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Elon Musk vs. Zelensky, Twitter AI Bots Alert. After Russia annexed the Donbas region, the West started to promote how Ukraine is re-conquering all these territories. According to Western and US media, the Ukrainian army is slaughtering the Russians.

The Russians are fleeing Ukraine; it’s the end of the Russian military. The gear of the Russians is old, out-of-date vehicles. Their nuclear launcher wagons are not able to drive. Ukraine’s counter-offensive is incredible. The Russian population is fleeing Russia, and nobody wants to fight Putin’s War.

The Washington Post has an article.

“Refuting Annexation, Ukrainian forces push on from Lyman toward Luhansk.”

Some moron at the WP writes about eight corpses of Russian soldiers near a road proving the Russian defeat and withdrawal at Lyman. But then, only reporters at the place of origin filming the WP-described scene showing only civilian cars and casualties. There are no Tanks with a Z or any Russian death soldiers.

As if eight dead Russian soldiers, if they were there, would prove anything? The post describes that some of the Russian soldier’s faces had their mouth open. It looked like they were screaming and in shock. Who is the moron who writes this garbage? This “journalist” is picking up lines straight out of a Stephen King or Dean Koonz novel. Pretending this is journalism is despicable.

Let’s attack a Nuclear Power Plant with a Tactical Nuclear Weapon. Say What?

Ukraine is attacking the area where the nuclear power plant is based, which Russia controls. The specific target is this Nuclear Power Plant. CNN reports by their hired propaganda retired general Mark Kimmitt that Ukraine plans to strike the area with a tactical nuclear weapon. Are people wholly gone insane?

WTF, a nuclear attack on a nuclear power plant. People should round up all these advisers and media whores who report this garbage. These brainless, paid propagandists should get life in prison for propagating such insane rhetoric. Retired general Mark Kimmitt reads his scripted propaganda by Fake News King CNN.

CNN and Mass media: Nothing about peace, options are to die slower, nuclear attack, or everything in between. What is wrong with these people?

Elon Musk Peace Suggestion Tweet.

Humanity should praise entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. His vision for a better world and the execution to make the world a better place are astonishing. The last image I can get out of my head is Elon Musk in swimming shorts showing his skin whiter than a milk bottle. This white, out-of-shape body is what sleeping on your factory floor and never making time for yourself does.

I understand it is frustrating for people like him that people with far less brain capacity could mess up humanity living on earth.

It did not take long, and the response from Zelensky came. In the usual rhetoric, Zelensky and his cronies accuse Musk of being a Putin lover. This response from Zelensky is ironic, considering that Elon Musk might have caused the war prolongation.

What if Zelensky’s regime did not have satellite communications through the donated StarLink Sattelites access from Elon Musk? The outcome of the War between Ukraine and Russia could already be in favor of Russia.

Zelensky responded to the Elon Musk tweet with his own Twitter Poll.

Again I have been following this from the beginning. The support of Zelensky suddenly goes to 80% after first there is majority support for Elon Musk. Are these the Twitter Bots at work, and is Elon using this data for his upcoming court case?

We should be extremely grateful that a person like Elon Musk is trying to start a dialogue and peaceful solution instead of escalating this conflict into a worldwide nuclear war disaster.

Is there more to this peace initiative tweet of Elon Musk?

Most of us probably know that Elon Musk was in a law suite about him backing off his twitter purchase. Now here is where things could get extremely interesting. What if Musk’s lawyers and other hired internet experts closely monitor the tweets and answers to those tweets by Elon Musk and Zelensky?

Several people following the Tweets between Elon Musk and Zelensky have witnessed something weird. When Elon first tweeted his question and asked the Twitter audience for their opinion, an overwhelming number of users liked the proposal from Musk. There was sympathy, and the balance of people who liked the peace initiative “tweet” favored Elon Musk.

Not long after this positive response, the balance started to change, and suddenly, about 75% of the Twitter “users” were against Elon Musk Peace proposal ideas and pro-war.

In March 2022, Zelensky thanked Elon Musk for delivering another batch of Starlink systems. In my opinion, this prolonged the War, and Elon Musk understands the slaughter of innocents. Extending a battle for the same possible outcome is madness. People who are good at math should realize this.

Did Elon Musk bring out the AI Twitter Bots?

One of the main issues regarding the purchase of Twitter by Musk was the threshold of allowing 5% bots. The agreement said that there should not be more than 5% bots. I think by now, the bots issue is irrelevant. Musk should buy Twitter and make the changes, so the censorship department is gone. I can’t wait for my bogus strikes to disappear and see my audience grow.

This latest Ukraine Peace proposal tweet could have multiple purposes and is a genius move from Musk. What if an army of Musk lawyers and internet experts are mapping the Twitter Accounts that respond to the Peace proposal tweet from Musk? Imagine an army of warmongering pro-war bots deliberately activating and shaping a narrative to show that most people believe peace is terrible.

This move would put the media and other social media companies in the spotlight of warmongering pro-war propaganda outlets.

The power of Persuasion.

Elon Musk’s tweet is brilliant. It shows you “The power of Persuasion.” It is a classic example out of a book by Scott Adams that “makes you think past the sale.”
To argue in favor of this peace proposal is simple, and the key is to keep it simple.

First of all, Crimea was already a long-time territory of Russia. When the Russians finally took this land, the Ukrainians put concrete in the main river(and sabotaged a Dam), which supplied the water for Crimea. This sabotage caused the industry to halt and slow down dramatically. Many of the two million Russians who lived in Crimea fled to Russia.

To bring up Crimea is not productive. Whatever reason you think you might have about Crimea is unproductive and stops any progress for a peaceful solution.

In 1991 The breakaway regions all voted with huge majorities for independence. After the coup from Obama in 2014 in Ukraine, the slaughtering of Russians in those territories intensified. The video documentary from Oliver Stone, “Ukraine on Fire,” has been banned by youtube.

Full-on retarded untrue dangerous propaganda on how to protect yourself against a Nuclear Strike.

One of the mentioned instructions is to remove your Nuclear contaminated clothing, to keep nuclear dust and contamination from your body, wtf? Here comes grandma with a handkerchief.

Here is what you should know about Fake Media.

They push you to feel guilty if you have a neutral stance on this War to avoid a nuclear war. To see how ridicule’s their propaganda is for justifying a nuclear war, do not look further than the warning video about what to do to protect yourself in case atomic bombs go off.
Do you think the Ukraine Press is independent (only one pro-Zelenksy Media Corporation from his boss Kolomoisky is left) in bringing you the news?

Now let’s go back to the Washington Post article.

The WP never had any correspondent on the ground. The propaganda war piece is pure fiction, and some quotes in the newspaper come from Ukraine-reported “news.” I watch, for example, the YouTube channel of Patrick Lancaster, who mainly reports from the front when bullets fly around his head. That will give you a completely different view of the War, especially what people think in the breakaway regions.

Just watch the media headlines favor the response of Zelensky over Elon Musk’s peace proposal.

Another reason for Fake News is money!

I wrote earlier about the economic hitman and how the US, with Biden, Monsanto, and the IMF with big worldwide oil companies, slowly owned the whole of all significant Ukrainian resources, including oil fields and Agriculture lands. I wrote a blog in 2014 about Ukraine, which I upgraded in 2021. Check it out.

Here is how an honest report in the Washington Post could change the Nuclear Escalation threat. This piece written by me could change the War directly for the good of peace. Let’s describe the same situation in the Washington Post with a different headline.

Fictionary Title of the Washington Post.

“Ukraine regained a city but lost another two regiments.”

The Zelensky regime made an all-out push to regain some small pieces of Russian conquered Ukrainian land. The Ukrainian army suffered another two regiments of 4000 soldiers each. The total amount of soldiers who are still combating operative on the battlefield for Ukraine is only 25% since the War began.

Seventy-Five percent of Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or permanently hospitalized fighting the War for the West and the US. The Russian soldiers quietly pulled back from Lyman without losing too many soldiers to regroup for a new attack.

According to the Kremlin, this was done because of a dispute over the new border lines of the breakaway territories.

The coming attack will be with the full force of the Russian army. Russia can do this now as the referendum showed that the breakaway territories are official with Russia. The people voted to be with Russia in those territories. Unfortunately, this will start the real War, Ukraine supply lines and other strategic targets outside the breakaway territories are now becoming real targets.

How does the Tweet of Elon Musk look now to the public?

The options for Zelensky look smaller and smaller to defend Ukraine from destruction. Just imagine the Washington Post would have written what I wrote. Would even a penny more go to Ukraine sent by the US or its western allies?

Think about what an army of pro-Elon Musk Bots would do. A few thousand advanced AI pro-peace Bots. When Musk takes over Twitter, this is a real possibility.

Ukraine has a mountain of new war debt. This is on top of the big industrial companies already owning most of Ukraine’s resources and prestige lands. This pictures a Grimm reality. Ukraine is broke, bankrupt, and finished, and carrying more money to this lost cause is like bringing water to the sea. Elon Musk suggests avoiding more human slaughter before the inevitable outcome should be everybody’s priority.

The Russian army is 9 x bigger than that of Ukraine. The Ukraine army is 22 on the list of substantial troops, and Russia is number 2. Do people believe in an all-out war Zelensky with the Azov (what’s left of it) battalion would win the War? Just do the math, even with a Ukrainian advantage in high-tech weaponry, which America is testing for free on people who fight the Ukrainian battlefields.

Here is the problem with AI Bots.

An AI Bot can become more successful with followers and political influence than any human. These social media and Fake news outlets are the narrative makers and brainwash the sheeple. Elon Musk is putting 45 billion on the line to solve one of these problems.

The tweets of Elon Musk about this War could open up a whole can of the Twitter sewer. I can see it is happening in front of our eyes. The question is can Elon Musk save the world on time?

It’s easy to recognize these types of bots:

Trump’s law suite of mainstream media and against Hillary Clinton about Russian Collusion Propaganda

Do not think that the Raid on Trump’s house Mar-A-Lago is related to some secret documents violation. Trump has several court cases against the deep state. Not only are there billions of dollars at stake for the Fake News but pretty much their existence.

All this is happening while I am writing this blog. Unfortunately, the news reports a giant atomic submarine from the Russians is missing. Imagine believing that a Russian special ops team in a sub found a way to Denmark and Sweden’s territory. Blow up their Nordstream pipeline and miraculously, without detection when the whole world was looking for the culprit, found their way back to Russia.

The media, like in Switzerland, depict Putin as a clown.

Flirting with a Nuclear War is the epiphany of human stupidity. With all the technological advantages and increasing life expectations, we are still primitive egocentric, selfish cunts. I do not blame the uneducated people who never read or know anything about history.

No, it’s a massive part of so-called intellectuals, experts, big corporations, and Fake Media who are monsters that propagate hate, war, and death for mostly ego motives and self-enrichment.

Imagine you are a young Ukrainian and Russian soldier on the front lines. It’s cold. You lay in a ditch. And you are hungry; your next small canned Tuna food is the same meal as every last month. You are freezing now, and it’s raining bombs on you.

During the first and second World Wars, you were happy with these canned Tuna, even every day as many times everybody knew what the feeling of hunger feels like.

The poverty made anybody join the military just for a can of Tuna. There was no internet, entertainment, or social media. The was a massive depression, and life was extremely harsh.

Canned Tuna for Nuclear War Dinner.

Ping says your Smart Mobile phone of a soldier at the frontlines. A message from your hometown, your love is sending a picture. She and your best male friend are having dinner in a restaurant. A juicy 300-gram grass-fed organic Australian medium rare cooked beef is smiling at you from a dinner plate Instagram picture.

No need to be jealous. Just an innocent dinner with friends, with love, Natasja.
As I live in Thailand, I might start to buy shares of Thai Union, a market leader in the world for exporting canned Tuna. This investment is an excellent idea if a nuclear war breaks out. The problem is, I might start glowing in the dark as a human, and the only piece of food with no radiation might be a piece of canned Tuna I just swallowed.

WWIII Imminent, are Globalists Behind Sabotage on the Nord Stream Pipeline?

(C) Bas Boon

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