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 Family Deadly Holidays

Did You Ever Have A Holiday With A Nagging PMS Wife? The average family travels by car or plane to a holiday destination for a few weeks after working for a whole year. I say screw the nine to five most often; the goal is a warm country. It is the 27th—Holiday with my wife and the kids and the last one.

There are interesting differences and similarities between the male and female human species. Suppose they get stuck together for two or three weeks for 24 hours a day. While being on holiday, they can start to hate each other and irritate the shit out of each other.

It starts in the car with a trip of a thousand miles from Holland to Spain. Many Dutch families make this trip during the holiday season. The funny thing is that the female insists on helping their husbands read the map while driving to the destination (in a time before GPS). 

Driving to our Holiday Destination, my Wife is Screaming in the Car.

Indeed the family gets lost, and they drive an extra 120 miles. The woman is screaming that the husband should have listened to her advice. It was his fault they went the wrong way. 

PMS at the wrong time.

The children in the car swallow the next chocolate candy bar and drink a monster energy drink. The kids continue playing their handheld video games; so far, so good. After a fourteen-hour road trip, the family arrives at the vacation trailer park. We call it camping in Dutch, but it’s not the same as going camping in English. 

The mother suffers from Pms after a 14-hour car ride.

PMS at the Wrong Moment.

So the wife also has PMS during the car trip. While the family is unpacking and installing their tent and caravan, a drunken Spanish scooter driver hits the family car. The woman is furious and screams out to the young Spanish scooter driver. The whole family is arguing with the young scooter driver. While the companion of the scooter driver robs the family’s car, all the paperwork, cash, holiday money, and credit cards are now stolen. 

The driver apologizes many times and suddenly starts his scooter mobile and vanishes. One hour later, the woman discovers that all the wallets, paperwork, and credit cards are gone. It is midnight, and everybody is exhausted. 

Everything Gets Stolen.

The tent entrance has a failure and cannot be closed properly, and the caravan window cannot be completed because of a mechanical failure. The children are nagging for no more video games as their beloved portable video games were also stolen. 

Just when you think things can’t get any worse. The next day everybody is hungry, but there is no money. The youngest of the family, 12, was bitten by a malaria mosquito, and she got very ill. 

The father wants to go to the hospital but has no ID or money except a small amount of cash in his pocket. A Dutch family comes to the rescue and lends them some money. So the father rushes the daughter to the hospital, where she has to stay for four days. 

Finally, their holiday starts one week after the father wired money from his company’s boss. They eat stake and schnitzels with French fries and mayo at the same restaurant they always go to as brave sheep.

Disaster on the Beach.

After ten days, the father is on the beach. His eyes focus on a young girl, 23, who is teaching aerobics on the beach. Several times she bends over while her perfect ass is staring at the husband. He settles down with his family 6 meters from the aerobic teachings. Within one minute gets a massive slap from his wife in public. I see how you look at her ass.

It was embarrassing for him, and how could you look the other way. It was criminal not to look. Even if you looked 180 degrees to the other side, it would not matter. The whole beach was staring at that ass. But he gets humiliated in public for just sitting on the beach at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is not even starring.

It does not stop there anymore. The wife is now bitching for the rest of the day. You like them skinny, anorexia, gymnastic bitch. Why do you not go live with her? When they return to camping, his wife locks the caravan door. Poor dad has to sleep in the tent attached to the caravan.

Hot Aerobic Teacher on The Beach.

First thing in the morning coming out of the wives’ mouth; I know you dream about that skinny bitch; I know it; I can see it. She can’t help herself anymore. The crappy food, lack of sleep, and her everlasting PMS become too much. At night the husband tries to calm down his wife, who loses the plot in front of their children—you oversexed piece of shit. Now you’re staring at the waitress.

Sexually perverted pedophile, how could I have ever married you.

Aerobic teacher on the beach.

He has slept in a hotel for the last five days, and his wife is rambling about divorce. How could she have married this sexually perverted man for 27 years? She swallows another Oxycontin and a sleeping tablet at night, followed by three glasses of wine. Her PMS is at a boiling point.

The sick daughter always cries and cannot be in the sun. The camping store owner catches the son stealing from the shop. This petty theft results in the father paying a significant fine and bribing the Spanish polish to avoid escalation.

The man wishes he was back in Holland, back to work. Three and a half weeks of holiday passed by its time to drive home, the start of his wife’s next new PMS cycle. When they are back in Holland, the wife explodes in front of the whole family. She is creaming; I want a divorce. The father and the children understand nobody can save the marriage.

I want a Divorce.

They divorce four months after their 27th holiday, and both live separate lives. The wife keeps spreading rumors to the family members about how perverted her former husband is. Her intake of Oxycontin tablets increases to the level of three times per day. She drinks daily while taking medicine tablets and eating the wrong food in huge quantities.

Her plump body is now transforming into an Obese monstrous alien. She dies of a stroke two years after her “famous” holiday with a record-breaking weight of 176 kg.

The Man wins The Lottery, Just Kidding.

The man wins the lottery of 48 million and goes back to merry the young aerobic teacher in Spain (kidding). It’s funny how humans stay together and can annoy each other daily. The insecurity of themselves results in accusing their loved ones. Often people make accusations, not realizing they are on the course of paranoid behavior themselves. This behavior is vice versa not only the woman, but man can also be highly deadly jealous.

After the intake of medicine with Alcohol, “it” fakes happiness on the Beach.

People should stop being so busy with other people and work on themselves. 

Don’t blame anybody. Live your life as well as you can. Stopjealousy and insecurity and choose your way of life whi, ch satisfies you. 

Do not blame people for your problems; point your fingers at others daily. 

Go to the gym to get your aerobic wonder body if you are jealous of aerobic “skinny” bitches. Stop eating crap foot and taking medicine with Alcohol. Be proud of your achievements and yourself. 

Only then can you be pleasant; there is no need to worry about others. What others think of your behavior, how you dress, or how fat you are is irrelevant.

PMS flushed away with prescription drugs and wine.

Please make sure you write down demands when you marry, my advice. Install a rule on maximum weight. Anything above a certain weight number leads to sanctions. There is only a specific allowance. A woman or man who nags will go to an extraordinary institution for a week. They can go voluntarily to the clinic when a woman can not control her PMS.

The time will extend when the nagging continues.

The wife or the husband starts to lose control of Alcohol and prescription drugs, returning to the clinic for one month. If the wife returns from the clinic, she has to give three times a day for one week.
If they repeat offenders, all assets will go to the children and the hateful grandma.

The Romans Sex Liberties.

In Roman times everybody was fucking everybody. You have public bathing houses, and nobody cared who was fucking who. Prostitution was legal, and even the upper class had sex with their slaves. 

You can see Pornographic paintings everywhere in art collections in upper-class households. It was usual for men to attract both sexes, male and female. The younger partner should not be a freeborn Roman. Transexuals or heterosexuals were no different. 

There was no moral censure if a man wanted to enjoy sex with a woman or man or, in many cases, both. They celebrate the Romans in Latin literature. The Romans had more flexible gender categories than the Greeks.

The church and other religions spoiled the fun by introducing marriage and monogamy. And the “sinning” was then punished and all kinds of rules and laws enforced.

Having sex with a woman and a man is not a scandal. There were no taboos at the time of the Romans, regardless of who was screwing who. Therefore, if they had the technology back them for making sex tapes, you could not “leak” the tape for popularity services. Everybody is screwing everybody, and no shame or difference in preferable sexes cares. It makes you wonder why the Romans hated the arrival of Christianity. What do you think?

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