high inflation, potential, and the long-expected stock market crash.

The hospitalization rate is down. So why are the death and infection rates so high?

Recently we have seen alarming numbers from the most vaccinated countries on the planet. Israel, Japan, and the Netherlands’ death rates are very high. Israel’s solution is more boosters shots, and the Netherlands is considering this.

In Japan, researchers claim they found a new strain of the Omicron. It spreads fast and is more deadly. The claim is that people get sicker, and the vaccines do not work against this variant.

In my country, the Netherlands, they found a new HIV strain. This new strain speeds up the immune system’s destruction, leading to Aids and Death by two and sometimes 4 x the previous rate.

Highley vaccinated country Denmark is reaching its highest death rate in “Covid” cases, which does not make sense except if you think the vaccines do not work.

The conspiracy theory about Covid Vaccines seems more and more a reality.

The discovery in Japan and the Netherlands have two things in common. The current vaccines do not work against the rising death and infection rate. The subject you cannot discuss is what I wrote about in my previous blog: Can some vaccines cause increasing death rates?

Plenty of doctors saw their careers destroyed and their names demonized. They made the “wrong” diagnosis that the vaccines cause more damage than do good. One of the “conspiracy” claims about the vaccines doing more harm than good was from Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier and Belgium virus expert Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. They claim that the current vaccines are destroying the human immune system. We should expect great human suffering and loss in the coming years.

In Canada and Australia, we are witnessing the rise of fascists. The measurements against unvaccinated are absurd. Justin Trudeau goes full “Nazi” later in this blog more about this tyrant.

To find out the truth, I always follow the money.

Recently we can read in the media that Moderna’s CEO has resigned and cashed out all his Moderna stocks. The rumored price of his stocks was 22 million dollars. Moderna stock is down 75%. The Pfizer stock is also in freefall. Ok, all US stocks are hammered this week, but a 75% dump is extreme.

The house of cards is coming down.

A whistle-blower from Blackrock who has been accurate with previous predictions explains that Wall Street knows the truth. With that statement, he claims the vaccines do not work. One month ago, a judge ordered Pfizer to produce all trial results within eight months. Including all the confirmed cases of adverse reactions and death caused by the vaccine. I wrote in my last blog about HIV in a vaccine trial. 

They stopped this trial because of “false” positive HIV findings in humans who participated in the tests.

The VEARS database of people with adverse reactions to vaccinations shows many cases of people who died. It’s shocking. Most doctors and hospitals never report a Covid case as a vaccine death. Most death certificates read; died from Covid (hospitals get thousands of dollars per Covid Death certificate).

Project Veritas recently released a video about an FDA employee Christopher Cole.

Future vaccination plans.

Quote from FDA employee Christopher Cole:

“President Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”

“Biden will announce vaccine mandates.”

“Yearly Vaccine Mandates is a recurring fountain of revenues.”

Christopher Cole caught on camera, also discusses problems with pregnant women. The FDA should not accept Big Pharma’s money. Listen to this for yourself.

Mr. Cole confirms what the Blackrock whistle-blower says about the money. It’s all about the money.

So what if the vaccines cause higher death rates and sky-high cancer cases?

We cannot discuss the subject of vaccines. You cannot talk about anything negative about vaccines. There have been talks about human test experiments with several batches of different Covid 19 vaccines. These different Covid vaccine batches could explain the difference between people who do not seem adequate with any adverse reactions and others dropping die on the spot. Whatever you want to believe. One thing is for sure. Wallstreet knows, the insurance companies know, the funeral business knows.

The rise of cancer, immune failure, HIV, blood clots, and myocarditis heart problems should lead to immediate global research. It is the perfect reason to build more modern hospitals and school new hospital staff. These would be suitable investments for us humans worldwide. Including a program for school classes starting with the children. The education should be on what sugar, a sinful lifestyle, bad food, drugs, and alcohol do to people’s health. 

Big Pharma controls the media. They will not inform you about any of this. Its fascism textbook censorship. These tactics come straight out of the manual of Nazi Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler. They will have other explanations why suddenly all these people die. People with cancer are rising by a reportingly staggering thousand percent increase.

“Express” writes an article like this: “Blood Cloths the popular breakfast food that could enhance the risk of blood clotting”(damage control).

“Savior of Mankind” Bill Gates or Elon Musk, you be the judge.

The savior of humanity comes, according to most of the Bill Gates-owned media in the person of Bill Gates. Unfortunately, he is not building any new modern hospitals. Bill does not create new jobs in the health industry. Gates comes with the announcement of a new HIV mRNA vaccine. Interesting timing after these unique HIV string new findings in the Netherlands. I am sure we can soon find this new Hiv strain in the rest of the world.

Bill mentions the word “sad” in an interview about Omicron causing natural antibodies in infected people. Why and with what meaning did Bill Gates uses the word “sad”? Is Bill Gates sad Omicron came and prevented the sales of more vaccines? Listen to it yourself and let me know in the comments section what you think.

Somebody challenged Elon Musk that 6 billion would eradicate the problem of hunger.

Musk is the people’s man and puts his money where his mouth is. Imagine somebody challenged Elon Musk on Twitter and claimed that six billion would eradicate the problem of world hunger. Ok, says Musk in a tweet, proof it. Somebody came with a presentation, and Musk donated 5 billion. This charity gift comes after Musk paid the highest tax bill in human history, approximately 11 billion, in 2021. 

Musk is demonized by people like Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Biden can hardly mention the name Musk. Ironically it is Elon Musk who is making a difference for the climate. The world is upside down.

Trudeau goes full Fascist.

Most countries open enthwithoutid restrictions—no more mandates for masks and other conditions. Trudeau in Canada is deaf to science; he is doubling down on lunacy policies. The Fake media will continue demonizing, harassing, and even killing people who oppose fascist dictator Trudeau’s “vaccine” measures. The unvaccinated are unwanted, and some even label them as terrorists.

Canada is a Beta Test country, and fascist Trudeau is the executor. Former “Blackface” fascist Justin Trudeau himself marched with the BLM and Antifa scum members who burned down complete city blocks. BLM got government funding, and their Antifa arsonist got free lawyers from the leftist Marxist cult.

The Billions in donations to black Live matters vanished. Not too much outcry in the media about these vanished billions. Using BLM and selective outrage stopped when Trump “lost” the elections.

Trudeau’s “sturmtruppen” removed 21 trucks and arrested over 100 people. The media will not use the image of a protestor who almost gets killed by police horses. Another protestor gets hit in the face with the back end of a police rifle.

A fair question would be why Trudeau dramatically goes all Nazi fascist? It could have something to do with his family and stocks. What do you want to say, Bas Boon? Does fascist Trudeau have a financial interest in Pfizer stocks?

Fascist Dictator Trudeau ordered to confiscate the assets and bank accounts of Truckers.

Anybody with a different opinion is a terrorist.

You think you would not expect to see this after WW2. The government is confiscating and freezing the assets of truck drivers and protestors ordered by fascist Trudeau. The government will cease your bank account/ assets and give this to a charity at their wishes.

Like the GoFundMe scandal, GoFundMe me froze the GoFundMe account for the truckers. GoFundMe takes millions of $ from these truckers. The GoFundMe robbers announce to give this stolen money to an organization of their choice (stealing). The usual thing to do instantly would be to give back the stolen money to the people who donated the money. Leftist progressive GoFundMe liberals employees intended to steal this money. A perfect example of what socialism is all about. Australia and Canada are Beta test countries. The exact measurements will come from the US and Europe. In my former government, the Netherlands, the world saw similar images where police dogs almost ripped off an arm of a protestor.

World Wide Censorship.

There is a massive fight in the US behind the screens. The fascist leftist globalists try to prevent Trump from running again for the presidency. Big Tech’s platforms banned Trump from social media. The Tech giants with leftist fact-checkers also deleted a few hundred thousand conservative social media accounts.

Canada with dictator Trudeau is again the left vs. right paradigm. This is why Fake News considers truckers and fellow protestors as “terrorists.” Trudeau is just another WEF-installed “puppy.” He Trudeau is executing orders from Klaus Schwab, whose principal office is in Germany.

US Censorship and the “Bigger than Watergate” spy scandal.

The Durham report in the US led to indictments and proof that Hillary’s lawyers and others lied to the FBI. They lied (about the Steele dossier) and Trump wiretaps. The mainstream media does not report this astonishing news. When the press does write the story, they twist the story. The fake media system is about to implode. Where is “bigger than Watergate” Bernstein from CNN? The reporter who milked his Nixon revelation report for 40 years as a journalist? There finally is a real “bigger than Watergate’ story, but Bernstein is nowhere to see?

The bogus January 6th commission.

Corrupt leftist activist Obama Judges are still trying to harass the Trump family. All this won’t matter, and stop what is coming.

Oil at 200 dollars and war is the only thing the Fed and Biden can help against the imminent financial crash and hyperinflation.

The banks and the Federal Reserve are trying to crash the market. There is no other solution. The only alternative coming close to being a solution is war and putting oil to 200 dollars. That would be a good explanation of why Biden is pushing Ukraine and Russia’s conflict. The lockdowns, current democrat government, and bad Fed policies have led to the current US situation. Covid, lockdowns, and vaccines have been politically used, not for people’s health.

The future financial crisis is now.

A Quote of Michael Every from the Rabobank; “More worrying is that the (FOMC) were none-committal about what the Fed will do at its March meeting. Because the Fed has no idea what to do, all its choices are wrong. There is no Oasis ahead as markets like to believe. The stocks will crash.

Anything won’t matter regarding Covid measurements or not. The future financial crises and hyperinflation will be catastrophic. Opening the countries is giving the people a spark of hope. The tyrannical leftist globalist final plan is just beginning. 

Globalist Plan B

Plan B; Give the people some breeding space and a spark of hope. Which leads to the people getting comfortable. Not long after this, some tyrannical government announces a new variant or emergency. Further restrictions and mandates are “necessary.” The cycle of “emergencies” repeats itself. People will get exhausted. Government tyrants will repeat these actions; everybody must get chipped (with a microchip). A virus variant, financial crisis, or potentially war will push the agenda of the sickos. The results must be compliance and obedience from all the people.

People’s access to transport, public spaces, and bank accounts can be stopped by pushing a button. You are in the “spiders ” web. Everybody must have a Q-code/Covid passport. George Orwell’s predictions on steroids.

Some scientific research claims that if there is harmful crap in the vaccines, the death toll and sickness will be astronomical in the coming years. Combine this with the financial crash of the century and looming electric shortages. It does not look as “great opening up the countries news.”

The KatoBoonFarm in Isan, Thailand

Me, I was up the whole night. A mother pig delivered 12 perfectly healthy piglets on KatoBoonFarm number one. The price of pork has gone up 25% in Thailand. I got solar panel energy for our water pumps. The pumps take water out of the ground through a filtered system to feed my pigs, chickens, and water buffalos. My boy Kato will become four years old. My boy Conan was born in the middle of the Corona crisis. And my new son Ken will be delivered in the middle of the biggest financial problems the world has ever seen. I embrace life. I will never be scared of life. Others who want to dictate how I should live or behave do not influence my life; I won’t let it.

My world for my children is my farm. I am happy with our corn and organic vegetables: my family, chickens, pigs, ducks, and water buffalos. The whole day is a lot of work producing videos for the KatoBoonFamily youtube channel. If I have time to spare, I will write some blogs with the latest updates. It’s a crazy world. The one I created for my family and me was an excellent choice. Stay safe out there.

Follow the science. Sometimes you should follow the science; I know now why I did get Covid.

Howard Stern about Alex Jones, HIV in Vaccines Test.

(C) Bas Boon

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