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How to Handle “Vampire” Air-Conditioners, Health Tips. Have you ever wondered why you and your family and friends get sick so quickly? Especially on holidays or on a business trip? Have you ever had that problem with your throat? A sore, dry throat and a stuffed-up nose a few days after your stay in your new hotel or the day after your flight? Big chance the guilty one is called airconditioning.

Health tips on how to handle human-made “vampire” machines-Airco’s.

As I know a lot about food now, healthy food, I wondered why I still would get problems with my throat and a stuffed up nose. I did fly around the world and stayed at many different hotels. And my first weapon of defense was taking a vitamin C tablet. Before I go to sleep, I would suck on a mint to clear the nasal passage a little.

Recently I found out the cause of the unwanted, sick symptoms. The “culprit” is called the airconditioning.

Air-conditioners have some side effects all humans should know about, here is how you handle things;

1. It swallows gallons of water out of the air. It becomes a vampire of the liquids in your body, making you dehydrate while you sleep.

2. If the air conditioning is too cold, it will speed up the process of you becoming dehydrated (you’ll get that dry feeling in your mouth and wake up thirsty).

3. When air conditioning is not maintained correctly every two to three months. It is the perfect place for bacteria and mold, which spores are blown right into your open mouth while sleeping.

Defend yourself against any “vampire.”

In the case of the air-conditioners:

1. Do not set the temperature to super cold. I noticed that 23 degrees cause fewer problems while sleeping.

2. Make sure you have a water bottle next to your bed. Make sure it is a glass bottle. 

In territories where it is hot, many of the plastic bottles with water have to be transported in trucks to their final sales destination. The plastic water bottle containing BPH sits many hours in the hot, burning sun during that period. Because of the heat, the BPH of the plastic water bottle will get into your drinking water and toxic plastic residue.

3. Ensure you have air-conditioners in your home to be serviced every two to three months.

4. Air purifiers and humidifiers are great, and we bought one in our living room and one in our bedroom. Even if you do not have an air conditioner, the purifier/ humidifier machine is incredible for your health.

5. Take a sugar-free mint just before you go to sleep.

Avoid eating ice cream after dinner and other dairy products.

6. Use earplugs against the noise of air conditioning.

7. If you stay in a hotel, put a bowl with water under the air-conditioners.

8. Avoid milk products, so no Dairy.

9. The Human body (depending on the body weight) needs at least between 2 and 4 liters of water per day. Imagine you sleep, and you are getting dehydrated. On top of that, mold blows into your mouth! 

The simple trick to not dehydrating is to drink enough water during the day and before you go to sleep.

10. Be aware of perfume-smelling air-conditioners. The hotel owners mostly use this perfume to disguise the smell of mold as they do not want to pay for air conditioning maintenance services.

Indeed you can use the name “vampire” in many cases. We have all kinds of vampires, not only in the form of Dracula or a bat. What do you think about the government? Or institutes like banks, who suck the people dry with interest on lending money.

The first defense mechanism against all these vampires is good health, sleep, and common sense. When you have good health, you can think clearly and function well. However, many people never knew the effects of what an air conditioner could do on their health. I hope these health tips helped.

For the believers out there, do this or…

For the believers, go to sleep with a Christian cross around your neck. Make sure you wear a garlic necklace and don’t forget a wooden stake under your pillow.

The next day you might think you avoided a vampire from biting you. Don’t learn anything new because of the church and the God community. Trust the faith.

But you’re simply dehydrated when you wake up and start coughing and spitting out the slime. Or your throat was blown full of mold. You might wish you had followed my advice instead of believing in a myth.

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Peace / Health / Wisdom and a clean airconditioning

(c) Bas Boon

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