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Obama’s Party, Bill Gates vaccines, Nbr 666 everywhere? What do Bill Gates and Barak Obama have in common with 666?

This blog will give you a terrifying look at the person vaccinating the world, Bill Gates. Obama’s Party for his 60th birthday becomes a devilish superspreader event. What’s up with the 666?

As a teenager, I love to go to rock concerts. My first concert is ACDC in the Jaap Edenhall in The Netherlands. The second concert I attended was Iron Maiden in Leiden Holland. Iron Maiden’s famous song stuck to my mind: The Number of The Beast!

The number of the Beast is 666

Many rock bands use the philosophy “the Devil is in the details using numbers like 666 and Devil in their lyrics.
Quote Intro Song: “Woe to you on Earth and sea. For the Devil sends the Beast with wrath. Because he knows that time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast. For it is a human number. Its number is six hundred and sixty-six”—the theme number for Obama’s Party.

I was not raised religiously. My father was a professor, dr. Engineer. He was invited to become a mason as my grandfather and great-grandfather were freemasons (my father declined).

Father was an atheist. My mother was raised catholic. The concept of good and evil through relation I did not understand.

If my mother and father would take me to Church every day, I might have a different opinion now; it’s my upbringing. For me, there is no invincible man in the sky.

I mention that as I ridiculed religion in some of my other blogs in the past. I am beginning to doubt if this battle between good and evil, the Devil and God, has some reality. Why do so many 666 signs appear at Obama’s Party for his sixties birthday?

Here is what is creeping me out!

People are superstitious. The family’s lucky number is 13. Playing this number, I won tons of money in several local casinos.

When I visited many casinos, skyscrapers, and airplanes, I noticed number 13 was missing. Indeed this is done on purpose as people are just superstitious.


Bill Gates’s patent on HR666.

Vaccine HR6666 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everybody Act. Luciferases are enzymes that use a substrate called luciferin.

Bill Gates owns and finances pretty much all these vaccine developments, so why choose a patent name with 666? In my previous blog, I wrote about Jefferey Epstein and Bill Gates.

I did not believe the headline’s apologies from the Fake News that Mr. Gates made a mistake (his wife also divorced him because of his friendship with Jeffery Epstein). He still made the same mistake after Jeffery Epstein went to jail for pedophilia.

The same Epstein had a private island with a satanic worship temple. Both Epstein and Gates were into Eugenics, and for sure. That is one of the reasons Epstein and Gates became friends.

Things Get More Bizar.

When I tell you that Bill Gates had a spiritual adviser named Marina Abramovic, things get weirder. Marina specializes in spirit cooking (google that if they did not remove all the negative images already).

Another satanic devil worshipper is next to Bill Clinton. Podesta, the adviser from Hillary Clinton, could sometimes be found with his brother at madam Abramovic’s “spiritual “dinners.

Bill Gates spiritual adviser Marina Abromivic Satanist Spiti Cooking



Many fact-checkers (all work for newspapers and media controlled by Bill Gates) say there is nothing to it. Most allegations are false. But there is way too much smoke. There is fire, a devil’s fire, a hellfire, if you ask me, here is why I think that.

Bill Gates looks like Randall Flag from Stephen King’s “The Stand.”

Bill Gates and his death enterprise make him more and more look like Randall Flagg from the Stephen King novel “The Stand,” which is about a flu virus whipping out most of humanity.

Two groups survive. One group is made of good people who go to mother Abigail. The bad boys go to a devil named Randell Flagg, who has made his headquarters in Las Vegas.

I started this blog by informing everybody about the unlucky number 13. The worldwide superstition is so big that the number 13 is not used in many buildings and planes. Otis elevator company estimates that 85% of their elevators in buildings do not have a named 13th floor.

Google Obama Revelation 13 is riddled with 666; the Guardian article stands out with 666 reasons not to vote for Obama.


Wikileaks about The Podesta’s “Spirit Cooking” dinner? It is not what you think.

So why, if you are Bill Gates, are you associated with spirit-cooking “spiritual” advisers and pedophiles like Jerry Epstein, who owned a private island with weird worship monuments? Bill Gates Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is called Luciferase. Too many symbolic devil coincidences are creepy as hell.

What is happening with spirit cooking, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Podesta, and Bill Gates?

FDA, WHO, and vaccination companies are all financed (controlled) by Bill Gates

The person who controls every aspect of Big Pharma owns the FDA. The WHO (biggest financer is Bill Gates), but Gates hangs out with satanic pedophiles and Spirit Cookers? Then the Vaccination delivery system is named Luciferase. You got to be kidding me. But it gets worse.


Again, I understand superstitious people, and I know there are vast communities of religious people worldwide. Not using row number 13 on planes and floors in a building, I can understand.

Why would you challenge huge religious communities by hanging out with Satanists and calling the Vaccine delivery system luciferase? Why is the testing named HR6666? We avoid using row thirteen and floor 13, but when half of the population in the U.S. believes in God, we smear the Devil in their faces. What kind of persuasion technique is that?

WO2020060606 – Cryptocurrency system using body activity data Microsoft patent


So many signs of the Devil. This is mindboggling to me, so I did some digging. Now you are not going to believe this:
The number of headlines with 666 and Covid is astronomical and out of proportion compared to other headlines using covid death and infection numbers. See some sample links at the end of these blogs.

I could not believe my eyes; this gave me the chills. WTF, wtf is this? Six Six Six is everywhere in “The Devil Hides in Plain Sight” (I count hundreds of links). All headlines with 666 and phone numbers with 666 in them. Even Obama’s Party is riddled with triple 666.

How fucked up; we are getting censored for bringing out “misleading news” that could potentially harm people to refuse the vaccination. They would be made scared because of conspiracy theorists? Then wtf is this?


Do you want me to believe that from Ontario to Japan, just by coincidence, every local and national media outlet has 666 in the headlines?

Covid-19 deaths and infections 666, so every time the guy with the tally device counts in each nation and local town, the number 666 appears in the final count? Are you kidding me?

The “Wolves in Sheep Clothes” Beware of false prophets, says the bible.

Summary: Bill Gates is fascinated by Eugenics population control, hanging out with a pedophile satanic worshiper Jefferey Epstein who is into Ëugenics” population control. Bill Gates’s spiritual adviser is a woman named Marina Abramovic the Covid delivery system is named Luciferase HR6666.

Quran: Their affairs will all be based on [false] hope, having no truth and sincerity. They will wear the skins of lambs over the hearts of wolves.

The Devil is everywhere under the skin of everything for a way into the light.

Every stinking freaking headline has 666 mentioned, but the religious community and skeptical people are the ones to blame for being conspiracy theorists because they doubt a vaccine? Not a good way to use persuasion to get religious people vaccinated.

Imagine you have a group of people who specifically let you know, please book us a hotel without a thirteenth floor. The group indicates they do not want to stay on the 13th floor. Then you reserve a hotel for them which each floor numbered 13.

Try to debunk these headlines. There is no way to spin this! For some reason, this must have a meaning and is on purpose. It looks more and more that Obama’s Party is a gathering of evil spirits.

Vaccines are pushed to make billions; the Devil is in the details

Wrong push for particular medicine with devastating results.

Remdesivir is not working and ends the life of Covid patience, but Fauci is pushing remdesivir ( $3120.- dollar for a five-day treatment). Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin with Zink A are 20 bucks for treatment here in Asia, Thailand, where I live, and it works. Ivermectin went up x10 now in Thailand.

Remdesivir, which Fauci pushed as a drug to treat Covid for hospitalized patients, is questionable. More and more doctors (like the covid hunter in my previous blog) are not using Fauci’s recommendations, which seems to kill the patients.

Speedy Recovery.

Patients treated with Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin have a better chance of a speedy recovery (Read my Blog about India).
Remember when Trump announced that drugs like Hydroxychloroquine looked very promising? Guess what? People who would mention Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are all banned from social media.

Journalists get instructed to avoid talking about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which have cost many unnecessary deaths.

A study shows hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times on Jun 10, 2021


Can we trust doctors giving us medical advice and help?

Another scary part is: can we trust doctors and hospitals?

Quote CNBC February 2018 “A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000”.

The amounts of people dying from prescription drugs are approx. 50,000. The people who commit suicide from subscription drugs would add another 100.000. death.
This human “error” is appropriate to associate with pure evil. The Devil is having a ball with “helping” people to die, and the medical bills for the family have a serpent on them.

It looks like the Obama healthcare plan “Obamacare” is written by the “Antichrist” himself.

I had my life and death encounter not long ago in a hospital; read here what happened:

I had my life and death encounter not long ago in a hospital; read here what happened:

The Big Pharma Maffia

Why does the medical symbol hospital and WHO have serpents in their logo? Would a loving heart not be more appropriate? Why should there be a serpent in a medical logo?

Fauci is torturing animals.

Check the number 666 in headlines with Remdesivir. Fauci recently had 400.000 dollars to torture and experiment with 22 small beetle dogs.

The first thing you read about psychopaths is their lack of empathy. They love torturing animals in their childhood and youth; some become your next Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Fauci makes Bundy, Dahmer, and Josef Mengele look like amateurs. The animal rights movement will not be pleased to hear about Fauci’s unnecessary horrific test on small beetle dogs.

By their fulfillment in the end time, Quote, “Daniel and Revelation will explain themselves!” Has that time come? Do Daniel and Revelation identify a current world leader (666)? Is it Joe Biden or Kamala [6] Harris [6] Emhoff [6]? What a coincidence!

Tripple Six everywhere thrust us. It is all a coincidence.

She is not unique: Ronald [6] Wilson [6] Reagan [6], Albert [6] Arnold [6] Gore II [6] (almost had the office), and President George [6] Walker [6] Bush II [6] was a raiser of taxes, but not the Chosen One. Revelation 13 states that the earth beast or the 666 of Bible prophecy will call fire down from Heaven in the sight of eyewitnesses”.

Text Joe Biden at 30330 2020÷666=30330 coincidence?

Under Biden, some parents of immigrant children disappeared; check out how many.

H.R.666 – Anti-Racism in Public Health Act of 2021


If you google Covid with different numbers, I am sure a considerable line with other number combinations will also pop up. The difference is this, first of all, it’s proportion-wise, a lot more than 666 appears in these titles and phone numbers.

But even if it would be equal, why can’t we miss one number and make it 665 or 667 (for the religious and suspicious community)? Do the hotel floors not have a 13th floor, or do planes not have row 13? People are super superstitious. So it’s mindboggling why there is the number six so often during Obama’s Party everywhere. How does the elite deliberately use these numbers?

Bill Gates friends; Pedophile Jeffery Epstein and Satanic worship spirit cooking Abromovic.

Is the fact Bill Gates hangs out with people like Jeffery Epstein and satanic worshipper Abramovic not worrisome? There is a project named HR666, and the name Luciferase for Covid should not be suspicious.

Spiritual adviser of Bill gates Marina Abramovic

The debunk community and fake media scare-mongering fear porn propaganda are not a great way to convince a substantial religious community to get vaccinated.

Like Scott Adams says, this power of persuasion is not a good technique. Ask this question? Is it pure ignorance done by people who want to piss off the religious community? Or are their evil forces at work here?

Devils Symbols for Health purposes?

Why does the WHO have a logo with a serpent? The Organisation funded by Bill Gates, which sets the rules for living on Earth, has a snake in its logo.

The leader of the WHO is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was involved in a massive scandal in 2016 cover-up epidemics. Trump defunded the WHO for not being trustworthy and spreading false information.

Tedros is the hand-picked puppet from China’s Xi Ping.

The World Economic Forum, where the executive Chairman is notorious Eugenics lover Klaus Schwab has a demonic logo. Why do the three O” s in the WEF logo have a halve crescent “circle, turning the O’s into three sixes?

Why was healthcare changed in Obama care?

Barak Obama’s Party is Demonic

Controversy surrounds the birthday of Barak Obama for inviting 800 guests during the pandemic. This Party could be easily a super spreader event, so under the pressure of social media and media, the 800 guests are canceled.

According to climate alarmists, Obama’s 12-million-dollar beach house should have vanished into the ocean by now (Climate activists and scientist groups that Obama subsidies). Some Climate Guru (you know the name) arrives in a private yet, just in time to join the maskless Party; it’s Obama’s party time.

The pictures of the beachfront home from Obama show a colossal party tent. Pressure from the media, where conservatives point out Obama is a hypocrite and does not think about Covid’s safety, leads to the cancelation of some of the invited.

The total number of guests is 666.

They canceled 134 guests, which would mean the remaining guest number would make a total of 666. The guest who arrives at the Party will hear music from the rolling stones. Take a wild guess which song? “sympathy for the devil.”

Indeed Barak Obama has to tease the religious community while celebrating his 60th birthday. Or is it deliberately donating money to the Devil? Quote”.

Is Barak Obama mocking the religious community, or is this something else?

Help us make this birthday the most special by donating $ 6, $ 60, or $ 600″ – Or tell us how you dedicated 60 minutes, or even 60 seconds, to help your community “. Outside of this virtual collection organized by the Obama Foundation for 60 years. These donations are asked of the guest who attended Obama’s Party.


I will still only worship myself and believe in myself and common sense. God and Satan will do the trick if an excellent definition indicates good and evil.

Bas Boon Says why is there a triple 6 in this logo?

Identifying the Devil’s enablers, why do they use his symbol?

This current world Covid situation looks and feels like a simulation test. For the Fake Media, Billionaires, and Big Pharma, do me a favor and stop with this symbolic devilish nonsense to make people scared.

This fear-mongering porn is precisely why a considerable part of the population does not get vaccinated, and you are to blame for this!

Another question is why are family members of people who died from the vaccination not allowed to speak their voices and are censored? Not the kind of publicity you want for a vaccination, but they get edited, but symbolic devil signs are everywhere?

The Devil ensembled an army of “soldiers”: Big Tech, Fake Media, Antifa, BLM, Hollywood, Politicians, CEOs, Musicians, Lawyers, and Judges and convinced them to think they were on the good side.

Bas Boon Says why the Cern Logo has triple 6 in their logo.

The Devil is pulling a trick. Obama’s Party is the Devil pissing on humanity.

The Devil’s greatest trick ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. Don’t deal with the Devil. Then again, logic is what the Devil likes the most.

Maybe it is time for a particular earth cycle to end, and it looks like we are on that road, “Highway to Hell.” That is the perfect song for Obama’s Party, “highway to hell.” None of the guests wore a mask during Obama’s Party, which resulted in a super spreader Covid-19 event (all guests were vaccinated).

Check Out these headline links from Worldwide Headlines regarding Covid:


666 nouveaux cas de COVID-19 au Québec, l’une des meilleures journées depuis 5 mois


666 deaths increase by 21 article


NCDHHS reports 666 new covid 19 cases 1111 hospitalisations

Reports three deaths 666 new Covid cases


Covid 19 di klaten sehari tambah 666 orang


666 nuevos casos covid total 27522 cinco fallecidos


Sars Associated coronavirus spike1-666


Update tambah 666 kasus di kota tangerang


l-epedemie en occitanie 666 patients hospitalises don’t


Covid19 di Bantul bertambah 666 orang


County confirm 666 Covid 19 cases 473 recoveries

Covidlawlap resolution 666 Coronavirus cases rise 666-5672280


666 Bengal logs lowest daily count since march


Record 666 covid cases today prisons the main contributor

Witnesses report that at the party from Obama there were 666 guest.

В Башкирии 666 человек лечатся от COVID-19 в стационарах


666 mihoes para combate a covid em estados escolhidos pelo congresso


Covid 19 spread increase in Spain with 666 new cases


1-517-666 cases coronavirus covid 19-4 mar 20210000


Osaka Pref. hits new single-day coronavirus infection high of 666 on April 3 


Quebec reports lowest increase of covid19 cases in months with 666 new infections


Covid 19 Mumbai sees a dip in fresh infections again at 666-231787736


https://www.metropolitanvet.com/curbside-check-in/ call 330-6662976


Covid 19 Alberta reports 2271 new active cases 666 people in hospital


Release no 666 seventeen 829 test positive covid 19 three good-students test positive Covid 19


Protocolo 666 de 2020


Mumbai New Updates City reports 666 new Covid-19 cases – The Times of India


S.Korea reports 666 more Covid-19 cases, 135,344 in total Xinhua English News


Maharashtra reports 9.830 Covid cases, 236 deaths: Mumbai daily count at 666

Virginia Covid 19 July 22 update 666 new Cases.

28 july:666 Covid cases in Nottinghamshire over 24 hours – see figures in your area

Pos-666 Covid-19 in ESRD Patients with Peritoneal dialysis: A Systematic Review


Oregon reports 666 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, and three further deaths


VDH reports 666 new Covid cases Thursday


Alabama adds 666 new points of Covid-19 as delta variant surges


Covid-19: 666 test positive, 931 recover Thiruvananthapuram


Six hundred sixty-six temporary vaccination posts and more than 8,000 health workers were mobilized.


With 666 children per 100,000 living in residential care


aym666n@gmail.com. @aym666n. ·. Apr 6. Replying to. @UNICEF. and. @UNICEFInnocenti. I need help. 0. Hardeep Kaur. @KaurHanideep.

Red Cross The Netherlands is committed to protecting and safeguarding the … To contact the Netherlands Red Cross by phone, please call +31 70 44 55 666.

United Nations Resolution 666 https://digitallibrary.un.org/record/96569

As of 08/07/2021, no related bill information has been received for S.666 –

You can deduct 75% of the amount of your donation to the Imagine for Margo – Children without Cancer Foundation up to 50 000 €, which means a 66 666 € donation


Over-the-phone donations. Please call us on 1300 666 769, during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm).

The LICR Fund Inc. (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Fund) is an Endowment located in … Address: 666 Third Avenue, 28th floor, New York, NY, 10017, USA https://www.swfinstitute.org/profile/5d0eb14acb340079637d3a96


Journal of Investigative Medicine; 69(2):666-666, 2021.


The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 223, Issue 1, Jan 1, 2021, Pages 23–27


The potential secondary transmission was identified in four of 666 facilities that reopened.


As of Friday, the district has 666 critical patients among 1,530 active cases.

12 feb. 2021 — … aplicarán mil 666 tratamientos a pacientes hospitalizados con Coronavirus (COVID-19) con medicamentos de vanguardia como el Remdesivir.


Text Joe Biden at 30330 2020÷666=30330 coincidence?

Six hundred sixty-six temporary vaccination posts and more than 8,000 health workers were mobilized.


With 666 children per 100,000 living in residential care


aym666n@gmail.com. @aym666n. ·. Apr 6. Replying to. @UNICEF. and. @UNICEFInnocenti. I need help. 0. Hardeep Kaur. @KaurHanideep.

Red Cross the Netherlands is committed to protecting and safeguarding the … To contact the Netherlands Red Cross by phone, please call +31 70 44 55 666.

United Nations Resolution 666 https://digitallibrary.un.org/record/96569

As of 08/07/2021, no related bill information has been received for S.666 – A bill to modify the criteria used by the Corps of Engineers to dredge small ports.

You can deduct 75% of your donation to the Imagine for Margo – Children without Cancer Foundation up to 50 000 €, which means a 66 666 € gift.


Over-the-phone donations. Please call us on 1300 666 769, during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm). Donate via email.

The LICR Fund Inc. (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Fund) is an Endowment located in … Address: 666 Third Avenue, 28th floor, New York, NY, 10017, USA







Virginia health officials report 6666 new Covid 19 cases.



(C) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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  1. Using ASCII code/ Gemetria
    Bill Gates III works out to =666
    He named his son Rory Gates which also works out to =666
    Windows 95 also = 666
    W= 6 >worldwide web>www. 666
    MS DOS 6.21= 666
    And for the cherry on top google WindowsExcel Easter Egg Hall of tortured souls..
    All products of Bill Gates plus every single creepy patent related to Gates seems to have 666 in it
    Also barack Hussein Obama from an abary perspective is as follows
    Barack>222+Hussein>386+Obama>58= 666… there are also more coincidences concerning both of these two .. if you wanna talk more I’ll share what I’ve found through the years

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