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“Top Gun” revives male masculinity, but no place for LGBTQIA? I ordered the movie top gun through my apple TV. I watched the movie, and for the first time in a long time, I could watch the film from the finish till the end. As a moviemaker, I admire the performance of Tom Cruise, who looks 40 while his actual age is 60.

Here lies the secret of life, do what you love with passion. Jerry Bruckheimer is the master of producing action films and has a flair for no-nonsense. An iconic producer, a good scriptwriter, and an excellent actor. No room for CRT education and LGBTQIA political correctness messages. This movie is now one of the biggest successes of all time—a feel-good message to what’s left over for the male-masculinity community. The “Top Gun” film is about successful military pilots achieving the impossible, and their love life is perfect.

I want to congratulate the movie’s writer; the script is a perfect sequel about love and daredevils. Now the current status of gross revenue is 1.4 billion and rising. This financial monster achievement is without the Chinese movie territory. They will probably ban the movie in China. China’s excuse is perhaps the recent visit of Pelosi and democrats to the island of Taiwan.

This lame excuse is a farce as the movie depicts strong US military performances and team spirit of strongly built heroic American pilots. That is not the image the Chinese communist party would want to show their people.

The movie Top Gun proves why Andrew Tate is so successful. He is pointing out the good aspects of male masculinity.

The Big Tech giants conspired and canceled Andrew Tate from social media, app stores, G-mail, and bank services. The state wants obedient enslaved people, not strong men thinking for themselves with self-confidence and unlimited possibilities. Andrew Tate’s brand “Top G” must have been a stroke of brilliance, especially with the movie Top Gun breaking all kinds of records.

The worldwide gender-fluid, gender identity, genderqueer, and LGBTQIA promotion has enormous consequences. Most men become victimized, soy boy vegan depressed trans multiple fruit cakes. Say one wrong word about the gender-neutral LGBTQ offended community, and they ban you.

The world’s overlords do not allow you to have your opinion about getting the jab or wearing a mask. Not possible. There is no room for nationalism or male masculinity. Meat eaters, unvaccinated and male masculinity communities are the new enemies of the state. Don’t criticize, don’t ask questions, and be a good soy boy.

The big Tech giants, big pharma, and the media enablers will fry you if you deviate from their rules. You become a forever racist bigot, and they marked you for life.

What if a Hollywood LGBTQ transgender pedophile wrote this Top Gun movie?

Most Hollywood scriptwriters must all be gay. Or they pay the writers to insert certain gender-fluid and queer promotion scenes for whatever benefit.

I am not saying that all transgender LGBTQIA cult members are pedophiles but just for this case.

Here is part of a liberal lunatic script writer for the Top Gun Movie sequel. The writer is a gender-fluid, none binary, African American impf.

Tom Cruise’s wingmen would have been a South African transgender dwarf whose identity is as a cherry blossom flower. The enemy in the movie is white supremacist Trump supporters who are ready to take over the US by force backed up by evil Russians. Trump made a deal with the North Koreans. 

Eight months-long Trump took pictures of his stolen documents. A friend of Trump’s hands over photocopies of stolen documents stored at Mara-A-Lago to Kim of North Korea. Kim builds a unique new nuclear power plant from the information he receives from Trump’s stolen records.

Pedo Peter instructs Hunter Biden to assemble an elite team of US Pilots, to destroy the North Korean nuclear power plant.

Switch back to reality, Top Gun. Fact; there was no name and country attached to the enemy. Another brilliant move from the writer and producers. The movie has no evil Russian, Nazi, or Chinese enemies, which I thought was brilliant.

The LGBTQ pedophile transgender writer: Take one.

The first scene of the Top Gun liberal lunatic movie will be in a gay bar where little 10-year-old transgender Desmond gets the leading pole dance role. The pilots all put money in the G-string of little Desmond. He is their favorite transgender child. The sexy woman who owns the bar in the Maverick Top Gun movie and is Tom Cruise’s lover is now a bearded transgender person, a fat, overweighted social justice warrior.

Maybe this part is an excellent opportunity for a co-writer like a writer who wrote “She-Hulk.” Or the writer who wrote the scene of a batwoman who saves a batman.

The bar scenes need several close-ups of gay men kissing with their tongues out to add some cultural flavor to the movie. The liberal lunatic Top Gun’s movie’s highlight is a shower scene with Tom making love with the bearded fat transgender with their big dingelings swinging about. Future movie posters with the shower scene are the favorite collector’s items for the LGBTQIA cultist.

Mainly two writers rewrote the Chinese version of the film and censored the movie to adapt for the Chinese market. They have to rewrite all these scenes (shot at the same time).

Remember the movie “The Interview? Eminem announces to the media guy James Franco on live TV that he is gay.

Scene Two: The gay CNN journalist has a threesome with a monkey.

In the liberal lunatic version of Top Gun, we can see the script of a similar surprise like Eminem in the movie the Ïnterview”. There is a leak of a sex tape of Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, who had a threesome with a monkey. The two CNN star reporters sit on the bombshell Pedo Peter report but decide it’s better not to publish it. Instead, they come forward with the statement they did have a threesome with a monkey in the liberal lunatic version of Top Gun.

How can we forget the dildo scene of liberal Lunatic Seth Rogan in the movie “The Interview”? The producer knew this was no joke and that half of every day, Seth walks around with these colossal dildos up his butt. The LGBTQIA community had spontaneous orgasms in the cinema chairs.

Ooh, James Franco, the main character in the movie “The Interview,” has been in and out of court for rape allegations. But a fine of 2.2 million dollars makes it all go away, a parking ticket for Hollywood perverts.

Second scene. This scene will be in a high-tech nightclub where Tom Cruise has to choose between different sex robots with automatic rotating telescopic penises. The guest star for this scene is Mark Zuckerberg, who hands Tom Cruise new Meta virtue night goggles. The night goggles are not for flying at night and infrared purposes. It is a joke as the virtue reality glasses bring Tom to a place where he participates in an orgy with virgins of unknown age.

White supremacist ass whooping scene.

In the café where the pilots hang out, there is a scene of a brawl between the white supremacist pilots and the poor black bullied African American pilots. The white supremacist insulted the south African transgender dwarf wingmen. The heroic impf response is that he stabs three white supremacists.

The bearded transgender fat overweight social justice warrior finished off two of the stabbed white supremacist pilots by choking them to death. The whole café applauses and the great balls of fire music song start to play. The LGBTQIA staff all start stripping.

In a back room, the teen daughter is watching some cartoons (see video below). She is getting an orgasm on the couch with the local Labrador. All her school friends make short videos for their Instagram and TikTok accounts of the bestiality scenes. It is so much fun.

Scene three: Punishment

The following week Tom Cruise starts teaching Critical Race theory for ten 10 hours a day. It is essential to communicate in the simulation and use the right pronounces. There are special drills every day for pilots who use the wrong pronunciation. They have to write 1000x on the airplane’s runway the correct gender identity and “I shall not bully.” No push-ups in this liberal lunatic version of Top Gun because this will promote male masculinity and show muscular male bodies as a result. 

Scene four. The End

When Tom Cruise successfully destroys the nuclear plant, a Russian fighter jet that helps North Korea shoots down our hero. Tom burns a life, and his transgender fat overweight social justice warrior gay friend starts a relationship with Tom’s boss, the South African general. 

The male gay couple becomes the first worldwide diversity transgender (one of the gay males is a transgender) couple to deliver three more ultimate diversity babies. Therefore, they are the first ever gay, transgender couple with five family members. The family becomes the poster family for the LGBTQIA cult. All three newborn babies are girls, but the couple already bought boys rainbow clothes. The baby boys’ clothes purchases are not a waste as these unique gays and transgender parents already see that the little infants all want to be boys from birth.

They have already scheduled surgery at the Children’s National Hospital to remove their kid’s uterus. This Children’s National Hospital became extra widespread after a post of Libs on Tik Tok. The fathers have a few years before the gender affirmation surgery. Plenty of time to look for the perfect custom-made designer penises for their kids. What excellent progress humanity has made.

Five months later first baby words are “pwenis.”

(C) Bas Boon

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