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Leftists For Muslim Minority Groups, History War Lessons. This blog is about the insane leftist policies, Political Correctness, and actions leading to a hazardous situation worldwide.

If religion is already bad, how can you make it look worse? The fundamental basic rules described in the “holy books” of human rights are vague. When holy books condemn other races and religions and tell them as false and hostile, what effect do you think religion has on humans? 

Ignorance and the Offended Religion and Leftist Cult.

Even if religion is made to look bad, who cares? It should be just for yourself. It’s not worth getting angry over or starting wars over. It is not ok to beat people to death in the name of your religion because you are offended.

In my last blog, I had a lot of comments stating that I was a racist, which I am not. I have plenty of Muslim (for me, they are Humans who call themselves Muslims) friends; some are welcome at my home. I also visited many “Muslim” countries like Morocco, Tunis, and Turkey. And I stayed at a Muslim family’s home. As with the Quran, people have problems reading and understanding what is written in a different language. Quote from my last blog:

 Islam Condones Pedophilia, Political Correctness for Muslims is Equal to Insanity

Many Muslims highlighted this part as being offensive. But if you read the blog carefully, you can see I comment on links, news, and tweets of others. In one connection, they derailed Moroccans with the label “victims of society.” 

Death Because of Insults.

With that Quote, they mean Moroccans who play the victim role/card after they murder or rape other humans and blame it on our society. Another popular subject to blame for their criminal behavior is the policies of the country they live in. 

These are finger-pointing people like the parents of a son who justify their son in kicking another human being to death because their son was insulted. The parents that live in Holland for 20 years and do not speak one word of Dutch. That is the group of people I write about. Read the Quote:” it does say “victims of society parents and their young children” it does not say all Moroccans. It says that specific group which is named “victims of society.” 

Rape in the name of some Holy Book.

If you rape in the name of a holy book or think you are allowed to enslave other human beings, you belong, in my opinion, to that group. When you murder, commit robbery, and steal, do not adapt to your country’s customs. Then, in my opinion, you belong to that group.

The article is about political correctness and the leftist government’s bad integration policies causing many of the problems I described. There is no excuse for that inhumane behavior. One cannot blame society.

These failed leftist integration policies led to a clash of different cultures and to the recent events of Mosques that were set on fire in Sweden.

In my last blog, I wrote about the following:

Muslims raped over 300 Swedish children and 700 women in the first seven months of 2013

Original content can not be found. I found this:

Should people think that the population of a nation like Sweden, which grants you the right as a Muslim to live in their country, tolerates the raping of their children? The country with free speech (not anymore because of leftists) and the freedom to practice your religion. Suppose you think you are delusional, or maybe not, as it looks like we live in a simulation like the Hunger Games.

Minor Group With Culture Differences

Political correctness even sentenced people to jail who show the statistics. The crime rate has risen dramatically since the arrival of Muslim immigrants. Indeed in other countries, the boiling point is near an all-public uprise. Exactly what I wrote about. 

Left-Wing Human rights activist: those poor rapists do not know any better. We should not judge them because of their race and religion. It’s just some “minor” cultural difference, isolated 1000 children and women rape incidents in the first seven months. Let’s give them another decade of chances. Let us study more about their faith and culture, and we should adopt them. 

Those 300 children and 700 women have provoked those Muslims. They should know better.

Let’s look back in history and see the problems with the arrival of Muslims in other countries.

The French gave Lebanon its independence in 1943. Lebanon was an 80% Christian faith population, and they set up a democracy. The people of Lebanon went through a process called Islamification tons of Muslims moved into Lebanon. They can have many children, as some Muslim men can have four wives. 

Muslims took over the form of government and passed laws against the Christian population. Between 1970 and 1990, the Muslims killed more than 100.000 Christian Lebanese. This is not the agenda of the majority of Muslims. Those 100.000 Lebanese killed were a “minor” incident caused by a “minority” Muslim group. 

We should not judge all migrated Muslims to Lebanon. They just do what the Quran tells them to do or misinterpret what the Quran tells them to do. The result is some “minor” incidents.

The Armenian Genocide is Taken Out of Context According to Leftists.

One and a half million Armenians were murdered because of Muslims. Between 1915 and 1922, they were marched into the desert to die. The left-wing anti-racist human rights organization would like to inform you this was a mistake. The Muslims who took possession of the land of the Armenians wanted to relocate them but “accidentally” sent them into the desert. 

This was not the will of all Muslims in Armenia. A minority group could not read maps that well. So they sent those 1.5 million Armenians who lived on their land for generations into the desert. The minority group of Muslims responsible said they wanted to send those Armenians to the Sevan Lake in Armenia, where the Muslims had worked on a relocation project by building homes around the lake with respect for the inhabitants. 

Tragic Isolated Incident of Mass Murder.

All 1.5 million got lost in the desert and died of hunger and dehydration, a tragic and isolated event.

In the great Ottoman and Persian empires, Muslims killed tens of millions of people and made the survivors enslaved people. Civilians who survived the onslaught became second-degree civilians paying taxes to the Arabs. The most prominent slave traders in the world were Arabs:

From the Blog:

The Arabs only took advice from their holy book, or it was misinterpreted, but the result was that the Arab race became the most prominent slave traders in the world. Indeed not all Arabs agreed, and not all enslaved people. So you just have to see this part of history as an isolated event that has nothing to do with their religion.

Holocaust in India: the killing of over 100 million Hindus by Muslims, the biggest genocide in human history.

This is kind of “tragic,” I mean, the minority of some Muslims are now solely responsible for the Muslim race breaking the record in the history books of genocide. According to some insiders of some minority Muslim groups from that time.

They claim that the third red dot painting in between the eyes of Hindus was deliberately done. Muslims think Hindus enjoy being human targets. The misunderstanding is to believe they want to be shot between the eyes. Even the minority group of responsible Muslims claims it had nothing to do with their religion.

House of Islam, House of War.

Mohammed himself cut off hundreds of human heads and was the leader of many battles. Mohammed slaughtered 700 men himself. He is the King of be-headings; indeed, you would not think this behavior would be an excellent example for Muslims in the twenty-first century:

Islamic State Jihad justifies massacres by invoking Muhammad, who “slaughtered 700 people” himself.

‘Quote” “ISIS Fighter Defends Massacres Because Muhammed ‘Slaughtered 700 People,'” by Mary Chastain, Breitbart, November 5, 2014:

Surely an isolated incident of a minority group, and there are the usual politically correct jerkoffs. They are in denial and claim it has nothing to do with religion. If it has to do with religion, it’s a “small” minority group who misinterpreted the “holy” Quran incorrectly. I wonder why the writer of the Quran could not be a little bit more specific more clear?

Why did Allah have to write that book by some Arab in the desert, and why did the bible have to be written in Hebrew? Why does God need humans to write a book of rules dictated by him? This makes praying useless. God is supposed to hear everything, is all-knowing, and can read people’s minds (religious people believe this ). He even created all of the universes.

God Knows Everything. Why Pray, human Ignorance? Who wants to Change the Mind of the Almighty?

So why pray in the first place or have humans write so-called holy books? A wise God would have started in China, which has a larger population and a better understanding of writing. I suggest that God / Allah make a new book. But then, in multiple languages, and while he is doing this, let’s make a modern TV documentary—education by Tv for the illiterate group of people. As well as Facebook and Twitter accounts and, let’s say, send one prophet to each existing country on earth.

These prophets should speak multiple dialects from several regions in those countries. This would seem like an excellent plan to avoid future misinterpretations by “minor” groups of Muslims.

It will avoid people who think they have the right by God to rape. No human needs to convert and slaughter other humans with different religions or lifestyles.

Beheading in the Name of Islam

The truth is that Islamism justifies murder, rape, slavery, and beheading with both theological citations and historical precedent.


The wrong education and wrong interpretation of the Quran:

Private banking is a religion.

People believe in bankers, “priest” owners of central banks. There is no alternative.

Slavery and obedience are ruled mainly by debt and nation enslavement by the private banks.

The Rothchild group threatened the US as they wanted to keep control and have private banking. (Explain in more detail why)

The British war in 1812 was for the Bank of England. Private bankers still won even when the British lost the battle in the US. The civil war was not about enslaved people but more about the Central Bankers. This will not be taught in the schools as it is not in the financial sector’s interest.

Russia helped Lincoln ( yes, Russia) and prevented another war with England. Then Lincoln was murdered, and the US was in the hands of the bankers. The Federal Reserve is a private bank, and the name is misleading. It sounds government-owned and in our reasonable interest, but it is not.

Interesting to know is that WW1 started between Serbia and Austria, not the Germans. Germany was the considerable industrial power that scared the British. Germany also had a private bank, but the government strictly watched it and ensured the money went back into the economy. Therefore, the nation became more and more powerful. Putin from Russia made a similar move about one month ago.

Private Banks.

After the first World War, Germany had to pay back 3 x the war cost for a war they did not even start. Inflation came to Germany, and 100.000 marks for bread resulted from the significant depression era. The French came back to occupy the industrial part of Germany.

After WW1, when Germany refused to pay more war debt, so came the rise of Hitler, who again stopped using the private banking system. Within five years, Hitler made Germany the most powerful nation, coming out of recession. The German Miracle was named in the worldwide press, German miracle industry, 1938 man of the year Time Magazine, Adolf Hitler.

Winston Churchill; We will force this war upon Adolf Hitler if he wants it or not, 1936 radio broadcast. 

Wars are primarily about currency, money, and power—a global boycott against a nation that does not use the private banking system.

John F Kennedy understood the problem of private banking and signed Executive Order 11110. Kennedy ordered the US treasury to print banknotes called the united states note not borrowed from the Federal Reserve.

The US silver reserves covered the $ value. Five months later, Kennedy was assassinated. Coincidence?

Do you want to know why Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was invaded, and Saddam was killed? Why was Libia invaded and Khadaffi’s ( Khadaffi gold dinar only in dinar ) murdered? It would hurt the petrodollar, so they all got dead; see video:

All wars are bankers’ wars = must-see all.

Hate mongering against Muslims is because they do not believe in the private banking system, as loans with interest are forbidden according to Muslim teachings. This is a huge positive point that should be in the headlines about the religion of Islam.

Wrong interpretation of the Quran.

Unfortunately, the Quran is interpreted the wrong way in many cases by several different Muslim groups. Saudi Arabia promotes the most potent extreme fundamental message for Quran teachings. The Saudis live by the strict Wahhabi version of Islam. And unfortunately, according to the “holy” book, Mohammed was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

Or maybe they are the correct interpretations and translations. But we, the non-Muslims, are too politically correct. Perhaps we deliberately ignore the true meaning and teachings of the Quran. We do not want to be a racist and a Nazi, as when you are labeled a Nazi, your career is over.

A small “minority” group does some religious stuff in Mecca annually. This is causing dozens of men, women, and children to die in a stampede of people walking around a black stone.

Top 10 Everyday Things Banned in Saudi Arabia

Travel Tips to Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia Grand Mufti says no opposition to underage marriage.


Moslims verkrachten massaal Westerse vrouwen. We zwijgen (the Leftist way).

Original link not found, I found this:

Left-wing multiculturalists are still in denial. There is nothing wrong with the Muslim Moroccan immigrants in Holland.

Moroccan Crime in the Netherlands & the Myths of Multiculturalism

Quote,” The report, produced by the Rotterdam Institute of Social Policy Research (Risbo) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The people of the university examine the extent and nature of crime among the Dutch-Moroccan population in 22 municipalities in the Netherlands”.

This research shows that 50% of all Moroccans in the Netherlands commit a crime before they are 22. Even Moroccan females commit three times more crimes than Dutch females.

The Islamization of Belgium and the Netherlands in 2013

Left-wing multiculturalists are still in denial; you racist Nazi, how dare you speak about all Moroccan Muslims that way? They’re just a minority group. Who is the minority group when 50% of the new generation of Moroccan Muslims are committing crimes? 

You would almost think this is an orchestrated plan by Moroccan Muslims. It almost looks like their parents educate them to commit many crimes. The elderly start a political party, and when gaining power, they will implement Sharia law, as mentioned in the article – the Islamization of Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Both research reports indicate a massive failed integration program.

In 2011 Hundred thousand people left my home country, The Netherlands.

Exodus: I did write in my previous blog that in 2004 a Muslim Jihadist killed Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh (the killer is a 26-year-old Dutch-Moroccan). This has led tens of thousands of native Dutch to migrate to other countries in search of a better life.

In the year 2011, over 100.000 people left the Netherlands. During the last year (s), the number one name Muslims give their children at birth in the Netherlands is Mohammed. Very creative in finding names for their newborns. Indeed, it has nothing to do with religion.

In the 1960s and 1970’s we also had many guest workers in the Netherlands from Spain and Portugal, and not one word of negative behavior from them in the press or police reports. The majority of people returned to their home country.

Saudi Arabia is pushing their extreme Wahhabi version of Islam everywhere, primarily through Mosques ( sponsored with oil dollars from Saudi Arabia) around the world.

Experts Warn More European Muslim Youth Are Radicalizing

According to the Dutch counter-terrorism unit, around 3,000 Salafist Muslim youth in the Netherlands; The University of Amsterdam researcher Ineke Roux describes 80,000 as “susceptible.” 

Those racist bastards, how can the Dutch counter-terrorism unit and university researchers say this? Screw them fucking Nazis. 

From Holland, they report that already 2000 Jihadists traveled to Syria to join ISIS and another 8000 from other countries around the world. Why do we not see these leftist human rights promotion teams in Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Afghanistan? These leftist promoters of human rights could go to Syria. Could they speak to Isis about Sharia law on the front lines? 

The Ignorance of Retarded Left Activist.

Imagine, Hi, I am a left-wing activist girl named Catherina from Holland from the Human rights organization. I am speaking out to Isis at the front line in Syria. Would you please treat your woman with respect? Bam was decapitated, losing her head. 

Hello, I am Debbie from Holland. Yes, I am a left-wing human rights activist. I traveled to Syria and Afghanistan to spread the message of love and equal rights for men and women. 

Please treat homos with respect…. Bam was raped and decapitation. Then headlines in the press in Holland, social worker brutally raped by a minority group of derailed Muslims, isolated Incident, don’t take it too seriously. She would never have wanted these minority groups to portray themself in the press as lousy gang rapists. They are victims of society.

Leftist with Spiderwebs between her legs beg for rape and attention.

Multiple left-wing activists survive these Muslim rape sessions and escape. Surely you should not blame the Muslim Taliban/Isis rapist as they do not know any better. Their religion and upbringing make them commit rape, and there is a complete understanding.

Many of those left-wing women are looking for rape situations. As they grew spider webs between their legs, as no man in their home country would have intercourse with them. So lay back and enjoy (don’t take the left-wing anti-racist human rights activists too seriously.

A cry for attention in any way possible). The King of delusional left-wing retards is Joanie de Rijke from Holland.

Not Joanie de Rijke, but quite-provoking.

Taliban Group Rape Welcomed by Leftist Nutcas Joanie de Rijke.

On March 23, 2011, Left-wing Dutch journalist Joanie de Rijke took her Taliban group rape to a new level. Joanie was angry at the Dutch government for not paying 2 million dollars of ransom money for her release. She went to Afghanistan to interview some Jihadists who had killed ten French troops. Surely being a woman, they kidnaped her and gang-raped her for six days. 

Those poor Afghan Jihadists could not control their testosterone, according to Joanie de Rijke ( see link). She did not go into more detail in the press. But her good left-wing friend reported that she only had three Taliban dicks at one time. The rest of the group was patiently waiting for terms. 

She told her friend she came at least five times a day, something that did not happen throughout her life. The captivity gave her extra sexual stimulation. She keeps in contact with the Taliban as they have pornographic footage of her rape, and she doesn’t want the video leaked.

She is afraid The Dutch Government Does Not Want to Pay The Taliban Rapist Two Million Dollars.

A leaked tape will boost her popularity and show that she was not in chains. It will show she enjoyed the gang rape. 

The Taliban commander blackmails her with this. They instruct her to send more left-wing anti-racist human rights females to do some more “stories” on the Jihadists. The video would reveal her complaining about small dicks even though the anal penetrations did not do much to her. 

Part of the video would also prove she brought lube to avoid getting sore, receiving 10 Taliban cocks an hour. This will prove she travels there prepared; she scheduled her own “rape.”

Belgium and the Dutch government did not pay the 2 million dollar ransom. She is not worth a fart! She publicly was angry at the Dutch government for not spending the 2 million dollar ransom money.

Yes, the Taliban raped me, but they were very respectful.

The original link was removed, but I found this:

Rape in Islam: Blaming the Victim

The Palestine and Israel conflict pales compared to what is happening in Asia.

In Thailand, there were more deaths by Muslim violence in a much shorter period than in the Palestine-Israel battle.

The Saudi Arabian parasites infect every territory in the world with Saudi-funded Wahabism, not only Holland or Belgium. 

Sunni terrorists are also threatening and killing other Muslims. But above all, creating total havoc by raping and murdering Buddhists. They also kidnap Hindus and force them to convert to Islam. The anti-Buddhism regime is reaching explosive proportions.

The killing in Southern Thailand alone has been double that of Palestine vs. Israel conflict ( confirmed now is 5000 deaths). Unofficially that number is over 12.000 lives that did not survive since the competition started ( hundreds of thousands left the troubled regions). 

Thailand Buddhist Temples Become Army Bases to Fight Muslims.

Buddhist temples in the South have become army bases. The peaceful way of Buddhism has reached its limits in the South of Thailand. The torture, rapings, losing their land, and threats to convert to Islam are enough for this group of Buddhist Monks.

They arm Monks now, and indeed with extremism, you harvest extremism. Chauvinistic Buddha leader Wirathu ( Burmese Monk Wirathu called himself the “Burmese bin Laden” Time magazine )/

Wirathu organizes his Buddhist followers into a group calling itself “969”. Unfortunately, these developments have made the Buddhist way of compassion and non-violence no longer realistic. This is the first time other humans have led radicalized a Buddhist group. They sure know how to bring out the “best” in people.

Character killing by western left-wing human rights groups and other Islam sympathizers led to imprisonment for Wirathu, but that did not prevent him from becoming more popular.

Burmese Monk Wirathu called himself the “Burmese Bin Laden” Time magazine

Anti-Muslim Monk Wira To talk about Meiktila before the riot

Of course, the leftist who made the documentary paints the Muslims as the victims; the Monks suddenly became Anti Muslim out of nowhere.

In 2001 The Taliban used dynamite to blow up a rock with a giant carved Buddha of Bamiyan located in the Hindu Kush mountains of central Afghanistan.

Indeed the left-wing human rights activist community would have you believe that the Incident was not intentional and had nothing to do with religion or violence. The Taliban workers were mining and blew up the sacred buddha mountain by accidentally putting a massive piece of dynamite in those statue heads. 

Isolated Incident, nothing to see here.

This was an isolated incident. Removing and destroying all artifacts not in line with Quran teachings during the next decade is mandatory. I wrote about the tweet in my last blog of Muslim TV preacher Naik Zakir. He calls for a ban and immediate withdrawal of the movie ‘Gravity” as the spherical earth insults Islam, and the film does not show the truth. 

Change the proof or destroy proof, as everything must be written in the Quran. An extraordinary and exceptional way to adapt to the religion of peace.

This is the reality; the truth is; that almost daily, Muslims force Buddhists to convert to become Muslims. They do this under a constant threat of violence. As I wrote before, Thailand has more deaths on the Southern border than in the whole Palestina vs. Israel conflict. Let that sink in.

Remove the Buddha Statue.

In 2010, a Buddhist temple in the North Sumatran city of Tanjung Balai, Indonesia, must remove a Buddha statue after complaints by an Islamist organization. This had nothing to do with religion. The left-wing human rights anti-racist group reports there was a problem with a sewer pipe.

They had to do something about the stench ( that is why the Islamist organization complained). The stench is the fault of the Buddha statue.

Maldives Protest group, Defend Islam.

Muslims organized a protest group in the Maldives called “Defend Islam.” The protesters demanded the removal of a Buddhist monument. According to them, it shows how Pakistan became an Islamic country from its Buddhist origins.”

They also scream for the introduction of Sharia as State law. In February 2012, one month later, after a coup in the Maldives. Islamic fanatics burst into the national museum and destroyed all Buddhist statues, other cultural heritage artifacts, and books.

Muslims Destroy a Museum. One Hundred Thousand Lebanese Christians Killed just a “Minor Incident.”

It looked like a wild bunch entered the museum and destroyed everything in its path. Indeed this is not the plan of Muslims like in Lebanon. The cause of the killing of 100.000 Lebanese is a “minor” incident by a “minority” Muslim group.

We should not judge all migrated Muslims to the democratic country of Lebanon. The left-wing human rights anti-nazi group reports that the coup is justified as some of the Maldives’ leaders are corrupt. The museum was full of very insulting artifacts and Buddhist statues that insulted Islam.

We need all to note that the people from the Maldives refuse to respect that this museum is the cause that offends Muslims. Therefore, the Muslims who stormed the museum was a little angry and “uncivilized,” destroying thousands of old artifacts.

Temple can not have Buddhist Artifacts. This doesn’t seem proper wording to Muslims, So they Destroy Everything Buddhist.

Malaysia Kota Bharu city has a Buddhist society, but in 2012 they told them that a new temple could not include Buddhist statues or figures. It should resemble a Mosque. In 2005 in Malaysia, they declared the Party Islam Se to be Islamic despite more than 30% being Buddhist and Christian in that City.

Please understand that these examples are just incidents like Lebanon, the Maldives, or this City in Malaysia. Islam does not want to conquer a country and convert their inhabitants or murder their inhabitants. According to leftists (pretty much the whole media is left), it is just “small” incidents of ideas of a “minority” group of Muslims. 

All just Minor Incidents. Not All Nazis Are Bad.

And we can say not all the Germans were Nazis or bad. Or all communists under Stalin were terrible. The multicultural, leftist, anti-racist human rights groups can assure you that the more significant part of any population would never follow the smaller extreme group and their radical agenda, would they?

Muslim-Buddhist Conflict in Asia: and how to understand it

The original links were removed, but I found this:

Fears of a new Religious Strife

Conflicts and the future of Islam and Buddhism in SE Asia

The racist card.

You are a racist. You discriminate, demonize, and label Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn as a racist, and now he is dead. They call me racist many times. People love to label and stigmatize, possibly to show others they decided to put you in a group of “bad” people. 

According to our history books, my great “great grandfather was a Caucasian and was the victim of slavery by Arabs. Does that give me the right now to call myself and my fellow Dutchman a victim of slavery? Can I get some compensation please for my father’s suffering? 

My previous article was about political correctness. Suppose all People are afraid others will name them “racist” for speaking the truth. Then we have no free speakers. We can now see the result of this fear in many countries.

How political correctness erodes support for multiculturalism.

The Original links were not found, but I found this:

The article (see link) is about the current rape scandal of Muslim Paedophile rings in England.

Quote “The shocking truth is the following; if these rapists been White, the police and justice department would stop these people immediately from any freedoms. There would’ve been far fewer victims.”

Possible Solution!

Ban churches or mosques, no religion at all.

Migration stops when a country is prosperous. Asylum seekers may go back to their own countries to live.

 We all convert to Islam and live under Sharia law!

Minority groups, isolated incidents, and political correctness lead to devastating results.

Do we choose the right path? Did we learn from history?

Sure, Christians and Roman Catholics have a history of death and violence in the church’s name, for example, the Spanish inquisition and South America’s conquering. We had Hitler and Stalin, who the people practically worshiped, and the result was blind obedience, no questions asked.

Religion has a Bad History.

With all those proven historical facts, it might be time for humans to understand that we do not need religion. The harmful side effects of religion outweigh the good. Misinterpretations by small groups become massive massacres, which scar entire countries and their people for centuries. So it is simply not worth it.

Leftists do not misinterpret anything; their moronic narrative is shaped over time by communist Marxist parents and school teachers.

We stop all festivities and free holidays regarding religion for all religions.

It was just a tiny minority group of extreme Muslims from Saudi Arabia who officially caused the 9/11 massacre killing over 3000 people in New York who lost their lives. The aftermath is the USA going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, killing a few million more. 

Ooh, yeah, and any leftist anti-racist human rights political morons should visit the Taliban for some “freedom” experience.

Just one Muslim extremist minority caused this minor Incident. The retaliation of the US is causing a few million more deaths as a result. The following minority group will push the button of a few nuclear weapons to explode. But at least we were politically correct when we all burned in a nuclear blast!

You are a Racist and Nazi. If you speak your opinion about Islam. Nobody can make a cartoon of their prophet. The Quran does not allow this. The last time a cartoonist in Sweden made cartoons of the prophet of entire nations (sorry, I mean minority groups ), worldwide protests broke out. 

CNN will not show Cartoons.

This causes mass violence, death, and threats. CNN will not show the cartoons or many newspapers because of fear of a few “minority groups.” You can not criticize Islam. For example, the book (Satanic Verses) caused a Fatwa on author Salman Rushdie.

Whatever Muslims did in history had “of course” nothing to do with their religion. They were all “minority” groups causing some “minor” incidents.

We should stop all religions worldwide and become people without labeling and condemning other humans. Humans should quiet their minds, focus on breathing, and cultivate a relationship with their higher selves. We tend to look for happiness and meaning outside of ourselves.

Leftists should focus themself on racist rocks.

Humans can work on their personal development instead. We can develop our intuition and our capacity to love and therefore be of benefit to humanity and the earth.

(C) Bas Boon

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