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Virus, Ebola, Covid-19, H1N1, Vaccines, and Fake Fear. Around every election, for some reason, viruses are in the News.

New sticky names for a virus-like Covid-19. Variants like the Delta, M.U., and Lambda variants make headlines worldwide. This whole pandemic is pre-planned. In my opinion, it is fabricated. There is too much Fake News. They push to divide people into groups. Vaccinated and unvaccianted. Climate deniers, bigots, and racists all will carry a new label from the Fake Media and their enablers.

Let’s go some time back. We can see the same tactics in the media. The first similarity with today. They use celebrities spreading the Globalist narrative propaganda to persuade the sheeple.

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Stars record a new charity Band-Aid single to fight Ebola.

Wow, the old grey Bob Geldof “one direction” and Bono. All puppets for the new fear campaign. Multiple other stars gather to record a new band, Aid Single for Ebola. There is no better way to brainwash people with a song. Geldof informs the new music song earned 1 million after the track was just released. This could be used to bring back one private worker who has Ebola.

He was contaminated with Ebola and returned home in a private plane. Several doctors in moon suits accompany him. The C.D.C. and the Government of America must be pleased.

The free publicity is enormous about their Ebola Patented disease. Like Covid-19, the Big Pharma Mafia has a patent on Ebola and many other viruses.

The Big Pharma Mafia needs the name “Ebola” to be out there; there comes the artist.

Notice CNN made an exceptional Ebola graphic with green colors (disease color). You are reporting about Ebola almost daily. Subliminal messaging? Now you’ve got celebrities singing for the Ebola victims. This is awesome.

It is not surprising that Geldof has the idea for this type of charity. He wants to repeat the success of 30 years ago. Create a song to raise money for Ebola. Ebola is hot in the News. With the current look of Geldof, it seems he does not have that many years left. He looks now like Geldof from Lord of the Rings.

Geldof blamed himself for his daughter’s overdose (R.I.P. Peaches), which affected him.

Sky cuts off sweary Bob Geldof as Damon Albarn suggests Band-Aid is ‘patronizing.’

Why was Adele right to ignore Bob Geldof and Band-Aid?

What a creative idea. I am sending this to Geldof to inspire him.

Bas Boon Ebola Song.


Chorus: We have the Cure: repeat, and the treatment for every hemorrhoid bleeding Ebola case. 

Vaccinations make the world a better place.

People are bleeding and dying all over the place.

Please donate money. So we can help the human race.

Ebola arrived in the U.S., killing a nurse in agony.

Please donate money. So we can change human destiny.

Chorus; repeat the first sentence.

Vaccinations make the world a better place.

Ebola causes Diarrhoea, Vomit, Fever, bleeding, and Flu. You better donate your money. So the government can help you.

I feel like an experienced Song Writer. Ok, one more chorus.

No need to panic, just an artificial pandemic. Donate, donate, donate. 

Trust us. Our corporation spends your donations wisely, rewarding our C.D.C. executives with a huge bonus.

The chorus repeats the first sentence.

Vaccinations make the world a better place. 

I am developing a vaccine now to help humanity from extinction.

Side effects. Are Vomiting, Diarrhoea, fever, and bleeding. Our patented vaccination is a small price for salvation.

Suppose you die from choking in your vomit. That is not our intention as we cannot make a profit. 

We want you alive and sick, paying for our medicine for years to come, keeping you hardly alive on our patent medicine, and making you blind and dumb.

Chorus Repeat We have the treatment for every hemorrhoid bleeding Ebola/ Virus case. Vaccinations make the world a better place.

Three thousand U.S. military troops land on Liberian soil. They are going to fight EBOLA with guns and grenades. But their true intention is nicking the oil.

Bad News: Forcast: Ebola drug trials start; up to 1.4M victims forecast

Why does the C.D.C. own a patent on Ebola ‘invention?’ 

As you can see, it is not strange Covid-19 has a patent. What is odd is this. When diseases like Covid-19 do receive a patent. Suddenly the condition becomes headlines news.

Previous case Ebola is patented. We can see the name appear in the media headlines. And they use artists and Hollywood to bombard the masses with the newest biological weapons. My guess is it’s a perfect weapon for war. You are killing people you do not want to live with. No military is necessary to invade a country.

How to test a vaccine?

Testing a vaccine and releasing it in some African villages is simple. This prevents all the mouse and animal testing proceedings and health institutes. This must be done to get approval for a working vaccine to be tested on humans.

You release the virus somewhere in Africa. The more people get killed. The more everybody wants a working vaccine (death is the ultimate message of fear). The F.D.A. does not need to approve the vaccine this way. It avoids the proper mediums. This sounds familiar.

Who would benefit from this or have a motive?

U.S. Government claims exclusive ownership over its “invention” of Ebola

Obama’s “War on Ebola” or War for Oil? Sending 3000 Troops to African “Ebola” Areas that Happen to Export Oil to China

Three thousand troops send to fight EBOLA. 

Hi. Yes, we are from the U.S. military. We are not disease experts at all. Our government vaccinated us. Before we left for Liberia. To save you from “EBOLA,” we have the government come to inject us.

There are many kinds of unsafe vaccines. Nobody from our military needs hazmat suits for protection. All of us are immune when we go to Ebola territories.

We came with 3000 heavily armed men to help fight Ebola. Wow, that’s cool. Did you bring your hazmat suites, Ahum? What suits?

Slapstick fear show.

Now, we bring guns, grenades, and heavy firearms, and we are stationed at places where there happens to be a lot of oil export to China. It is expected that the Ebola virus will be hitting hard in those areas.

We will execute every person. If we think you have the symptoms of Ebola. Especially when we see infected people around the oil export side, regardless of their nationality, we will excuse them.

Would you think somebody might notice this absurdity?  What kind of bullshit is this?  Every country’s leaders and hierarchy know precisely what’s going on.

The Chinese will protect their interest with soldiers in those regions.

Part 3 of the CNN Fear “News” surely another virus, the Bird Flu.

A highly contagious bird flu strain was found at a Dutch farm.

On CNN, a female bird expert from Holland. Admitted the virus is not infectious to humans.

A reporter reports a 19-year-old Egyptian woman dying of the bird flu. – Bird flu kills a teenager in Egypt: A woman, 19, is killed by the H5N1 strain after coming into contact with infected birds.

Notice how they experiment with different variants and names of a virus. No, Covid-19, Delta, Mu, or Lambda variant, but at that time its was H5N1.

CNN reports; many deadly viruses. This means we can expect millions and millions of vaccines on the market. Many governments from all over the world will buy from the pharmaceutical industry. Our tax dollars are used to get a vaccine for Ebola, Bird Flu, Spanish Flu, and Mexican Flu; better get in line.

This looks very suspicious. It is almost like I am looking at a Beta Test for Covid-19.

H5N1 Influenza Virus Vaccine, manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. Questions and Answers

How vaccines became big business.

Quote,” The year that people will remember, for widespread public worry about the H1N1 virus. These viruses are vaccines for H1N1 and Swine Flu. They have become a 24-billion $$ business. Analysts predict the global vaccine industry will top $ 40 billion by 2012.

Funny how it is a trillion-dollar business. It is not enough for the greedy Big Pharma Mafia and its financers. They want total population control. Build Back Better protocol. The Globalist Agenda is through Covid-19.

For companies like Glaxo, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck & Co., Novartis AG, and Pfizer Inc., the fear of a pandemic has translated into a financial windfall. That has been years in the making. Worldwide, nearly 1 billion doses of H1N1 vaccine were ordered in 2009”.

Fear campaign to boost stockpile sales of vaccines.

Worldwide many people get the vaccine. It is now 2021, and birds and people still get sick. Now we have Covid-19 with tons of variants. This will include the most dangerous Banana variant. You can slip on this virus and break your neck instantly. You then are rewarded with monkeypox.

Massive fear campaign and propaganda on T.V. about Ebola. Not a bad idea to promote a little bird flu H5N1. Big Pharma’s unsold stockpiles are above 1 million doses. It would be the right timing for the birds to get the flu.

Perfect timing for the elections as well.

The media is brilliant for brainwashing the people on this planet. Here are some examples;


Just look at these headlines and tell me this is not a preparation for Covid-19.

U.S. hospitals send actors with fake Ebola symptoms into emergency rooms.

New York hospitals have been sending in actors with FAKE Ebola symptoms to test their response to the deadly virus.

N.Y.C. Hospitals Hire ‘Crisis Actors’ to Fake Ebola Symptoms!

Nina Pham Ebola Fake Video EXPOSED! Crisis Actors, TOTAL BS!

Now the following headlines we should all pay attention to. It says that the ebola virus is a hoax, and the real danger is in the vaccines. Yes, you read that well.

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE


You get the picture. I definitely will not get a vaccine for anything. We drink a lot of good alkaline water and eat organic food. I exercise, do yoga and live a healthy lifestyle.

I stay away from hospitals, antibiotics, and vaccinations. Vaccinations are full of mercury and other harmful toxins. And they will make you very sick over time!

If it works for other people’s pleasure, leave me alone for how I want to live my life. If you’re going to live in fear, keep watching the Fake News

Ivermectin and Covid-19, what everybody needs to know!

(C) Bas Boon

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