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Fight Game Business The Power of Visualisation. This mind-blowing winning method includes mind training, a path to victory, and happy life.

I was naked in front of my class because of my imagination.

When I was a 7-year-old boy, the teacher in my class asked the children to visualize a scorching, warm place with an ocean. This imagination resulted in me getting naked in class. I always had a vivid wild imagination. For some reason, I practiced the Power of visualization on steroids at a young age. When I closed my eyes and just listened to the teacher’s voice. Her sound became hypnotic for me. I took off my clothes and ran towards the sea. The result was laughter, and my mother had to return to school because of my behavior. I had no idea I would become a prominent figure in the Fight Game Business and a producer.

In the early days of black and white television, there was the first movie with Tarzan. The Austro-Hungarian-born American competition swimmer Johnny Weissmuller played Tarzan. They released this film in 1932, and I was born in 1967. It was a hot topic that Tarzan’ The Ape Man” would be on TV again at the schoolyard. So, I watched the movie night and saw Tarzan wrestling with a crocodile in the mud. Everybody talked about Tarzan and his girl Jane the next day at school. The children spoke about the crocodile wrestle scene. Did you see the movie? Did you know the film? All the children talked about it in the schoolyard.

I want to be a producer.

They asked me who I wanted to be in the movie, and I answered no I would like to make the film, and become the producer. When I was seven years old, my grandfather introduced me to filmmaking, so my answer was logical. My grandfather was a talented photographer and filmmaker. I had old movies (8MM) of ourselves and the family going on holiday. I thought it was fantastic as I was shown by my grandfather how to hold and use a camera. Later you could see yourself back on TV. It fascinated me from the beginning. Unknowingly I was applying The Power of Visualisation.

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) Directed by W.S. Van Dyke Shown: poster art.

Rasta Rostelli hypnotized me.

At age 19, I attended an event with a hypnotizer, “Rasta Rostelli.” That guy hypnotized me, let me eat a lemon, and made me think it was a peach. I got interested in this phenomenon. So I started reading books about NLP and hypnosis. As an Aries, I was born an Alpha Leader with unending energy, drive, and ambition, but why? Why did I want to be the leader, the best, the outspoken one? Why was there the drive to perform and show everybody I was better at something? This had to do with my childhood. I had problems and attended many different schools. My imagination brought me into trouble. My brain worked fast.

I understood things after one explanation from the teacher. The moment he explained the same thing twice or three times, It got boring fast. Certain subjects I enjoyed, such as history, sciences, and psychology. And when teachers were creative in their teaching approach. I did well and got the best grades. But when it came to, for example, long, elaborate explanations in mathematics, I disliked it so much I refused to pay attention.

Thom Harinck and Bas Boon

Try to learn and experience what’s best for you.

When I became a fight manager, I learned much more about the way of NLP. And how the mindset is as important as the hard training towards a fight. Thom Harinck was a master coach in making you believe you could defeat a skyscraper. I produced a book with Thom Harinck about Muay Thai, my first steps in the Fight Game Business.

Cor Hemmers was more social. He made particular training schedules for his students when they would fight certain opponents. He was also closer and more social with the fighters. Fred Royers was a great technique teacher and a former kickboxing world champion. As I trained with all three of them, I tried to absorb and learn the best from all teachers, but the best advice came from books and motivational speakers. The Power of Visualisation is available on YouTube; many mentors teach you the fine art of this revolutionary way of brain training.

The Power of the mind.

Joe Dispenza is a Neuroscientist, teacher, lecturer, and author. He was one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film “What the Bleep Do We Know.” Another influential author about self-healing and training your brain is Rhonda Byrne. She wrote the book the secret, The Power and The Magic. I went to a similar experience as Joe Dispenza. Other people became aware of my success and were interested in the formula. They paid 5000 $ to speak, the equal amount I received for my first motivational speech at the CSLA group in Tokyo, Japan.

I realized that my progress and success in the Fight Game Business came from thinking ahead and meeting new interesting, successful people. This is the Power of Visualisation. I would not dwell on negativity and problems, which mostly start with family members or friends. Many telegraph their misery and grief to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Instagram. They even take selfies crying and post these images for others to feel pity for them.

Bas Boon speech CLSA Tokyo Japan

I spoke about winning for the CLSA group in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s like a constant flow of positive energy. We can train our brains to think like this. Most thoughts are about the past. And some individuals get stuck in a traumatic event, like a broken record. We can re-train our minds, not be so attached to our thoughts, let them pass, and be proactive. Think on purpose, visualize, and have daily personal development routines to reprogram subconscious patterns.

So we must learn a new way. And Unlearn. Similar to people with a craving for sugar or drugs. They return to something they know, which makes them feel in a “comfort” zone. They feel good temporarily. Addictions come from unresolved Trauma and the inability to heal from it, process it, and therefore numb. I start to apply all these rules in Fight Game Bussiness with great success. The Power of Visualisation brought me great success in the Fight Game.

Nine of twelve Golden Glory fighters lost, and three got injured.

I remember that 9 of 12 Golden Glory fighters lost in one month, and three got injured. The climax came in Amsterdam, where Semmy Schilt lost his fight by TKO from Badr Hari in round 1 in the main event. Errol Zimmerman had to stop because he had a cut on his forehead. Stefan Leko was winning his fight against Melvin Manhoef but kicked Melvin’s knee. A minute before the end of the battle, the referee stops the war because of Medical interference seasons. Nieky Holzken sustenance an injury, and so did Gokhan Saki. The list became too long. It was the most negative experience I had in the Fight Game Business.

A book about the success of visualization

I read these books and think of speeches from people like Joe Dispenza.

I start reading these books when I experience a disturbance in the positive energy field. It reminds me of how to think and act.

I went home after the Arena event and thought, what went wrong? Why all this month? I came together with Cor Hemmers and made a plan. First, Cor and I had a great sense of humor. So what we did was we went to work with sage and sweetgrass that Canadian aboriginal elders blessed.

We went to the gym with a solid intent to clear the gym of negative energy. We did a sage smoke ceremony with crystals and salts in certain corners all over the place in our Golden Glory Gym in Breda. They also do this in Japan. We can see this ritual before the Sumo fighters fight each other. They purify the ring.

We had fun doing it, even making Sumo movements by lifting our knees and throwing the salt around. Cor and I evaluated the last months and concluded that Golden Glory needed a positive shift in energy. The flow of “fans’ friends, parents, and others became increasingly involved in the Fight game Business. Some fighters also changed their lifestyle and got engaged with the wrong friends or women. The Power of Visualisation in the Fight Game Business is to foresee these negative aspects of life and prevent them.

So with more people involved, I meant more energy and sometimes negatively. So we took some measurements. One of them was a letter with new rules to all Golden Glory members and people involved with the team:

See the note below:

We want to set some new traditions!

We applied The Power of Visualisation for a positive result we already knew would be the outcome.

  1. Keep training even if there are no indications of an upcoming fight!

— The training starts at 12.00, if you cannot be ready to start at 12.00 in the dojo please don’t come to the training or return home and come on another day that you can be on time.

— Leave your supporters out of the dojo or locker rooms.

— don’t bring athletes with you who are not under the management of Golden Glory.

—-People not needed in training are not allowed to enter the dojo (exceptions like co-trainers like Dave, Martijn, Cees Masseurs, Ramon, and Carlo are allowed).

—- use the toilets before and after training, no traffic anymore during the training

—- we will have somebody in the dojo for water support for those who can’t train for one and a half hours without drinking. So there are no breaks and traffic out of the dojo to refill your water bottle

— Since the new dojo in Breda opened, these are points of irritation, loss of energy, and concentration.

Training schedules.

— Out of the kickboxing training. We have our running and fitness schedule based on the training intensity of kickboxing. If you are not in the possibility of joining this different schedule due to the distance, please discuss other external training schedules with Cor or Martijn (MMA) to avoid over-training or injuries.

—- from August 1st, we are starting in Breda with an extra grappling/ jiu-jitsu training on Wednesday evening from 8.30 p.m. and Friday afternoon from 2.00 p.m. These more specific technical pieces of training were taught by John Olaf and Kaimel

—- take care of your body with at least a weekly massage or check-up

2 The management decides who will be in the corner at an event!

3 If any sponsors will approach you, please get in touch with the management; as we are in negotiations for a team sponsor and other business deals, we do not want to contradict these negotiations, with multiple “managers” discussing on behalf of Golden Glory!

Personal Problems.

4 If there are any personal problems, please inform the management; difficulties at home, with your wife, girlfriend, or family members can significantly affect your fight performance!

5 Piet Boot has been the doctor and massage therapist for Golden Glory for ten years. And we, the management, would like his expertise and not 20 others! Everybody suddenly wants to be part of the Fight Game Business.

6 Golden Glory is a team, so we should act like this. No gossiping about trainers or managers or other fighters. When there is a problem or soldiers are unsatisfied. Please get in contact with Cor myself and discuss your issues privately! So. No trash talking to other soldiers. It is important not to spread negativity throughout our team.

A plan for savings.

7 We would like all fighters to make a separate bank account (in your name). You should put 30% of your fighting money every time you fight. This is to avoid problems for fighters who are overactive spenders. Some soldiers receive their fighting purses; one month later, tens of thousands of dollars vanish. They ask for alone with the management or an advance payment.

The problem is that this is a “mindfuck” if you have financial troubles on your mind. This is the same for personal issues in relationships or with family. All these incidents reflect the outcome of your fight! The Power of Visualisation in the Fight Game Business is to control these “mindfucks”.

8 Use the wonderful world of communications, mobile phone, Myspace, Facebook, messenger, and email. It will never take longer than a few hours, and you have an answer to your questions!

9 Hard training is not the only way to success. Rhythm and good health are essential! This means enough sleep. We advise that you go to bed around 10 or 11 p.m. and try to get seven till 9 hours sleep. Try to have a good diet. So no Mac Donald’s every day and French fries. Eat fruit and vegetables and eat slowly!

Stay away from bad company.

10 Stay away from so-called “friends who want to help you with your career.” Other people it would help if you avoided are the ones who know many things “better” than yourself or your management. Those “fans/advisers” were not there in the beginning. And the funny thing is that they start to appear when you are already successful. Believe us. They have their agenda, Golden Glory, and you, as a fighter, created this name and success. People who like to get their faces on TV. Or people who want to be important as well. They all do this for their agenda!

Refer them to us for anything they will tell you regarding commerce or how you should train. Please inform the manager/trainer about this and let us do our jobs!

11 Stay out of trouble. We had to use our lawyers too much this year!

Let’s all continue and put our shoulders on this Golden Glory Team. All of us built this team together. We have a perfect name in the world, and we should keep it that way!

A decade of Golden Glory.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cor or me. Let’s concentrate on the September qualification from K-1 and October Dream and Glory! We should end this year with titles and astounding victories, not excuses!

October 17th Golden Glory has existed for ten years, and this will be celebrated with an event organized by Glory!

We are in the current state of negotiating some good sponsor deals and other activities. These developments will be very interesting for all the fighters.

With Sporting greetings, Bas Boon and Cor Hemmers Team Golden Glory

Team Golden Glory

Cor Hemmers and I went over all these rules we made, and we were amazed. We should have acted sooner to stop the madness. Our team has become world-famous. In this world of fame, more and more people want to be involved with you and your team. Sometimes not even with bad intentions, but it was becoming a circus. This had to stop. The Power of Visualisation did the trick. We acted on those principles; this was the result;

It was no miracle that everything turned around just a few months later; Golden Glory Fighters: Errol Zimmerman, Gokhan Saki, Semmy Schilt (knocked out Badr Hari in round 1 from the K-1 Gp finals), and Alistair Overeem qualified for the K-1 GP and Semmy Schilt won the GP.

Some fighters forget where they came from. Their fame brings them into another state of mind. And they attract the wrong lifestyle and friends. Worse, it would affect the whole team and everybody involved, so we took action, and it worked—an epic move in The Fight Business.

Adept at what works.

Producing the rules letter and energy cleansing of our space by running around throwing salt in our gym directly resulted from my personal growth journey. I was reading those books, following the advice of Joe Dispenza and Rhonda Byrne, and my life lessons in the Fight Game business.

We changed the negative energy. I created a situation with positive energy and a straight mindset. This method became my lifework, and the results are phenomenal. It changed a considerable part of the Fight Game Business landscape into a positive business and way of living.

The Power of visualization, you won already Semmy.

When I sold Golden Glory and Glory World Series, the company GSI was formed. GSI is the new powerhouse in The Fight Game Business. Semmy Schilt asked me the following: Bas, what will I do now? You are not my manager anymore, and K-1 is no more? I do not know if I can buy another property as I am not secure about my income as a fighter. I told Semmy the following: very simple. When Glory organizes the biggest 16-man tournament in the world in Tokyo, Japan, you will win; you already won.

I entered Semmy’s dressing room in my executive suite when we were in Japan. I taped his hands; a ritual has been done for the last 15 years. Semmy seemed confident, and of course, he won. It was already visualized, The Power of Visualisation.

Quote Bas Boon: Positive People, Positive Energy, Positive Results all from a Positive mindset

Golden Glory owner Bas Boon, GSI, bought its Showtime.

(C) Bas Boon

The Guru of The Power of Visualisation Dan Pena.