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Obama funded Ukraine Nazis; War started in 2014. If there is one thing that history showed humanity, War is ugly. The recent invasion of Russia into Ukraine is catching the worldwide headlines. For some reason, the pandemic just vanished, or at least most of the measurements against the pandemic.

To understand why the conflict between Russia and Ukraine reached its climax, we must go back into history.

Putin Invading Ukraine’s compairisment with Adolf Hitler invading Poland is astonishing.

The winner writes history. In the documentary Adolf Hitler, “the greatest story never told” (banned from YouTube and 33 countries), we can observe the German viewing point before and after the War. Their reason for invading Poland differs from what the media would like us to believe. After the first world war (which Germany had not even started), the Germans were paying the damages recuperations costs to the Allies.

After WW1, there was hyperinflation. In Germany, in 1923, an egg or bread would cost you 100.000 marks. These are miserable years where many Germans (and humans all over the globe) are dying from hunger and disease. After the hyperinflation nightmare, the stock market crashed in the US in 1929.

Hitler leads Germany out of the great depression.

This stock market crash causes record unemployment and suffering for people worldwide. Germany can’t pay the WW1 recuperation cost anymore. The refusal of payments by the germans leads the French army to go to the Rein Ruhr territory (the industrial part of Germany). The French troops occupied part of the territory and demanded the recuperation cost. It is estimated over a million Germans starved to death during this period.

These ingredients (hunger, misery, unemployment, injustice) led to Adolf Hitler’s rise. Hitler’s power grab in Germany shows the country out of the two decades of suffering. In that period, Adolf Hitlers Germany is the precursor of das “wirstschaftswunder” (economic wonder). I will not get into details now about this, but what people should know is the following.

History repeats itself “Genocide of Germans in Gdansk.”

Before WW1, there was East Germany; if you want to know more about Poland and Germany and its borders, google the Polish Corridor. This historic event comes down to the city of Danzig. The Polish city of Gdansk. The city that divided east and west Germany. After WW1, about 95% of the people in Danzig were Germans. The city was called the free city.

When Hitler came to power, Germany got more strong. Many Germans from Danzig kept begging Hitler to help them with their situation. They slaughter over 10.000 Germans in Danzig (hate from the Polish people because of WW1). Notice the number of killed civilians “10.000”. This number is the same as the UN reports casualties in Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine.

Many German women got raped. They were treated like dogs. Hitler warned Poland several times to stop these atrocities. Then there was a false flag, and both sides accused each other of these false flags (Fake attack on Gleiwitz radio tower at the Polish border). It finally escalated, and Germany invaded Poland.

History repeats itself in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Now here comes the compairisment with the Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. Similar to the Danzig situation in {Poland). These former Russian territories have many Russians and Russian Jews living there.

In 1992, Ukraine applied to begin to become a NATO member. These plans to become a member halted when Victor Yannukuvic became president in Ukraine in 2010. He preferred a none -aligned scenario for Ukraine. He acted according to the Russians’ agreement with the Allies and the US, which was made after WW2.

In 2014 EU made an associate agreement with Ukraine, an initiative President Obama and European leaders pushed. The US also installed its president puppet in Ukraine in June 2014. Petro Poroshenko is put in place by the US as president of Ukraine (basically a US-backed coup). That was the start of the war. I can remember this well. For example, there were huge issues with this associate agreement in my former country, the Netherlands. Eventually, it led to a referendum in which the Dutch population voted against such an agreement with an overwhelming 66%. You would think it matters what the public says in a democratic country like the Netherlands. 

Democracy is dead.

The Dutch saw their 66% majority refusal from Ukraine and the EU to become closer vanish. The Dutch government said fuck you to the Dutch voters and the referendum result. We take our orders from Klaus Schwab WEF.

The referendum on the subject was ignored. The “government agreed anyway.” The same government scumbags now call for Dutch soldiers to fight a war between Russia and Ukraine. They want the people who voted against this agreement in Holland to bleed on a foreign battlefield in a war they created.

Obama sends the Economic Hitman.

Obama made things worse as somebody from the US sent the economic Hitman to Ukraine. The IMF and Monsanto come with huge loan offerings for Ukraine. We will help you against the Russians, sending weapons and money and building your country. The IMF promised billions to Ukraine. The Bank then demands that the Ukrain accept Monsanto to get a foot in the door with those loan agreements. 

Ukraine has vast agricultural lands. Shell and Chevron already have ten billion-dollar deals in place. With many scumbags, Poroshenko was given billions of dollars and begged not to pay back his loans. By then, the US would control most of the richest oil fields and agricultural lands for pennies on the dollar. The collateral for not paying back the loans is a lot of oil-rich land and other valuable things. With that, they can speed up Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO.

In July 2015, Reuters reported the Ukraine region’s instability (the downing of the plane MH17). They mention the fight between Pro Russian separatist and Ukrainian forces. This instability eventually led to the withdrawal of the almost signed oil deals with Shell and Chevron.

11 June 2015 Shell is considering pulling the plug on the final Ukraine exploration well.

We all remember how Biden can be seen on Tv withholding a billion in aid. You can hear Biden demand the Ukrainian government to stop the prosecutor. This prosecutor does research on corruption in the energy company Burisma. The shady energy company has the son of president Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, on the board of directors.

The fall of Obama’s installed Ukraine President Puppet Petro Poroshenko.

Poroshenko feels like God; he is rich and powerful, backed by the US and Europe. He forgets about elections and how the situation can change. Trump becomes president. This change of the presidency in the US opens the Ukraine sewer can. There is a lot of smoke, and there is fire when there is smoke. We can witness on TV and social media that Trump has harsh “words” for NATO.

The former US support takes a swing, and Poroshenko is under pressure now. It does not take long, and in December 2021, Poroshenko flees the country. He is now wanted for treason and numerous other scandals. The Obama-installed puppet is left to hang.

Ukraine; Ex-president Poroshenko flees the country.

Ukraine Tiki Torch March

In these last days president, Zelenskyy is finding out about his real friends.

Obama installed Ukraine’s Puppet President, Poroshenko. Yes, the election was rigged.

Since the installment of Obama puppet Poroshenko’s president in Ukraine, the two nations, Donetsk and Luhansk, have been “rebellious.” They want to belong to Russia as they are attacked daily by right-wing extremist Ukrainian forces. The Obama regime funds the Neo-Nazis.

Ukrainian Neo Nazis extremists murdered an estimated 10.000 Russians in those territories from the beginning of 2014. Many other Russians from those territories are used for hard labor and imprisoned by Ukrainian forces. You can hear Putin use the words Neo-Nazis have on many occasions. There are still many Neo-Nazi sympathizers in Russia and Ukraine. Because of the former Stalin regime killed an estimated 42 million Russians. At that time, the Russians saw the German Nazis as liberators.

A huge part of the Russian population saw Team blitzkrieg as liberators. They threw flowers at the German tanks when they rolled into Russia (like in Austria). This friendly attitude, especially from the Russian farmers to the Germans, is one of the reasons they could move very fast near Stalingrad and Moscow until the US stopped delivering oil, which played a big part in slowing down the Germans.

13 April 2016 Ukraine conflict: UN officer captured by Donetsk rebels

March 02, 2015, More Than 6,000 Killed in ‘Merciless Devastation’ in Ukraine: UN

“AZOV” stands for a Neo-Nazi group in the Ukrain Army.

Numerous reports by the UN about a group named Azov, a Right Wing extremist Neo Nazi Ukrainian National Guard Unit.

Now here is what nobody reports in the Fake news today. This extremism is not just some small group in some backyard. This extremism problem is severe. And completely different than the staged kidnapping of Governor Gretchen Whitmer with tons of infiltrated feds to fill a media headline narrative. 

We are talking about 15 to 25% of the Ukrainian army (this was estimated in 2015). This situation came in 2015, one year after Obama installed his Ukraine puppet president. The ban on aid that was in place to back this Azov extremist group was overturned by the US Congress. I mean using Nazis to kill Russians in the Ukraine who want to belong to Russia. Who cares? No headlines in the Fake Media. How about this headline which is the truth?

This should be the headline: Obama is backing Neo-Nazis to kill Russian Jews in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Scott Adams, the cartoonist, has been a target of the press for six years, being a Neo-Nazi because leftists do not like his podcast. The media calls Joe Rogan a Neo-Nazi by the press (anticancer). The woke mob even infiltrated the US army, where General Milly wanted to know about white Rage. Not a day goes by and we must learn about the January 6th Trump Nazis gang of white extremists.

Every leftist talk show screams about right-wing extremism and Neo-Nazis, except when you fight a bunch of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Because of Putin, the world media will not mention the word Neo Nazis in the headlines.

We did not read one headline in the Fake News about how Hillary, with NATO, invaded Libya for a “peace” mission. This action destabilized the Middle East after killing Khaddaffi and leaving the country in ruins. Later this is causing the rise of Isis and the Iraq war, millions of deaths, and tons of misery. Or the NATO bombing for “peace” in Yugoslavia. As a dutch guy, I remember the scandal well when they slaughter 5000 Muslims in Srebrenica (google Srebrenica Massacre) under the eyes of the Dutch “peacekeepers.”

When Trump was president, there was no Russian invasion. Here is maybe the reason this did not happen.

Now Putin has enough. The pandemic makes the financial situation worse. And the Russian people are more and more suffering. 

Islamic Chechen Death Squad is mobilized to fight Nazis.

Ramazan Kadyrov from Chechen has mobilized his Islamic death squads to kill Nazis in Donetsk and Luhansk. Does anybody remember this kill list that the Russians have about most-wanted individuals? I have good intel that this list is accurate. On top of the list is not president Zelensky. In the top five of the list, we find Neo Nazis; Andrey Biletsky, Volodymyr Shpara, Dmytro Korchysnky, Serhiy Taruta, and Oleh Petrenko, all involved with the Azov Battalion. Even now, we can see a religious conflict looming.

Kadyrov’s Islamic death squad is hunting Neo Nazis. These Chechen Muslims are defending Russians who live in Ukraine, which in many cases, are Jews.

After WW2, there was the Treaty of Potsdam. The United Kingdom, The United States, and America all signed this agreement.

Protocol 2 A states the elimination of all Nazis. When Putin and Russia have a Nazi problem, it’s not worth a fart. Does anybody hear a peep from the Fake Media about this protocol concerning Russia or Ukraine?

Now there are, of course, multiple reasons why Putin invaded Ukraine.

If Ukraine became a NATO member, the Ukrainian border with Russia would be riddled with Nukes aimed at Moscow. Placing nukes in Moscow’s direction has already happened in many Baltic countries. Baltic countries became NATO members (this goes against the signed agreement with Russia after WW2). Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia all become. 

We also recently learned that Putin ordered to bomb of thirteen biological facilities in Ukraine. There is a claim by Russian military intelligence these are physical warfare labs. The labs are funded and installed by the US under the Obama administration. The manufactured Covid virus escaping from a Wuhan lab in China funded by the Americans makes you wonder.

Russian forces were also quick to conquer Chernobyl, the world’s most prominent nuclear accident place, still riddled with radiation. The rumor that Russians have gone to this territory is to avoid atomic material getting into the hands of separatists or Nazis. They could use this to make a dirty bomb.

Oil, minerals, and agricultural land are, of course, another trillion-dollar motive.

Putin has prepared the financial aspect of this war a long time in advance.

Russia piled up a massive stockpile of gold, and if I were Putin, it would not be difficult to play the global markets before announcing invading Ukraine. Shorten Crypto and the market and take a long position in oil and wheat. Then after a few days or weeks, give people hope. Peace talks, you change your posts on Crypto and American company stocks in the stock market just before that. Putin could have made trillions already. It reminds me of movie scripts with James Bond, the Bourne Identity, and Mission Impossible.

If you think about democracy and your choice counts, think again—the blatant refusal of the outcome of the Dutch referendum. Russian bank accounts are under scrutiny, and they want to block Russia from using swift. Russian Olichargs and billionaires are already quick gear. They add Cryptocurrencies to their gold reserves.

Another dictator in Canada, Trudeau, freezes bank accounts and confiscates properties. He calls political opponents Nazis and terrorists.

Recently we saw Canadian dictator Trudeau freezing bank opponents and confiscating assets from people with different political views. He called them terrorists and Nazis. Australia turned into a massive Covid prison camp. In Russia, people were free to go everywhere without proof of vaccination. No mandates about masks. Somehow, the former communist country Russia looked a lot freer during the two years of Covid lockdowns than the rest of the world.

Maybe all these events and headlines preparing for a massive worldwide internet blackout will do the trick if you want worldwide Chaos, hunger, pandemic, fear, and lockdowns. Maybe in a weird sense, this could unite religious people worldwide. They all suffer from pandemics and globalists’ unjust policies. Just imagine that despite this sanction talk about Russia, since the US invaded Ukraine, the US has bought 500.000 barrels of oil per day from Russia (oil boycott, please, not that it would matter).

Here is President Trump explaining the reality of the situation to NATO and European officials. This NATO meeting with Trump was not aired by fake media such as CNN, ABC, MSNBC, WP, and NYT.

Trump explains what the oil-independent US means for the rest of the world.

But if you want Chaos, this is how you do it—the failure of electricity and internet access. I hope I am wrong and want this worldwide crisis to end. I did not fly in a plane for over two years now. My family from Holland could not visit me in Thailand. I got friends in Russia, Ukraine, and the US. Great people with families, and they have red blood just like me. All these people suffered from the pandemic and government tyranny. It has financially cost me personally hundreds of thousands so far. Damn, I miss Trump.

Beware of propaganda that you have never seen before.

Watch the propaganda machine in action. The almost-dying Fake News will now produce heroic and devastating headlines about the War in Ukraine. The future gruesome images and hysteria are all a preparation for a specific reaction of the public the longer the conflict lasts, like the little drowned Syrian boy who could be seen on each front page worldwide. This image is needed to get the public behind whatever war the globalists manufacture.

War is ugly and horrific, but be careful what you believe. Hollywood landed already in Ukraine with Sean Penn, paid for by Vice.

The propaganda has started, don’t believe everything you see or what they tell you. Take some Applebee’s chicken and popcorn and watch live war footage on social media and the news. Then on the couch, you hit the love button on Twitter when royals and Hollywood actors Twitter “I stand with Ukraine” and put an Ukrain flag in their avatar.

Don’t be surprised if you see Ukrainian president Zelenskyy in an old movie; he is a former actor. That does not mean I do not like him as a president; so far, he is doing a much better job than Putin or Biden. The problem is this is not a film but absolute.

Holocaust Documentary “Night Will Fall” Is war Propaganda

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