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The stupidity of Mankind. Lawyers Judges and Money. A friend of mine who reads my blog wrote the following: Quote You have the gift of writing, Bas, you have to use it wisely. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder. But what is the truth? It is just a personal view and opinion of something that you or someone else can manipulate.

We can refer to the famous writer Von Dänicken describing a chapter in his book “were the God Cosmonauts” (think about the jungle incident. -) it’s a fantastic story of an indication of human stupidity. You have it all there. You believe what you see even if it’s not what you still think, because how can your eyes deceive you? Well, they can”.

Follow me. I am not crazy I will help you.

It made me think about why humans need to follow the advice of others. Even if it leads to their death or imprisons them in a world, they created. All this because they believe and follow some leader.

They follow; a messiah, false flag operation, rumors, experts, doctors, theories. Or follow; generals, psychiatrists, financial experts, judges, lawyers, the media the list is endless. People will follow or take the advice or opinions of others because, for whatever reason, it makes sense to do so. Pure ignorance and stupidity.

There is a fundamental danger in doing so without thinking and doing research for yourself

Follow the Crazy Money! Rhino’s Horn at $65.000.- Per Kilo

For example, let’s take the story in Vietnam that a Rhino’s horn will cure you of cancer and treat hangovers. The result is that the price of Rhino’s horn is about $65.000.- per kilo in Vietnam (more than gold). As a result of this rumor and the story, Rhinos are back on the endangered species list.

That’s horrible news for the Vietnamese, who soon all will die of “cancer” as no more Rhino horns are left. This gives the word stupidity a whole new meaning.

Now imagine that people with common sense and knowledge would educate Vietnamese people about food. That all that crap food they eat near the side of the road is the reason for cancer.

People eat infected meat daily, drink contaminated drinking water, and have lousy sanitation. They eat fried food in palm oil. These bad habits are not only in Vietnam the case. The same pattern we can see in many countries,

The arrival in Vietnam of Mac Donald’s, Starbucks, and KFC does not help. Making money on cheap bad food and curing illness from eating this toxic food with expensive “medicine” is the slogan of the world today!

  Sure, we are killer whales, pap? Yes, son, so humans do not underestimate us!

Taking the kids to Seaworld.

I was about 19 years old when I visited SeaWorld for the first and the last time. I was very impressed by the killer whale Orca Shamus. He performed for a big live audience, and every time he did some tricks. They will reward The Orca by feeding him fish. It was only recently that I watched the documentary, Blackfish:

The film Black Fish takes you behind the scene of this gruesome business that makes you cry. Suppose there is an excellent example of how hypocritical humans are. This example is it, watch the truth about the killer whales of the SeaWorld branch. 

Black Fish, inhumane treatment at Sea Worlds of Orcas.

The way they catch killer whales is inhumane. Everything about keeping animals in captivity is cruel. They almost starve the whales to death to perform on-demand. Every time the hungry Orca’s get fish after they please the audience.

The Orca will be in captivity for human entertainment. And their inhabitant at Sea World is in a much too small fish tank. When people catch Orca’s and stay in detention, they wait till a baby Orca is born. They then take the baby Orca away from its mother. At a very early stage, they sell the baby Orca for millions of dollars to other SeaWorld’s around the globe. 

The end of this inhumane Orca “business results in deadly “accidents. “

Or, in better words, the Orcas go nuts and can’t handle the situation anymore. I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it already. You will get sad and man about so much stupidity and greed from lawyers and judges.

Indeed there is a world of excuses from SeaWorld. They do everything for the fish—the perfect “system” to show the human madness show. There will be lawyers. Ooh yeah, lawyers and judges who are all work within the boundaries of the manufactured law circus. There are no morals with the enormous vultures of humanity called judges and lawyers.

These scumbags will stop at nothing. They write checks for $500- till $1000.- per hour for the big clients, clients like SeaWorld. It’s all about the money, no morals, no empathy, nothingness. Next time you take your kids to SeaWorld, remember which system you support with your entrance fee. It’s the system of madness, greed, hypocrisy, and death.

California loves Ivory.

One of the number one customers in the world of Ivory is still people in California. They had laws about Ivory, did they not? 

Quote: “When did this new law go into effect?” you ask. Uh, in 1970. “So,” you wonder, “Why are you blathering on about it now?” Well, because the California Department of Fish and Game, the entity charged with enforcing the law, seems recently to have discovered its existence and has begun implementing it.

People who enforce the law found out that it could make money from this ivory demand. Thus, it finally started to enforce a law in 1970. Yes, you read it well in 1970. But you would say, well that is great news, finally after 45 years they do something about it.

It is not stupidity from the people who enforce the law, lawyers, and judges they are just in it for the money, no empathy whatsoever.

It drives the price up, and the law people are not destroying the seized goods. People enjoy the fines they can give for possession and trade (who knows what happens to the seized Ivory). The result is that the price goes up, and when the price goes up:

The Stupidity Circus, like visiting SeaWorld or a Zoo there is no difference.

Large beautiful animals do not belong in a small space especially chained. I watched many elephants in Asia, and they are chained. Because of this, they start developing a psychological trauma syndrome and step forward and backward on the same spot for hours, days, months, years. Neurotically. 

The stupidity of people who are surprised when one of such elephants goes on a rampage against humans after being abused for years and years and years?

But no worries, some competent lawyers will defend the Circus, SeaWorld, or Zoo. It was all a freaking accident, and that nobody should blame the Zoo/humans this way, the Circus can continue. Some judges will rule and people will get a fine, next.

  Humans to humans many have no empathy or logic, just greed, and power.

In Holland, we had a famous female comedian called Sylvia Millicamp. She was diagnosed with breast cancer but decided not to go through the regular treatment. But instead, she went to a so-called healer named Yomanda. 

Yomanda was a Dutch healer (Jesus Christ syndrome); surely Sylvia Myllicamp died of breast cancer. Suppose they knew about healthy diet and lifestyle, what we know now. She would have been cured with a change of diet and some medicine without even taking chemotherapy. 

The worse is to listen to a person who puts a hand on your head and healing you the “Jesus” way. That miracle did not fly, and Sylvia died. Surely Sylvia’s loved ones started a lawsuit against Charlatan Yomanda. Stupidy looks for stupidity.

Lawyers and judges, and family members all “fighting” for money because of something that easily could have been avoided. The comedian who died of breast cancer ( can you see the freak show here?). 

The final decision was that Yomanda could not be blamed as she also advised Sylvia to keep seeing a doctor. As if the doctor who did subscribe to chemotherapy would have had a better result? But hey, a doctor is not to be questioned. He is in the system together with the judges and the lawyers. A system why the freak show will never end. 

But Yomanda said that Sylvia did not have cancer (which she had.) Sylvia believes her, and now she is dead. That’s no joke for the young female comedian. The ultimate stupidity costing another human life.

Religion for brainwashed believers, please do not think rationally!

The world is full of these brainwashed believers. If only more people incorporated a new lifestyle and diet, they would feel a whole lot better.

Instead, we bring our children to a doctor because they are sick. For two weeks, the poor kid got his favorite happy meals from the Mac Donald menu flushed away with two milkshakes and a coke. 

Our young children are diagnosed by the freak circus experts giving our child “disease” names like ADHD. This results in those kids get all sorts of “medicine” at a young age. This makes them junkies for the pharmaceutical industry for life—huge profits paying huge bonuses for the Big Pharma corporation’s executives, judges, shareholders, and their lawyers. They make money while your kids are miserable.

It’s Big Pharma taking advance of human stupidity.

Every 19 minutes, a human die somewhere from an overdose of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry. God is not home for those “victims,” but there are tons of lawyers feeding on these tragic dead cases. They defend the big corporations or file a lawsuit themselves to get as much money for their clients but mostly for themselves.

But hey, you should keep thrusting the system, watching the corporations owned TV channels with their advertisement on prescription drugs and vaccination commercials. Human stupidity, thrusting the same system which never helped you in the first place.

Why not try organic food, fresh vegetable juice daily, and detox your body. Learn about heavy metal poisoning, your amalgam poison fillings in your teeth. Get educated about all kinds of toxins we consume on a daily basis and get rid of them. Discover the wonders of organic apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and above all, drink a lot of good purified alkaline water. 

No, the majority of humans on this planet believe in the doctor and their pills (as seen on TV), and sadly Chemotherapy is 170-billion-dollar money-making industry. Chemotherapy is replaced by the number one trillion-dollar vaccine business. There is business logic to death; Chemotherapy causes a lot of dying patients.

Big Pharma does not want your death.

When you are in the Big Pharma and lawyer business, you need young addicts for life who are slowly killing themselves with prescription drugs. The addicts become unproductive designed zombies leeching off society.

It is strange for me to believe that in the 21st century, there are still so many cults, sects, religions, and people really following and believing this. It looks like humans breed more stupidity the more populations grow.

Billions of people in several religions all started out with following one person, one story. Instead of thinking for themselves, figuring it out themselves, they all think someone else will do this for them.

Some of these cults:

1. The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God

2. The Chicago Rippers

3. Heaven’s Gate

4. Aum Shinrikyo

5. The Godfather of Matamoros

6. Order of the Solar Temple

7. Paradise

8. The People’s Temple

9. The Family

10. Los Hermanos Hernández

Mostly these cults, including Christianity and Islam, are getting their followers from people who want to belong to a group. They think they need leadership and rules from others. Many humans are convinced if they follow these rules and holy writings, they will have a better or easier life or afterlife. 

The Vatican is one of the richest institutes in the world, as I indicated before, follow the money. Its human power, greed, and control over others make the world tick. 

I will help and save you, thrust me.

The people in charge of the God/ Cult Government community will get their followers by telling a good story to people. We will save you as long as you follow our rules. They will solve the problems of the mass who always have problems. 

When there are not enough problems, the leaders, lawyers, judges or some terroritst will create them for us. So, we keep following and supporting this mad, insane circus. I am happy not to belong to this circus and believe in common sense, education and science. I am watching the world’s freak show from my home in Asia and writing about it. The stupidity of making keeps amazing me.

George Carlin on God, the planet, and “the freak show” (RIP George Carlin)

If we are looking for the sources of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs. We should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and the love of power. – PJ. O’Rourke. 1982

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. – Jimi Hendrix

(C) Bas Boon

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