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Why “Kaboons” is the next Billion $ Franchise

I always wonder if the writer and publisher of the Harry Potter books J.K Rowling knew that the “Harry Potter” brand would become a Billion $ enterprise?

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Walt Disney, they started something with passion but did they expect to become owners of one of the world’s biggest companies?

Today it is different, if you have a good idea like Jeffrey Katzenberg, big investors and companies will invest billions.

This recent news (short form video franchise Billion $ fundraising) is important for the “Kaboons” Franchise development, let me show you why, a brief history:

Some famous children TV Shows that became a Billion $ franchise.

Sponge Bob and Square Pants

Stephen Hillenburg created SpongeBob  Square Pants and animated Tv series, he loved the comedians Laurel and Hardy and Pee-wee Herman. The brand became so successful that SpongeBob SquarePants dolls were sold at a rate of 75.000 per week. It also became popular amongst woman in Japan and other countries. In 2009 the Simmons Jewelry Co. released a $75.000 diamond as part of the SpongeBob collection.

Der Sending Mit der Maus (the school of the nation in Germany, program with the mouse)

I remember my childhood very well and a few TV programs stood out, for example the German TV program: Der Sending mit der Maus, I can recollect another brilliant idea to have children learning through cartoon animation. The first TV broadcasting was 7th of March 1971, the TV show won 75 awards and was broadcasted in over 100 countries. March 1999 the programs internet site was launched and it received over 4 million hits in the first day (OTT, short form video franchise).

The Fables Newspaper (de Fabeltjeskrant in Dutch)

The Fables Newspaper (de Fabeltjeskrant in Dutch) was about a wise owl who would read news to the children before they went to sleep. Many animals where used as characters for storytelling, the Fables Newspaper eventually would be broadcasted in many countries worldwide.

The Teletubbies is another Billion $ franchise (1 Billion was reached by October 2000). The theme song single reached number 1 in the UK and remained in the top 75 for 32 weeks. Two educational video games were also released during Christmas in 1997 the Teletubbies dolls were the top selling Christmas toy in 1997.

Now if we compare The Teletubbies, SpongBob SquarePants, der Maus and the Fabeltjeskrant Owl, with Kaboons, we have a winner! The creator has a unique history in being a professor and specialised in education. The kaboons is based on such a character who is teaching children and adults a language through idioms and humor.

(If you play with fire…)

Why I know “Kaboons” is the next big multi Billion $ hit.

I was a born serial entrepreneur, at the age of 4 years my family lived in Enschede The Netherlands. During a sunny day the neighbor came to visit my mom and asked her, do you know where your son is? Sure, my mom answered he is playing outside in the garden, the neighbor said: no, he is not. My mother panicked and rushed in into the garden and started yelling my name out loud. The neighbour then pointed a finger at the local market which could be seen from our house and said that’s where I just saw your son. My mother rushed to the market and there I stood on this little box holding oranges in my hands. I was praising the fruit as the best healthy orange you could ever eat and the customers loved it. The salesperson knew my family and spotted me wandering around alone at the market after I escaped from my mother’s garden. He asked me to repeat a sentence about the oranges and stand on this little box, I was in instant success, except for almost causing my mom a heart attack.

I was a happy kid and very creative (but started to use my brains a little late)

My mother came from a family of entrepreneurs, her father had a butcher shop and his business barely survived the WW2 however he persevered to provide for his family of 6 children. Many uncles of my mother’s were all butchers and ran their own businesses. I loved that side of my family, at birthdays there where big BMW’s and Mercedes cars from some of the uncle’s and they gave me one guilder to get a beer each time they finished their beverages. The family gatherings were full of life and laughter!

The Three Entrepreneurs my Brother Joris Boon, Kasper “The Brain” Boon and Bas Boon

Kasper “The Brain” Boon

My father came from a very good family, his grandfather was a famous architect (published a book about design and architecture) he was successful and wealthy. He was intelligent and artistic, studied astrology and was far ahead of his time. He had an impressive collection of post stamps and coins he collected My father could sometimes drive a Studebaker car at that while there where not even decent roads in the Netherlands at that time. My mother graduated from the Dutch Athenaeum school (“Athenaeum” A London club founded in 1824, originally for men of distinction in literature, art, and learning) She studied at an evening school when she was going to give birth to me.  At least I know now my parents gave my excellent brains but in my youth I was rebelous and didn’t want to study, so I start using them a little late.

My father became a professor, doctor, engineer and a dean for the Open University of Maastricht in Holland. When my father was a student he created a company called Medico which he later sold, he invented things and loved to help and mentor anybody who had problems with learning. My daughter Samantha Boon and daughter of my brother Sidney Boon would not have passed their school exams if it was not for the hours my father reserved for tutoring them to help them study.

“To smell a rat”

When my father was reaching his pension age he stopped working as a dean for the university, two years before his pension at age 63. He started his own company and started to develop courses and systems on how you can learn a language. He was passionate about education!  My mom and my aunt worked in this company and eventually it grew into a company with over 30 employees after he found the right business partner. During this he had an idea how to teach English expressions by the help of a deck of cards, he called them Kaboons© by Kasper Boon.

“Look Daggers”

Billion $ Franchise Now here is where it is gets interesting, these “Kaboons” have the potential to become a Billion $ franchise. My father developed a card game with his cartoons for learning by idioms. This became a huge success and 60.000 units were sold in The Netherlands. I asked my father to make these cards in the English version. If you can sell 60.000 units in Holland, hey there are bigger markets out there. My vision was bigger, I can see this product turning into the next Beavis and Butthead, Sponge Bob and Square Pants, Angry Birds, Program with the mouse… The selling of over 60.000 “Kaboons” units (card game) in The Netherlands alone proves this idea and the image is a huge success. With the right approach and investments, a television show could be produced with short animated films.

Short animation programs of 15 to 20 seconds. The short films could be shown every 15 minutes during children’s programming on TV (I am thinking of the Cartoon Network, The Children Channel, CBeebies, The Kids TV Networks…) this way the children can learn, it’s a challenge and the brand becomes familiar. These “Kaboons” can also be used for daily political sketches of worldwide leaders, even better the right game producer would turn these “Kaboons” in the next “angry birds” but in a positive way, to learn and outsmart others.

About my father:

At the age of 14 my father Kasper Boon started as a student of the famous cartoonist Tom Smits (New Yorker). This must have been the artistic gene which spread in the family and made Joey Boon my father’s grandchild a modern day “Rembrandt”.

After his studie (physics) he enrolled at Twente University. In 1984 he moved to the Dutch Open University. He worked as Rector of that university from 1990 – 1992. From 1996 to 2005 he worked as full professor at Maastricht University. He was Dean of the Department of General Sciences. At Baylor University (Texas, USA) he gave lectures on Innovation. At CRH (Irish multinational, 90.000 employees) at first, he was responsible for the coordination of innovation in the division Building Accessories and responsible for the e-learning academy in that area. He wrote numerous books with the pen name Albert Sickler. Addison Wesley started many publishing houses in Europe based on his books. The focus has always been on education. As a hobby he made simple language courses (audio books and cartoons “Kaboons”). These Kaboons are currently used in a highly successful card game for children with over 60.000 units sold in the Netherlands alone. Together with Hans Schuurmans he started the largest online educational institute in the Netherlands (

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“Don’t count your chickens”

“Bite the Bullitt”

“Bite off more than one can chew”

Investors: “To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

(C) Bas Boon

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