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Muslim Soap Mosque image!

Muslims who are Permanently Offended Equals Insanity. Humankind has been fighting wars before there were Gods when Gods came and when they vanished again. The never-ending battle between the faiths in the twentieth century. Israel Vs. Arabs, Muslims against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Atheists are not the progress we would have expected in the last century.

The religion that is permanently offended and takes the word offense to a whole new level is Islam.

The German grocery store called Aldi took a soap off the market after complaints from Muslims because the soap had a small mosque on the container. How considerate of the Aldi grocery store to think about the Muslim people and their sensitivity.

Mosque Soap, what were they thinking?

Maybe less pleasant to hear is that the Aldi executives were afraid of attacks on their grocery stores after a rain of complaints from offended Muslims. If this story got out in the media, attacks would have been made on the grocery stores by offended Muslims. 

Fear is the real reason Aldi withdrew the soap from the shelves.

It’s Charlie Hebdo’s fault that churches are burning.

45 Churches, 36 cafes, and five hotels burn to the ground, nothing to worry about, shush!

On the other side of the planet, several people were killed in a protest because a satire magazine print the prophet Mohammed in the magazine Charlie Hebdo. If you want to know the truth about who is guilty of this partly Charly Hebdo False Flag propaganda, read this.

The balance in Niger alone is now they burn 45 churches to the ground. Five hotels and 36 cafes are going up in fire. They loot a Christian school and orphanage home. These all burn till ash, and they report several deaths.

It is excellent that Aldi decided to pull the soap with the bit of image of the mosque on it off the market not to upset the Muslim people. We would not want to upset the German or worldwide Muslim community. 

What was the PR firm thinking of printing a little mosque on that box of soap? Them racist bastards, blasphemy, Aldi should hold them responsible, and the Muslim professional complaint group should try to go to court. Charge this PR firm for printing a small mosque. How outrageous!

Four Killed in Niger, Anti-French Riots, Protests Held in Pakistan, Algeria – TOI

Niger: Protestors Burn Churches-In Second day of CharIie Hebdo Riots

Suddenly there are Pigs everywhere. It’s a conspiracy to offend Muslims.

Just when you think people would really understand to not offend Islam, the next provocation from the West surfaced:

Oxford University Press bans sausages and pigs from children’s books in an effort ‘to avoid offense’: Bizarre clampdown branded ‘nonsensical political correctness.’

What the fuck were they thinking? Who were those people responsible for printing these children’s books? Little pigs in children’s books, blasphemy?

While we talk about the subject, I strongly advise Walt Disney to censor all the scenes with the three little piggybacks. In the Muppet show’s Kermit, the frog should find another partner. A female pig could spark outrage for Muslims. Here is a list of Hollywood movies and TV series with fictional pigs. Please take care of this guys.

Offending Muslims starts at our child’s education books.

The Majority of Muslims are very angry about the Cartoons!

We know now there are hundreds of thousands of demonstrators against the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo. Nigeria, Pakistan, Chechnya, the Philippines, Egypt, and The Saudi’s prepare to take legal action against the Charley Hebdo publishers. 

Chechnya leader says they are prepared to die to defend their prophet. Sixty percent of Chechnya thinks that way, “just” a small majority” nothing to worry about.

Note, I did not make a mistake when I wrote the majority in the above statement. Normally I use the word minority. Please notice the word majority is correctly used in this case as they’re the majority in Chechnya.

Picture by: Pres Panayotov

Anybody who still claims that our absurd Western behavior of freedom of speech should be tolerated is insane. Mosque on soap paper, cartoons and pigs pictures in children’s books, please people show some understanding.

Fury as Indonesia executes foreigners by firing squad.

I wonder what the western media means with fury. Ooh, wait, they pulled back a few ambassadors, a strong gesture. Are any riots going on in Holland or Brazil? I mean, these people were killed, executed? 

Can we maybe at least paint some graffiti somewhere that we are angry or something? Wait, I forgot we can’t. Indonesia is mainly Muslim. We cannot offend them. Surely no graffiti or anything in that matter as we offend millions of people. And create another offense scandal that could lead to the few remaining churches being burned down in certain territories.

England No Go Zones have nothing to do with Muslims.

In England, they are humble and at least respectfully threaten their fellow Muslims. They have several areas where they apply sharia law. There are no-go zones (denied but confirmed by inhabitants of London).

Jindal doubles down on Muslim ‘no-go zones’ in Europe.

Sharia law is to be enshrined in the British legal system as lawyers get guidelines on drawing up documents according to Islamic rules. CNN is so politically correct and reports that the No Go zones are bullshit. Immediately the guy who was interviewed was asked are you insinuating that those zones are zones full of Muslims? He answered, stating that it had nothing to do with that ( how can he speak his mind). It is a crime-related issue, sure. Sharia law does not exist in England. 

The CNN reporter continues; London is great where all different cultures and people with different religions live in peace and harmony together. 

The same politically correct CNN response is why CNN didn’t broadcast the Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

CNN is the frontrunner in the propaganda campaign of promoting the war agenda. Islam vs. the West see my blog:

Picture by: 1000 Words

CNN’s Richard Quest seeks answers to Hungary’s anti-immigration rhetoric.

Outrage scandal, Hitler, Mussolini, proper Wing Nazi Pig, WTF:

Richard Quest spoke with Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács about Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He says as long as he is the prime minister of Hungary, he must stop immigration. Quest was outraged and was screaming during the broadcast on CN.

For the people who do not know who Richard Quest is from CNN. He is a meth head sex pervert, check out the headlines:

Hold on a minute screamed Quest: containing on with the usual vulgar left-wing verbal vomit crap. He’s yelling with that huge joker mouth, one accusation after the other. He refers to 1939, the start of the second world war. Like a Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, who they kill for the words he speaks, and he was right.

Muslim’s next target for being offended should be Google!

I also think they should sue Google for their media report: According to the article: Muslims in Pakistan are the number one users globally. Many of these people use Google search engines to look for porn. Especially humans who have sex with snakes, donkeys, pigs, and dogs. 

How can Google put pigs on that list? WTF are they thinking? Google should hire Richard Quest as a spokesman to apologize!

Pakistan tops Google’s list of most porn-searching nations. Indeed A Mossad operation to demonize the followers of Islam. 

Come on, sex with a snake? What are they going to do, break the snake’s front poisoning teeth before they penetrate the snake’s mouth? Or do snakes have a vagina ( shit, I don’t even know that)?

A Pakistan bus driver’s hobby is to rape children in slums after work.

There is a report that One and a half million street children are the victim of rape. Do not blame Muslims; it’s the fault of google and that filthy western porn. 

An interview with a bus driver from Peshawar said that after he finishes his work, he goes to the slums to rape some street kids. Joining significant rape gangs is his favorite. He continued that once, during a bus ride, a young boy had sex with everybody on the bus. So he had “no” choice to refuse such temptation. You would not want to isolate yourself in such cases. It was a kind boy, and he wanted me for sex. So far, he has raped 12 children.

The right to have Sex Slaves.

The bus driver is a devout Muslim. His explanation is off-camera to avoid any misquotes for the religion of Islam. He continuously checks first if the children did not convert to Islam. The bus driver has the right to have sex slaves. 

We ask him if he like to have sex with animals, he answered he did not wants to speak about how many animals he had sex with. But when the cameras are off, he says; say this to nobody, but I imported some skunks. The smell turns me on when the animals panic when I have sex with them. This rotten air reminds me of the slums. 

Off the books: the Peshawar “street children rapist” bus driver can be seen in the front line of a massive mob of angry people demonstrating against the Charly Hebdo cartoons. It’s a God damn sin. I would kill for my prophet!

At least the Muslims do not discriminate when they bring up the issue of the cartoons. Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat didn’t make a cartoon of the Prophet. He made a cartoon of a president. 

While Ali was working at home, the military invaded his home. They attacked him and broke all his fingers. After that, they beat him to a pulp. Just a warning to not insult the president. What the hell was he thinking.

 As for the authors of books:

Journalist Peter Bergen Terrorist expert book writer.

CNN Peter Bergen is the author of terrorist books. He and his publishers have the best timing in history when releasing books. After the “legendary” terrorist attacks, Peter can be seen on CNN with his latest “expert” explanation on terror and frequently promoting his books.

Peter was the journalist who went into a cave in Pakistan to do an exclusive interview with Osama Bin Laden. He did this when the rest of the world could not find the terrorist. They broadcast this interview just after 9/11 worldwide—some way to promote Peter’s book.

A few times now after a major terrorist attack, Peter has a book out on the subject, great timing.

He recently could be seen on CNN promoting a book over the Navy Seal who shot Bin Laden. Indeed Peter can be seen with the CNN crew for his latest novel just after the Paris attack.

Doug Saunders also wrote a book, and you can see him on CNN to promote his novel: The Myth of the Muslim Tide.

In his interview on CNN, he says there is nothing wrong with Muslim immigrants. He even lived amongst them, he knows. Thank God for these journalists. Thanks for your “expert” opinions. Let me know when there is a subsequent book signing.

No, it is not necessary to tell me the date. I know it will be soon after the next big terrorist attack. For sure, it will be purely “coincidental.”

Muslim Immigrants Smash to Pieces & Urinate On a Virgin Mary Statue in Italy

Quote: “A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when five “immigrants attacked him.”

The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.

Next, they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.

The report says that the press is deliberately not mentioning the word Muslims but purposely wrote immigrants. 

It was an act of blasphemy, and the perpetrators knew exactly (breaking and pissing on the statue) what they did! People are starting to get pissed off about this political correctness crap!

Islam is Peace “Nothing” to worry about…..(Jihad / Slayer)

While the pope is on his soul-winning tour in the Philippines, he speaks out about people who offend religion (he said they deserved a punch). A reference and insult to the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris. While the pope is in the Philippines in his home country Italy, the following incident” occurred.” 

The Fake News can reports the “Virgin Marry” incident the following way.

Now just for everybody to know, these men of North African descent accidentally really needed to pee. Five men of North African descent ask a man praying to a statue of the revered Madonna with a picture of his loved one in his hand where they could find the toilet. 

They didn’t understand the kneeling man who spoke Italian and did not understand what the man tried to explain. One of the men of North African descent thinks that the kneeling picture is a map of how they could find the toilet. 

When they grabbed the man’s photo, one man of North African descent fells accidentally into the statue, it fell and broke. 

The poor Muslim men are so shocked by the broken statue that three peed in their pants. It’s always good to hear two sides of the story when it concerns Muslims. Zionist and crisis actors fabricate Fake News stories. They are the most peaceful people on earth. Let us all try to adapt to this great religion.


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