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Coca-Cola Muslim Generation Abdur Raheem Green. I am amazed to see a false preacher explaining things like human happiness and explaining that the Quran will give you the solution.

First of all, before I criticize this “Coca-Cola Muslim Generation” youtube video, you need to know the following about Abdur Raheem Green.

Abdur Raheem Green is consumerist and delusional.

He is a professional religion hopper, first Catholic and practicing Buddhism before converting to a Muslim and becoming a preacher at peace T.V.

Now I understand that some preachers make money from their profession. That would be a perfect explanation for converting to any religion, becoming a T.V. personality—Hollywood fame, and using western modern T.V. inventions and computers to spread their message and collect donations. 

Abdur Raheem Green found his home with Peach Tv with the likes of Yusef Estes and Peace TV executive Zakir Naik.

I enjoyed the debate and documentary between Christopher Hitchens and Dough Wilson. I enjoyed hearing their arguments. And lucrative book deals and even online documentaries must have contributed to both of them becoming wealthy.

Abdur the Faith Jumper!

Now, as for Abdur the faith jumper and his YouTube video, the Coca-Cola Muslims:  

Abdur has a consumerism phobia. According to Abdur, you cannot be happy consuming material possessions. There are two Muslims, the moderate Muslims (Coca-Cola Muslims) and the Fundamentalists. Abdur says the Fundamentalist is the correct way.

The Coca-Cola generation is misleading good Muslims.

It’s the westerner’s fault, says Abdur. Muslims start to enjoy living on earth and become Coca-Cola Muslims. This is almost comical when he tries to explain happiness. He promotes living like a slave under a celestial dictator, staring at your wife in a garbage bag.

Abdur even tries to sing a little whoo whoo, which he claims we forget after a while. The Muslims react emotionally to everything because of the Coca-Cola Mulsim, and it’s the West’s fault as they made them consumerism humans.

Funny, he starts talking about the Bosnia conflict in which westerners and Americans helped the Muslim brothers by bombing Milosovic forces. Guess why the westerners and Americans helped, Oil, Diamonds?

Then he almost starts pulling a George Carlin: question to find out about you being a Coca-Cola Muslim.

Soccer teams of kids are good parental behavior!

He seriously starts asking questions: like an Iman in how he preaches and if he goes up and down (Using the Abdur’s term) when preaching. If the audience interprets the message in their way (up and down), you are a coca-cola Muslim.

This was coming from a man who is in his third religion. If you think you should only have one wife, you are a coca-cola Muslim. If you think about Hollywood and love marriage, you are a coca-cola Muslim. As wife-beater, you should all become messengers of Islam (it should not be about love). 

A good Muslim wants a soccer team with at least 12 children.

There are questions about how many kids you should want. If you only want one or two, you are a westerns coca-cola Muslim. It would help if you wanted a whole soccer team to be the perfect Muslim. This newborn soccer team brainwashes from the moment they are born. 

This is precisely where the problem lies. To maintain your soccer team stick with the terms of delusional Abdur Raheem Green. This is a very time-consuming and challenging job for one mother (that is why they want more wives). 

It’s also very costly to maintain a “soccer team.” A western person, including myself, would consider children and their costs, food, clothes, education, etc. To have a “soccer team” of kids, you must be pretty wealthy. Even if you only want to provide for their basic needs.

Delusional messages.

Now the problem with preaching these types of delusional messages is the cause of the suffering of many of these people. They cannot have an education. They are growing up with the news. It’s all about Islam. Indeed, they will educate that possessing things like a house or a car is terrible. 

Imagine poor people giving birth to 12 children. Fair and good parenting will be to provide these kids with equal attention. In this “soccer team.” With Kids, there is a natural phenomenon; the name is envy and being jealous. Also, there is a lot of struggle. 

It is always the fault of others like the Jew or westerner’s consumers. They need to blame their misery on others. Because to blame others will give them maybe a better feeling. 

According to Abdur Raheen Green, all good Muslims should want a soccer team of kids.

The purpose of brainwashing these poor, uneducated people is to think that the suffering in this life now will bring them something better in the next life. Imagine 12 children in one house to keep them happy or hopeful and under control. 

Read in this blog more about “Peace” Tv.

Poor people should produce children as big as a soccer team.

Many humans still cannot read or write and are brainwashed by people like Abdur Raheem, who speaks for Peace TV. Green the Coca-Cola man and professor Naik Zakir. 

These so-called intellectuals who speak on “peace” tv have a celestial dictator as their guidance system. Preach to everybody attempting to convert the masses to Islam (peace T.V.). 

If they get difficult questions, they will start speed talking in Arabic and spitting out verses and numbers of the Quran. Pure intimidation and persuasion techniques. This is to show they studied the Quran so much. They know the book by heart and the answer to everything in this life. That alone is obsessive behavior and therefore proves they are right.

More problematic is these individuals believe their lies which makes them dangerous:

Bad behavior of Mr. Green!

Air personal officials banned Mr. Green (speaker of Peace Tv) in 2005 from boarding a flight with a stopover in Brisbane. This was because the Australian government considered Mr green an extremist. 

Quote: “Muslims and westerners cannot live peacefully together. That, dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good graces.

In October 2011, they banned Green from a planned lecture at Concordia University in Canada. Concerns were raised over his alleged statements about how men may treat their wives.

In July 2012, They banned Green from the Emirates Stadium of Arsenal F.C.

In May 2014, the Telegraph reported that the IERA, which Green chairs. The Charity Commission is investigating the IERA. Amid allegations is that its leaders promote anti-Semitism. Green and Zakir call for homosexuals and female adulterers to be stoned. 

The Telegraph reports that they catch Green on camera preaching at Hyde Park Corner. He demands to remove a Jewish man (Yahudi).

Why don’t you take the Yahudi [Jew] over there, far away, so his stench doesn’t disturb us?’ People hear him say this in the park.

Green has ten children. He has two wives, and for sure. He brainwashed both of them. 

Green supports these children by flying around the world and collecting charity gifts. The same charity institute which later investigated Green. And, of course, his “Coca-Cola” sponsor contracts. They have Green mentioning the famous brand in his YouTube video, like this Coca-Cola Muslim nonsense.

Extremist without sponsorship.

UFC fighter Roy Boy Jones lost his million-dollar sponsor contract from Nike. This is due to his brawl on T.V. with Cormier at a press conference. Green and peace T.V. can no longer get or will be sponsored by companies like Coca-Cola.

Other famous western brands are distancing themselves as Green and Zakir have gone too far. Indeed Green and Naik Zakir consumed too much sugar and became total extremists. 

Next time Mr. Green, think before you speak. Let me know when you try the Hindu religion or become an atheist. I might put in a good word at the red cross for sponsoring your conversion! The last time Green and Zakir were seen flying away on a white horse. There is a rumor their next energy sponsor drink is with a flying horse’s logo.


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