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CNN War Propaganda: Islam vs The West, The Pope Condones Violence! Plane Crash Voice Recorder: Allahu Akbar!

CNN War Propaganda :Islam vs The West, The Pope Condones Violence! Plane Crash Voice Recorder: Allahu Akbar!
Full CNN coverage of the arrival of the Pope in the Philippines. The editing job is interesting: CNN reports: We are searching for Frances most wanted terrorist the female Boumeddiene and 3 Islam Jihadists were killed,  the shot then switches back to the pope leaving the plane after landing in the Philippines. 
According to CNN the pope is visiting the Philippines to bring back faith to the people as more and more Filipino’s are leaving the Church. Wonder why? Ooh wait maybe it has to do with the terrible hurricane and weather disasters which hit the “praying” Philippine population multiple times. God loves weather manipulation like he let it rain for 45 days to destroy every human being and living animal on earth ( Noah ). God send a flood for the sinning descendants of his children Adam and Ave as they ate an apple from the forbidden tree. When it comes to the current disasters well then God is not responsible, religious “experts” will call it free will or it is the work of the devil (how convenient).  More than 20 percent of the Philippine people have families up to 6 or 7 children (according to CNN) and live on 2 dollars a day, some soul winning to do for the pope, target marketing!
And then the shot goes back to CNN reporting more developments regarding the search for the female terrorist. Ten minutes later the report on the pope choosing one of the three bullet proof protected pope mobiles vehicles for his transportation ( later they change the story the pope does not want bullet free transportation vehicles).
Another one hour special on CNN regarding a triple American Jihadist Muslim agent who shows the ins and outs of the terrorist network and how the FBI/CIA worked with him ( showing a briefcase of 250K cash he received from the FBI/CIA). –  Back to the pope and his speech on same sex marriage and the church in the Philippines. Followed by CNN interview about the well integrated American Muslim Yaha Ibrahim who speaks perfect English and is very articulate he uses cleverly chosen words denying Islam has anything to do with Jihadists and that Muslims and Islam are peaceful. Portraying Muslims as educated well adjusted people, but if we take a look at the streets in many western Europe neighbourhoods we will see a very different image of Islam.
CNN, Islam vs The West should be Awarded with Propaganda Award of the Century!
The shot switches back to the pope during the broadcast now showing many holy figures of the church all dressed in white and the pope delivering a message interrupted by breaking news from Belgium, two Muslim Jihadists killed, one was arrested, there was a huge shoot out at an intersection. Islamic Muslim terrorists  returned from Syria and were preparing a major terrorist attack in Brussels ( Bombs and Kalashnikovs found).
CNN switches back to Pope news: he does not want to ride in cars with bullet proof glass, 40.000 military and police deployed for protecting the pope in the Philippines (the pope creating jobs in the security branch), the CNN propaganda week “special” is reaching new heights:
Photo: Giulio Napolitano Shutterstock.com
CNN reports continue with Nigerian Islamic Terrorist group Boko Haram in a CNN special: Boko Haram is trying to compete with Isis and Al-Qaeda to be the number one Islamic terrorist organization group in the world creating their own Islamic State,  in less than one week 2000 people are killed and a 10 year old female child is used as a suicide Bomber ( Sound fragments of a CNN journalist reporting that a ten year old  girl was blown up by the Islamic group Boko Harem was repeated every 15 minutes by CNN).
A short commercial break is followed by a report on how the US is using strategies to defend terrorist groups. Now CNN repeats the success of bombings and drone attacks in Syria and attacks that on September 11th they killed a very important Islamic terrorist Al-Awlaki ( just happened to be killed by a drone on September 11th, surely a pure “coincidence” same date as 9/11 World Trade Center Attack) but good to repeat so people here 9/11 again ( the official justification of Iraq and Afghanistan war).
The Legal memo backing drone strike that killed American Anwar al-Awlaki is released.
The CNN propaganda show now continues showing former top hypocrite former prime minister Tony Blair from England, he was prime minister when the London bombings occurred, Tony is telling the CNN audience that he created the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Ed Husain traces ISIS atrocities to Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of Salafi extremism.
What a Nobel suggestion and initiative by Tony Blair: The Tony Blair Faith Foundation: let’s see who the biggest “sponsor” is –   A Saudi oil firm paid by former British prime minister Tony Blair a fee of about £41,000 a month and a 2 percent slice of each contract he helped arrange, no “shame” in some good old petro dollars! Who cares where the dollars come from (not reported by CNN) and that 19 of the hijackers that flew into the world trade center building were Saudi’s who cares, show me the money!
Another recent scandal about some blood money: Defense contractor ‘Fat Leonard’ who bribed Navy officers and provided them with hookers in a $20 million over billing scandal pleads guilty.
CNN continues with a shot of the pope in his white clothes and then switches back to a report on an Islamic Muslim Jihadist, showing a video of a little boy (son of Jihadist). The Jihadist son executes two Russian spies with a gun ( shows the boy walking with a gun towards two Russian prisoners, the video is a well shot propaganda video, but does not show the actually killing). More children with Kalashnikovs and again the Jihad John Beheading shots propaganda pictures (which we know were fake), Jihadist in black, victims in orange, the CNN reports ends before the break with a shot of the pope in his complete super white outfit!
ISIS claims video shows boy executing spies
Another shot of the pope who now says: Religion should not be provoked, those who do could expect to get a punch in the face (did he really say that?)
Charlie Hebdo: Pope Francis says if you swear at my mother – or Islam – ‘expect a punch
The pope says: religion is dignity, but it never should be used for killing in the name of God this is an aberration (quit hypocritical coming from the leader of a religion which has a history of violence, murder and sex scandals). What happened to love your enemy, what happened to if somebody insults you to not take it personally, it is a reflection of how they feel when insulting you, it has nothing to do with you and shouldn’t the pope advise one to pray for the wrong doers salvation? The person making the insult has anger issues which means compassion and love should be shown. That is a strange remark for the pope to make. But rest assured it is fully scripted to fit in the violence of the Jihadist Muslim terrorist broadcast, some words of violence by the pope, perfect timing!
America’s 10 worst terror attacks by Christian fundamentalists and far-right extremists.
I suggest that everybody to watches the episode of Joe Rogan when he visited a world renowned mentalist Banachek:
23:30 starts JOE ROGAN visited a world renowned mentalist Banachek
Now that you have watched the show, you can see how easy it is to manipulate the masses by implanting images, concepts and full on scenarios. 
The agenda of CNN and the higher ups is –  Islam vs the Church ( Terrorist Muslim, Islam and Pope white “good” religion back and forth), “Good” vs Evil, Black vs White? Look how simple Banachek can influence his audience. One week already of this worldwide media brainwashing TV programming, Muslim vs another religion and attack on freedom a few more and all the sheep are ready to pick up weapons arms do some slaughtering. Mission accomplished! CNN ratings will peak with live war coverage like the Gulf War and the bankers are going to receive an all-time high bonus for themselves plunging other nations in debt. The people bleed and bleed and loose a limb here and there and when the war is over they go back to their TV watching and praying habits.
Not much news on the Ukraine lately and the missing 
Malaysia flight, here are some updates. 
What do George Sores, Joe Biden and Monsanto have in common? Ukraine!
Before the Paris attack the Ukraine was the number one news subject in the worldwide media and the disappearance of Malaysian airline flight MH370 plus the shot down Malysian Airliner MH17, the plane which was shot down above Ukraine territory. The blame was on Russia’s Putin and up to today the U.S and many European countries are boycotting Russia although there is no evidence of his involvement just accusations. At the same time the US made a deal with their Saudi’s friend to keep pumping oil so the oil prices keeps dropping which is hurting the Russian Ruble.
Russian Ruble falls further as oil price tumbles:
Do not think for a second this is a coincidence as Putin is creating a big fist against the “world” leader America and it’s ruling currency the dollar.
BRICS (is an acronym for an association of the five major emerging national economies. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
The established $100bn bank and currency pool to cut out Western dominance
This is the real reason why the US is “forcing” the Saudis to keep pumping oil resulting in lower and lower oil prices. If Big countries like China,Brazil,India and Russia stop using the dollar this would result in a huge devaluation of the dollar. This is why America is manipulating the oil prices and why America is pushing for war. Europe has big problems with huge Muslims groups that are not integrated. The environment of being politically correct resulted in Muslims who became radicalized (born and raised in the country they live, home grown) many times because of the message and teachings of hate Imams that are sponsored by Saudi Arabia. These radicalized Muslims also come from mostly big disfunctional families with no hope for jobs or a better future, which results in more crime on the streets and  more focus on the fanatic radical side of Islam. It’s not difficult to push people to the brink with an ego and a dangerous religion with no hope of a better future into a direction of hate and war. Europe at war with Islam and America coming to rescue is the best scenario for the Americans to keep their bankers scam system intact!
Some recent reports state that Russia had absolutely nothing to do with the plane that was shot down while flying over the Ukraine. Russia didn’t have motive to do so, but the Ukraine government and the Americans did.
American press: Smoking Guns: Russian Separatists Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17; Putin Must Be Held Responsible
Russian press: Ukrainian pilot shot down Malaysian Boeing MH17, secret witness says:
It’s now 2015 let’s see what the press says now: First pictures emerge of Ukrainian pilot pro-Russian rebels claim downed MH17 killing all 298 victims on board
This is some very unique footage I do not know if it is genuine or where it came from, but it is from the cockpit of a fighter jet filming another fighter jet that is flying behind him, you can see the downing of a plane (MH17? Anybody know what they say in the cockpit?):https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152347952315766&pnref=story
George Soros gambling on the S&P 500 / Ukraine
George Soros’ Plan to Rescue Ukraine Isn’t Going To Work
The reason why George’s “master plan” is not working is that Angela Merkel from Germany would never approve to spend a penny to “subsidize” nations in need (good old German solidarity with the working class). George is not going to pay everything by himself, Ukraine is far from stable and bankrupt. The plan to control the political leaders (which they the USA choose) has failed as stability and guarantees cannot be secured for investors or bail out scam artist. Everything was in place, Joe Biden the son of the vice president became a director of the Ukraine’s biggest gas company.


 A Company In Which the U.S Vice President Joe Biden’s Son Is the Director Prepares To Drill Shale Gas In East Ukraine
Here is a good example of the economic hit “man” at work, the IMF (International Monetary Funds) gave a 17 billion dollar loan to the Ukraine (I guess the IMF is good friends with Monsanto), but the guarantee was that the Ukraine would open their doors for Monsanto’s biotech farming ( chemicals and poison crops) which would destroy the farmland. The Ukraine is the third largest exporter of grain.
Soros and Monsanto would come in and loan money to a president or leader which they would have under control and It is common knowledge the corrupt politicians would run with the money and never pay it back. In some cases the deal would (unofficially)  be to not pay the money back as a mandatory issue in the agreement if the money would be loaned. The reason is that if the money would not be paid back ( with interest ) it would give the IMF or Monsanto the right to claim the land ( collateral for not paying back the loan with interest ) where the shale gas would be and all the hectares of agriculture soil ( for peanuts on the dollar).
George Soros Pumped at Least $33 MILLION Into Ferguson Protests …
Economic Hit men are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development and other foreign aid organisations into the coffers of huge corporatioins and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, pay offs, extortion, sex and murder.
Russia had no motive to shoot down the passenger plane above the Ukraine!
Russia screwed this deal as they had separatist going into the Ukraine district sending a clear signal to the Americans to not fuck with them. So the only party that would benefit from the MH downed plane would be the Americans and the Europeans so they can now blame Russia and force those separatists to leave the Ukraine, however Putin did not bow! 
The last words of the pilot of Air Asia were Allah Akbar……
JUST CAME IN: The Last Words Of The Pilot Of The Crashed AirAsia Plane Was “Allahu Akbar!
The pilots last words on the flight recorder were Allahu Akbar, this does not mean he was a terrorist, but both pilots from the missing flights QZ8501 and MH370 were devout Muslims. Captain Iryano was also a board member and chairman of the Masjid Nurul Yaqin mosque, this mosque is connected with Hizbut Tahir another delusional Islamic State worshiper who wants to establish a caliphate in Indonesia. Singapore Silk Air flight 185 on December 19th and Egypt Air Flight 990 on October 31, 1999, both cases the US findings concluded that they were both suicides, the Muslim countries had a different version on how the events occurred. Even if the evidence is overwhelming a Jihadist suicide mission, would the investigating party make it public?
All the three planes which were hijacked on the attack of 9/11 were done by Muslims ( almost all of them came from Saudi Arabia, according to the official story) .
I guess Asian Airlines are loosing business or they might have to hire some western pilots.
Ebert vd Laan from Amsterdam said he does not want more police in the streets ( huge front page news Amsterdam is the next city for Jihadist attack) or military and he refused to live in fear, he makes a good point. You have more chance of getting killed by a refrigerator then a terrorist. But it is his political party and a left wing politically correct socialist regime and media manipulation which pushed the multicultural agenda causing the mess Holland is now in. In Belgium the media reports that one of the plots of the these delusional Islamic Muslim Extremists was to kidnap a prominent Belgium figure and decapitate his head in front of a camera. It would be ironic that the first attack on Dutch soil would be the kidnapping of the major of Amsterdam Ebert Van Der Laan and they would find him without his head.
I have been thinking a lot lately and I’m starting to find the word infidel quite insulting and the pope says it’s a good justification for me being offended ( as an Atheist or to start  the Bas Boon religion) and to punch somebody in the face, a bit of physical violence with a holy blessing!

“Minor” Muslim riot in Antwerpen, Belgium

Tip for the Pope: take some of those Vatican billions and feed the families with 6 or 7 children in the Philippines who live from less than $2.- per day and help rebuild some of the damaged cities! Don’t let me catch you now with some underage boys and then spend another $660.- million dollar child abuse settlement cases like in 2006!
L.A. Archdiocese to settle suits for $660 million dollar:
You could do some serious Philippines village rebuilding with that money, you would gain so much more popularity, just a tip!
This is what I have to say to the Pope: Gay Marriage Actually saves The World From Producing More IDIOTS!

Propaganda, The Rise of Isis. The Osama Bin Laden circus and CNN. Putin the “bad” Wolf


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