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Head Hunter Network, For your daily beheadings. The HHN is a TV network showcasing be-headings, and live be-headings are in full development. CNN denies having anything to do with the new channel, but insiders report it is funded by the backers of CNN through a foreign bank account at HSBC bank who is known for funding terrorism and laundering Mexican drug cartel money.

Jihad John is back, the media’s favorite “mystery’ headhunter who works with professional TV studios. He even uses a green screen to produce content for the Head Hunter Network.

I am in negotiations with the HHN to produce content for the Network and brainstorm ideas for programs. I have suggested the following:

A head for a head, decapitation TV.

This Tv program will be a “peaceful” solution and would make great sensational TV.  No innocent loss of civilians who get hurt in the process. These days the U.S and some of its allies are killing many terrorists by drones and target bombing. Unfortunately, this still causes a lot of horrific children, women, and civilians casualties.

Surely these horrifically burned baby corpses would bring excellent ratings when shown on the Network. But for the Zionist backers of the new TV Network HHN, it would send the wrong message to their new target viewers community.

The recent Jihad John Japanese beheading’s broadcasting’s given me an idea which will make exceptionally great TV. Surely by now, the audience does not care anymore. The Beheading video series from Jihad John are produced in a professional studio with a blue screen or green screen.

Jihad John Special Isis Execution Edition.

Fake or not, the subject is attracting millions of viewers around the world. The bad Islamic terrorist is in black, and you have to give the terrorist producer some credit for creativity to have the hostages appear in orange prison clothing. Like the Jihadists are known for in their captivity in Guantanamo’s terrorist prison.

The first 200 million dollars of the ransom money is in demand for the two Japanese hostages. CNN reports on some personal background information of the hostages. One hostage was a suicidal Japanese young man who was warned by the Japanese government not to go to Syria.

Japanese Hostage Story from the parents.

His parents and the media were ashamed of his behavior. But he did go to Syria and brought the country and the parents shame. A little bit of emotion can never hurt. So when the other Japanese hostage is upholding a photo with an image of his beheaded Japanese friend.

The viewers feel more emotions. No money for the terrorist so disappointing, but the demand changed now from money into the exchange for a female lunatic schizophrenic suicide bomber. This is the suicide bomber who fails to detonate her bomb vest The Jordanian “Sister of Isis”.

Surely some background images are now passing the revue. Some blown off limbs after the suicide attack. Sajida’s husband is the mastermind of the suicide bomb attack with dozens of deaths. It is the result of an attack on a hotel.

Sajida’s the Isis Sister, Drama TV.

Surely like Jihad John, we now have another player as the nickname for Sajida’s is made into the Isis Sister. Which is remarkable as her husband blown himself to kingdom come for Al Qaeda. Great media coverage of this new face of terrorism ( everybody already forgot) Sajida’s the Isis sister.

My suggestion is to surprise Jihad John with a professionally made video where we bring back the guillotine. We show an image with the Isis sister Sajida with her head lying on the guillotine platform waiting to be beheaded.

The HHN will show a Live clock countdown for exucution.

Let’s put a huge ticking digital clock just above her head. And we have a live coverage exclusive on HHN TV. The HHN TV network should hire that smiling enthusiast CNN network employee Lara Baldeserra. She should wear her red pullover and announce to Isis that they demand the immediate release of the Japanese hostage.

She warns with a big smile that if they do not release the Japanese hostage before the set digital time indicated above the guillotine. The Isis sister will lose her head. A-head for A-head.

No innocent victums.

No collateral civilian victims and bombing innocents people and great TV. Sponsors like head and shoulders shampoo would pay top dollars. The sponsor revenues would go to Islamic Madrassa schools. Some more funding for mosques and hate imams around the world.

This will keep the flow of fresh young headhunters for making HHD TV a huge success. The main sponsor for HHNT will be FedEx, and their slogan is “when there’s no tomorrow.

There will be a special anti-terrorist team kidnapping important Isis leaders and or other religious fanatics and other terrorist group leaders. All will head for the Head Hunter Network studios, where there will be a Guantanamo type of prison. This is where they will keep the prisoners, which we need for the head for a head show.

The set up of a Guantanomo type detention center with people who are about to lose their heads.

While the time is ticking away, the network will show some water-boarding and torturing and background images from the terrorist. When the terrorist is in line for going to the guillotine, the audience is more known how bad they are. The audience can also vote by SMS which terrorist should go first to the guillotine.

The Head Hunter Network rewards the first viewer who votes with a live ticket to witness the next beheadings in the studio.


We must also have an hour of bloopers of beheadings failures. We will start with the fake videos of Jihad John. Close-ups of the disappointment when they try to cut off the head of a dummy with counterfeit knives. Endless possibilities. 

Bloopers of failure decapitations are brought to you by Porche:- There is no substitute. Number one blooper topping the list is Dutch columnist and TV presenter Theo van Goch. An Islamic lunatic tried to cut of Theo’s head because of an insult. But when he could not separate his head ( Theo had quite a big neck), he wrote a Jihad message letter and stuck it with the knife onto his chest.

Statement of the murder of Theo Van Gogh (film director)

Instruction video’s for children is brought to you by Nokia – Connecting People:

ISIS releases new footage claiming to show a child executing two Russian ‘spies’ by shooting them in the back of the head.

ISIS Teaches Children How to Behead people in Training Camps

The best and most popular head hunter, competition, brought to you by Tag Heuer – Success. Is it a mind Game? 

This competition will start with Khalid K, the headhunter from Holland. He is using Twitter for tweeting a photo where he is posing with cut-off heads. 

Then he dies, according to the media, to later resurrects like an honest Lazarus. Again he poses with multiple cut-off heads near a fence which a journalist from Holland photographs. 

There will be a reward for the headhunter who can decapitate more heads than the prophet Mohamed’s record, set at 700!

Bas Boon Says: About Be-headings and Khalid K.


We also should have a sports section on HHN TV brought to you by Nike – Just do it.

The recent threats about soccer hooligans will make a great cartoon flag. A huge guy is holding a sword and a cut-off head. Which is really creative and inventive for the times we live in. 

My suggestion is to have two teams of 11 soccer hooligans. After each soccer match, they attack each other on the soccer field with klewangs and machetes. The person who survives wins a trip to an island Melanesia. Once the habitat of very experienced and well-known head hunters and cannibals. World Champions once every two years for the title:

Don’t lose your head!

There will be an annual beheading competition between the 11 hooligan survivors of the season, taking on the best 11 headhunters of Isis/Boko Haram and Al Qaeda. It will be called the super cup. The winner will take home a golden head trophy. Brought to you buy Mac Donalds, “I am loving it.”

Polish club protest at their team’s poor form… by laying out COFFINS on the pitch

Yourheadtube: Platform to send your personal and professionally made beheading videos:

 For amateur footage, google ( see below) 

Muslims Behead an Apostate, Another Muslims Behead British Soldier on the streets of London.MUSLIM4ISRAEL: Beheading of a young Syrian – قطع رأس الشاب السوري, MuslimsAnother Islamist Beheads 50 People And Put Their Heads On Poles. Muslim Rebels ISIS in Syria Be-heads Christian 

Disgusting Evil Islam, HORROR: Woman Beheaded at Okla. At a workplace, a Man Tries To Convert Co-Worker to Islam. February 2014 New Jersey USA Egyptian Muslim beheaded two Christians – end of times news. Fox News: 

Islamist Beheads Wife Sharia Law and Honour Killings in America. What’s Next? Muslim reverts Nicholas Salvadore and be-heads British 82-year-old Palmira Silva in London

Everybody who thinks differently or speaks his mind is a Nazi.

CNN is broadcasting the Polish Jewish concentration camp Auschwitz documentary this week. It is also covering the opening of a new Jewish museum. There is much coverage of this kind, interviews with Auschwitz survivors, KKK footage, skinheads, Ferguson riots, etc. 

The constant rotation of footage from nazis and racial riots at this time is to remind you as a viewer to have no “filthy” thoughts about immigrants and Muslims in your country. Because if you do, well, then you are a Nazi.

I am Swedish, but I live in “Absurdistan.”, the Highest rape victims in the world Sweden.

Islam is not a religion. It’s an ideology, a complete guide On how every human being should live!

This religion is Islam. John Kerry suggests not to use the word Islamic!

Now for Jonh Kerry, who does not want to use “Islam.” Quote “This is a terrorist group and not a state.” I do not recommend using the term Islamic State. Because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims, and Islamists”.’ 

ISIL’? John Kerry Calling ISIS By Arabic Term It Hates

Picture by: American Spirit

The Head Hunter Network is in exclusive negotiations rights with John Kerry to wear a secret camera. We want permission to use a drone with a camera to hover above his head when Kerry brings his message in person to ISIS.

It is wise to ask Isis to stop using the world Islamic as it confuses the infidel and the difference between good and bad Muslims. This event sponsor is Burger King – Have it your way!

The infidel is confused between good and bad Muslims

Ooh, and Kerry, while you are visiting Isis, please visit these other Islamist terrorist groups and asked them to stop using the word Islamic and not to call themselves an Islamic terrorist organization:








Terror Organisations and possible content partners for our Network.









The Head Hunter Network is in serious negotiations with the government of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. We try to obtain the exclusive rights of their Sharia law verdicts. We show a reality program from the sharia court. Live feed of the beheading of gays, lashing bloggers, witches, drug users, females who they stone to death, leavers of the faith, and people who commit blasphemy. 

Saudi Arabia is a significant supplier of beheading content, and the main sponsors will be some oil companies. 

Oil companies could become the main sponsor.

The Head Hunter Network will pay more licensee money to terrorist groups and Islamic countries that can provide exclusive live footage of the beheadings of famous politicians. 

Like the Dutch major Ebert VD Laan, and now on top of their list is Dutch major Moroccan-born Ahmed Aboutaleb from Rotterdam Holland. For the second time now, he said to the Muslim community in Holland if you do not like it in this country: Fuck off, sponsored by Austin Martin – Power, beauty and soul.

Dutch Mayor to Fellow Muslims: If You Can’t Take a Joke Then Fuck Off.’

The Head Hunter Network is also negotiating with big Hollywood studios to use the images to produce a new horror movie.

Hollywood blockbuster. Like Friday the 13th, Jason taking on Isis in an epic movie with an avalanche of rolling heads.

Exclusive interviews with secret cameras of Head Hunter Network have obtained footage of Michael Moore stating he would kiss the feet of American Sniper guys like Chris Kyle in private. Moore admits that if he ever was captured by an Islamic terrorist group. He would be scared to death that his decapitation would take hours as he has an enormous fat pig neck. 

For Moore, it is ok to have a “racist” sniper-like Chris Kyle save him. A better alternative than that Michael suffers one second at the hands of some Islamic head-hunter. The sponsor for this particular head-hunter segment is Calvin Klein – Between love and madness lie obsession.

MUSIC : INXS – Don’t Lose Your Head

Negotiations with the producers of the INXS song “don’t Lose Your Head” are also in full swing to make another version that will replace the word head!

Check out this link Taliban Actors and American Directors use Fake Planes?


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