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Texas School shooting, hero mom, we must stop this? Salvador Ramos is a monster that needs to be eradicated. First of all, my condolences to the parents who lost their children because of this horrific school shooting.

The particular heroic actions of Angeli Rose Gomez saved her two kids. Her story raises many questions. She heard about the school shooting and left her work to rescue her children. It’s a 40-minute drive. When she arrives at the scene, she wants to enter the school, but the police arrest her for interfering with a police investigation.

Uvalde is a small community, and the mother convinced a cop she knew to uncuff her. She sneaked away from the scene and hopped over a little fence to access the campus.

She then successfully entered the school, found her two children, and got them off the campus without hurting anybody. It is unclear if Salvador Ramos, the Texas School Shooter, has already shot the other children in the classroom at this point.

So now I am flabbergasted, what? Here is a wide range of questions that need answers.

First of all, how is it possible that a stranger can enter a school? No gates, door locks, or security guards? Have people learned nothing from the previous shootings? After 22 school shootings and students doing shooting drills and active shooting drills, is there any change?

Social Media announcement

He posts pictures of his guns and ammo magazines. Then he says he goes to shoot his grandmother, another text: “I shot my grandmother.” He is announcing on Facebook that he will shoot kids at an elementary school. 

I get flagged, banned, warned, and blocked immediately by social media when I say something negative or against the narrative about vaccines, Covid, or medicine like Ivermectin. I mean instantly because of the algorithm. 

However, a mass shooter announcement uses social media: “I killed my grandmother, and I will shoot up an elementary school.” It does not get flagged. No alarm bells?

He sends random texts to girls who are scared of him through his Instagram. Now all social media is not available. We probably never found out what his real motive is.

Salvador Ramos is shooting for 12 Minutes long outside of the school.

He first shoots 12 minutes outside the school at two people near a funeral home. Bit of a morbid thought to have a funeral home next to an elementary school. But 12 minutes? What about “shots fired, 9-11, police?

For some reason, he then walks into the elementary school? What? So, no guards? If there was a guard or guards, where were they? Were those guards armed? Why did they not get shot? Was there no closed gate or door? Why was the school door open? Why was the class school door not locked, especially after he started shooting for 12 minutes long, close to the school?

Does it look like an invitation for a Texas School Shooter?

Did he run out of bullets?

According to the timeline and witnesses, the shooter Salvador Ramos was in the school for over an hour? This timeline seems correct as the hero’s mom took a 40-minute drive to rescue her children. Does this raise more questions?

In earlier reports, witnesses told the press that Salvador Ramos had many magazines with bullets (the mentioned number is seven). Did he forget the spare magazines in the car? Did Salvador Ramos shoot most shots outside the school? Why not go to all classes and shoot more people if he thought this was his mission? 

Why was it so easy for the mom to enter the campus. She saves her children. What about the evacuation of others? I understand the police trying to withhold desperate parents from getting to their kids. They could have informed the parents there was a hostage situation, but it would not have mattered. The mom who saved her kids proves that every kid who could have been evacuated should have been evacuated.

A teacher’s testimony brings some clarity but also questions?

A teacher who got shot three times explained Salvador Ramos did not kill the kids immediately but held them hostage, at first. This hostage situation might have been why the police did not go into the school. Later several police officers were already in the school evacuating children, but this could not be witnessed from the other side of the school, according to a witness.

I asked myself, what is the instruction for mentally ill morons who start shooting randomly on the streets entering an elementary school?

The Texas School Shooter Salvador Ramos still had bullets. This statement is correct because of an off-duty border patrol hero guy. He gets shot in the head while he is ending the life of Salvador Ramos. The border patrol guy and his unit with the police formed a tactical team. Later a spokesman from the police and a young boy testified they claimed the shooting in the school started instantly?

Security officer not on campus the whole day, no reason given yet? Nineteen police officers were at the scene; some police officer claims it was a barricade situation with no children at risk? It takes over an hour, and finally, a Border Patrol agent ends this nightmare. Sound to me like a massive clusterfuck from the police. It also is a strong argument for having a gun yourself. The teacher and the security guards all should have a gun.

The simulation shows us the other side of a person, in this case, a woman with a gun at the right time at the right place, preventing a massacre.

A West Virginia woman pulled her pistol on a man who opened fire at a birthday party with an AR-15-style firearm, police said.

Did you know the special ed teacher who worked with Salvador Ramos warned us about this?

Salvador Ramos was guided by an exceptional teacher who is named Matthew. 

In an interview with Alex Jones, Matthew claims that the Covid Lockdowns cause kids to lose the plot. Many children who did not have previous mental health issues have developed severe mental health problems.

Matthew warns that these kids like Salvador Ramos are walking time bombs. 

Where is the FBI? Where are social media algorithms preventing these mentally ill people from committing crimes? Did the Texas School Shooter Ramos work at Wendy’s to save 9000 $ to buy an AR-15 and other guns with many bullets? Did somebody give him the guns, perhaps? Was he legal or illegal? If he did not have a driving license and a special ed teacher, how can this person legally buy a gun? If that is still legal, they need to change that law instantly.  

Security, cameras, police?

I bet the cameras did not work if the school had cameras? Who was the guy who filmed “Ramos” entering the school? He films the shooter entering the school after Ramos shot for twelve minutes outside the school building? Did he call 9/11? Who is that guy? 

Can we see redacted footage from inside the school? I would love an update on what this school did for security after all previous school shootings? Did the school board have a sign with the message that this is a gun-free zone?

The Sandy Hook shootings also had weird discrepancies, but not every person would walk around with a mobile phone that has a camera with a 4K resolution. Look at these tweets and footage where concerned parents and bystanders urge the police to go inside the school where the shooting occurred. You literally can hear the police do nothing. Why are you standing here? Now we come to the next point, politics.

Beto O’Rourke needs votes. The Texas Schools Shooter provides political scoring points for the democrats.

Politicians using a tragedy.

The democrats are all over this tragedy. They know the usual answer; gun control, confiscation. Biden is the president who has the lowest approval rate of all US presidents. And this tragedy comes as a golden gift for the mid-term elections. Alex Jones predicted these shootings, which is not hard to do anymore before election times. 

Convenient, a Hispanic committed the act (maybe even an illegal one). This fact would move the needle for the Hispanic voters to leave the republican train. Trump caused a massive shift where huge Latino communities started to vote for Republicans.

Latino kids killed by an Ar-15 might change some Latino voters’ minds to vote again for Democrats.

Obama’s tweet backfired.

Politician Democrat Beto O’Rourke immediately tries to milk the tragedy for his political gains while the blood is still fresh from the victims.

Obama writes in a tweet: “where he connects George Floyd with the Uvalde mass shootings”?

The former president killed more children with drone strikes than any previous president while eating at an outdoor restaurant in Yemen. It’s terrible all those kids died but George Floyd, remember George Floyd? The junky criminal porn star once robbed a pregnant woman by putting an illegal gun on her belly? I disapprove of how the police handled the situation with death as a result.

I bet some people miss that cop now who put a knee in George Floyds’ neck. Would it not be awesome to see that cop running into the school and see Salvador Ramos in that position?

No, the divider in Chief needs to use this fresh tragedy for George Floyd and racism propaganda. It is grifters like BLM who constantly exploit tragedies. People give generously to have these BLM thieves promote racism so the BLM leaders can buy luxury properties for themselves.

Professional Criminal George Floyd or innocent children in one tweet?

The Fake Media made a martyr out of a junky professional criminal, George Floyd. Defund the police, defund the police until a criminal in their house points a gun at their heads. Until a mentally ill shooter enters an elementary school. When the Texas School Shooter was in the school, you could hear what the public said to the police.

The results of the George Ford tragedy are 2 billion in property damages. Thousands of cops were wounded, and some got killed.

David Hogg tweets how inspired he is because of his swift actions in arranging massive protests and fundraising. These protests will get televised and promoted by the mass media. It could create a few more Salvador Ramos mentally ill school shooters.

Why can none of that democratic activism donor money be used to build a decent fence around schools? Massive gates you can close with security guards and school class doors with locks?

People wonder why many cops resign or fail to do their work? It might be because they get sued or put in prison? What if the police did not go into the school because they feared becoming the subsequent racist cop, imprisonment for shooting an illegal Hispanic? 

I am sure they had a legit reason not to enter the school. Imagine all the bad “corrupt, racist” cops mentioned in daily media headlines. Do they have to endure this for years because of a professional criminal, George Floyd?

Obama is race-baiting and vilifying the police, the usual rhetoric of the Divider in Chief.

Maybe Obama should tweet about the Syrian children and families bombarded with Obama drones? Instead, we have to go on and hear about Police brutality, defund the police, and black lives matter.

What can we do to solve the gun violence and school shootings?

Many people have guns in the US, so getting all those guns is mission impossible. Trying to make decent gun laws is a start. Maybe change the age of legal gun ownership to 21. Applicants and gun owners must go to a shooting range to prove they can handle a gun correctly. Get a permit, background checks, and avoid people getting guns with mental health issues or people with a previous criminal violent conviction.

We need better and more health facilities. Please get rid of GMO foods and hormone blockers. Educate young children about food, mental illness, and what drugs and alcohol do with their future lives.

Protect schools, armed guards, fences, locked gates, and locked school doors. Expel potential mass shooters by spotting anti-social, destructive, and suicidal behavior. 

The WEF in Davos have its armed police and guards, and the elite are protected by walls and fences so are their homes. In Israel, all schools have armed guards.

Social Media Programming Nerds and employees, please do this!

Social media, please build an algorithm for spotting these mentally ill lunatics. There should be rules to not headlining these mentally ill lunatics in the mass media and social media. No more 1-sec fame for these morons.

The World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab has heavily armed security police working for them. They protect their houses and meeting places. The elite homes have walls or fences with armed guards. They want you without guns because when their lies are exposed. They might get a “little” uncomfortable if they come for them, people with guns.

This Salvador Ramos has been mentally ill for a long time, and I suspect him to be a transgender person ( in the closest). I am sure he has some criminal record; weird, this has not been revealed yet.

I live in Thailand; a video example of Thai elementary schools.

The country has been on and off under military rule for decades. I have lived here for over 15 years and bring my two sons to school every morning. I made a video of the schools in the village (15.000) I live. Check out the fences, locks, and security at these schools. I made a little video for your guys.

Thailand has strict gun laws, but there are plenty of ways to get a gun for the right cash. Did you know that more people are dying from gun violence in the South of Thailand than in the whole lasting Palestine and Israel conflict? Muslims, Buddhists, and the Thai army fight over land and religion.

I never have a scarred feeling when I bring my kids to school because of thinking there will be a mass shooting. However, disturbed and mentally ill people will find a way to kill. The Thailand Korat mall shooter killed 27 people. Oh, and he streamed it live on social media. Or the Bangkok bombers (Pan-Turkic ultra-nationalist), which killed 20 and injured 125. 

Lunatics will find a way. It’s up to humankind to learn from all previous attacks and prevent them from happening. The new generation of soy, LGBTIQQ, BLM, Antifa, Feminist, and MeToo Profesional offended complainers are lost.

In Thailand, they all wear a uniform; they all have to stand and pay respect to the king and stand when the Thai flag is raised and sing the National Anthem. In the Christian school, they add the “Hail Mary” praise. I am an atheist myself but prefer Christian values above other options.

Texas Salvador Ramos, was he gay? Why why?

This generation is lost!

We are dealing with a lost, brainwashed “new” generation. This new generation does not want kids or a family. Most of them are programmed to become professional complaining 24/7 victims. Many are still living in their mothers’ basement at age 30.

Twenty-two school shootings in the US this year. Still, the Robb Elementary Uvalde school has no fence, gate, wall, or armed security guards? Other schools like Columbine or Sandy Hook do not have a wall, a security guard, or a locked gate?

An off-duty border patrol agent goes on a suicide mission and terminates Salvador Ramos. A hero mom saves her two kids after being arrested by the police.

Belgium nutcase starts killing babies in a knife attack.’

Another example is how a mentally ill lunatic enters a childcare center and starts killing babies. The teacher gets killed, and two babies do not survive. Another nine get stabbed, and some will have permeant damage for life.

According to the media, the man who committed this horrendous crime said he just wanted to show he could do it? After this incident, strict new rules are implemented for child daycare centers and schools. There must be security guards, ID registration, fences, and gates.

Worse School massacre in history, 1 September 2004 Beslan Russia

Another horrendous attack is the Islamic terror attack on a school in Beslan, Russia. The terrorist was Chechnya militants. This mass school shooting event cost the lives of 330 people. The details are horrific. The children did not get any food and had to drink their urine. After two days, special forces entered the school, but the Islamic terrorist had bomb vests.

The terrorist detonated their bomb vests and emptied their AK47 magazines, leaving 330 people dead. The public put massive pressure on the Russian government for the failure of law enforcement to prevent so many deaths. Stricker rules and prevented measurements led that this scenario was never repeated.

Imagine you are Hispanic and move back to Mexico. They would move because of the latest Texas school shooting. Their kids are safer in a school in Mexico than in the US. Mexico has more illegal weapons than many other countries (mostly imported from the US).

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