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Black Lives Matter but not All, drugs Testosterone, Ego. This blog gives the real reason for anger and frustration regarding the African American community. I also suggest how to achieve gun control.

Alison Parker (24) and Adam Ward (27), two white people, are murdered on camera, and a Black Gay Murderer displays it on social media.

Pretty much live on social media and TV, the gruesome images of the two journalists being murdered are being shown as it happened. 

But no coverage of the white people rioting in Roanoke, no shops on fire, no looting, no cars on fire, so why is there such a difference in response in anger and emotions? 

Offensive Rainbow Flag, what now?

What about banning the Gay Rainbow Flag because of this gruesome act of Racism and murder? When I lived in Holland, I grew up as a kid with the show The Dukes of Hazard on TV. I loved Boss Hogg.

The Duke brothers and the car General Lee, that car, and that flag still remind me of Daisy’s long legs. Her big earrings and great ass are in tight jeans. Not once, when I see that flag on that car would it trigger some racist thought. 

The performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd singing the song Sweet Home Alabama at their concerts had many times the confederate flag present. Should we also ban their music now?

Confederate Flag banned after White Mentally Insane Person shoots Black People!


Black Gay Shooter murders two White People. We Should Ban This Flag.

Why did the white people not riot, and black people did? This should be the question and the topic in the media. But as always, the politicians (and the media they control) are pushing their gun control agenda.

Others will defend the right to have a gun—both with valid and sound arguments. CNN invites a Sandy Hook mother, Erica Lafferty, to talk about her loss and her opinion on firearms. 

No word on how looting a supermarket and electronic stores could ease the emotional pain because a white police guy shot a well-known criminal like Brown. At the same time, this incident happened. A 9-year-old black school kid was killed in a drive-by shooting committed by a black gunman (not in the news). Very few would like to take responsibility for ourselves for our actions and behavior. We want to point the finger and blame others.

This black woman’s YouTube message went viral, this black woman is mad, and she nails it (of course, CNN took the video down and censored it as it is unsuitable for the CNN narrative).

Viral Video (US)St. Louis woman Slams Black Lives Matter /CNN Interview.

Let’s start with my thread title, “Not All Lives Matter,” sure. This is done on purpose. It’s provocative, and the first response would be that I am a racist, which I am not. However, I think certain people do not qualify for that title. Do lives matter of rapists, kidnappers, murderers, and pedophiles molesting minors? 

More people, such as war criminals and cult leaders, can be on those lists. The bottom line, some people inflict Death and pain on others. I think they do not qualify for the sentence that All Live Matters. It does not work for them. Why should I tolerate such behavior? 

I am not a religious person, but I understand the phrase

The Golden Rule – “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12.

“Confucius — ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want to be done unto you.'” 

However, let’s look at those phrases; we all can agree this would not be the rule for serial killers like Ted Bundy or Charles Manson, the mentally insane, and people with no empathy.

What are the numbers?

Bas Boon Says direct your scenario in life without violence on drugs

The article describes that black people from the Dutch Antilles have 13x more murders than white people.

The US is not any different whites were the victims of black violence more than 5 x! New 2015 DOJ Statistics on Race and violent crime!

Quote: “A black is 27 times more likely to attack a white and eight times more likely to attack a Hispanic than the other way around. A Hispanic is eight times more likely to attack a white than vice versa.

The question we should ask is, why are black people so much more violent?

The father of one of the victims will make his life a crusade to do something about crazy people getting guns. This person says something exciting. He refuses to blame the weapon for the killing but blames the mentally insane person who committed the crime. I wanted to know more, so I did some research:

Serum Testosterone Levels in healthy young Black and White Man

The article is interesting. It is scientific research about why Black males have a 2 to 3 times more chance of developing prostate cancer. According to the NCBI, this all has to do with the higher testosterone levels in Black Males, between 15 and 21% higher. 

Now I have experience as a fight manager and coach on what steroids like testosterone can do. It makes humans more aggressive, not to mention the disastrous results if these black males use steroids for their football, wrestling, fighting, cycling, or Olympic careers. 

Little to do with Racism (that’s the excuse) but everything with self-control and stupidity.

The aggression becomes very severe, and their emotions become very unstable. The amount of money involved is staggering for the athlete’s future and the distribution of the steroids.

Here are some headlines:

Bill Cosby would lead the chart (he drugged his rape victims).

Michael Jackson would be coming in second place (pedophile drug user).

On September 13th, 2010, Floyd Mayweather Beat the Mother of His Children over having Sex With Another Athlete.

Former UFC champion Jon Jones now suspended, had multiple cases of DUI and tested positive for the use of Cocaine.

Usain Bolt Says Tyson Gay should have been banned for doping April 24th, 2015 The Guardian.

Golfer retracts claim the Tiger failed drug test 2 March 2015 USA Today

Up until 1987, steroids were not even banned in the NFL. I witnessed the best fights ever during my trips to the K-1 and Pride Fighting Events in Japan. It said in the rules that steroids such as testosterone were not on the forbidden list.

In the early days of FightSports in Japan, steroids are not forbidden for Athletes.

Now we are reaching the point to say: excellent, those days we saw the best fights. You could ask yourself if the fighter who uses the most steroids won. It’s like cycling. If everybody uses Lance won the tour seven times, will that mean he used the most enhanced forbidden drugs?

People who are professional sportsmen understand that it is not physically possible to ride a bike for 6 to 8 hours without using special supplements. On this level, you need some enhanced drugs to practice the sport. Do you think cyclers are going up mountains like the Alps and the Pyrenees just by eating a plate of Spaghetti?

The audience, the public, the viewers, and the fans push the athletes to incredible performances with or without enhancing drugs. The pressure on young athletes is enormous. Their drug use starts already in college football. The injuries and the need to play all the essential games or not miss a vital fight as a fighter because of injuries are enormous.

Young African Americans have over 20% more testosterone than the white population.

A recipe for disaster! Young African American Athletes with a 20% higher testosterone level use more testosterone. On top of that, the young athletes go out and use drugs such as coke, Viagra, and alcohol. Enjoying a night out and the combination of the mix of so many dangerous substances often results in disaster.

Not to mention drinking some cans of coke, monster, and red bull energy drinks. These sugary drinks are putting their sugar levels to astronomical proportions with the intake of alcohol and drugs. They also develop sleep disorders, resulting in more mood swings and aggression!

The same goes for a considerable part of the rest of the population, which drowns away in an oblivious Alice in Wonderland state much of the time. Because of their heavy use of pharmaceutical pills for whatever aches, pains, and headaches they have.

Bas Boon Says Testosterone and drugs are the real reason for the violence. They blame Racism

On August 14th, 2015 FDA approves OxyContin for Children as Young as 1

OxyContin is in the same class of drugs as heroin (opiates) and is addictive. They name this the hillbilly heroin. Then there are Ritalin, Valium, Vicodin, sleeping tablets, and Rohypnol. Doctors and psychiatrists prescribe Many other over-the-counter drugs for children and adults that are terrible for your health. 

How about anti-depressant drugs? There is a prescription drug for everything. The FDA likes their young customers, as young as 11, to make them heroin junkies for the rest of their short lives. The government approves these drugs, and we can trust the government, can’t we? 

Addictive behavior.

You’re mistaken if you believe rich people would not end up dead or in jail because of their addictive behavior. 

The list of dead black rappers is impressive. Many of them rap about their testosterone levels, their cocks, and their sexual performances. Above all, their bling-bling and cars and their rivals. These black lives I mention were not destroyed by Racism but by themself.

Biggy, Tupac, to name a few, Whitney Housten and her daughter who ended up dead, and Michael Jackson and Jimmy Hendrix were all dead. Sure, many whites with drug and addiction problems can also be mentioned.

My point is the combination of these drugs with a young African American man with a naturally higher testosterone level – results in walking aggressive time bombs, which will reach an altitude of a permanent state of the offense. 

So what can we do about it? 

I would suggest banning all these drugs and substances, including all those approved FDA pills. People should take responsibility when they drink or use legal and illegal drugs. This makes zombies out of them. They need to understand this could make them a potential candidate for becoming the next mass shooter.

The Death from prescription Drugs is the New Epidemic Sweeping Across America.

Now pay attention, youngsters: let’s start with the African American male and female. The urge to produce children because of higher testosterone levels can be explained by their higher testosterone levels. However, if you have six or more children on welfare and then start a protest about unfair treatment, you label yourself as dumb and not responsible!

Eating cheap junk food, taking steroids at a young age, and using coke and alcohol will cause the following problems.

The governments, schools, and parents need to educate our youth about testosterone and hormones; Food and drugs can screw up your life.

Addiction, heart failure, mental problems, diabetes, prostate cancer, leaking gut syndrome, and hormone imbalance all come with the intake of wrong foods and drugs. It does not stop there. Mood swings, anger, aggression, relationship problems, family problems, racism, phobia, delusional, stress, and anxiety, are endless.

I would suggest informing these athletes and non-professional athletes at a very young age and repeating the message about these dangers with an excellent educational program. Show disastrous examples, and let them understand what it does to their bodies and what it will do in the next five to ten years. Tell them that some of the damage they cause with these drugs will damage their bodies and organs beyond repair.

Or worse, they will find themselves being the headlines in the news as the next mass shooter or murderer. If not, they end their own lives themselves. See the article prescription drugs cause more deaths in the US than illegal drugs.

Virtue signaling Picture Rena Schild Shutterstock

Activists are fueling the conflict, not helping!

Most white activists and sympathizers of the black lives matter movement are virtue signaling. They try to convince themself and others in their community they are good people and others wrong. They were never looking or understanding the real reason for the problems: testosterone, drugs, food, and fake news.

The Male Ego. The Bias Black Lives Matter movement! What can the media do?

The recent African American shooter had a midlife identity crisis. A black gay man watching gay porn is feeling rejected. Filing a lawsuit against his former boss and was drowning away in a pool of negativity. He tried to identify with other victims who were mistreated. 

The Charleston shooter incident is another delusional drug-using white boy being brainwashed. His final despicable act is to be famous and make an appearance on TV. The parents and people in his surroundings could have pushed the alarm button. This failure of society is a born loser from when he drops out of his mother’s vagina—a freak of nature, a mistake.

You could see his freckled-up face and picked eyebrows with no emotions in his eyes, just emptiness, and sexual frustration.

The media should not mention the names and motives of attention seekers who murder and commit terrorism to spread their message!

My suggestion is to not name the shooters and terrorists anymore in the media but call them mentally insane, Mr. X. These attention-seeking, mentally ill delusional retards do not deserve a letter of their name in the press. Screw their messages and bullshit. Shaun King has a disturbed personality. He is very white but is the leading activist for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Shaun claims he is biracial but could mean a frustrated bisexual capitalist who lacks testosterone. 

Shaun’s mustache reminds me of Adolf Hitler. A person who seeks to have authority over others. He wants to be a leader, a control freak. But in reality is probably a bisexual, in the closet, with a fascination for black African American men fulfilling his sexual fantasies.

The Oprah Winfrey brainwashing network gave Shaun a scholarship. I am also against police brutality and had negative experiences with some cops in my lifetime. This Shaun guy tops the list of cry babies who screams for media attention. Through the racist agenda, he and others like him are getting these international platforms. The media-controlled networks and politicians give these people with schizophrenia-like Shaun, their political massages platforms.

“Activist” multi-million dollar business. 

Shaun Kings says thank you for these days pretty much retired from social media; he made tons of money. Patrisse Cullors, the founder of Black Lives Matter, bought a 1.4 million dollar home. That is not the only house she believes; at the moment, the counter is a four; Patrisse says thank you.

These “activist” attention seekers are personally responsible for the escalation of members of the retard club to start mass shootings. Wake up retards. Your country has a black president and movie stars like Will Smith and Morgan Freeman. Watch what Morgan Freeman says against a Jewish reporter: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

Morgan Freeman on Racism! Jewish interviewer is perplexed!

The same rule should be applied to activists such as the leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Gun ownership.

Check gun owners for drug and alcohol use mandatory every three months. This could be done from a newly created institution, “Check Gun Owners for Safety” (like Olympic drug testing). This new institution can randomly check gun owners. Gun owners can pay extra tax for this new job creation initiative. They should check for prescription drug use and mental illness, even sugar, and steroid levels.

Mandatory eye tests. Physical health and background checks of mental illness in the family. I have no problem with good guys legally having a gun. Surely they can understand that to have a gun. There should be rules to ban retards from getting guns or make it a lot more complicated.

So let’s put this to work instead of endless conversations with the next victim’s family members talking about the political agendas of politicians. And the media is seeking crazy’s sensations and often is controlled to push specific plans. Those who make those agendas in the media are amongst the most dangerous psychopaths the world has ever seen, creating diversity in race, religion, and sexism.

We should learn that we all are responsible for our actions and take responsibility. Hold ourselves accountable and do not point fingers or blame others. Put your hands on your chest, improve your behavior and try to inspire others. Yes, black lives matter (what a moronic slogan). So do Asians and whites. They all matter.

Do not try to create a movement based on hate and revenge, which encourages more violence instead of a peaceful solution. Religion and race are all artificial, and we should recognize we are all humans living on a planet called earth. Dividing ourselves into groups and labeling these groups with specific names is promoting separation, not unity!

Bas Boon is doing a motivational speech about winning and team building for the CLSA Group in Tokyo, Japan!

Check out this link: Golden Glory, a winning team; UFC sold for 4 billion.


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