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Propaganda, CNN Lies, Isis Jihad John Fake Beheading. This blog describes the propaganda and fearmongering from the Media. How can they scare you the most and get you with terrorism reports?

I just happened to be switching channels, and I watched CNN last night. I do not find it surprising that the viewing rates are at an old-time low. This is18th of November 2014. They need war and human suffering to get ratings.

CNN The Anderson Cooper dropped to 53.000 in the demo; There is a reason why CNN is the epiphany of Fake News with Gay ex-CIA employee Anderson Cooper and the dumbest man in Media Land, Don Lemon.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Hits All-Time Ratings Low.

Do you wonder why? Here is why.

Fake News Fear T.V.

Like there is a program indication of Sports and Business with CNN, their primary programming should be called Fear T.V.

I analyze the CNN “news” from 18th November 2014.

CNN starts with a new beheading video. One of the world’s most wanted new terrorists “Jihadi John, may be wounded. My last propaganda blog wrote that the media always comes up with these catchy nicknames. Jihad John or Polder Jihadist, Khalid K for example.

Check out Khalid K, the Polder Jihadist from Holand. The terrorist with nine lives.

This is done intentionally. Jihad John will be remembered. It will stay in our subconscious minds, unlike just plain old John ( easier to remember than Abdel-Majed-Abdel-Bary ).

Nick Names Stick Into Your Brain.

Behind the scenes, the lawyers from the Hollywood blockbuster GI Joe may have objected to the ISIS nickname. The first ISIS terrorist toy dolls show up. It will not be long until a journalist writes a book about Jihad John. The British “rapper” murderer brutally cuts off heads in the name of religion.

Jihad John headlined so many media front pages even Oprah would be jealous. The plans for the Jihad John toy dolls are developed.

This is Fake News propaganda from a whole new level.

It is rumored that the dolls come in pairs with Jihad John in black clothes. The victim is always in orange clothes. These victims’ dolls in orange costumes come with several removable heads.

Jihad John has extra merchandise, swords, and knives. He has a little voice recorder in his back, hollering –  Allah ooh Akbar.

Nurse Tweets about Terrorist Patient.

Officially the Fake News reports that a nurse in a Syrian hospital heard an wounded Isis terrorist with a British accent speak. She did not recognize Jihan John from T.V. because of the mask. J.J. is always wearing a mask.

The nurse tweets about this British wounded Isis terrorist. An English tabloid magazine publishes the tweet. Now the story found its way to CNN, the BBC, and the rest of the worldwide media.

Something similar to the first report of a YouTube video. A “Russian separatist” masked man said they shot down a passenger plane in Ukraine. The footage was Fake, and I am sure by now Google removed it ever existed.

Journalism is reaching new heights these days. Anderson Cooper is wondering why he with CNN is hitting a rating low. It would not surprise me we can read that Anderson’s popularity declined because he made the public announcement of being gay (3 July 2012). That’s always a good excuse, and he is the victim.

How to make a viral Propaganda video: Fake viral video, Syria Hero Boy, was produced by a Norwegian film crew/with 5 million hits!

Professional Child Actor on Movie set in Greece doing some Syria Fake News propaganda short film

Need Some Good News.

After the U.S. bombed empty buildings and blunders, the Americans needed some good news. Quote CNN from CNN reporter to their Tv audience.: “and shows hints of desperation by the terror group, analysts say.” Wow Good!

Do they not show the actual killing on video? No kidding? The last time they tried to establish a live beheading Jihad John did a terrible job. For some reason, the “director” cuts the beheading scene after five separate stabbings in the neck. Not a single drop of blood is seen, which should be gushing out of James Foley’s neck (medically impossible, should be sprays of blood).

The knife Jihad John is using is so small. It would not cut a potato in half. Later the cut-off head is shown, and it looks like the director was sliced perfectly with one cut as a piece of sliced sushi.

The Viewers Get Smarter.

Indeed the audience is not as dumb anymore. More and more websites and media report that the videos are false. So much so that 99% removed the video (YouTube removed it ).

Isis cut off the head of James Foley elsewhere. They have to promote the character, Jihad John. All this is intended to embed the minds of the masses with this loser terrorist.

To remind us: all previous Jihad john beheading videos turn out to be fake:

The link from “cut2thetruth another fake Isis beheading David Cameron pledges war for as long as it takes” is removed.

Back To The Latest Behanding News From CNN.

Analyst says the production is different. This time it is more essential. In the other videos, threats are made for new beheadings. This time there are no threats. S

Indeed the difference now is that J.J. lays down wounded in a Syrian hospital. According to a nurse’s Twitter report and an English tabloid magazine. There were no orange clothes for the victims, a distinct difference that a child of five years old would notice.

CNN ëxpert “analyst, yeah, the victim could have died a few days earlier. They even cut off his voice.

Spare us the analyst “experts.” Please notice I dislike ISIS and everything it stands for. In my opinion, they need to wipe all of these delusional lunatics from the face of the earth. I am just analyzing the news myself.

It’s sad to see what has become of journalism these days. People believe even bad propaganda to be accurate and fewer people care to question any of it.

Dutch Mother Monique rescues her daughter from ISIS.

To make things juicier, how about this for a change of pace?

The RTL link is removed said Maastrichtse bevrijdt Jihad dochter uit wespennest. In English: A mother from Maastricht Holland set her daughter free from a nest of wasp (Jihadist). They probably had a visit from the Dutch secret service.

In the Dutch news, there’s a story of a mother. She went to Syria to rescue her 19-year-old daughter from the hands of Isis. The daughter left for Turkey to marry Yilmaz (a Turkish Dutch Muslim extremist). He radicalized her, and she went with Yilmaz to Syria to marry him.

Her mother, Monique, got a distressed call from her 19-year-old daughter. Just a few months later, they moved to the Syrian city of Ragga. These days better known as the capital city of the Caliphate.

The mother did not think twice after that call to rescue her daughter. She left by herself with some headscarves to disguise her face. She traveled to Ragga and successfully got her daughter back to the Turkish border. The Turks stop the Mother and Daughter at the border.

The daughter does not have a passport. The Dutch ministry of foreign affairs is now thankfully taking care of this case. Officials of Dutch foreign affairs expect them to be back in Maastricht, Holland, within one week.

A mother travels alone to the Califate to get her daughter back.

Bravo, mother Monique, could you please inform the AIVD about your observations? Tell the Dutch secret service and the CIA which route you take to the ISIS hot spot. Which contacts did you use? Maybe you can teach the AIVD some new tricks. Did you see Jihad John by any chance?

They are bombing empty buildings and have problems with finding targets. But Mother Monique just singlehandedly got her daughter out of the capital city of the Caliphate. 

I wrote before two thousand radicalized Dutch imbecilic went to Syria to join the Caliphate. The Dutch secret service knows that. Why not send 50 snipers on the same route that Mother Monique went? Give them some invisible harry potter capes and hundreds of rounds of ammunition each. Then drop those retards like flies. Sounds like a plan?

This is like watching the Truman show except with bad directors and settings.

Hey, but at least with this horrific Isis propaganda, Fake News CNN ratings are above the survival threshold again. Not that it matters. Anderson Coopers is a former CIA (former?). Do some research yourself, and do not trust anything you see.

CNN will always get funds as state propaganda T.V., like the BBC, and taxpayers’ citizens pay them.

Anderson should travel to the Califate to do some interviews, like mother Monique. He should ensure he went to a hairdresser first and brought a rainbow flag. For sure, his head will roll. Not that would boost CNN ratings.

(c) Bas Boon

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