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The motive for Chattanooga shooter Abdulazees is Islam. This blog is about Islamic terrorists ruining the religion of Islam. The Fake News enablers are making things worse, and facts are distorted into fairytales.

Obama calls Abdul a lone gunman for no reason. The Charleston Church Shooter acted on behalf of the entire white race?

Let’s look at the facts: The family Abdul had a violent father who wanted to have a second wife. He abuses his current wife verbally, sexually, mentally, and physically. He also hit his children. Son Abdul is painted as the perfect “all-American boy” by the media and some witnesses. But then the family report on CNN portrays a lot of severe violence, and then there is Abdullah’s DUI arrest in April. What happened to Muslims obtaining alcohol? Contradictory!

The cause for the frustration of the smiling Abdul, whose “famous” quote is: My name causes national security alerts, what does yours?

Abdulazeez made this remark because every Muslim feels they are a victim. According to him, other human nonbelievers attack their religion of Islam, and the motive for the link to terrorism seems permanent.

This phenomenon would never occur if there were no Islam or other names for religions or sects. Only humans take things personally, make assumptions, and give their delusional interpretations to so-called holly scripts or messages. They are an enslaved person to the invisible man in the sky.

Governments are in damage control regarding Islam.

The politicians know this, but Islam is integrated into worldwide societies too far. So now governments are in damage control mode. Let’s not use the phrase Islamic Terrorist’ anymore (J. Kerry); we look for a different motive or names like Lone Wolf. Which is a weird Fake News headline as we all know wolves hunt in packs. All this, so other Muslims do not feel insulted when the next Islamic terrorist attack occurs.

The Fake News uses the name shooter in this case, or other terrorist attacks. The car is the headline. For example, if a vehicle runs into a crowd, the motive and antecedent are on the vehicle. Or shooter, there is a shooter mentioned in this headline but no information of the car driver or shooter’s nationality and motive.

The recent headlines “Cut off head on a fence by Islamic head-hunter in France” or the retard who opened fire on a beach in Tunisia killed 36. CNN does not use the terms Islamic Terrorist anymore. Watch their graphics.

Thank “God” they fired coward Abdulazeez from his job ( his job was at a nuclear plant, nothing to “worry” about). He has a dysfunctional father with a history of violence and traveled abroad to Jordan and maybe Yemen.

From the blog of Abdulazeez


The first post was entitled “A Prison Called Dunya,” referring to the temporal world. In it, Abdulazeez uses the hypothetical example of a prisoner who they inform will get a test that will either take him out of his earthly prison—or send him into a more restrictive environment.

“I can imagine that any sane person would devote their time to mastering the information on the study guide and stay patient with their studies. ” Abdulazeez writes. “only giving time for the other things to keep themselves focused on passing the exam. They will do this because they know, and they will be rewarded with pleasures they have never seen.” Translation: motive is sex rewards for the suicide community.

This life is that test; he wrote, “designed to separate the inhabitants of Paradise from the inhabitants of Hellfire.”

The second post is “Understanding Islam: The Story of the Three Blind Men.” It suggests Abdulazeez felt his fellow Muslims had a “certain understanding of Islam and kept a tunnel vision of what we think Islam is.”

Why start killing people if there is no link to ISIS, was he radicalized in the U.S. or abroad? The “morality” of the religious is mentally insane:

Attacks during Ramadam will give you 10x more rewards in the afterlife. Virgins in heaven and their friends and family can join the heavenly orgy after they do some suicide bombings. 

This is the message of Islamic “fundamentalist” Isis is just a name for the religious delusional schizophrenic lunatics to justify their disturbed and brainwashed minds.

It does not matter who came up with the name or was behind the name and organization ISIS. It’s still delusional schizophrenic religious fanatics who carry out the beheadings and the killings in the name of their religion ( an ideology just like the Nazis). Their motive is Islam and only Islam.

Michael Flynn is correct about Islam (he was later imprisoned by the deep state).

Ideology like Nazis.

Does it have anything to do with religion? Of course, it does. These Muslims believe in their “holy” nonsense. Muslims who face the reality of life, marriage problems, job problems, money problems, and health problems will blame anybody except themselves, no responsibility, please. 

Let’s go to a better place and shoot some innocent people in a gun-free zone. Would we not want to see some victims shooting back with guns? There is a choice to shoot with legal or illegal weapons. That is no issue to meet paradise and Allah sooner.

His idea comes from Islam. Remember the British soldier with a bloody knife on the streets of London after he just killed a British soldier? He said that the Americans would not be safe in their home country. Or Nidal Malik Hasan, the ford hoot shooter on November 5th, 2009. Their motive is Islam.

I wouldn’t say I like responsibilities; I take my orders from the invincible man in the sky.

Another frustrated human who called himself Muslim and suffering from stress showed isolated behavior. Hassan had an anti-American view when his parents died in 1998 and 2001. He became a more devout Muslim. More devout in this case means he surrenders himself entirely into the religion of “peace.” To escape the realities of life.’ the elite finds

Religion is beneficial to keep the poor slave sheep believing something better would occur as long as they can control them and stand in line. It’s the elite that gives them this motive.

Hassan visited extreme religious Islam sites, and his business card contained SoA (SWT) acronyms. These “credentials’ are many times on Jihadist websites as an acronym for “soldier of Allah” SWT ( Glory to God ). 

It sounds pretty like Islam, but as we talk about a religion with 1.5 billion followers, we better stay politically correct to keep on the “safe” side.

Confederate flag, offending, and insults

So why take away the Confederate flag? Well, we need to be politically correct. People with a white race ideology use that flag, or it triggers white supremacy ideology. Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Dukes of Hazzard car General Lee are now facing censorship. 

Every day, if I see the general lee car with the confederate flag, I think of the sexy ass and great legs of Daisy Duke (sure, call me sexist).

Sword or toothpick on this flag, offensive or not? We don’t blame all of Islam for terrorist activity. 

We blame Russia for accidentally shooting a plane by one rebel (if it was a rebel)!

Link removed by the site.

Politically the U.S. and Netherlands have a considerable interest in Ukraine Country.

In the news, the Royal Dutch shell does not like Russian Pro separatists on their future money spitting territory or whatever they call these rebels.

They are all interested in using a tragedy to boycott Russia and go after their welfare.

So what’s the difference? Mein Kampf of Adolf Hitler is not allowed in many countries. Now we are banning flags because of what it represents; well why not ban holy books? These religions prove that many “teachings” give humans a false sense of morality, safety, and disturbing ideas. Indeed, this is not only the case with Islam alone. The Church has an even more morbid form of “morality.” 

Censorship it is getting worse. The priest will give anybody an absolution who asks for it.

Many priests and other representatives from the Church would rape and abuse thousands of children. They then ask for forgiveness by confessing. Anybody who asks is forgiven for any sins. Indeed after they receive their absolution, the vicious circle will start again! What a great motive to join a religion.

I know a vast group of people offended by Mosques and churches. Why should they be less offended than the other humans calling themselves religious and using these facilities?

Unfortunately for many Muslims, the Muslim terrorist groups use the name Islamic for their terrorist organizations. Maybe Muslims can understand it is according to these people Quoting the Quran and Allah that there is a permanent link between terrorism and Islam!

Sixteen percent of French citizens support ISIS. To put that into perspective, roughly 27% supported President Hollande of France in the 2012 election 9% of Brits supported ISIS.

Roughly seventeen percent supported Prime Minister Cameron in the 2015 election.

Eighty percent of Turkish and Moroccan Muslims in Holland say it is ok to use violence for Jihad (between 80.000 and 100.000 Muslims).

Do you still think that Muslims with the religion of “peace” is no reason for concern? Think again when you see the following “lone wolf incident.” This is what the media want you to believe; the motive was a mentally ill person (that is a correct statement). But the alarm bells must ring when the Fake news switches to names such as a lone wolf, unknown reason, jealousy, militant, radical. It’s a substitute for Islam.

Keep marching in silence till the bomb explodes on your doorstep!

Imagine if all the humans following a religion trust their God handling things? They never would pick up a weapon, and all these terrorist attacks would never occur. Be strong and believe in your God that He will judge and punish himself.

If God starts talking to you or some Imam/messenger of God, you hear voices in your head to commit violence. It’s not God. It’s called schizophrenia, and you belong in a mental institution next to the likes of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy!

Check Out This Link: God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes hates Shakespeare

(c) Bas Boon

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