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McGregor, Putin, Trump. The power of the Fight Game! Conor McGregor’s Official “The Notorious” Instagram starts with “The Face of the Fight Game,” and yes, Conor, you are the Face of the Fight Game!

I promoted the first MMA event on European soil on June 7th, 1995, and the politicians and media called it human “Cockfights.” The start of a new fight game area.

Trump, Putin, McGregor Faces of the Fight Game!

I understood early on that the sport/platform would transform the fighters into an inspiration for youth and advertisement stars. However, what follows is Dutch Politicians involvement in the Fight Game, even the justice department (in a wrong and ultra-negative way). MMA will be officially forbidden even after many court cases!  

Fast forward to January 2020, McGregor becomes one of the biggest names in Sports, and the UFC has a market value of approximately 5 Billion Dollars.  

Renzo Gracie, Frederico Lapenda, and Victor Belfort

Brazilian Ambassadors Renzo Gracie, Victor Belfort, and my partner Frederico Lapenda is in the middle.

The Fight Game has become so successful that everybody wants to be involved. Newspapers write huge positive articles. Talk shows interview the fighters, royals, and even politicians who want to be part of the sport. 

Even Trump and Putin openly support the sport by attending the events and befriending fighters and promoters. We can see a tweet of McGregor where he meets Putin.

Genki Sudo, the Japanese fighter, became a congressman in Japan. Wanderley Silvia ran for congress in 2018. The title of Ambassadors by the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro for Renzo Gracie, Victor Belfort, and my partner Frederico Lapenda.

Billion-dollar branding.

The bottom line is that MMA has reached the pinnacle of success, and McGregor is the perfect example. His Proper Twelve whisky the first year reported a staggering 1 billion in sales reports (according to the Mirror in the UK).

Just like George Clooney founded the tequila brand “Casamigos,” which he sold for 1 billion with a B!

Bas Boon and Sakuraba in Tokyo, Japan

Now Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are challenging McGregor for a fight. Sure they would only challenge him into a boxing match with boxing rules. They know the PPV numbers are off the charts with McGregor.

If I managed McGregor, I would suggest boxing vs. Muay Thai. Add kicking and knees; this should make the event of the decade. 

McGregor is 20,20, the richest fighter at the age of 32.

Regardless of who McGregor fights, Mayweather or Pacquiao, it is a success. With those two fights next for Mc Gregor, five more countries ordered 2 billion dollars more of proper twelve whiskeys.

In 2020 Conor McGregor will be the wealthiest fighter on the planet at age 32! Many stories will emerge in the press, like how McGregor was injured. He had tons of personal issues during his first encounter with Khabib.

The next time he will come prepared and have a mindset of Tony Robbins and Scott Adams combined.

I wonder how the politicians who fought so hard to block the sport of MMA feel now? 

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have been fans and promoted the sport from the beginning.

Glory and K-1 Heavyweight Champion Semmy Schilt

Management suggestion for team McGregor

Connor:  When Joe Rogan interviews you after the fight, choose the angle that correctly shows Proper Twelve Whiskey can be seen over your shoulders.

A picture with Coner Mc Gregor and Donald Trump all toasting with proper twelve. I know both presidents do not drink, but that picture would be epic. Headline McGregor unites Trump and Putin with the taste of proper twelve, no more wars, just a zip of Irish McGregor whisky.

It is an honor to see how your career has progressed and that you are the face of the Fight Game. A brand and lifestyle that my partner Frederico Lapenda and I have been promoting for over a decade. Success man!!!

Fight Game Business The Power of Visualisation.

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