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Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated. Flu in 2020 becomes Covid? Covid replaces the flu, and unvaccinated are a threat and labeled dangerous; people should get a vaccine. This creates two camps the vaccinated and unvaccinated. My prediction is that it does not matter as even vaccinated people will get infected and can spread Covid.

In my last blog, I wrote about the success of India and asked questions. If they were lying or telling the truth (at that point, only 7% of people in India were vaccinated). The Globalist controlled Media promptly attacks their Covid Death numbers. The AP headline that confirmed India was not lying was this:

The whole world should look at India.

AP July 26th Quote “Coronavirus cases in India are falling, but millions face huge medical bills. Most Indians don’t have health insurance, and costs for COVID-19 treatment have many drowning in debt”.

This AP headline and article are hilarious as the whole press release is that cases are falling, and nobody describes why this is the case. You would think with only 7% of the population vaccinated and 64% already having antibodies (they had Covid and are unvaccinated), it would be the question burning on the lips of any journalist to ask; why are the numbers falling?

Why are the numbers of infected people and people dying from Covid going down in India?

The one place with one of the world’s worst hygiene and healthcare, everybody lives upon each other lips. There is no social distancing for hundreds of millions of people. Lockdowns are impossible.

The AP Press release, from the beginning to end, is about how the Indian people drowned in death because of their hospital bills. Not one word about vaccination. Even this story is Fake News as 800 million are so poor that they never even saw a hospital bill or any bill in their lives.

Medicine that works to Battle Covid / Flu

In my previous blog, I describe the possible and only logical reason why the numbers are down in India. The medicine treatments they use are working.

Most popular is that patients are treated with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriguine with zink and Azithromycin. That is terrible news for the vaccine industry. Big pharma wants vaccinated people, not medicine. That should ring all the alarm bells. Big pharma makes much more money with treatment, and people die slowly.

Almost No ventilators were available (ventilators proved to make things worse. Did you know that hospitals/doctors in the US get 38.000 US $ for each Covid patient they put on a ventilator?

Many people in India already got antibodies without even knowing they had Covid; the unvaccinated group is 93% of the population. 

Everybody remembers the attacks of The Fake News when President Trump said that treatments with Hydroxychloriguine looked promising. The Fake News went so far; they started banning everybody mention or talking about Ivermectin, steroids, and Hydroxychloroquine. We now know it does work when used in a certain way; this resulted in the following:

This doctor is suing Fake News CNN for 100 million dollars

More shocking proof from a real journalist with a conscience:

Pursuing Truth in Covid Drug Treatment Amid A Censored Media Landscape

Why is the death rate so low at the United Memorial Medical Center in Housten? Compared to other hospitals around the world? Time to interview Doctor Joseph Varon, Chief of Critical Care at UMMC Houston, nicknamed “The Covid Hunter.”

The media must be highly interested in this doctor, and they are. Doctor Varon speaks nine languages and conducted over 1100 Tv / Media interviews, but there is a but.

When explaining how his treatment for Covid was so successful, using Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, steroids, and vitamins, almost none of the reporters reported it.

Watch this BBC item about doctor Varon’s “The Covid Hunter.” At least they show that treatment with Ventilators is deadly. Remember I wrote about this in the case of India (and other countries in previous blogs)? The poor areas don’t even have hospitals, not to mention ventilators. In much of the country are no vaccines available.

Because of this insufficient data for the vaccine mafia, I expect India suddenly, within the next two weeks, vaccinate another, let’s say, 30%. At least that is what they would tell us (500 million people in two weeks, remember this).

The Covid Hunter tells the truth.

The BBC item about the Covid doctor talked about an alternative medicine treatment. I mean, the whole world would love to know that. Did they mention what the doctor was using for his incredible success? From the 1100 interviews, maybe five and even they never said Ivermectin.

The doctor does not talk much if people should get vaccinated. When he does, it is edited in a way that it is the only thing you should do.

At least the BBC shows that respirators usage in the hospital for Covid patients is dangerous. The doctor puts the patient on a ventilator that is not working. However, Fake News King CNN made an item interviewing Doctor Varon and showing footage from inside Houston United. 

Dishonest Fake News is not reporting the truth, especially leaving out studies that do not fit their narrative.

Memorial medical center looks like Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital, and some dialogue/scenes look similar to King’s latest novel/movie “Doctor Sleep,”

CNN continues showing the horrific images of dying patients on ventilators. Near-death experience interviews of patients with a narrator make you believe the end of the world is near. Ooh, and nothing about the treatment with medicine, not one word! Please get vaccinated, scream the TV anchors.

Doctor Varon later asks the journalist why they did not mention his statements. Which cocktail of medicine did he use for his incredible success? Answer: The bribed enablers of the media Uber lords banned anything from their narrative. Which could slow or even halt the usage and sales of vaccines.

Fear-mongering media are manipulating the report of The Covid Hunter.

If you thought CNN was terrible, check out this Media Fear-Mongering Porn from the Atlantic; not a word from Doctor Varon about successful treatment of medicine that works:

ABC news does not even mention therapy or medication; more fear porn and talk about a music video:

This Tv reporter Ivory Hecker got fired from Fox News for telling the truth. A clear message to any journalist or doctor who goes against the narrative.

The Covid Hunter Doctor Varon should get the Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Prize should go to doctor Varon, an incredible personality with the willpower of ten lions. For me, it is unbelievable that a person of his caliber comes forward and exposes the Fake News as he did. He could lose anything, his career, his pension, his future.

Then comes the question, who do we trust? Somebody who makes money by giving advice or somebody who risks his career with his advice?

Talking about Nobel Prize Winners.

Here is Virologist Luc Montagnier French Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize winner virologist is labeled a conspiracy theorist as he disagrees with protocol and man streams narrative about Covid and the vaccines.

This is not science; all that is happening regarding Covid vaccinations now violates the Nurnberg Code.

Here is a virologist who won the highest reward globally. He told precisely the opposite of what the mainstream media does. Natural antibodies are the best way to fight the virus.

Any vaccination, especially untested and not approved by the FDA on such a mass scale, is madness and against the Nurnberg agreement. If you google Luc Montagnier, a French Nobel Prize winner, he says Vaccines are deadly. You will hardly find any links and a few facts. This kind of talk from a virologist noble prize winner does not want you to get vaccinated, so this man is terrible.

Check links that he did not say this or that. Indeed, he is by now, well, you guessed it, a conspiracy theorist. Nobody from the media asks for interviews with this Nobel prize winner expert. It is like the Nobel Prize winner does not even exist.

Professor Theo Schetters has the same views on Covid Vaccines as Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier.

Another Professor, Vaccinology Theo Schetters from Holland, says the same thing as his colleague Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier. Vaccinees’ push for a worldwide mass experiment is a crime against humanity. Another expert whose opinion makes you think twice about getting vaccinated.

Just look at Theo Schetters: 94 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Four book chapters. 3 Special Issues of International Scientific Journals, 11 patent applications

Let’s ask the same question: Who do we trust? Somebody who makes money by giving advice or somebody who risks his career with his advice?

Michael Levitt is another winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. He predicted the Pandemic would stop in 2020, with a US death toll of 175.000. It would not be such a terrible disease if we looked back. Levitt admitted he was wrong about his projections (was he?).

Here is a skeptical story: “The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero.”

I am asking myself why scientists and winners of the highest prize in the scientific field with a considerable reputation would make a statement like this, jeopardizing everything.

Let’s look at the prediction of Michael Levitt.

The Flu vs. Covid or The Flu became Covid?

People have short memories or block unwanted, inconvenient memories.

The hospitals are overstretched. Ambulances are going back and forward, doctors and nurses are overworked and exhausted, and nationwide alert, a tsunami of sick people.

No, this is not the announcement of the Pandemic. Just flu season is becoming worse every year because of mutations of the virus. People live close together in large cities in skyscrapers. They fly everywhere in the world with planes holding 500 people or more. People take the flu vaccine, but it seems not to work.

We can see that the flu vaccines developed 75 years ago still do not work. I remember my youth. When I was a teenager and would catch the Flu, my mom would take care. I would get warm chocolate milk, lemon tea with honey, vitamin C, and one paracetamol tablet.

My parents kept me at home, preventing me from going to school. Today’s rush society and hunger for success make it almost impossible to stay at home—no rest at home with some good medicine like Vitamin C and D.

The amount of sugar and processed food are unhealthy. It is not a boost for our immune systems. We are working day and night in an office. Looking 14 hours daily at mobile phones and computer screens is close to Zombieland.

Vaccines for polio and hepatitis took over two decades to thrive.

Check Out this headline from Fake News King CNN on January 6th, 2020

The title is “The US on track for one of the worse flu seasons in decades.”

Dr. Fauci backed up the worst flu outbreak of the decade as the most significant failed prediction backed up by science and numbers in the history of the flu seasons.

Wy this Flu Season Might Be the Worst in a Decade, According to Doctors

2020 is on track to be the worst flu season in decades. The Hill January 7th

The Flu Season is the worse in nearly a decade The New York Times January 26th, 2020

This Fu Season will be one of the worst in decades: CDC The Daily Beast January 4th, 2020

We get the picture that 2020 will be the worst Flu season ever. According to the CCD, Fauci, the media all the experts agree, which is not hard to predict if you look at the upward trend in the last ten years.

Now, look at these headlines one year later:

The Flu has disappeared worldwide during the covid Pandemic. Scientific American April 2021

The Flu Vanished During Covid What Will Its Return Look Like NYT April 22nd, 2021

CDC: Covid 19 Wiped Out the Flu Around the World This Year.

I can go on like this forever, so for some reason, Fauci, the CDC the Media made the worst prediction about the Flu season in decades, or there is a simple and more logical explanation.

What if the worst predicted flu outbreak in decades rebranded into Covid-19?

Now do not call me immediately a conspiracy theorist. Hear me out.

The media have been prompting vaccines and vaccines only.

Slowly the media and honest journalists understand they were wrong with their daily 24/7 fearmongering porn and hiding treatments medicine like mentioning Ivermectin.

So we can see the first apologies, in my opinion, because in more countries, the people are standing up against these government tyranny rules, and journalists are, in my opinion, more afraid they would get lynched:

The Head of Germany’s most prominent newspaper, das Bild, apologizes for fearmongering the people, not a word in the mass media about this.

The PCR test never worked for Covid.

First, the PCR test never worked, it should, if it worked at all; the CDC has confirmed this, which could mean they never really isolated the virus.

We can google, and I am sure we will find people who debunked this on the internet. We did isolate the virus, and here is why, computer models, the Chinese, etc.

Goat Sheep, and even fruit test positive for Covid

However, why did the PCR test never work if this was the case? Why was there no vaccine for Sars or Mers? The inventor of the PCR test also has said on the record the test was never designed for measuring Covid.

When you use enough CT values, detection determines another test flaw; the test can not show the difference between Flu, Covid, or variants like the Delta variant.

The rats who got tested with a vaccine for Mers and Sars died within three months.,

When looking for vaccines for Mers and Sars, most lap rats died within three months. It’s ironic because there are a lot of questions about the PCR test. You will see mainstream media claiming that the person who invented the PCR test method in 1985 got the noble Prize in Chemistry rewarded in 1993.

Suddenly the noble prize title is used for this scientist by the Fake media to make a point the test would work, thrust the scientist. When other Nobel peace prize winners go against the narrative, they become conspiracy theorists.

New York Times 29 Augustus 2020:

PCR test explained: all based on CT values, this means the labs who would analyze the test and their methods would determine if the test would be 100% positive or negative.

Are we fighting this Covid pandemic the correct way? What if our protocol is incorrect?

Human immune systems are more powerful, but injecting the wrong vaccine can lead to cancer and diseases. Amalgam tooth fillings come to mind while we now know that mercury is incredibly poisonous for the human body. Mercury in vaccines is a slow death sentence for humans.

Now I understand scientists have been looking into developing mRNA vaccines for the Flu and Sars/Mers before there came Covid. The problem is that the human trial and FDA approver was years from ever approved.

The current situation leads to a worldwide mass vaccination effort supported by Fake Media, doctors, and politicians without any FDA approval, unthinkable in 2020.

The perfect solution to the worst Flu in Decades becomes Covid.

If the announced worst Flu of the decade did happen, but it is rebranded into Covid-19 with tons of fearmongering from the Mass Media, politicians, and Big Tech, it would scare people and hypnotize people with regular Flu thinking they would die.

Therefore, a massive rush to the hospital with the wrong way of treating patients leads to more death than humankind’s worst predicted flu season. Now people would argue that the Flu disappeared because of lockdowns and wearing a mask.

If that is true, why is Covid still there? If the Flu and Covid came simultaneously, is the death toll that high to be named a deadly pandemic?

Why are people still getting Covid and even death when they had the vaccine?

Even if Covid was a Covid virus, would it not have been wiser to announce a new kind of Flu and tell people to take their medicine, vitamins, exercise, and take good care of their health? Calm the public down with positive health measurements and positive news about which medication to use and prevent getting sick.


In the Netherlands, people who are obese rule the ICU. 

In the US, a CDC study says 78% of people who were hospitalized for Covid were Obese. Then some people are diabetic, obese, and old; they are forced to stay in their elderly homes, not walk outside, and have no vitamin D. No contact with their loved ones.

Radio Host Show Kate Dalley’s husband is hospitalized; listen to this story. The Fake News will never headline!

They hear and see on the Fake News daily how doomed they are, is that the perfect message to heal? I live in Thailand, and the announced lockdowns and quarantines make people afraid of the hospitals.

The vaccination program for typical kids, like Malaria and Polio, is not done. People don’t go to the dentist anymore. They become depressed, lose their work and business, suicide skyrockets people die of an overdose.

Big Pharma is winning.

When you are a member of the big Pharma community, you love this scenario; like cancer and HIV, ADHD, and Bi-Polar diagnosed people need long, never-ending treatments.

Now we have “Long Covid” pop the champagne for the Big Pharma CEOs selling yearly billions in vaccines, and medicine like Ritalin, oxycodone, and Rohypnol will make billions more.

It will slowly kill the patients, but not before they are completely robbed of their live juice and money.

Media and politicians are hypocrites.

Some people I spoke with suggested that this mess we are in is because of racism and the woke community. Doctors and experts would be quiet about their findings. Afraid of being called a racist and a bigot (or worse, lose their jobs).

Think about the major of Milan who organized “hug a Chinese.” Everybody should come in the middle of a pandemic or Pelosi screaming in Chinatown. Hospitals should have sounded the alarm bells to stay away from Obese people. The intelligent thing to do would be to warn Obese people how to act. Because of their risk for themselves and others, how many lives could have been saved?

Instead, the unvaccinated and vaccinated blame each other. The Fake News fuels it. At the same time, the anti-racism madness pry leads to millions of unnecessary deaths.

If this pandemic is just the flu, would we be treated with lockdown and closed businesses by our governments?

Ask yourself if the Flu caused hospitals to run at total capacity for months; would this scare people? No, the people know what the Flu is and have dealt with it all their lives.

People had experienced this before (including hospitals that were overrun and schools closed because of the Flu).

The Flu branding into Covid and 24/7 horrific dying and struggling people on Tv suddenly brainwash the people into mass fear and sheer panic.

How to get the mass vaccinated, fear.

Why will the government take away all your rights? Take away your businesses, houses, and possessions. Your freedom, censor you to protect you from the Flu, sorry I mean Covid? The media has blamed the Unvaccinated for new lockdowns, travel restrictions, and mask mandates.

Them vs. Us.

The classic him vs. us, Republicans vs. Democrats, Right vs. Left, Trump supporters vs. the left. People swallow this Fake News bullshit and fight with each other instead of coming together and fighting the tyranny of Big Tech, Fake News, corrupt politicians, judges, and Big Pharma.

Vaccinated people can get and spread the virus; this does not make sense.

Recently the CDC announced that Vaccinated people still can get Covid and spread it as much as Unvaccinated people. Therefore everybody should wear a mask and be in lockdown forever.

This CDC announcement should end the Media’s fearmongering and people blaming each other for spreading the virus. Both can equally get the virus and spread the virus, now shut up.

Check out this video of a D-list Hollywood activist celebrity. He found out he was not a hero because he was vaccinated. It’s hilarious

If this was a weaponized attack from China, they must have had the antidote for the virus. Why would somebody release a weaponized virus knowing it will be out of control?

Releasing a virus you can’t control is like sing your death warrant. Unless many people at the top know it’s complete nonsense and playing a game with humanity for total control.

Virus out of control, no problem in China, everybody is vaccinated?

The virus is released on purpose when you have the cure. By accident, if you don’t have the treatment, it’s that simple. In my opinion, China did have the treatment. China might not have a vaccine for the mutated Delta (if it exists) variant. No vaccine against the mutated variants; however, you want to name it.

It is simply not believable that they locked down and isolated Wuhan. Stopped the spread in China nothing in Beijing, Shanghai, or Ganzhou, but in the rest of the world, Covid is everywhere. I do not buy that nonsense as it simply does not make sense.

Covid vs. Flu Math

The prediction of Michael Levitt, who predicts 170.000 deaths, comes to mind.

Suppose you would reduce the elderly, Obese, and diabetic people. Any people with underlying health conditions like heart disease and accidents need to be reduced the total Covid death toll. You are left with a death toll like was predicted for the worst Flu outbreak in decades.

Let’s say 170.000 death in the US without wrong treatments, lockdowns, and fearmongering.

Ooh, wait, this would mean Nobel Prizes winner Michael Levitt was right. I hope the other experts mentioned in this blog are wrong. Their prediction on the death toll of people vaccinated seems to be guesswork.

My parents are 77 and just got the Pfizer shot. I am an optimist and hope for the better.

My parents were vaccinated and took the Pfizer shot.

They both are still fit, walk daily, and have lots of activities! Then there are people like Pro Vaccine Tv Celebrity Piers Morgen, claiming he has long Covid.

He was vaccinated but then still got Covid. The worst experience ever, he says, but is he sick now from Covid or the vaccine? The PCR test lab analyst claims you are positive for covid; trust the “experts.”

Jimmy Dore’s on Joe Rogan explains his health problems after getting vaccinated.

On the opposite side. In the interview with Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore, “politized medicine,” Doctors and medical professionals are afraid to come forward with their opinions and expert opinions.

The ones who do, lose their jobs and become conspiracy theorists or simply are digitally erased. Big pharma is the good guy, which has never happened before.

It’s ironic how we run to the hospital while we should first think for ourselves. Could I be wrong about doctors and experts making mistakes? Check it out for yourself: 

The Pandemic of misdiagnoses is the third leading cause of death in the US

Bas Boon Quote: Be strong, trust yourself, believe your instincts, be a winner, not a whiner.

Always ask questions and never be afraid to be ridiculed.

Be like this guy:

(c) Bas Boon

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