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Mass Formation Psychosis, Omicron is worse than Delta. This title is provocative and intended as such.

I read all books by Stephen King as I enjoy some good horror stories. I wouldn’t say I like Stephen King’s political views. His novel “The Stand” is about a flu epidemic that kills most humans worldwide. The book is made into a TV series for the second time. In the book of Stephen King, we can read it’s not only the flu that is central to the story. The good people who survived the flu are immune and seek the path to a leader. These people go to a figure named mother Abagail (a black woman). The wrong people (murderers, junks, and scum) are attracted to a devil-like figure called Randall Flag (white man). Kings’ way of showing diversity and doing some CTR.

Maybe you could compare the current situation with Joe Rogan and Dr. Malone being the good guys. Big Pharma, Big Tech, the Media, and Fauci as the Randall Flags of the century.
We are now two years into the pandemic. As a writer and movie producer, the current state of the world gives numerous “conspiracy theories” an excellent opportunity for a movie script.

Mass Formation Psychosis is the “new” topic. It has been around and applied for decades.

An “experiment” got out of hand.

The Wuhan-manufactured Covid-19 virus escapes the lab and forces the world to halt. With Covid comes the fearmongering media, which uses Mass Formation Psychosis. This media propaganda is fearmongering. Wrong hospital treatments and false data lead to death, more alcoholics, suicides, prescription drug junks, depression, and millions of people losing their businesses. The destructive therapies and protocols at the beginning of the pandemic are devastating—the suppression of early treatments with existing alternative medicine results in many deaths. Big Pharma and its media enablers block these medical treatments.


The “complot” is to release a virus that is not too deadly. The virus can be used to kill and eliminate the weak. Not by killing a high percentage of people. The fearmongering and the virus is to sell vaccines—an experiment with different vaccines used on the mass population. Mass Formation Psychosis will change the minds of people who resist the vaccine.

This brainwashing scares people. The most significant transfer of wealth is now possible, and people would lose everything. They would fight amongst each other. The narrative would be vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. People should know that vaccines were patented long before the Covid outbreak. The CDC had a patent on Covid years before the public even heard of Covid.

An evil master plan goes wrong.

Phase two of the operation Wuhan is to give people vaccinations. The mRNA vaccinations have four different kinds. Each is an experiment to see how the human immune system responds. Fase two releases Delta or deadlier variant. Keep trying new methods of Mass Formation Psychosis.

Because of the virus mutating, a new variant comes naturally in the name of Omicron. Omicron is far less deadly than Delta, but it spreads 10x faster. People would call it a blessing and a naturally widespread antibody treatment provided by nature itself. No vaccine or even booster shots can stop Omicron.

It’s now the new year, 2022. Here is the problem with Omicron.

I have several smaller businesses myself. The restaurant business, coffee shops, and 7/11’s are all doomed. Here is why. I had a staff of 6 people (in a restaurant). Last week two of my employees ended up in the hospital with Omicron. Three others must self-isolate at home. All were double vaccinated. The result is that the café has to close for two weeks government comes with a unique, Covid clean team. If I re-open in two weeks and Omicron spreads this fast, how long do you think the cycle will repeat itself?

Don’t believe me that the lighter Omicron variant is already causing havoc? Check out some headlines about the last two months, especially the month of December. Pilots, travel chaos, postal workers, hospital workers, truck drivers, and transport are already a mess, and this is only the beginning.

The horror scenario is unfolding right Infront of our eyes.

In Israel, scientists discovered a new variant called “Flurona,” where a patient simultaneously has the flu and Covid. People were relieved when they learned Omicron is not as deadly as Delta. But we do not know anything about the effects in the long run.

For example, Take America. You have 330 million people. What if 10-30% would get Omicron and become long haulers. People feel tired, sick, and unable to function normally or work for months or years.

These sick people would mean between thirty-three, and one hundred million people in the US alone could not participate in society. Another problem is the lockdowns demoralize the incentive to work as people watch Netflix and get some free money. Our youth is lost with playing TikTok for 14 hours daily ( another form of Mass Formation Psychosis).

The bill

On top of all this, there is inflation, printing 24/7 dollars by the Federal Reserve Bank, which keeps the Stockmarket’s high. The reality is that a giant artificial money bubble is about to burst. This crash will happen and will leave the poor with only their under-pence. The midclass becomes poor. South Africa will see hundreds of millions dying from hunger.

The weather gets more extreme. And the number of new refugees with lousy health is flooding Europe and the US. People with diabetes are becoming the majority in many countries. The ice cream eating Netflix watching human blobs gain 5 kg per week and complain daily about the unvaxxed. Unprecedented sugar addiction causes Obese people to crush what’s left of the ICU hospital beds.

China in problems.

China has enormous omicron and financial problems, and a huge city has been in total lockdown. If the cities in China, Peking, and Shanghai lockdown, including the harbors, the world is in for a surprise. The financial system is on the verge of collapse (worldwide). The coming financial meltdown will be far worse than the one in 1929.
Because of the latest data and research, we now learn that Omicron is especially attacking the vaccinated. Get ready for a new episode of Mass Formation Psychosis.

It seems to me. Lockdowns do not work:

Yahoo: Most Reported US Omicron Cases Have Hit The Fully Vaccinated.

Dutch numbers of the RIVM who reports hospitalization and infections have “corrected the numbers”? Suddenly, we found that 64% of the vaccinated people (majority) got Covid (mostly Omicron) in December. The RIVM explained that they included groups aged one to eleven who were not vaccinated (now they changed it). Indeed, this data “correction” was not done on purpose? Influence politics and decision-making? We should remember that huge decisions were made for a hard lockdown in the Netherlands (before the data was corrected). Massive advertisement campaigns about; you should get vaccinated. Mass Formation Psychosis techniques are applied daily in the media that use false data.

It should have said in the title of Tabel 8; Vaccination status from people who were reported to the Dutch GGD aged 12 years and older.

The Fake News shows cherry-picked headlines about angry hospital workers blaming the unvaxxed. With these newly revised numbers, the vaccinated people have more chance of getting Covid.

More and more data manipulation see my blog from Germany whistleblower.

Undertakers and insurance companies sound the alarm clock. In the Netherlands, 1000 people more each week die. These people dying is not because of Covid. More and more resistance is coming regarding the vaccines. Dr. Malone on the Joe Rogan podcast show explains many of these issues. Now I am not saying he is correct in all his assessments. But censoring one of the creators of the mRNA vaccines by social media tells you there are dark forces in play.

The Wuhan experiment, leak, or accident is the opportunity for the WEF Klaus Schwab and eugenic lovers like Bill Gates. Big Pharma makes trillions, and Fake News subjects the people to Mass Formation of Psychoses.


In my opinion, there is only one solution. Stop counting the cases; get rid of the world O meter. We must learn to live with this virus as we did with influenza, hepatitis/herpes, and HIV for decades. During the Obama presidency, the media neglected H1N1 (which caused 1800 deaths amongst children). Stop fearmongering; start living. Concentrate on favorable treatments and prevention by boosting people’s immune systems. Promote Vitamine D, long walks, and breathing air in nature.

Bring back human dignity and values.

Bring back the promotion of family and values (mother Abegail). The current insane liberal lunatic satanic worshipping death cult is a path into the abyss (Randall Flag). If you want to draw a line and combat evil, start with the education system and ban all liberal lunatic teachers. Educate children about growing their food, financial independence, and what sugar and addiction will do in life if you choose the wrong path. Let that become the new form of Mass Formation Psychosis. The current education and brainwashing methods are an assault on the world’s youth’s mental health. And we can see the disaster of this manipulation now in every layer of society.

Bill Gates and George Soros started building hyper-modern hospitals and educated new hospital workers. Every $ profit above 1 billion Big Pharma tax will be taxed 80%. We make new treatment centers constructed for people with mental health and addiction problems from that tax. Half of the tax money goes to Elon Musk’s management to solve enormous problems for humanity. He seems to function very well in handling these kinds of considerable challenges.

Omicron is the solution for people to get natural antibodies. Will the world go back to normal?

On the Stephen King side of things and with Hollywood scriptwriters (the simulation), Omicron would merge with Ebola or Aids victims, and within six months, a new variant sweeps the earth. One which is 80% deadly. By that time, the long haulers get sicker and sicker. The immune system is crumbling from people taking vaccinations and booster shots. Artificial robots will wipe out the last annoying human resistance. The grim reaper is everywhere, the end.
That’s just fiction and good stuff for a book, movie, or Tv series, is it?

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(C) Bas Boon

Do you still think Data manipulation is a conspiracy theory?

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