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Racism, Ego, Murder, and Hate. Sinterklaas is a lie! We should learn from history and step away from politicians who use Racism to benefit their political careers. Should we keep traditions like Sinterklaas, which are based on lies? In this blog, I describe that Racism is minuscule compared to the Ego.

Throughout history, we can see Racism, segregation, too much national pride, Ego, and propaganda. The first Republican president ever was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War and ended slavery in America.

President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise and live out the true meaning of its creed: 

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

Martin Luther King Jnr – I have a dream speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC on August 28, 1963

I have a dream speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King Jr a great civil rights leader.

He spoke these words on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, the USA, in August 1963 to a crowd of over 250,000 people demanding equal justice for all American citizens.

The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, ended slavery and the Civil War.

With firm conviction, Lincoln declared South Carolina’s secession illegal and pledged to go to war to protect the federal Union in 1861. During the four years of the American Civil War. The president steered the North to victory and authored the Emancipation Proclamation, which dealt a severe blow to the institution of slavery in the U.S.

Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War and ended slavery in America.

Martin Luther King Jr, the great civil rights leader, spoke these words on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, USA, in August 1963 to a crowd of over 250,000 people demanding equal justice for all American citizens.  

So why were these two great men assassinated when they stood for equality? Ponder that question.

African Americans do some looting to remember, ahu I forgot.

Blacks loot local stores and supermarkets all because a young black teenager got shot by a white cop.

Regardless of whether the shooting was justifiable/self-defense, the looting is their way of remembering Michael Brown. For the looting gang, a couple of stolen sneakers and a stolen microwave are their way to avenge their deceased friend (sarcasm).

When they walk on their new sneakers or heat food in their new stolen microwaves, they will remember Michael. No funeral is needed.

Many photos are circulating on social media. Brown allegedly holds a gun with a stack of money in his mouth (authentic gangsta style). Later this turned out to be a photo of an Oregon murder suspect (many do not know about this).

Do not comment negatively because you are a racist, xenophobe, and bigot.

The picture goes viral and does damage. More angry white people, we need more police. White people scream that all lowlife black youth gangs need to be shot or go to jail.

Slave to money and our Ego

Huge news worldwide about the rioting looting gang in Furguson and the outrage that the white cop who shot Michael Brown gets off the hook.

The high-paid super lawyer Robert Shapiro (Jewish, but they have no race problem as money heals all racial disputes) got O.J. off their hook.

Outrage in the land: whites were angry, and blacks celebrated on the streets—white females. O.J.’s wife, a murder victim, and a black murderer, defended by a Jewish lawyer, goes free because of a racist cop’s mistake. Can I have more popcorn and a coke, please?

Blacks scream we won, justice. Do they realize they did not beat crap? Did it pay the mortgages on their houses, did they have e fewer children’s mouths to feed, did they get richer?

Did you win less Racism, more Racism?

Blacks scream we won.

The arrival of St Klaas in Holland

The Sinterklaas boat says Spanje (Spain), but he comes from Turkey.

Do not think these ‘racist” problems only occur in the U.S. No. It’s a worldwide marketing campaign. For example, in Holland, we have huge issues now with a children’s festival called Sinterklaas (similar to Christmas ). Here is a headline in the N.Y. Times:

A New Holiday Tradition for the Dutch: Arguing About Blackface

For as long as I have been alive, I can remember Sinterklaas, and there never was a problem with the black Petes, Sinterklaas’s black helpers. It was a national tradition for families to gather together to give each other presents like Christmas. Both Sinterklaas and Santa Claus are equally fake.

The media knows how to entertain their sheep and keep them focused on the Kardashian’s gigantic butts or the Hello Ross Pro-Gay T.V. propaganda show. They brainwash people, and they get dumber by the second.

Green Petes might offend the Aliens.

Recently the face of black Petes has been painted a different color for political correctness.


Only Black Racism Victims of Police Violence Matter

Racists exclude whites in Ferguson.

For all those people who steal from shops and set places on fire because they pay respect to their black friends. With the risk for their own life, they need to steal some Nike sneakers. Book stores are left alone; books are kryptonite for these black looters.

Fast forward to 2020, George Floyd is killed by a white police guy.

 Inconvenient Truths about Race & Slavery.

Let’s start with the word enslaved person. Where does it come from? Slavish people come to mind. Ding ding, bingo, you are correct? Yes, the word enslaved person comes from the Slavish people. Ahum, does that mean the Vikings were the first to enslave people, those white barbarians? Nope, it does not.

The slavish people were enslaved people for hundreds of years at the hands of African Muslims: WHATTTTTTTTTTT????? Do not think it was only the Slavish people who African Muslims enslaved. No, it happened throughout the whole Mediterranean.

Later the Dutch and English used to transport enslaved people as they were great sailors and shipbuilders, but the majority of enslavers and traders with African Muslims.

Black Pete’s helpers are working for a white guy.

My brother recently called me from Holland and informed me his friend went with the kids to see the arrival of Sinterklaas. He arrives by boat with his Black Petes. It’s tradition. “Black Petes” are helpers working for a white guy.

This is where the media play the racist cards. Sadly the arrival was disturbed by a fighting mass and rioting police (pro tradition sheep vs. left-wing racism sheep ). I am leaving the children crying and upset.

The traditional arrival of Sinterklaas in Holland is with his ship from Spain, and he brings presents and candy for the children. But actually, St. Klaas comes from Turkey and not from Spain.

Many, including myself, thought St Klaas came from Spain when I was a kid, so my parents and teachers told me.

St Klaas did not come from Spain but Turkey.

So the Petes were south Mediterranean and had dark skin, so the racist card was played. The story emerged that the Petes came through our chimneys to deliver presents, so they became more black.

There was no racial issue up until this point with Sinterklaas. The chimney story was used to avoid racial problems.

Arrests are made with the arrival of St Klaas in Gouda. One hundred twelve rioters were arrested.

It’s 2014. The riot police are ashore, waiting for Sinterklaas to arrive with his Black Pete’s to make landfall with his boat. You could describe it as a mini-D- day landing, the child fest turning into a riot zone with candy and presents flying through the air.

Black Petes are fighting with pro-white racism sheep and the riot police against everybody, with the riot police bashing in both skulls and arresting dozens, all in front of the children (civilized 2014).

Many journalists present with photo and video cameras and hundreds of smartphone cameras to show the spectacle on YouTube and other media outlets. Mission accomplished terrified children, witnessing the law at work very young. Protestors and the media fuel racism.

Arrests are made in front of children with the arrival of Sinterklaas in Gouda – 112HM–celebrates-birthday-at-consulate.aspx?pageID=238&nID=8560&NewsCatID=379

Arrest on the arrival of Sinterklaas

It’s 2014. The riot police are ashore, waiting for Sinterklaas to arrive with his Black Petes to land with his boat. You could describe it as a mini-D- day landing, the child fest turning into a riot zone with candy and presents flying through the air.

Black Petes are fighting with pro-white racism sheep and the riot police against everybody, with the riot police bashing in both skulls and arresting dozens, all in front of the children. Have some modern-day fabricated racism. (civilized 2014).

Many journalists present with photo and video cameras and hundreds of smartphone cameras to show the spectacle on YouTube and other media outlets. Mission accomplished terrified children, witness “ing “the law of attra” on” at work at a very young age.

Picture by ES

St Klaas is a lie, and he was a Child Molesting pervert from Turkey

Moreover, the story of the legend Sinterklaas who lived in Turkey, is full of miracles. The myth says that “his “holy” man brought back alive butchered murdered kids, and he saves three young girls from becoming prostitutes.

The usual portion of miracles was to show how holy and pleasing Sinterklaas was ( the bishop in Myra near Antalya). The trustworthy Sinterklaas is an older man who likes to give candies to young children. He has black Petes with him to scare the children if they are up to no good.

Ahum, I grew up (some say I never did ). Knowing the real story of Sinterklaas, it sounds like the Sinterklaas character is just another pervert who comes to seduce children with candy. Does he use scare tactics, “saving butchered children and bringing them back to “life”?

Like Jesus revived alcoholic Lazarus from the dead, it reminds me of  my previous blog:

“God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes hates Shakesp “are.”

Pack of Lies

I feel angry. First, they make you believe this man is honest and brings you presents. In all fairness, he arrives on every canal in Holland on the same day with dozens of ships. St Klaas does not come from Spain or Turkey but the nearby local fish harbor.

All of Sinterklaas’s beards are fake, and “his “pope” head is very reconcilable (church-like figure). His black Petes are painted darker as they are just Mediterranean men. The neighbor guy paints his face black coming with uncle Charley, who the family chose to be Sinterklaas this year.

I suspected Sinterklaas’s alcohol breath. Something was strange. I noticed this when I was 6. The presents I was getting were all bought by my parents, all lying through their teeth and promoting a guy who lived in Turkey but changed the story that he came from Spain.

I rhyme in class about “Sinterklaas,” and the teachers are horrified.

Many things teachers teach us in school are flat-out lies and myths. And is now also used by the media to stir up some more controversy, hate, Racism, and violence. What a circus.

Sinterklaas, you are no holy man, Based on a lie, a myth, a member of the evil clan.

Riding from Amsterdam to Spain

Accompanied by bPete’sete’s slaves taking the blame

Sinterklaas arriving per boat from Spain

He is from Turkey, another lie, how lame.

Sinterklaas is not holy and not from Spain.

Fuck the kids. Teach them fear, hate, lies, and pain

For the rioting people in Ferguson, please notice you live in the land of opportunities

Listen to the guy who gives the interview pissing off Morgan Freeman: I am Jewish (a racist ). He should have said I am a human from planet earth

Morgan Freeman became a very successful movie star and outspoken regarding discrimination. There is no racism if people just stop talking about black, White, Spink, Chinese, Japs… but just call each other humans. The racist card does not fly anymore.

You got a black president, black sports heroes, black movie stars, Wesley Snipes, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith. There are black comedians like Chris Rock.

Billionaire Oprah (colossal Ego) owns her T.V. network and has thousands of black artists, such as billionaires Jay Z and Beyoncé (place 2 and 3 of the ego top 3). But the people in Ferguson and around the world are brainwashed by cooperating media to divide us humans and to spread hate and fear. Most arguments and disputes all have to do with the human Ego.

 Ego, jealousy and greed, and above all, stupidity.

Maybe Rappers should check their lyrics and lifestyle? It could help them to live longer.

Bullets are flying near a Los Angeles burger joint. The victim” is “The Rapper Big Payback. He does not survive the attack. Here are some more rappers who die from bullets: DJ Scott, La Rock, Tupac, Mr. Gee, Yaki Kadafi, Seagram, OTF Nu Nu, Stretch, DJ uncle all, camouflage, Sabotage, Hitman, Mac Dre, Blade Icewood, Proof,

Check this list of deceased hip-hop artists.

Wtf is wrong with these Hip Hop artists? They are keeping the vicious circle and their lousy reputation alive. All these rappers have huge egos. These Rappers mostly sing about orgies, sex, violence, killing, their cocks, chicks, and being black. Most hilarious are lyrics about Racism and oppression.

They rap about Racism while smoking a joint, wearing a pair of shoes of 2K and a designer suit of a few grand. My Ego is more significant than your Ego. That sums it up.

Some songs are catchy and promoted by multi-million dollar contract record labels such as Sony, BMG, etc. Video clips of the cars with giant rims with the black rap artist driving the vehicle showing the driver’s fingers full of diamond rocks.

Many rappers have their necks covered with gold and jewels, and on both wrists, a gold watch is fully converted with diamonds (all signs of a massive ego). Bosco Albert ( alias B.A. from the A-team, B.A. stood for Bad Attitude).

B.A. stands for Bad Attitude, a character for the children (B.A. is the nickname for The black A-team member.

“The Tv audiences are kids who watch NBC’s “B.C.’s” A-team, one of the most extended successful running T.V. series after Star Trek. Boxer Mayweather places every winning bet he makes for hundreds of thousands of dollars at the time on Instagram and Facebook.

He never forgets to post about the new Bentleys he is buying. He even created a nice clothing line called M.T. (money team). Resulting in more juicy stories for the press are the affairs and love life of these celebrities. Mayweather would head the list of people with a huge ego.

On the positive side of Mayweather’s ego trip, he made money for Mayweather into a brand and is the best boxer in his weight.

Mayweather, look at my watch!!! Picture by: Kobby Dagan

The Human Ego at work.

Please, other humans, see how rich I am, see how successful I am, please look at me and how much more I achieved than you. The sickness continued when they fought in court for money disputes. None of this has to do with Racism but with Ego and testosterone.

The daily routine is going to court with exes, opponents, and rivals. Because most of these guys constantly fight over ego crap. Offended what others say or think about them in the media (a list of dead rappers comes to mind).

Black people convert to become Muslim in prison, another gang.

Many Black people who suffer from gunshot wounds end up in the hospital or go straight to prison. They keep the racism and separation “tradition” alive in prison. You either join the black brotherhood or white supremacists.

Muslim gang up with Muslims, and indeed there is a department with only Mexicans. The messenger of God is always in prison for everybody, regardless of race.

The church welcomes all fools, especially sinners; no signs of Racism at the church—an excellent breeding ground for becoming a homosexual. A priest will take your sins away, and you become a member of the Christian gang.

Mohammed Ali, Tyson, and Malcolm X (when released from prison, Malcolm X died of shot wounds). They all converted to Islam in prison (another gang), but it never did them any good.

The prison and its owners love the system as they make money on every prisoner, black, white, Chinese, or Mexican ding ding.

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

Wonder why Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, became one of the youngest and wealthiest guys in the world? Everybody is looking for outside appraisal and recognition. Many people take photos with their smartphones near cars they don’t own (Ego).

People Photoshop photos of themselves or use celeb photos as profile photos. There is a significant need to have a lot of likes on our posted photos and videos.

Ultimately, it is all about our state of emotion and Ego, which are responsible for humans making huge mistakes.

Sometimes the response of one of our emotions leads to a life in prison or even death. Big corporations who pay the Fake Media, keeping the scam going forever

State of mind could make humans become a murderer.

The married woman brought the children to school and forgot to bring the sandwiches for the kids. She rushes home to get the sandwiches, falls, and hurts her knee. When she returned from bringing the children to school, the post brought two envelopes with a total unexpected tax bill of $16.000.- dollar.

While making dinner for her husband and the kids to come home, she overcooks the meat/food because her sister is calling to tell her she has cancer.

At dinner time, the husband gets a burned piece of meat on his plate. His wife screams he is late. But wife, this meat is entirely black? The spectacle starts. The wife is now calling. Make your fucking food.

The youngest kid starts to cry, and the older one repeats with sarcasm, fucking food. The husband kicks the shin of the elderly son, who screams in pain.

The kid kicks the dog lying under the table and bites the youngest in her leg as a panic response.

No massacre of the family takes place. The father did an excellent business deal.

The husband did an excellent business deal, slept well that night, and was in a good mood. He embraced his wife, who then busted into tears and told her about her day, explaining what happened.

This is a possible scenario. On the same day, the husband gets the sack. On his way home, the police give him two traffic violation tickets. He then has a flat tire and a bird craps on his head. That family possibly would not exist anymore.

Good stories happen daily—just no reports of these stories in the media. There are no ratings for the happy and good stuff.

The media likes this better, so we can find more of it.

The media likes this better, so we can find more o’ it.’ Mommy! It’hurt’ Tragic last words of Down syndrome man, 26, who died in handcuffs on the floor after he refused to leave a movie theater.

‘Mommy! It’hurt’ Tragic last words of Down syndrome man, 26, who died in handcuffs on the floor after he refused to leave a movie theater.

We should all learn to control our emotions. As hard as it is, we should always try not to judge people, see things from their perspective, and stand in their shoes.

Let’s imagine somebody just lost a family member, has a kid with down syndrome, or had a parent beating the crap out of them for 15 years. There is a reason why people respond emotionaLet’sLet’s not take that as an insult and a reason we must defend our Ego with screaming or violence. The daily victims of Racism find they are a way to the daily headlines. Racism always works.

 Ego and Violence

We do not need to take everything personally. Morgan Freeman, in an interview, said there is no racism, only media and other humans profiting from the stupidity of other humans.

We are all humans, and none of us own a piece of rock/land. We were living together on planet earth. Sleep, eat, crap, etc.

Every day regardless of race, Black, White, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist…………….. Be happy, helpful, and healthy, and laugh as much as you can, and we should all enjoy this wonderful planet as long as we are alive!

Do not believe the Fake News Racism propaganda.

There has always been propaganda and negativity, but we can create our reality. Let’s stop blaming and stop playing the racist card. As you can see, whites were more victimized than blacks, so wIt’s It’s history! We should learn from the past, and all live together in peace.

The Jewish people only married Jewish people and played the victim of the Holocaust on every occasion. The second world war killed between 50 and 80 million people. Six million Jews do not survive the Holocaust. Many others also die, according to our history books.

We should take responsibility for our behavior, regardless of race or beliefs. My uncle died in a death camp at the hands of the Japanese people. Should I hate Japanese people now for the rest of my life?

Let’s Stop hating, stop being angry, stop being a victim, and take life into our own hands. Tame our egos.

Let’s study and improve ourselves, be honest, and break the chain of Racism and jealousy.

How do we solve this mess: read my blog:   

The Empathy Virus. No More Wars. No more poverty

(C) Bas Boon

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