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Taliban Actors and American Directors use Fake Planes? We must be in a Hollywood movie with Taliban actors, fake planes, and American directors? We are living in a simulation. Are we all actors in a simulation?

The image of a huge cargo plane with Afghans hanging on to the plane to leave Afghanistan is front-page news worldwide.

I do not believe anything I see in the news. Everything these days is a scam for public opinion and propaganda to change public views—the rise of the crisis actor profession.

Here are some images from the now-famous cargo “fake” plane with “desperate” Afghans hanging on to the plane, running next to the plane to leave Afghanistan.

Why does it have all the signs of a massive fake Hollywood production?

Look at the windows of this plane. Where is the front wheel? Where is any wheel? I can’t find the engines. Why is a guy sitting on the aircraft’s wing looking at his phone?

Do people realize that if a plane is taxiing on a runway, you ultimately get obliterated near the plane’s engines?

People stand at the back of the engines, run, or walk behind the plane taking off. The director must have made a mistake.

The worst prank is again the 9 -11 symbol on the “fake” plane. Why is this happening?

Welcome to another episode of the “Truman” Taliban show?

Are digital effect experts at work fooling humanity once more for totalitarian purposes?

You wonder why the guy shooting this footage just produced a few seconds. You would think this iconic moment gets filmed from 25 angles with 500 I-phones, Samsung, or maybe in the case of Taliban Huawei and Honor phones?

This must be the worse director in history, or it is done on purpose.

Are we really to believe that after 20 years of “war” in Afghanistan, the coalition leaves and all hardware, Humvees, and weapons as gifts to the Taliban?

There should be some crisis actors like the one sitting next to the plane on that trolly who can post some hilarious footage; where is it?

You’ve got to be kidding me?

The Bigger the Lie, the Better

The Reichstag in Berlin, Germany (German Parliament Building) is set on fire. It was the final public opinion propaganda push for Hitler to grab power in Germany.

Because the Germans lost the war, “burning down the Reichstag” is described in our history books as a False Flag.

Joseph Goebbels was the director of the Nazi propaganda machine. Goebbels became famous with his quotes: The Bigger the Lie, the better, the more you repeat a big lie, the more people believe it.

Strangely enough, German’s handbook of Klaus Schwab for population control is used by authorities worldwide. The principles of this “population control” you find in Klaus Schwab’s (head of the world economic forum) book “the great reset.”

The current pandemic has directors of the CDC and WHO who use the rules straight out of Klaus Schwab’s book “The Great Reset.” Can this be any more totalitarian?

Germany wins the world fascist prize once again but this time disguised under an umbrella of different lies.

We got to keep vaccinating people and make them run scarred. By December 2022, the Banana variant is raging on planet earth.

What would be the motive for the Fake Cargo plane images?

Europe saw a massive influx of illiterate refugees, asylum seekers, fortune seekers, terrorists, and criminal pedophile rapists. The Syrian and Afghan wars pushed millions of Muslims to leave for Europe.

They preferred Germany none would want to go to the neighboring country Saudi Arabia.

The migrants are 85% of healthy middle-aged males, and 15% are women and children. Did they leave the woman to fight their horrible wars? Is there a war in Germany?

Why has the media suddenly all have the same gruesome images on the front page? Let’s look at what the headline came to mind before the first migrant invasion came to Europe from Syria and Iraq.

The little boy in a red shirt at the water comes to mind. Some journalists moved the dead boy’s body (who was drowned) to the best position near the water for the ultimate dramatic effect. Check out my blog, “what happened to all the dead baby pictures from Syria?

The Taliban controls the Kabul airport installing fear for collaborators. The constant fear is the only reason for Afghan refugees escaping to Europe. Let’s have our eyes on Turkey these coming months.

The empathy propaganda

Think about this for a second. The world is already in fear because of the “pandemic.”. Now many Afghans are again made to believe the west screwed them over.

The Taliban says America broke the agreement which Trump made.

The terrorist situation with the Taliban will cause millions of refugees. Some refugees will bring some “American Hardware souvenirs” to Europe, just in case.

Just in time for Christmas, “refugee” suicide bombers will make the headlines in Europe. More people are going to lose their heads.

Oops, what is this?

Please take a refugee into your home; just look at this footage, more “fake” planes?:

Let’s say the chaotic scenes at Kabul airport are natural; they are still used for propaganda. Fantastic for the mind of people with empathy, the videos have their effect. Let the refugee exodus begin.

Again, the letter of the French general comes to mind, where he warns the government that France is on the brink of a civil war.

The director who made this fake video of an Afghan man on the wing of the Cargo airplane at 10.000 feet is pure slapstick; they also need a better actor.

Would we never have expected this?

What a joke. There was an interview on fox about a seal who told a story about his interpreter. They thrust this guy, an Afghan interpreter, for missions in Afghanistan for ten years. One day, some fighters in his squadron were hit by an IED explosion.

The Seal leader discovers the interpreter worked with the Taliban for ten years and led his team right towards the IED.

For ten years, this actor fooled everybody. Trump said it well. They can not be thrust—trillions of dollars spent to build infrastructure, to develop an army and a government.

The Americans use a billion-dollar budget for spreading diversity, installing women in the Afghan new government with an American puppet president. This year the American diversity military specials ops team earned their paychecks teaching the Afghans: that men can be pregnant.

What a circus.

Afghanistan wants Sharia law; 98% of the people like this.

There was no surprise to me that the Taliban would rule the country for two weeks. They never left.

The Americans paid 700.000 new actor Afghan soldiers who take monthly salaries and free training lessons. Some moron on Twitter shows a colossal traffic jam with American Humvees. He writes the Taliban “American” trained soldiers are fleeing the country.

The truth is that that massive traffic jam with American Humvees was all heading towards Kabul. The brothers are driving in American humvees to celebrate and unite with the Taliban; there were shots fired in the air to mark their happiness.

There is no need for an actor or actors to drive in these American humvees. The Taliban does not need to act or fight anybody. They just hit traffic with their new American Humvees. My previous blog Obama Putin and the big bad wolf, shows the same image in Iraq, of the famous white Toyota trucks video shoot:

Obama & Osama Bin Laden, Islamic Terrorist Circus.

This shit has to stop. Countries need borders and security. Forced lockdowns and vaccinations are a crime against humanity; there must be free choice.

Do not assume the government has health concerns; some are executing “the great reset.” protocol. There is only population control. This is through wars, terrorism, hunger, and the plague is the best way to reduce the population.

China funded the Taliban, and now they are taking over Afghan resources.

China will now take over the infrastructure. Billions of yuan straight to Afghanistan to build massive roads and airports. Natural gas and petroleum plus chromium, copper, iron ore, lead and zinc, lithium, and marble will find a lighting speed transportation to China.

China delivers its Communist protocols under Sharia laws. Who cares? China has a free pass to almost any country.

It reminds me of those crisis actors dropping dead in front of cameras in Wuhan.

The lineup of Chinese in white hazmats suits spraying disinfecting came straight out of a star wars movie. This director saw too many star wars movies; it is over the top.

Shortly, fake planes will change into a disk; aliens are attacking earth.

Ask yourself this question: if China releases deadly viruses on purpose and you know it’s out of control and you can do nothing against it, you sign your death warrant.

Let’s assume the virus is a biological made weapon designed to kill. The virus escapes from a lab by accident. The virus will kill humans, accidentally or on purpose.

What purpose has the Covid-19 virus?

You could release Covid on purpose if you know it can be used for mass manipulation and fear and cause economic crises worldwide. That makes sense.

Numerous eating Chinese eat boiled bats or other raw animals. These scenes could be seen all over the media at the beginning of the pandemic. “Chinawood” teams up with Hollywood. The world is swallowing their bullshit with a bag of popcorn and a coke.

Chinese director, in this case, the CCCP used actors to flood social media with their propaganda,

The Chinese embassy is open in Kabul. China is delivering some monthly gifts; fresh ten-year-old boys and yuans, the new Afghan Taliban are the happiest Jihadists in the world. China funded the Taliban for over a decade to get those Americans out; thank you, thank you, thank you.

In the coming years, the export of fentanyl from China and opium from Afghanistan or fentanyl produced in Afghanistan will cause much more havoc on American streets than it already does.

The 100.000 people who died from an overdose last year in the US will rise to a million. More population control by design and profitable as well.

New TV series for 2022, “The Afghan Transgender Druglord

New TV series for 2022, “The Afghan Transgender Druglord

The simulation director will make a new drug wars TV series for Netflix or Apple TV. The series will be named “The Afghan “Transgender Druglord.”

Expect the main character detective to be a transgender nonbinary gay man of color, with a bisexual alien fighting human trafficking from Afghanistan. The pedophile drug warlords are raping children throughout the series, a real must-watch Tv series for educational purposes. The poor refugees are all attacked by white supremacists and white nationalists.

Woke general Mark Milley comes to the rescue in a unique transgender suite with secret laser dildos.

The racist white supremacist all suffer from white rage. If you are a movie producer and director like myself, it’s not difficult to predict the future.

The same producer making “The Afghan Transgender Druglord” is working on a documentary named “Gravity Sandals from Afghanistan.”

It shows how sandals from Afghanistan are the new Gravity Boots for future space usage. They are incredibly light to wear, give lots of air, and have no problems with both clothing. You can take a walk behind any plane engine.

Here are some experts and scenes from the aviation industry which will be used for the sales of these great sandals:

Keep your mask on and your eyes shut ( In Holland, we say: “oogjes dicht en novelties toe”-de fabeltjeskrant, which means fake news for children, it started young).

(c) Bas Boon

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