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Islam Invites Pedophiles, Political Woke Correctness. In this blog, I will write about the dark side of Religion. Some examples of Media manipulation, pedophiles, and political correctness. Woke installed policies of decades ago, showing destruction and misery in Europe.

Moroccan boy beats Steegemans to death because he is offended,

On the 22nd of October 2002, a young boy called Rene Steegmans was beaten to death by a Moroccan boy in Venlo Holland. Rene Steegmans dared to speak up to Khalid L, who drove obnoxiously with his scooter, almost hitting an elderly couple. When Rene verbally stood up for the elderly couple, Khalid L stopped his scooter, got off, and beat Rene to death. A very tragic event, even more tragic, was the response of Khalid L’s parents: “Quote our child is doing the work of Allah, and it was justified to beat the other kid to death as he insulted our son.”

We know this appalling story and that the parents justify their child’s horrific conduct because the parents were interviewed on SBS 6 TV. The interview clearly explains why there are so many problems with young Moroccan Muslims in Holland today (and in many other European countries).

Moroccan parents have lived in Holland for 20 years and do not speak a word of Dutch.

After living in the Netherlands for twenty years, the parents did not speak one word of Dutch. They spoke in Arabic on Camera (which was subtitled by SBS 6 TV). The parents seriously justified their son Khalid L killing the young Dutch boy because he was insulted. Even though he almost drove over an elderly couple with his scooter. It was only a verbal reaction by Steegmans. This “incident” became a high-profile case in our country.

Because of this incident, something “strange” happened. Shortly after the interview with Khalid L’s parents, the SBS6 network apologized for broadcasting the interview. The discussion vanishes from Tv, never more than a single word ever to be heard again.

Political Correctness

Political correctness was reaching its all-time high after twenty years of failed immigration policies in the country. The government gives instructions and rules to SBS6, RTL, and other media outlets such as newspapers and magazines. Do not print or say the word Moroccan or Muslim anymore. You cannot write the criminals’ names, so they used North African decedents on the news because there were far too many reports of Arabs involved in serious crimes. 

The Media manipulates all Dutch talk shows. According to the press, Khalid L’s case is an isolated incident. And the parents were a bad example and exception, no kidding?

On TV, we only see Highly Educated Muslims who speak perfect Dutch without any accent.

Then almost every talk show and “news” broadcasted on TV were very intellectual Moroccan university kids that spoke excellent Dutch with no Moroccan accent. However, a study proved those intelligent kids were the exception. However, the government needed to push its agenda, so nothing changed. Political correctness starts its devastating effect from then on.

I will now share my views on some media articles on Twitter, newspapers, and TV.



I am moving forward to 2014, 13 years after the Steegmans killing.

Marina Sanders, the wife of Goldie’s jewelry store owner Willy, shoots two young Moroccan men who attempt to rob their store. 

They acquitted her from all prosecution (read link), and she did not have to go to jail.

I remember this tragic case in Deurne, the Netherlands. The Moroccan robbers came from my town Eindhoven. The most insane fact is that the Moroccan community in The Netherlands puts the robbers in the right. They’re the ‘victims of society,’ declaring the woman who shot the robbers a criminal.

The criminal becomes the victim.

Yes, you read it well. After 33 years, nothing has changed. It is getting worse. WTF, the parents and Moroccan community declaring the woman store owner to be the criminal? They rob her at gunpoint, but their Moroccan sons are victims of society.

I am sure those parents spoke to the union of robbers, which is available in Arabic in Holland. They were preparing legal action against the shooter. Thank God for the Cameras inside the store. The Camera taped the drama and acquitted the female shooter, who defended her husband. 

Then demonstrations in front of the city hall in Eindhoven from angry Moroccans who sympathized with the robbers. The jewelry store owners need protection now as they’ve received constant threats from the Moroccan community. 

People sympathize with armed robbers.

The world is upside down, resulting from a failed integration policy for the last 30 years. The political correctness of the left-wing politicians and the left-wing media in Holland and the rest of Europe it’s the same. It is clearly showing its failure in this system.

It’s hard times for the robbers. You can no longer “peacefully” rob a store with your illegal gun. Because some of the humans you want to rob. have a criminal or legal weapon. 

How can a robber go to work these days without insurance as their profession is getting more life-threatening and deadly? Those fucking jewelry store owners have illegal weapons, alarms systems, cameras, and security guards at the door. It becomes more and more complex and dangerous for a robber these days.


Cinemas became a “war” zone for celebrating the end of Ramadan. 

The cinemas are another target for the Moroccans to portray their cultural heritage. Cinemas have closed down. Presume that you are watching a movie with your spouse and children. Your wife wears a skirt, and the first thing you hear entering the cinema is Moroccans yelling that your wife is a filthy whore. 

Lucky enough, some Muslim experts educate the husband about the victims of society. He removed himself and his family from the theatre. His lessons taught him it is better not to respond to any comments by Moroccans verbally. He knows these Muslims might beat him and his family to death. Do not offend “these victims of society.

Muslims terrorize Cinemas.

Others were not so fortunate, especially after Ramadan, when the sugar fest for the Muslims started. Large groups of Moroccans terrorize cinemas across the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Cinema’s become “war” zones for young Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan

Bad News from the Netherlands.


Denmark: Cinema warns against noisy Muslims


Europeans do not understand the problem that most of these victims of society parents and their young children only play with camel poop in Morocco in the mountains. They never had public places with entertainment like cinemas and pools. Therefore, we should not be too harsh towards these young Muslims.

Westerners should adapt to Sharia law.

We need to educate ourselves self-more about Islam. And show sympathy for their insults towards our culture. We must approve their behavior in public places (or, in some cases, close the public places).

Europeans will take another few generations to adapt to Sharia law and Muslim culture. But our government is pushing the multicultural agenda and doing everything possible to shorten that period. Our social welfare forms have all the application forms in Arabic. 

Prey for Moroccan loverboys

Public Pool is the place to “recruit” white virgin Dutch sex slaves.

Public pools in Holland have closed or called for extra security. The Marrocans harass young girls who like having fun going to an indoor swimming paradise. Their stupid Dutch parents did not give them a burqini, a covered swimming suit from head to toe. 

Young western children are whores who wear a bikini. They are treated terribly by the young followers of the Religion of “peace.” The Moroccans are all victimized by our society. Young teenagers often are threatened in the Pool with violence. Young girls get threats that the Moroccans will hurt their families.

The girls are then first gang-raped by the victims of our society. After that, the children become sex slave workers and work in the prostitution “business.” Often not telling their parents anything out of fear and guilt.

Enslaving White Women: The Phenomenon of the Alien ‘Loverboy’ in Holland


Victims of Society

I suggest an emergency fund for Moroccan criminals who get victimized by our society. In 2015, every successful robbery should put ten percent of the loot in a special fund so future Moroccan “victims of society” can be helped to recover faster when they get hurt on the job.

This is how far the woke leftist society would go to commit the ultimate political correctness.

The RUMVOS funds ( Robbery United Moroccan Victims of Society)

RUMVOS provides classes by well-known Moroccan retired successful criminals teaching the young victims of society how to improve their skills as a criminal. 

For instance, they will learn how to use future advanced surveillance technologies, especially dealing with over-aggressive store owners defending their stores and lives.

A good idea for RUMVOS is to provide their members with a unique ID card. They can use this card at any time. But it would be handy to show the ID card to fellow Moroccans that attack Dutch Ambulances. 

Loud noise from ambulances annoys Morrocan.

For some odd reason, they tend to harass, stop ambulances, and threaten the ambulance personnel. I guess the sirens’ loud sounds are pretty irritating for Moroccans. So they decided to do something about it.

They should use the ID card to show fellow Moroccans a safe pass or transportation to a hospital by ambulance if needed. Now the victims of society can heal fast. So they can join the fight with fellow Moroccan victims of society against loud irritating noises from ambulances again.

picture by: Chameleons Eye Shutterstock.com

RUMVOS will also provide free legal counsel for the victims of society. 15% of donations of loot above 100K go to RUMVOS. This money will fund extra Arabic-speaking lawyers. In these cases, fifty percent of haul above 500K must go to RUMVOS.

Free legal counsel for derailed scumbags.

This 50% share will provide “friendly” judges and the court to reduce sentences. By delivering “donations,” RUMVOS will send unique request letters from Morocco authorities that these are “isolated” cases. The Moroccan authorities would highly appreciate it if the Dutch court showed great understanding for these victims of society and reduced their criminal sentences. 

The Dutch courts are filled with leftist political correct woke judges. Some sentences would be almost “comical” if it weren’t for repeat offenders.

Mohammed Bouyeri a Dutch Moroccan born and raised in Amsterdam. Bouyeri’s CRIMINAL RECORD, in 1997. He spat in a policeman’s face. In 2000 he beat up student bar visitors with his fists. In 2001 he stuck a knife into a policeman’s neck and then went to jail. Look at the dates in-between incidents.

Career criminal Muslim slaughters a famous Dutch TV personality Theo van Gogh (Van Goch made an insult to Islam).

This guy is a victim of society and should never have been locked up longer than two years for stabbing a police officer in his neck. When they released him from jail (early) for stabbing this policeman, Mohammed killed Talk Show host, filmmaker, and columnist Theo van Gogh in November 2004. He didn’t get the proper help he needed as he would from an organization like RUMVOS. Mohammed was heavily offended by the Dutch Theo van Gogh.

More Political Correctness lunacy.

The newspapers did not talk much about the motive, which was Islamic terrorism. But more the side that the “victim of society” is a career criminal who just thought it was a great idea to decapitate a famous Dutch Tv personality in broad daylight. He was offended, so the woke journalist softened this horrible event.

Another famous Tv celebrity is slaughtered because, well, hey, you know, he made an insult to Islam as “victims of society.”

It is now 2021, and another famous criminal Tv personality is slaughtered in front of the Dutch Tv studios. Peter R de Vries is shot five times in the face and will not survive the attack. Motive, he insults the head of the Macro mafia (Morrocan mafia in Holland).

The use of media by Muslims for the promotion of Islam.

Mohammed Ansar @AnsarMo tweets; Followers of the Christian Faith, please show consideration for other faiths by removing all decorations from your properties tomorrow.

Bas Boon: Thanks for the tip. Maybe I will not go so far as to throw out my fake Christmas tree and other home decorations. I bought some plastic model dolls that I decorated with black ninja suits, grenades, and Kalashnikov machine guns. My brother purchased a video with violence and gave it to me to analyze the beheadings of the infidel.

After studying your tweet carefully, I want to be politically correct. The first time woke a decision to balance the religious festivities in my living room after watching a Christmas movie. My efforts to become more woke and politically correct are showing progress. I have been searching for some Hindu decorations as well. I only believe in myself, but I do not want to disappoint other religious groups. Imagine if a Muslim, Christian, or Hindu would visit me in my home during the last two weeks of the year? 

My House Christmas decoration I will put in the trash, so I do not offend Muslims.

Usually, I would only have the usual 20 naked virgins running around in high heels during the last week. This I put to a halt because of Ansar’s tip. I hate to disappoint other humans. I will do anything to be a friend of Religion to pray for me as I only believe in myself. 

A great Muslim leader has advised me to convert to Islam. In my will, I write that I will transform in the afterlife if I know that the 72 Virgins are in heaven as promised (they have to be beautiful and not minors).

I can understand that the thought that someone would have a Christmas tree or other decorations and the atrocity of practicing some religion in his own home can be pretty disturbing. My deepest apologies Allah- O Akbar.

I call for an immediate ban of the movie #Gravity as it shows #Earth to be spherical, which is against #Quran, & thus insulting to # Muslims.

Oepssss, Zakir Naik is a so-called delusional professor with a photographic memory of learning the Quran by heart. Surely it would be a great disappointment for him and his Peace TV channel that everything he believed from an old book was a farce. 

So Zakir is now asking not to show any proof of events misdescribed in the Quran on TV. It would make Islam look stupid, and above all, it would kill Zakir’s business and end the popularity of “Peace TV.” 

It would ruin tens of years of studying Islam and the Quran. 

So NASA and Hollywood, please no more pictures and recordings from above. It offends the Muslims, and we know how their parents brainwash their young children. What should they do in case they are offended? Steegemans from Venlo is dead because he did not get the proper education as a Dutch citizen.

You cannot offend a Muslim or voice your opinion if you come with evidence like when the Muslim almost ran over an elderly couple with his scooter; the Quran is full of mistakes. Pedophiles, terrorists, and woman beaters are all ok; no insults, please; we do have to kill you because the prophet and the Quran say so.

Or maybe NASA could try to be more politically correct and put some woke efforts into their reporting?

I guess Zaik Nakir has a lot of tweeting to do:

2014 was the year of the sex slave.

Muslim Pedophilia in the UK Ignored by Politically-Correct Authorities


Scots police smash two significant Muslim pedophile rape gangs


The Dark World Of The Arab Child Slave Trade.

The original link has been removed; I found this:


ISIS Pamphlet Lists Sickening Rules for Treatment of Prepubescent Sex Slaves.


It always comes in handy to have a sex slave instructions manual pamphlet.

I just read the pamphlet on sex slave instructions. It is a cheap trick to convert Christians, Atheists, and other religious and nonreligious pedophiles to Islam. 

Imagine you are a pedophile. And you were always cornered by international law in each country. You can get prosecuted for rape and unwanted sex with minors or adults. 

You convert to Islam and pick up any child you want. Suppose they do not wish to convert to Islam. Bang bingo, a new sex slave. Not to forget, you have the politically correct leftist woke Media on your side.

Pedophiles heaven. And they worship a faith in which the prophet Allah married a young girl at 6. It cannot get any better than that. So there is hope for the pedophile rapist among humanity. Grow a beard, study Islam and join Isis, the Taliban, or a local delusional Islam group near you. The Walhalla for pedophiles, rapists, and murders.

England is currently investigating 50 Muslim pedophile rings.

In England, the police investigated 50 Muslim pedophile rings after the truth came out by a brave whistle-blower. Political correctness and cover-up are in the highest ranks of the political establishment. The media has been silent about the subject for decades. 

Shame on you. These media propagandists should feel how it is to get sodomized and locked up in jail. They should start with the head of the BBC. These BBC executives are as bad as the animal rapist delusional Islam extremist death cult.

Britain: Islamist Preacher Justifies Beheading of Non-Muslim Civilians.


Islamist preacher Minazur Rahman is seen explaining ISIS’ recent beheading of British aid volunteer Alan Henning.


Quote” “If he has no covenant of security with the Muslims, he is called a combatant. It’s not ‘did he fight,’ it’s about ‘is he capable of fighting,” said Rahman.”

I forgot that one of the people who fought against pedophilia is Tommy Robinson. He was right about the Muslim pedophilia gangs. Tommy is depicted as a racist and right-wing leader by the woke and leftist political correct media such as the BBC.

The same BBC had pedophile and rapist Jimmy Savile working for them for decades. They all knew he was a pedophile, like in the Harvey Weinstein case, but the gang of woke softies said nothing and just let it happen again and again.

Islam is the ideal Religion for pedophiles.

Damn, this Quran and Islam are attractive to murders, pedophiles, and rapists. Christianity also has an excellent policy for attracting pedophiles, rapists, and murderers. The church has a system for confessing. Offenders are forgiven immediately and blessed for their sins and can start again. 

There is no limit to how many times a Christian can confess. Bless me, father, for I have sinned. After an eight-year prison sentence, the justice department set me free for raping three babies and killing their parents. No wonder the church paid billions of dollars to eliminate pedophile sex scandals.

I just killed two more families and raped their babies. I forgive you, son. Try to control your urge and listen to the Lord. 

A week later, the same murder rapist pedophile: forgive me, father, for I have sinned. I just killed your mother and sodomized your brother. I forgive you, son. Try to control your urge next time and listen to the Lord. That must be so cool and utterly exotic to hear that as a delusional rapist murder.

Can I get some absolution, please? I just raped and murdered a bunch of kids.

You’re a Muslim and walk the streets of London. Then you see this young girl with his father. You decapitate the father as he could be capable of fighting. As a reward, you have the daughter as a sex slave as she does not understand the word convert. 

We are not talking only about Isis now, but about preacher Minazur Rahman and many other preachers of the Religion of “peace.” These “society.” parasites infest many Mosques in England and Europe. And are supported with funds and educational guidelines from Saudi Arabia.

Here are Rewards for dying to please the dumb and ignorant.

Vikings have feared warriors all over the world. They did not care if they died, but it should be by the sword in battle for the Vikings. Then they would reach Valhalla ( their heaven for the afterlife), feast, and fight forever. 

Vikings loved to fight, so their reward was eating and fighting, not penetrating young virgins. Today in modern-day Scandinavia, they are primarily Atheists, no more Odin, Thor, Loki, or Freya. Less than 20% of the population believes a God exists in Norway and Sweden. 

In the modern-day, we call that progress. Notice that from the 20% who believe in God in those countries, 5% are Muslims (the official numbers, not the illegals).

Swedish Police Release Extensive Report Detailing Control Of 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ By Muslim Criminal Gangs


I guess there is a “minor” problem with the immigration of the “victims of society.”

The news in Sweden reports some “small isolated” incidents. Sweden has one of the most liberal insane governments in Europe. The Political Correctness of these moronic leftists made Sweden the capital of the most rapist and bombings in Europe (2021).

The Muslims in Sweden raped over 300 Swedish children and 700 women in the first seven months of 2013

The original link was removed, but I found this:


Political Correctness and being Woke are equal to Insanity.

What’s wrong with those Swedish? Why are they not converting to Islam? Don’t they know there would not be so much rape if they would convert and live under Sharia law? Why are the Swedish people not getting educated about Islam, the Religion of peace? But Sweden is learning fast, so they have Sharia-controlled territories ( you got to start somewhere ).


You can state the facts, and the Muslims are offended, and you will be convicted for speaking your mind. It’s crazy. Please see the link below.

Netherlands’ Politician Geert Wilders to face racism charges.


It’s “funny” that religious people often speak about morality. As it is strange when you study their “system.” It’s an open invitation for the delusional, insane, schizophrenic, murderers, and rapists in human society. 

There is the promise of 72 virgins when you become a jihadist suicide bomber. Those are the words from an ancient morbid manipulating book. This is mainly used as a battle guide for the enemy of people from a different race/culture. 

In the David and Goliath story, the myths of having God on their side in battle made the soldiers believe they would become immortal and extra strong. The Vikings had their Valhalla. Christians have heaven, and Muslims have many virgins in paradise (the heaven for pedophiles). 

The Vikings have Valhalla. Christians have heaven. Muslims have lots of Virgins in paradise.

Egyptian Kings took their belongings with them to the afterlife. The truth is when you’re dead, your dead. No more fucking, eating, and war, just slow. So make the best of it in this life, and if you think you need a God. Write a letter to him, whatever faith you have, and inform your God you will do what he asks.

As when you enter his kingdom wherever and whenever that may be, in the meantime, behave nicely here on earth, be kind to your fellow humans. No more pedophiles, stop raping babies, killing and fighting wars in the name of bullshit!

picture by: Robert Hoetink Shutterstock.com

Special rights at gunpoint, Islam religion of threats

The US makes a movie about the leader of North Korea, “the Interview,” a great film, one big colossal insult from the beginning to the end, right or wrong (so funny and a must-watch).

I wrote a counter proposal for this movie. In a scene, I write some countries will nuke Israel, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia. Let’s see which producer dares to take this whole North Korea hack publicity stunt to a whole new level:

Counter Movie Proposal for “The Interview.”

Open letter to Kim Jong-un, Leader of North Korea!

However, drawing and depicting a cartoon of the prophet Allah or any public display regarding the Religion of “peace” Islam is punishable by death. Muslims would interpret it as an insult. The US media would not show these cartoons of Mohammed (CNN) out of fear of riots and threats.

Christopher Hitchens Schools a Muslim on Free Speech

The great debate with Atheist Christoper Hitchens and Muslim professor Tariq Ramadan (2010). Less than ten years later, this Mulsim professor is arrested and charged for the rapes of five women. Because well, you know these intellect Muslim scholars just follow the Quran.

The Correct political newspapers and woke politicians often used Tariq as a Muslim example; I do not hear them so much lately. R.I.P Christoper Hitchens.

Multiculturalism and democracy are ok, but they can never abuse this to promote intolerance and hate in the name of any religion. If people are offended by their beliefs, they must attend a taming the ego and anger management course. 

There should be the right to ask critical questions and the freedom of speech. Examples are a dialogue about Women’s rights, gay marriage, human rights, and democracy. Unfortunately, the politically correct woke leftists are in charge; it is getting worse and worse.

I can see a time of the French revolution happen again throughout Europe. History repeating itself.

Obey the laws of the land where you live or want to live when you have problems with these rules because of Islam or any religion. It is not time for us to adapt or learn about Islam or any other religion. When faith followers constantly abuse Religion, it’s time for trust to take a hike!

God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes Mohammed…


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