Mon. May 20th, 2024

Baby Kato Visits Buddhist Temples in Thailand. Thailand, the land of the smiles, indeed, the followers of this YouTube channel have now witnessed the change the Kato Boon Family has made moving from their luxury Pattaya resort to a small Pig farm in the Esan. The Esan is a district of farmland that stretched for two thousand miles. The Kato Boon Family lives near the border of Laos.

Visiting Temples for good Karma with the KatoBoonFamily

Today we decided to take a trip and show Baby Kato some Buddha temples. The fantastic landscape and Buddha temples in the high mountains are an incredible experience. I have never been a religious person, but Buddhism fascinates me as it was a real person who lived about 2500 years ago and started his path of enlightenment in India. Do not confuse this with the Chinese monk Budia (who depicts as “the “laughing Buddha”).

The life of Buddha.

I am talking of the Buddha known as Siddhartha Gotama or Siddhartha Gautama born in Nepal. He was a mendicant, philosopher, spiritual leader, meditator, and some say a religious leader and a wise man. He is the founder of the world religion of Buddhism, which I never understood as there is no guideline or book with rules. There is a book with the name “Tripitaka” another name for the book is “Pali Canon”. First, the teachings of Buddha’s teachings pass from mouth to mouth. And later it was written down in some edited version.

Thailand Rice Harvesting with the Funny KatoBoonFamily

The teachings of Buddha are impressive, to say the least, and give a great insight into how lifestyle and good deeds would determine Karma and happiness.  At Buddhist schools, his followers worship him as the Enlightened One; they believe that the Enlightened One has transcended Karma and escaped birth and rebirth.

Baby Kato loves the new environment of golden-plated temples. He gets wholly fascinated when mama and Rak and grandmother hand over a pig head for the monks.

If you have never been to Thailand, this video will make sure you will put it on top of your bucket list.

Funny Kato Boon Buddha Day Photoshoot Fails.

(c) Bas Boon

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