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YouTube and MMCrypto are used in Billion $ Crypto Scam. Day 5 after I noticed I got scammed, and ooh boy, the things I am discovering are entirely insane. I do not consider myself dumb and have done very well in life. When I was 42, I retired to Thailand. I started the KatoBoonfamily (YouTube channel). 

Now my ego was hurt that somebody could scam me out of 10.000 Euro, which I explained in my last three blogs.

Here is another update about this case.

This whole Scam is getting weirder and weirder and is not new. Here is the YouTube video from a famous YouTuber explaining how he, as a YouTube celebrity, was called out as a scammer. It’s precisely the same crypto scam as YouTube and MMCrypto.

This video is from YouTuber Patrick Bet-David, and the video was posted nine months ago. I mean, nine months ago, you got to be kidding me, YouTube? Patrick has a successful YouTube Channel with 3.3 million subscribers. Like MMCrypto, The Bitcoin Family, Sami Loyal-For flies, and Igor Tech, the “spam” scam messages have not stopped for over a year.

At least Patrick made a video showing how sophisticated and automized the Scam is. They are using automatic computer replies to scam people, if possible, one thousand at once. It reminds me of the audio I got from “Crypto scam” artist Stella Olsen, a trader (they took that name because it’s probably a legit online trader).

Check out Stella the Trader, Automated Computer Scam Voice

Here is the fake audio voice they used to convince me that the person I talked to was an American trader in Florida. They put a highly sophisticated English accent and outrage. 

Indeed by now, I know already it’s a bunch of scammers, most of them based in India. I learned about some people involved through friends, and I am allowing them to give back my money.

But scammers are greedy and think they are invincible, especially in Nigeria, Russia, or India. Because I have been a fight promoter and manager for most of my life, my Network is like a worldwide army. YouTube and MMCrypto have another thing coming, and the people who use both for their scams.

For example, in India, I have my friend Midjuth Jith in Bangladesh. MMCrypto and YouTube, get your act straight.

Quote, Wikipedia; “Midhun Jith is a Marine Engineering Officer, Entrepreneur, Promoter and former two-time World Kickboxing Federation Champion who competes in the light heavyweight division. He is the only Indian to hold the World Kickboxing Championship. In 2012, Jith received an invitation from Golden Glory for training sessions at Golden Glory, Thailand, where Bas Boon trained him, among others. After Dutch kickboxing and Muay Thai training from Golden Glory, he returned to India and joined the national kickboxing team by winning the national kickboxing championship. then won World Championship in ZagrebCroatia in 2013″.

Filip Verlinden Cor Hemmers Midhun Jith and Bas Boon

People love to help me; I do not even have to hire a team with a camera crew and go through the hustle of local authorities and work with translators. I learned a lot more; my mission is to get them all, not one nest. My mission is to take all their assets, not some poor hired team of scammers who work for the boss with the Bentley.

The attack will come from two sides; I will try to get as many scammers as possible in one colossal operation. The best hackers are recruited. I will team up with YouTube scam channels. My Network of worldwide friends and business partners will make this possible. YouTube and MMCrypto and scammers pay attention here.

Bangladesh Post

Bangladesh Online Casino King Pin Salim Prodhan

I remember the famous scammer from India who lived near me in Thailand. He was the person who was involved with the so-called loan of Mr. Issi from the K-1 to secure a fight with Mike Tyson. It was all fake.

Salim wanted me to go to Bangladesh.

You are talking about an arms dealer, extortion, smuggler, trafficker, drugs, gambling, online casinos, and fashion; Salim was even working with the North Koreans. He said he would pay me the money for the event upfront.

We had a few meetings in a place in Pattaya called the KitKat. I knew he was involved with the Mike Tyson K-1 deal, which put Isshi in jail for tax fraud in Japan. I did not trust Salim. He even had the biggest newspaper in India announce that I was coming to Bangladesh to promote Glory and Golden Glory. I never went; my scam radar and my guts were suitable; he was arrested just a few days after my meetings. They all will get caught. These criminals are not simple scam artists. Comparing these Bitcoin YouTube scam artists with people like Salim I have dealt with, they are potato gangsters. Many of Salim’s friends still visit my beach cafe in Pattaya; time for a replacement boss, I think.

This is what they confiscated from him in Thailand

YouTube and Youtubers, you have a responsibility; this is the least you can and should do.

There is also a big responsibility with YouTube and Google. I do not understand why they can have an army of liberal moral, social justice online censorship police watching every bigot, racist, insulting, inappropriate LGBTQ remarks. They deleted hundreds of thousands of channels in the political realm because somebody violated the YouTube policies and hurt somebody’s feelings or did not like others’ political views. 

The Youtubers could send warning messages in the description below and before the videos start. Simply WhatsApp and telegram messages in the comments are scams. Or merely remove all words with a number or WhatsApp attached to them. It is mind-boggling that YouTube and MMCrypto do not take any measurements against such a big scam.

When it comes to a scam artist, there are other rules. I explained in my last blog how I commented on 1000 messages (all Crypto scams) of the latest video of MMCrypto and some other YouTubers posting videos daily. They removed all my warning comments, but all Scam WhatsApp and telegram messages remained in words.

Watch my video for more details about this potential Billion $ Crypto Scam.

The current system is asking for trouble; I am sure YouTube and the Youtubers must know this.

This way, YouTube and the YouTubers ask for trouble, and it looks like they all get a kickback from the scammers. To avoid this, working with settings on your comments as a Youtuber is easy. Another thing that is hard to understand is why YouTube can not help with this problem. They have bots, AI, and algorithms, but somehow, they allow the famous Crypto YouTubers to continue with their daily videos for more than a year. No warnings about their comments, no removal of scam spammers?

Here is how the same works in detail. This morning I posted a comment on the latest MMCrypto Youtube video. Within one sec, I got a reply from the scammer bot.

The website they want me to open an account on Is Com. With a simple domain check, you can see the website is just two months old. The scammers first directed me to their scam website named,; the website is only six weeks old. The scam meter showed a 1% chance that this website is legit. Of course, some will report the website. The scammers change their URL names. When exposed, they will change the front page of their website. It looks super professional. I tried to get as many names as possible. They also gave me (a 7-month-old website) to register me.

Check my video with my online conversation after I respond to the latest MMCrypto video.

Scam sites and suspicious websites from my last phishing expeditions;

beckercypto investments .com website, two months and four days old. (out of order now, it was a scam) website is two months old

The Globe Cryptofc Housing Development 5 weeks old (taken down now was a scam. 5 weeks old

Sami Loyal For flies: website is seven months old

Diddie The Bitcoin Family website site is five months old

Alex Becker Channel website is five months old

Ultratrade online has been removed / Scam is two months old

Fidelity cooperations profit. com has been removed Scam is eight months old

Invest in Bitcoin trading. com is removed / Scam 4 months old

Crypto Banter on Twitter is two weeks old is a pure scam. is a scam

If you or the WhatsApp messages or not, please do this.

Another great way to check the legitimacy of a website, check if the financial website is not older than a few months; alarm, Alarm, Alarm, danger, danger, danger, Will Robinson. You can be sure it’s a scam if it is only o few months old. They are scammers. If they say they are the YouTuber and you think they are, try to have a video chat with them.

Use this link:

Here is also a responsibility for Google and the registration of domain names. There are many ways to make this more difficult for the scam artist. Just look at AdSense and Google when you have a YouTube account. Double registration, working bank account, documents of the chamber of marketing. Google could put warning signs on each website not older than three months.

The scammers are greedy and do not realize that this scammed boy will not stop. I will expand my efforts to hunt these scumbags, ruin their scams, put them in jail, and take their wealth even from their bosses.

I warned those Scam morons that they had to give back my money, and I will swallow my pride and hurt my ego. But once I start, I do not stop. It’s in my fighting genes. No crypto scam will stop me.

If the scammers had studied me, they would have given me the money back.

Instead of thinking, screw this, we got the wrong guy. They will never return the money. Somebody could do diligence about my personality and think we better not piss off this guy for our future scam business.

By now, I have set my circus in motion and will hurt their business, warn people, and expose their scams. I will put all my time and efforts into my worldwide Network to go after the bosses and take their wealth with the local police and my friends. In this case (maybe), India. Do you remember how in my last blog, the video showed my fellow Dutchman tracing and arresting scammers (Yahoo Boys); he even stopped the scammers in Nigeria? YouTube and MMCrypto should take notice and take action.

This information will go to YouTube and Google, and the YouTubers.

I will pass them on to YouTube, Google, and the YouTubers. Things must and will change. My hunger for revenge and hurt ego is feeding my 24 hours machine nickname. This time it is directed towards the scammers, I enjoy this, and you better watch out when I do. Crypto Scam, expect a boomerang.

Criminals are afraid of criminals or understand what they are capable of. It’s easy on the sidelines till they punch and kick you in the teeth, we say in the fight game.

I am not a fan of clowns, especially those who mock you for being scammed. It’s all fun till you are on the other side of the table.

Read from the beginning how this started Unitrustfx Crypto Scam Exposed. MMCrypto a Scammer?

(C) Bas Boon

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