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Jeff Bezos “scam,” Bill Gates robs the infrastructure bill? It’s all for the money.

It seems that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is robbing the Infrastructure, and Jeff Bezos is setting up a charity scam.

Jeff Bezos flew into Space with his rocket a week after Billionaire Richard Branson was the first private person to fly in space. Bezos has recently announced a 100-million-dollar gift each to CNN’s award-winning “cry” actor Anti Trumper Van Jones and Chef Jose “White Wash” Andres.

How do billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson “make” accessible billions? It does smell like a scam to me. The art of stealing: thief, steal, fraud, deception, racket, trick, con, diddle, lying, theft, stealing, robbery, are getting a whole new meaning by these billionaires.

How did Jeff Bezos pick the winners of this 200 million $ “charity” stunt? How did they win? What kind of competition? Which other people were on which lottery balls?

Shit, I must have missed it. Is there footage of the drawing?

Van Jones is incredibly” about lies from his own CNN employee.

I wonder if Candace Owens and James Woods were among the nominees? Jeff Bezos picked Van Jones?

No questions from the press; if you google, you find the following crap: 

Jeff Bezos donates 100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and Chef Jose Andres. Wow, what a Nobel action from Jeff Bezos, but there is a catch. 

First, Bezos needs positive news as he doubled his fortune during the pandemic and blew billions into Space. Richard Branson already got called out for not giving enough to charity after his space flight. The pr team from Jeff Bezos thought the charity headlines were a good idea for Jeff’s public image.

Imagine billions of people in lockdown walking with a cloth for their mouths following governments’ orders on planet earth, losing everything they ever owned. But billionaires fly with their billion-dollar spaceships for a day in Space. 

The billionaires say hi (without mask) from Space; how are you doing? Jeff Bezos will soon replace tens of thousands of employees with robots to make more profit.

Richard Branson says hello from space.

Jeff Bezos is an anti-Trump hater who owns the Washington Post (every headline is anti-Trump), so are we surprised that Van Jones is one of the “lucky “winners?

Here is Van Jones promoting anti-Trump lies and propaganda.

Van Jones got awarded 100 million Charity from Jeff Bezos for a Charity of Van Jones’s choice.

Charity should be made public (for a ripple effect), but do not mention the people or companies who made the gift. The media announcing Jeff Bezos’s “donations” is pure propaganda and PR for Jeff Bezos’s ego and spinning public opinion.

Still 100 million $ gift to Van Jones and Andres for charity purposes, we should praise such action.

I am still not religious yet, but what is written below does make a lot of sense:

Matthew 6.2

So, when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others, Truly I tell you they have received their reward in full.

Matthew 6:3-4

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing so that your giving may be in secret. Then your father, who sees what is done secretly, will reward you.”

Hands up, I am guilty. When I did a considerable charity action in Japan after the Tsunami, I had a TV crew from Fuji flowing us, and I made sure the people all wore T-shirts of my company (guilty). The money came from my pocket, and I never got a tax write-off. In that case, my charity actions differ from the billion rand scam artist mentioned in this blog.

So you understand these headlines are paid and bought for making Jeff Bezos look good (he stepped on Matthew 6:3-4 and Matthew 6.2 ) later, I will show you there is a scam going on and a tax write-off.

Look at another “generous” philanthropist with huge image problems, The Gates Foundation.

This headline catches my eye: “Bill Gates pledges $1.5 billion for infrastructure Bill’s New Climate Projects.

That’s a big no for Matthew 6:3-4 and Matthew 6.2, but at least Bill Gates is not hiding being a hypocrite and greedy eugenics freak.

Bill Gates’s latest Billion-dollar “scam” is named “Breakthrough Energy.”

If you wonder why Bill Gates and people like Elon Musk are getting richer and richer even when, for example, Bill Gates “gives” away 1.5 billion, 

Here is how they do it:

As the title says, Bill only does this “charity “if the infrastructure bill passes.

Read the wall street journal, and the alarm bell starts ringing, reading words such as “build back better “and Gates in one sentence in the infrastructure bill. The 1.5 billion is a write-off. 

A vast share of the new printed 1.3 trillion $ “infrastructure bill”goes to several ventures and other climate-helping organizations.

Bill Gates’s “Breakthrough Energy” has shared or helped funding in the beginning. This way, Bill has a tax write-off and gets tens of billions indirectly back; it’s a scam.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, is now the most prominent landowner of farmland in the US, has the cleanest energy companies, and is the Vaccine King Guru.

Bill gates have “awesome” new environmental companies.

A Bill Gates venture aims to spray dust in the air to block the sun.

Great headline, so we know the freshly printed tax dollars from the infrastructure is in “good “hands.

It might get dusty, and car drivers might have blurry vision. At least we can see where that money will go (up in dust).

There is 25 billion in the infrastructure bill (what is it doing there?), which will be going to projects demonstrating the viability of clean energy technologies for widespread adoption. The money is part of the bill’s broader investments in programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bill made his move, and this bill will pass the Senate in an old fashion partisan way, the perfect scam.

Surprise, another Bill Gates-funded solar geoengineering could help stop global warming.

Scam artist Nancy Pelosi and her robber husband

Here is how things work at Capitol Hill. 

Somebody from the Bill Gates Foundation will (indirectly) pay some puppets who are responsible for distributing the 25 billion (part of the infrastructure bill for clean energy).

This money distribution has to be approved by some White House officials. The puppet’s wife of the person responsible for the distribution of this 25 billion happens to have a charity project funded by Bill Gates. W

What are the odds (Fauci’s wife comes to mind)? 

Bill Gates gets a 1.5-billion-dollar tax write-off and freshly printed money, probably half of the 25 billion for clean energy technologies projects.

Obama comes to mind. Let’s see if google did not erase these headlines;

Well, those headlines of Obama’s billion-dollar scams still can be found.

Quote: “This time, the haunting is in the form of a report from the Inspector General’s Office, which after more than four years of investigation, concluded that Solyndra officials used inaccurate information to mislead the Department of Energy in its application for a $535 million loan guarantee.

The report also found shortcomings in the DOE’s managing and approving the loan guarantee to Solyndra.

Solyndra, of course, is the once much-hyped solar panel startup that raised over a billion dollars from private investors and “lost” $5oo million of tax-payer funds (scam) in the form of a loan backed by the DOE when the company later went bankrupt”.

Indeed four years later, the ghost company emerges with the same player; thank you, Obama, you will get your bone later.

Former Obama adviser Susan rice gets a job on the board of Netflix, the system at work. It has “scratched my back” written all over the place.

Joe Biden blackmails the Ukraine Government to please Crackhead’s son Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden rings a bell: getting invited to the board of energy company Burisma (not knowing a damn thing about energy).

His father, now president, Joe Biden, comes to a stop a prosecutor in Ukraine as Burisma is corrupt. Joe Biden threatens to hold back a US billion-dollar loan if the prosecutors do not back off to investigate the dishonest Burisma company (which his son Hunter happens to be on the board), Joe bragging about it on TV. Do you see the pattern?

Joe Biden is threatening to withhold a 1 billion $ US loan to Ukraine on TV.

Ok, back to the Jeff Bezos gift. Here is why it smells to high heaven.

Jose Andres, the cook, is in bed with The Clintons and is everywhere when charity is required for disasters.

For example, during the storming of the Capitol building, “hero” Andres happens to be there supplying pizza to the secret service and FBI.  The delivery guy was not checked when he delivered 120 pizzas.

The cook Aldres reports from capitol hill.

Talk about a person who has written CIA all over his face, like Van Jones is a good friend of former CIA employee Anderson Cooper; what are the odds? Andres has his charity, so we do not have to think long about where that money goes.

Like the red cross, 500 million is still unaccounted for (similar to the Clinton Foundation Haiti). Haiti already has the next earthquake disaster but did not receive any half-billion-dollar gifts from 10 years ago?

Charity Scams are where the real money is.

I bet Andres is already on a private plane to “deliver some charity pizzas. 

The red cross and Clinton Charity money has vanished, they did rebuild six houses in Haiti, but those were only houses from billionaires. The building of these six expensive homes must be why they run out of “charity “money.

These monsters cause so much damage, good people give, and the money goes to their executive salaries and friend-based companies with kickbacks policies. The result is more child trafficking, rape, drugs, and criminality in a lawless place where almost everybody lost the little things they had in life.

Hatti just climbed out of the last earthquake disaster; they saw their president murdered recently (he was against vaccines), and another earthquake happened. Team Scam is looking for new propaganda charity fundraising projects to gather “help “for Haiti once more. 

No worries, Haiti, the cook is on its way. He is gathering some charity donations. Here comes the cook.

During the lockdowns, Andres, the cook, was the only person whose restaurant was open (it smells like a CIA safe house).

Total lockdown, security everywhere. No problem for Andres.

On the day of the riots in the capital, nobody delivering pizzas from Andres gets searched or checked at capital security roadblocks; they pay Andres food for the secret service and FBI. Ah, ok, it’s that guy from the food. We know him; it’s ok. We do not need to look for weapons or bombs; he is one of us.

How much do you want to bet that “his” 100 million gifts will go to his charity after Bezos’s kickback? 

Well, Andres happens to have World central kitchen is his”charity,” so he does not have to look so long (the same organization that Clinton allegedly uses to launder vast sums of “charity” money).

Puerto Rico also needed help after Hurricane Maria in 2017. The Governor was a leftist democrat Anita Trump hater, as corrupt as they come. She was playing politics over the death and helpless victims of Puorto Ricco.

Sometimes justice prevails, but most of the “charity” billions received vanish or never reach their destination. The people in need got nothing except for blame games. Trump was right and smelled corruption from far away, so he launched an investigation, which led to seven arrests, calling for Carmen Yulin Cruz to resign.

Total lockdown, security everywhere. No problem for Andres.

Now picture these organizations with scandal after scandal. But taking bribes or stealing charity money is not enough, oh no. The “charity” helpers rape the children and vulnerable in the tens of thousands, and good people are donating for charity are paying for it. Do you still think that the snake symbolic for the health logo symbolizes excellent or evil?

The organization that did the most raping ( 60,000 ) was The UN (United Nations) “peacekeepers.”

United Nations staff responsible for 60.000 rapes in a decade.

I have an idea to help people who need immediate medical end mental help. All those billionaires and fundraisers for charities, this is what they should do. For the total amount of collected charity, there can only be 10% for salaries and executives. Bill Gates scam foundations never seem to build hospitals. I wonder why?

Eighty percent of all money will go into building hospitals and social institutions.

You could build efficient hospitals with 500 to a thousand beds for half a billion.

To start, build two hospitals in each state at about 500 million. 

That’s only 100 billion and another 100 billion for social institutions for people such as veterans, people with eating disorders, and people with mental health issues.

Double that, and it would cost 400 billion. How would we pay for this?

These will be the billionaires’ anonymous gifts from Rockefeller, Bill Gates, and George Soros. They pay it from their foundations (give them a tax write-off). Bill Gates scam artist needs to be friends with pedophile Epstein which cost him his marriage. Why does Bill Scam Gates need a pedophile Epstein to secure more billions for his foundation? Or was Epstein blackmailing scam artist Bill Gates, the scammer got scammed?

Giant Pharma Pfizer and Big Tech companies, Pfizer, Moderna, etc., have to pay 10% of their yearly profits to these new real charity funds, with real benefits. Lotteries will also pay an extra 10%, and suddenly we have trillions available. This will create tons of new jobs and real help.

In 2019 Americans gave 440 billion to charities. Free medicine and hyper-modern Hospitals and Social Help facilities. Mandatory school lessons on food and how lousy soda, sugar, and fast food are what it does to you. A Special high tax on sugary drinks, candy, cigarettes, and alcohol, indicated on the product, says this tax is for The Real Charity funds.

No more charity money can be sent overseas, only the products needed, such as bottled water, machines, and aggregators. The country hit with a disaster will indicate the goods they need on the “real charity funds”website.

August 10th, 2021 The Senate passed the infrastructure bill of 1 trillion, scam artist Bill Gates is pleased, and Capitol Hill has his bank account.

So, I made this place a better world.

We all should make T-shirts and only put the following:

Matthew 6.2 So, when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others; indeed, I tell you they have received their reward in full.”

Quote Oscar Wilde

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

© Bas Boon

These huge scams are going on worldwide want to know more, read this blog:

Fraud Actors Insurance Scam TV is UFC Competitor. 

(C) Bas Boon

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