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Frog “Princess” and Funny Baby Kato, a Fairy Tail Kiss. The KatoBoonFamily is visiting relatives in the Isan who have a frog farm (Frog: pronounced Kob in Thai). Baby Kato loves his new encounter with this amphibian, but it does not take long, and things get out of hand. When the family finally returns from the Frog Farm, they have to bring a specific frog for Kato; the frog seems to like Funny Baby Kato. The frog and Kato play together, and Kato even puts the frog in his pocket. Could this frog be the virgin princess from some new fairy-tale?

The new frog friend of Kato speaks?

Kato claims the frog speaks, and he is having conversations with the frog. This frog is unique; it can talk and claims that it will turn into a virgin princess if you kiss the frog. Papa Bas and Mama Rak did not pay attention for one second, and suddenly they could not find the frog anymore. Why does Funny Baby Kato claim he does not know where the frog went?

In many countries, frog legs are a delicatessen and high on the menu card. Many states/countries have frog farms where they treat animals not the right way. As you can see in this video, the frog has plenty of room; they are well fed and not stressed.

It’s all fun. The Boon Family loves frogs and princesses.

No animals got hurt in the Baby Kato Video series. Between a hundred million and one billion frogs are served each year because of their tasty legs. Till now, not one of those frogs has turned into a princess. At the end of the video, Papa Bas reveals a sage from Funny Baby Kato about why he kept putting the frog in his pocket (did Kato Kiss the frog for a princess to appear?); this will surprise everybody.

Thailand Island Funny Fishing Fails with Kato Boon

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