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Climate Change Corruption, Obama and Al Gore Scams. Learn how Al Gore, Obama, and others made millions and millions with Climate Change.

Al Gore paid nearly $30,000 in combined electricity and natural gas bills. For his Nashville estate in 2006.

Al Gore and his Nobel prize are a big farce. The whole global warming slogan changed to climate change. Humans do not even notice. They watch the news and listen to TV preachers or people like Al Gore. People reward this corrupt artist like Al Gore with a Nobel prize. 

According to Al Gore’s work, the inconvenient truth. There would be no more Ice left these days. The opposite became a reality. In some places, the ice mass increased.

Actual corruption as Al Gore made direct and “indirectly” hundreds of millions with this weather corruption scam. He was trying to introduce Eco tax and travel the world in a private jet. Gore paid himself for his Nashville estate in 2006. He spends nearly $30,000 on combined electricity and natural gas bills.

Church Of Climatology The Alarmists Prayer (Al Gore)

31.000 scientists sign a petition. There is no evidence of global warming:

It is a multi-billion dollar scam. Corruption to the core. Everybody on a high level is involved in it. Top of the corruption list is Obama. He gave Solyndra a capital of 535 million in loans. For a company whose business would be solar panels. The company went broke, and Obama was in the news briefly. Do people forget what’s half a trillion dollars here and there? 

It does not prevent Obama from using his Twitter account: “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is natural, artificial and dangerous.

Nine years after the tweet.

Barack and Michelle Obama Buy This Sprawling $15 Million Martha’s Vineyard Estate.

The Estate is 10 meters from the Ocean. Well, even Obama is convinced the water is not going to rise. Does nobody care that he is exposed now as a fraud? Obama got his hundreds of millions in kickbacks. Like his 60 million dollar Netflix deal (Susan Rice on the board). Obama is the epiphany of corruption.

Sixty-Five Million million Dollars. For the climate advocate Obama. An advanced world record royalty of 65 million dollars. Some trees might not like this—all for an Obama book deal. Barack’s government loans for the climate scam corruption returned to him. To the most hypocritical president of the century Barak Obama.

Recently the former hypocrite Obama had his 50-year birthday party. Nobody wears a mask. Utterly Satanic rituals and the birthday party became a superspreader event. Main Stream Media is quiet.

Not enough evidence all these scumbags are involved?

Quote: Coleman says you cannot find his side of the global warming debate in mainstream media circles.

The atmosphere has barely changed in 25 years. There’s been perhaps a degree of warming. It has been freezing. Not a word in the media,” says the Weather Channel founder.

Hypocrites exposed by the founder of the Weather Channel give a whole new meaning to experts.

I think if we continue the cooling trend for a couple more years. The general public will realize that it’s a scam, this global-warming thing.” The narrative changes from global warming to climate change with good reason. More and more corruption is brought to the surface,

Al Gore was informing us it would get hotter and hotter. All the ice would melt. Even the dumbest human on earth understands cold and warm weather. Maybe the sun has something to do with it. The Nobel Prize winner Al Gore gang started to change their propaganda campaign.

The hypocrite Al Gore even won a Nobel Prize for the Global Warming Hoax. Our Liberal Gore earned himself the nickname “limousine liberal.” The jet-setting climate alarmist, carbon-profligate lifestyle. They were preaching asceticism to everyone else. He is in the top ten of Team Corruption.

His run for president was a scandal, and he praised Obama. Corruption looks for Corruption. Mr. “limousine Liberal” visited multiple birthday parties of the Obama’s. Michael, I mean, Michelle turned 49.

Global Warming changed into Climate Change. No matter how hot or cold it gets now, the climatologist and God are always right.

This made me laugh: Scientists’ boat gets stuck in Antarctic Ice, searching for proof of global warming.

A Scientist searched for evidence of the world’s melting ice caps. They traveled by boat to Antarctica and got stuck in the ice. The Antarctic ice is thicker this year.

According to Gore, there would be no ice at all. The prediction of Gore was no more ice. The scientist should try to get a refund from Climate Guru Gore. Al Gore is exposed by Scientists who get stuck in the ice; you can’t make this up.

More good news to make dumb people aware that some scientists and al Gore’s antics are scams. Global warming is a big lie; it’s a vehicle for massive worldwide corruption. A ship of scientists searching for melting ice caps to prove global warming gets stuck in a mountain of ice. The climate is changing all the time. Sure, people pollute and make a mess of things. Anybody thinks paying eco tax to Gore and the government will help the climate needs to go straight to a mental institution.

There is too much ice. Global warming scientists admit defeat. An extraordinary team rescues a Stranded Antarctic ship’s crew by helicopter.

I’m not a fan of those computer viruses and those retards who wrote those programs. They should give an award to some computer hackers. Reward those hackers with the Nobel prize. 

Scientists do not like to lose their job. Some have been praying to God. For a weather model, they need.

All the scientists and humans working in the weather business are not amused if they lose their jobs. Some have cushy high-paid jobs. There are only a few weather people who can predict the weather.

It does not matter if you make a mistake. Blame it on the weather. As long people receive big fat salaries. The scientist doesn’t care anymore about truth or weather.

Quote “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) kept employees on paid administrative leave for years. Wonder where your tax money goes, right into the “storm” predictors of human greed. The EPA got exposed.

This should make everybody mad. 

Taxpayers Paid 8 E.P.A. Employees $1 Million to Do Nothing

Those hackers exposing those climatologist emails to the world should get the Nobel prize and a prize. Their brilliant timing was crucial. 

Hackers attack the world leaders in Copenhagen. They want to approve to tax the crap out of humans and make us all enslaved people.

The Email of these weather scam artists says: “shit’s getting colder” Bam is exposed. University in hacked climate change emails row broke F.O.I. rules.

Send that hacker on holiday on a warm island. He deserves it (God leave him alone).

The Great Global Warming Swindle

‘Global Warming’ Fear is about Money, Not Science.

These scams make sense. Follow the money, and you shall find the truth.

The Manhattan Project ( Atomic Bomb) began in 1939. Leading the Project was Nazi genius, Werner von Braun.

After the Manhatten Project, von Braun is in charge of America’s space program. The project had 130,000 employees and a black budget of around ($22 billion in current value). 

The majority of the money came from the Federal government.

There are new human projects to control the weather themselves. God is too selective and not reliable with his climate. Humans spend tens of billions of dollars to create Project H.A.A.R.P. High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Yes, a program to control the weather. Several people have already accused the program H.A.A.R.P. of some storms in the U.S. It is not used to send rain. It is used as a military weapon.

Project H.A.A.R.P.: Is The U.S. Controlling The Weather?

People argue that Nicola Tesla is the right man (some say the man) next to Edison. He already invented a way for us humans to use free energy. People only talk about Edison. There is no money in free energy. The military is quite interested in the inventions and projects of Tesla.

On July 4th, 2014, Russian scientists raised funds to rebuild Tesla Tower and satisfy world energy hunger.

Researchers say that Albert Einstein was involved in teleporting the battleship U.S.S. Eldredge. The Project is called the Philadelphia Experiment.

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 1

I do not trust the people who fund these “science” projects. The military controls the weather.

Just imagine the military using the weather as a weapon. God controlling the weather or the military, both are spooky scenarios.

The making of the atomic bomb was a gamble. The scientists did not even know how big the blast would be. What’s scarier is the search for the God particle in an institute called C.E.R.N. This is an institute in Switzerland, a European Organization for Nuclear Research. 

The primary function is to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research. They are trying to create a mini sun (fusion) in more understandable human language. Now for us, energy-needing humans would be the solution to all our problems.

C.E.R.N could blow us all to Kingdom Come.

People started a fear campaign against C.E.R.N. Main group is religious fanatics. They understand that if humans can make black holes or create a mini sun. It would go against God’s will or make God look stupid. 

Scientists can be wrong sometimes. It’s scary that we are experimenting with such destructive powers. How cool would it be to harvest and control that capacity? These new accessible energy technologies would change the earth and our lives forever.

I moved to Thailand to enjoy the sun and beach walks. Sometimes I feel for people in natural disaster areas. I try to help them as well as I can.

Here are two examples of Charities I did.

Fight Game and Golden Glory continue to support Japan. Alistair Overeem helps the red cross to collect 7 million dollars.

Golden Glory and Fight Game send k-1 Star Semmy Schilt with a truck full of relief goods to Futuba city in Japan (radiation territory).

Japan Relief Aid from Fight Game and Golden Glory by Sem Schilt

We work with the local community and often do charity work.

Fight Game and Golden Glory to give back with a charity event for Thailand’s orphanage.

I do not need a God, Al Gore, or Obama to help other fellow humans for people I’ve never met. I have empathy and respect for human life. Some people use these disasters to spread fear for their political or religious agendas. These people are very sick. Some fighters made millions in the fight business in Japan.

These fighters go on YouTube with a message to the Japanese people wishing them a speedy recovery. 

The most loyal fighter, Semmy Schilt from Golden Glory, went to Japan. We gathered 150.000 dollars of relief goods and loaded the goods in the truck.

Golden Glory fighter Semmy Schilt shows a real heart to do Charity in Japan with the risk of his own life.

The 4x K1 winner Schilt drives this truck himself through radiation territory with danger for his own life. Semmy and his father unload the goods at a school. There was too much Radiation; The Japanese Government closed this region. Heroism is heart-warming for me (see the YouTube link and the responses).

Climate Change will be used with the pandemic to take all your rights. It is the perfect scam of the globalist.

The Globalists use this for public opinion. The effect is that people fight each other. You are an outcast if you are a climate or pandemic “denier” or anti-vaccine.

George Bush Quote: 2001-09-21 “You Are With Us, Or With the Terrorist.

No questions about weapons of mass destruction or the twin Towers, Obey!

Quote Bas Boon: Climate Change, blame it on God. Let him fix it. He should not blame the devil for weather manipulation. Come on, Creator, take some responsibility.

I wish everybody peace and health and a lovely sunny climate.

(c) Bas Boon

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