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CNN Propaganda, Islam vs. The West, Pope For Violence! The media is frantic, with CNN coverage of the arrival of the Pope in the Philippines. The editing job is fascinating: CNN reports: We are searching for France’s most wanted terrorist. The France Anti Terrorist squad Kills three Islamic Jihadists and a female Boumeddiene. The CNN director then switches back to the Pope leaving the plane after landing in the Philippines.

CNN War Propaganda, this scenario is not a coincidence.

According to CNN, the Pope visits the Philippines to bring back faith to the people because more and more Filipinos are leaving the Church. Wonder why? Ooh, wait, maybe it has to do with the terrible hurricane and weather disasters that hit the “praying” Philippine population multiple times.

God loves weather manipulation, like he let it rain for 45 days to destroy every human being and living animal on earth ( Noah ). God sent a flood for the sinning descendants of his children Adam and Ave as they ate an apple from the forbidden tree. Well, God is not responsible when it comes to the current disasters. Religious “experts” will call it free will, or it is the devil’s work (how convenient).

More than 20 percent of the Philippine people have families with up to 6 or 7 children (according to CNN) and live on 2 dollars a day, some soul winning to do for the Pope, target marketing.

This has nothing to do with news, pure propaganda, and deceiving the audience.

From the Pope, the camera shot returns to CNN reporting more developments regarding the search for female terrorists. Ten minutes later, the report on the Pope choosing one of the three bulletproof protected pope motor vehicles for his transportation (later, they change the story that the Pope does not want bullet-free vehicles).

Another one-hour on CNN is about a triple American Jihadist Muslim agent who shows the ins and outs of the terrorist network and how the FBI/CIA worked with him ( showing a briefcase of 250K cash he received from the FBI/CIA). – Back to the Pope and his speech on same-sex marriage and the Church in the Philippines.

The perfect integrated Muslim in the headlines, CNN hypocrites.

Next is a CNN interview about the well-integrated American Muslim Yaha Ibrahim. The immigrant speaks perfect English and is very articulate. He uses cleverly chosen words denying Islam has anything to do with Jihadists and that Muslims and Islam are peaceful.

Portray Muslims as educated, well-adjusted people. We will see a very different image of Islam if we look at the streets in many western European neighborhoods.

The Clowns Netwerk presents: Islam vs. The West must get the Pulitzer Prize for Propaganda Award of the Century!

The camera shot switches back to the Pope. The image shows many holy figures of the Church during the broadcast now. All dressed in white and the Pope delivering a message interrupted by breaking news from Belgium. The news report is that the Belgium Terrorist squad kills two Muslim Jihadists. They arrested a third Jihadist. There is a massive shoot-out at an intersection. 

Islamic Muslim terrorists who returned from Syria were preparing a major terrorist attack in Brussels (Bombs and Kalashnikovs found).

CNN switches back to Pope news: he does not want to ride in cars with bulletproof glass. Forty Thousand military and police deployed to protect the Pope in the Philippines. The Pope creates jobs in the security branch. This CNN propaganda week “special” is reaching new heights:

Photo: Giulio Napolitano

Boko Haram is Next in what looks like a 24-hour propaganda marathon.

The CNN report continues with Nigerian Islamic Terrorist group Boko Haram in a CNN special. Boko Haram tries to compete with Isis and Al-Qaeda to be the number one Islamic terrorist organization globally. All these Jihadists want their own Islamic State. In less than one week, Jihadists kill more than two thousand people.

They show how Jihadists use a 10-year-old female child as a Suicide Bomber—sound fragments of a CNN journalist who reports on the ten-year-old girl. You can hear that the Islamic group Boko Haram blows the girl to Kindom Come and  CNN repeats it every 15 minutes.).

Commercial now, their propaganda is sponsored by the military-industrial complex and Big Pharma.

The propaganda gets a short commercial break. Next is a report on how the US uses strategies to defeat terrorist groups. Now CNN repeats the success of bombings and drone attacks in Syria. On September 11, the report claims they killed a significant Islamic terrorist Al-Awlaki (who just happened to be killed by a drone on September 11. Indeed a pure “coincidence” on the same date as the 9/11 World Trade Center Attack.

But great to repeat this, so people here 9/11 again ( the official justification of the Iraq and Afghanistan war). The reports say they successfully exterminated the Terrorist Al-Awlaki (Jihadist of the11 September attacks in New York.

The Legal memo backing the drone strike that killed American Anwar al-Awlaki is released.

The CNN propaganda show now shows former top hypocrite former prime minister Tony Blair from England. He was prime minister when the London bombings occurred. Tony tells the CNN audience that he created the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Ed Husain traces ISIS atrocities to Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of Salafi extremism.

The original links from the Tony Blair Foundation have been removed, but I found this:

Stop export extremism is a Nobel suggestion and initiative by “The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.” Let’s see who the most significant “sponsor” is – A Saudi oil firm paid the former British prime minister Tony Blair a fee of about £41,000 monthly. Tony also gets a reward of a 2 percent slice of each contract he helped arrange. 

Tony Blair sold his soul.

No “shame” in some good old petrodollars! Who cares where the dollars come from (not reported by CNN.) Nineteen hijackers that flew into the world trade center building were Saudis. Who cares? Please show me the money!

Another recent scandal about some blood money: Defense contractor ‘Fat Leonard’ who bribed Navy officers and provided them with hookers in a $20 million overbilling scandal, pleads guilty. 

CNN continues with a shot of the Pope in his white clothes and then switches back to a report on an Islamic Muslim Jihadist, showing a video of a little boy (son of a Jihadist). The Jihadist son executes two Russian spies with a gun. The report shows the boy walking with a gun toward two Russian prisoners.

Professional brainwash material.

The video is a well-shot propaganda video. But does not show the actual killing. More children with Kalashnikovs, and again the Jihad John Beheading propaganda pictures (which we know were fake), Jihadist in black, victims in orange. The CNN reports end before the break with a shot of the Pope in his white outfit!

ISIS claims video shows boy executing spies

Another shot of the Pope now says: Religion should not be provoked; those who do could expect to get a punch in the face (did he say that?)Charlie Hebdo: Pope Francis says if you swear at my mother – or Islam – ‘expect a punch

The Pope says: that religion is dignity, but do not use this for killing in the name of God. This statement is an aberration (quite hypocritical coming from the leader of a religion with a history of violence, murder, and sex scandals. What happened to love your enemy? Or if somebody insults you, do not take it personally.

It is a reflection of how they feel when insulting you. It has nothing to do with you, and is it not the Pope’s task to pray for the wrongdoer’s salvation?

The person making the insult has anger issues. These issues mean you show him love and compassion. That is a strange remark for the Pope to make. But rest assured, they write the script to fit in the violence of the Jihadist Muslim terrorist broadcast. Some words of violence by the Pope, perfect timing!

Very easily triggered this Pope; he must work on his anger issues.

Check out this headline: the ten worst terror attacks by Christian fundamentalists and far-right extremists.

Raw story links were removed.

I suggest that everybody to watches the episode of Joe Rogan when he visited a world-renowned mentalist Banachek:

23:30 starts JOE ROGAN visits a world-renowned mentalist Banachek

Now that you have watched the show, you can see how easy it is to manipulate the masses by implanting images, concepts, and full-on scenarios. 

The plan of CNN and the higher-ups is – Islam vs. the Church ( Terrorist Muslim, Islam, and Pope white “good” religion back and forth). “Good” vs. Evil, Black vs. White?

Look how simply Banachek can influence his audience. One week already of this worldwide media brainwashing TV programming. Muslim/Islam vs. another religion and attack on freedom. A few more and all the sheep are ready to pick up weapons arms do some slaughtering. Mission accomplished!

CNN ratings will peak with live war coverage like the Gulf War. The bankers will receive an all-time high bonus for themselves, plunging other nations into debt. The people bleed and lose a limb here and there, and when the war is over, they go back to their TV watching and praying habits.

Please educate yourself about this Fake News propaganda phenomenon; it is bombarding our brains 24/7.

Check out this link Propaganda, CNN Lies, Isis Jihad John Fake Beheading

Quote Joseph Goebbels, the German Minister of Propaganda for the Nazis.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

(c) Bas Boon

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