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Propaganda, The Rise of Isis. The Osama Bin Laden circus and CNN. Putin the “bad” Wolf.

I must say that I am pretty amused by watching the news these days, anybody with a little bit of an IQ should notice that there are a vast amount of contradictions and crazy accusations made by the media apparatus that are actually instructed by governments with certain agendas.
Let me start with one of the most amazing “insane” interviews of the decade. Peter Bergen is a journalist and in 1997 Bergen produced the first television interview with Osama bin Laden. The interview which aired on CNN reports the first time that Bin Laden declared war against the United States. Surely what is not mentioned is that the CIA and the Bush family have great ties to the Bin laden family. Here is a journalist who visits Mr. Bin laden in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan/ Pakistan. Bergen who of course published four books about the religious wars with titles like “The Osama Bin Laden I know” and “Holy Wars”’
( Note my blog about how to sell a book)?  http://basboon.com/?p=1989
He needs press to support his book selling. So Peter Bergen makes an appointment with one of the most wanted terrorists in the world who publicly declared war on America.  (Did Peter Bergen just looked up Bin Laden out of a phone book somewhere? How did he find him so quickly? ) I mean at that time you had spy planes, mobile phones, tracking devices, drones, spies, navy seals, satellites, secret service, CIA, FBI. If you farted in cave 18 in Afghanistan the US would know about it and send you a laser guided rocket up your ass, but nobody could not find Bin Laden (except for Peter the journalist/ author). Here comes Peter the journalist and after a few calls with people in Peter’s network ( remember you always need the network to promote your books ), Peter visits Bin Laden somewhere in a cave. The interview ends with Bin Laden telling the world they will hear from him on the news, ooh yeah and Bin laden please sign here this release form so I can broadcast this interview and use it to promote my book. Are we blind?


New York Post: We Got Him


Less than a year later: On August 7, 1998 two US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed. 258 people died and over 5000 injured the work of Al-Qaida and Bin Laden.
On October 12, 2000 Al-Qaida attacked USS Cole. 17 sailors were killed and 39 people were injured.
After 9/11 Peter Bergen must have jumped for joy there is no better way to promote your books and broadcast interviews about terrorism then immediately after the worst attack on American soil. The interview of Bin Laden by Peter Bergen was everywhere and you could not miss it in any part of the world, his book sales skyrocketed. And Peter Bergen was invited many times to give his expert opinion, I mean he is the guy who went on a donkey in the valleys of Pakistan to do a 15 minute interview with the world’s most wanted, Peter knows.

                                                       Peter’s books New York Bestsellers
Then somehow for another ten years they can’t find Bin Laden apparently there are problems with the worlds spies ( satellites, FBI, CIA,NASA all have a bug when it comes to finding Bin Laden) No information can be found on the whereabouts of Bin Laden not even with a 25 million dollar bounty on his head. So for ten years we must hear in the world wide media all this Al-Qaida threats and the war on terror ( talk about a money budget for security from the senate for the war on terror and the Iraq and Afghan war).
Then finally they capture Bin Laden at least that is what the media tells us. Now the propaganda machine starts at just the right moment, coincidence?
Obama is currently not as popular as at the beginning of his presidency but what a headline: 
We Got Him


This would at least give a boost to Obama as he was the president who got Bin Laden. This was finally a good ending you would say if it wasn’t for the following strange events in the aftermath of capturing Bin Laden. First of all there are no clear pictures of Bin laden being killed just some photo shopped pictures of the deceased Bin Laden that are later to be found fake.

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The Guardian: Osama bin Laden photo fake:
Then there is the story that they threw Bin Laden’s corpse into the sea? Whattttt the most wanted man in the world was thrown in the sea and there is no pictures no video. How about an autopsy? What is really is going on? http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-osama-bin-laden-files-no-photos-no-videos-a-real-conspiracy-theory/5368456?print=1
What happened with Seal Team six who were responsible for the capture and killing of Bin laden? They must know something right? Well we all know the Seals are not allowed to talk about their secret missions, such a bummer! President Obama’s declaration that bin Laden was “buried at sea” However the US Navy Sailors on the USS Carl Vinson have stated on record they did not witness an at-sea burial of Osama bin Laden. SO someone is lying!
They even make a Hollywood “Propaganda” blockbuster movie about the killing of Bin Laden : Zero dark Thirty ( and they give woman a lot of credit in the movie).
 Chief Navy Seal Adam Brown with Navy Seal team 6 in Holland ( paintball) with Golden Glory

August 6, 2011 38 men are flying in a CH-47 Chinook, call sign, “Extortion 17” and took off heading into Wardak Province of Afghanistan about 22 off these men were from Naval Special Warfare command, 15 are from Seal Team Six. The Taliban fired with an RPG ( the Taliban just happened to be in the area ) and the result is that the Chincook helicopter goes down and kills everybody in the helicopter. Coincidence? I have personally met some of the seal team six members in Holland. They did do daily kickboxing training sessions at the Golden Glory gym in Breda for two weeks. We also hung out and went paintball shooting with them and I had some talks with them about their lives behind enemy lines. Most of them were old school with crusader tattoo’s on their arms, they were prepared to die at any time especially for each other,  really tough guys. For two weeks they trained with the Golden Glory group even after a big night out in Brussels where everybody got terribly wasted and had no sleep, yet they still showed up at 8 am. The whole team was there to train and spar and they would never give up. Later an unfortunate event occurred. The seals were shot down in a helicopter and almost all the men died. Before the helicopter was taken down by an RPG from the Taliban two of the Seals who trained with Navy Seal team 6 at Golden Glory got killed in action.
Navy Seal Team 6 in better times ( together with Golden Glory in Holland), respect to the deceased Seal’s and their families.

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Alistair Overeem dedicated one of his victories to the seal team member.
October 2, 2010  –  Golden Glory fighter Alistair Overeem finishing the fight with a hard right hook defeating Ben Edwards!!!!  Golden Glory fighter Alistair Overeem also deserves a spot in the final 8 K-1 GP  on December 11th  Alistair Overeem then takes the microphone and dedicates his victory to friend, Chief Navy Seal Adam Brown who was killed in action in Afghanistan. Sometimes you can spend as little as two weeks with someone/ people but still bond we learned a lot about each others very different lives and we all really connected. These guys were tough as nails they would never rat on each other or break any promises they made with the US government.
So I was totally surprised about the following news
Rob the Propoganda Neavy Seal O’neil
I just wrote about how loyal these guys are and would die for each other and I am shocked to read that Rob O’Neil makes the headlines the last couple of weeks.
Where did we see this before, aahh the book selling propaganda.
Title for a book: The Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden New role: O’Neill is now regularly booked as a motivational speaker. This time its not the Oprah Winfrey Network but CNN and Fox.
Remember Peter Bergen the journalist who interviewed Bin Laden: this is Peter Bergen doing a book review for the Washington post:
Now O’neil the Navy seal team member became a motivational speaker, wtf? Even with the government threatening O’neil that if he exposes any details on the mission, O’neil does not hide his identity neither does the US government denies that O’neil was a member of Seal team 6. The father of the US Seal is even proud and says he will paint a bulls eye on his door for ISIS, they are not afraid. But wait there is more: Now former seal team member accusing O’neil of being a liar:
A SEAL source told MailOnline:  ‘The real shooter would never discuss it publicly
So now there is loads of press and headlines about who shot Bin Laden, which seal team member really did shoot Bin Laden, who is lying? So why is this all happening now, forget who did fire the shot or not, is it not more important to go back to the fact that if it was really Bin Laden who was killed then where are the pictures, video footage and autopsy reports, why was Bin laden thrown in the sea? Why are all these stories appearing in the media now when Obama’s administration is at an all-time low? My thoughts are that it’s another government stunt to keep terrorism in the mind of the people and subconsciously let people know an American seal killed Bin Laden in the time that Obama was president. The surviving seals team 6 members could also think after the helicopter was taken down mysteriously by a Taliban RPG which killed their “brothers”,  they could be the next target of a government  cover up? Why not go out in public and make the best of your life? Or the government approaches you and makes a deal, you have to do this for us and tell this “official” story in the press, in return we will not prosecute you for breaking your silence. You can have your book deal and make money as a motivational speaker. Those are just a few of the possibilities and one thing is for sure is that Peter Bergen and the current seal(s) who became motivational speakers and book authors cannot be trusted as there is too much self-interest because of the gains from royalties and motivational speaker bookings, money. In the meantime the newly created ISIS terrorist group can be found daily in the media headlines and it is taking apocalyptic proportions.
Flashback — Over 20 Seals Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Now Dead…Seal Team 4 Commending Officer Best Known For Finding & Killing Osama Bin Laden Commits Suicide?
Isis the new very new bad boogie man, the new media campaign of ISIS?
The new terrorist group ISIS is portrayed as a headhunter group of extreme Islamists who want to create their Islamic state.
Here we go, promotion of evil: The you tube videos of a guy who is beheading foreigners to get attention for ISIS. It completely looks like a Hollywood stage scripted scene every time the captured prisoner is in orange and the bad guy in black and it can be seen all over the news, from twitter, Facebook to CNN. Nothing really new as in A 2010 Washington Post reports a detailed account of how the CIA admittedly filmed a fake Bin Laden video during the run up to the 2003 Iraq war.
The Absolutely Fake Beheading of James Foley http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=103068
                                                 picture by: ejbron.wordpress.com
Now let’s imagine that these images were real. I was baffled by the Dutch media report about the polder jihadist Khalid K.
“Funny” how the press gives these terrorist nick names like Jihad John and polder jihadist Khalid K .The mentally insane Khalid K is no stranger in Holland as an extremist and he travels to Syria ( they think 2000 Jihadists traveled to Syria to fight with ISIS) from where he reports on social media such as twitter. One of his tweets on twitter is a picture with Khaild posing with five cut of heads and him holding a bloody knife.
Ok what was the story last time with Peter Bergen. He wanted to promote his book about Osama so he made an appointment to go to some cave to meet one of the most sought after terrorists in the world and do an interview with him. Guess what, a Dutch journalist makes an appointment with Khalid K in Syria. In Syria the journalist makes a picture were Khalid is posing again with lots of cut of heads. Aaaargh come on, more cut of heads? Wtf is wrong with this journalist? Khalid K has not worked in Holland for the last 10 years and I assume his welfare check will not be send to Syria.  Khalid K’s new hobby is collecting cut of heads and this journalist made those pictures with Khalid posing with those cut of heads at their first meeting, what a guy!  There were a lot of articles in the news that there was a man with a gold watch who was Mossad and he trained these Jihad extremists on how to cut off heads. Maybe this journalist could asked him for some advice for his next photo-shoot?
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                                                               picture: www.geenstijl.nl

I think for the next article the Dutch journalist should ask Khalid K to pose with some cut off baby heads. Photo prize of the year guaranteed and for the next article the journalist would win the award of the year for a picture like that (now that’s an interesting way to make a living). But when I studied the picture I concluded that Khalid K was not trained yet by the “Mossad” agent to cut of the heads. The posing with cut of heads of an  ISIS “warrior” is old news, it is just not shocking anymore. I suggest to the journalist to be a little bit more creative for his next “journalistic” highlight For example:
1.            Cut off baby head in ripped open belly from mother.
2.            Baby heads with no eyes and birth eating their eyes.
3.            A chain with baby ears
4.            Baseball with cut off baby arms
5.            The eating of baby brains
Heads on steaks I already see in Games of thrones or Dracula, white walkers are to sweet to cut off baby heads , so there you go!
Then there are Dutch politicians who need to speak about Khaild K, should we confiscate his passport. Hello, yess really should we confiscate his passport, wow.
The fiasco continues in the media: Khalid K is dead.
The report is almost comical:
Peshmerga-worrior Ahmed Khazi speaks to the Dutch De Telegraaf: headline Khalid K from Almere Holland is very Dead!
What a nice guy this Peshmerga warrior to report to a Dutch newspaper journalist “ thank god for these journalists” that the bad human Khalid K was killed in Syria. I mean it’s for sure Khalid the mentally insane headhunter twitter fanatic had a good contact with a journalist possibly the same journalist who made the picture with Khalid K posing with the cut off heads? How big can Syria be to find Khalid K? Khalid K had a long beard and should be easy to recognize and he was very active on social media despite his low IQ? I guess one of those Kurds who were fighting against ISIS got a copy of the Dutch Panorama magazine with the article of Khalid the headhunter and recognized Khalid K, so Peshmerga-warrior Ahmed Khazi  got in contact with a Dutch journalist at the Dutch Telegraph newspaper. Hey hello yes I am Peshmerga warrior Ahmed Khazi. I read the tabloid magazine which happened to be in Dutch. I thought hey I know that Khalid K, I just saw him laying dead (surrounded with cut of heads) in a village I just visited. Or maybe he would asked the journalist what it would be worth to him if he claimed Khalid K was dead, endless possibilities here. More crazy….Btw Khaild was under surveillance by the Dutch secret service the AIVD who suspected Khalid K of terrorist activities in 2011 but they had to let him go. I guess they lost track of his twitter account thank God for good journalism and the Peshmerga warrior.
                                                  picture: www.dagelijksestandaard.nl
But wait disappointment ensues. Khalid K is in fact not dead reports claim three days later after he was previously reported dead (Big headlines everywhere) Khlaid K is posing with several cut off heads near a fence. The headline now. The headhunter is still alive.
This newspaper made the tile headline that Khalid K was resurrected from the dead ( like a real Lazarus).  http://www.elsevier.nl/Buitenland/achtergrond/2014/8/Terrorist-Khalid-K-opgestaan-uit-de-dood-1587518W/
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Good news from the Kalifat. Big New headline in the news, Khalid K is dead now for real!

Drone bombardments from the US have finally kill Khalid K, yippeeeee, HALLELUJAH for the Americans, WOW. I mean that false claim of the Peshmerga warrior to kill Khaild K or rapport he was dead now takes an 180 degree turn. The Americans can claim they caused the death of this terribly insane mentally ill terrorist and use his twitter photos and those from the journalist (did he get paid?) to show the world that the good Americans killed another terrorist, job well done. The American press even wrote that Khalid K had a top position in Isis ( Khalid tweeted a picture with him posing with cut of heads, surely that was a tactical diversion of Khalid) and made an appointment by mobile phone with a journalist well if that is the case we know where to find them as we have journalists. We clearly should cut back on funds for AIVD (Dutch Secret Service) and the FBI and NASA and have more journalist tracking down these dangerous insane delusional psychopathsIt would not surprise me that this Khalid K maggot will “raise from the dead ” with his ugly head for a third time and is still alive. I suspect his GSM mobile phone membership in Holland expired and therefore he could not tweet anymore. We could expect an exclusive interview soon with Khalid K and the “mystery” journalist ( I sincerely hope I am wrong).

picture: www.nltimes.nl
Top position for Khalid K within Isis, say hi to the camera, I am about to do some tweeting…
Fast Foreword a 6 Months And Guess What? October 2015, The Polder Jihadist Khalid K Still Alive!
(28 of January 2017 front page Dutch Telegraph) Fast Forward 28 of January 2017 Is the Headhunter from Almere finally death?
aisisman1 (1)
Pictured: The gun-toting brute in charge of executing women for ISIS with meat-cleavers who has been assassinated in Mosul
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4163924/Pictured-Assassinated-ISIS-brute-executed-women.html#ixzz4X0c9OvUP
JUSTICE SERVED Meat cleaver-wielding ISIS executioner who killed women on trumped-up charges is gunned down in Mosul

Multi-Deaths Again, Al Qaeda Leaders ‘Have Nine Lives’. ‘Taliban Leader Mullah Omar, the Man of Many Lives and Many Changes’

Dutch Jihadist Anis not death, reports of him blowing himself up are false, he is alive!
Bin Laden Is Alive staying in Bahamas claims Edward Snowden
Then there are these idiot Dutch politicians who ask the most dumb questions to the Dutch parliament about Khalid K and Isis. The Dutch politicians from the PVDA ( dutch socialist party) gave weak interviews to the tabloid magazines and newspapers.
I mean one PVDA member said she thought it was not fair that Khaid K and ISIS to do these beheadings. Not fair speaking quite normal and we should not be too harsh on the Islamic state? A PVDA politician was critical and then was sued by angry Muslims in Holland because a PVDA politician condemned Isis. Another PVDA party member Yasmina Haifi tweeted ( she might had Khalid K as a follower on twitter) to have sympathy for ISIS and immediately the PVDA party publicly made a statement they did not support her tweet.
                                                         picture: www.omroepwest.nl
What planet does these “humans” live on, you want to have a dialogue or good conversation with the mentally insane ( please put the knife down and keep spending your welfare money or work at Starbucks is another option)?
The PVDA  is the party which stands for the socialist in Holland and welcomes basically all parasites who only take and do not give nothing to society and always play the victimize race card (see law suite). I mean what were those politicians thinking they know the Muslims are always right. It is not really cool that the Mossad was training Isis and is teaching them special techniques to cut off baby heads. It is normal as Muslim if you are insulted or the prophet is insulted you can and should kill that person. I mean every intelligent human being around the world sometimes cuts of a baby head in the name of religion? But those sneaky bastards from the Mossad teaching Isis special techniques to decapitate baby heads even faster with blunt knives is simply not fair
Let’s look at the journalism from now on. I mean look at these news headlines:
US Bombed ‘Empty Buildings’ in Airstrikes on ISIL (ISIS) in Syria
“15-20 days before the airstrikes, (ISIL) buildings were evacuated, and fighters then mixed in with the local population”


Wtf is wrong with the US, why are they spending millions and millions to bomb empty building in Syria? Have they forgotten there are starving homeless children in the world
We better to follow the headlines:
                                                       Isis a proud sponsor of Toyota
U.S Offcials Ask Why IsisGot So Many Toyota Trucks?
Twitter @basboon007

According to the article: Isis acquired the convenience of 43 Toyota Hiluxes trucks courtesy of the United States. It shouldn’t be hard to find out who delivered the trucks no wait even better look at that row of white trucks with armed ISIS warriors waving ISIS flags and Khalisnikovs. I mean why bomb empty buildings when you have a huge row of trucks with terrorists waving flags, the trucks being photographed by a journalist in the only road to be found for over 250 miles in a flat dessert, damn   difficult for a spy satellite or drone or Isis enemies on the ground? No, not even necessary, look at the journalist who took the pictures he is there in real life with an i-phone that works. Maybe ISIS is sponsored by the car company in Texas who made the trucks and the military was ordered not to bomb the new trucks? I really don’t know anymore, you got Peter Bergen meeting Bin laden in a Cave you’ve got Khalid K where the journalist makes exclusive pictures with Khalid posing with cut off heads and Khalid using social media, twitter. Then there is a row of trucks full with Isis terrorists and a  journalist on the spot, taking photos, yet the US bombs empty buildings and states that every time they target Isis, Isis is no longer at those positions.. huh. Maybe a good idea is to ask Isis (if you can’t find them asked some journalist) to stay at their targets and not put it in the press when the bombing campaign starts, just an idea?
Then there is airplane from Malaysia that got shot down above the Ukraine.
 I will not get into the conspiracy theories which there are plenty of to be found on Google just one remark:
These days we have remote control planes we have drones flying all over the world, we have 3000 satellites orbiting the earth, we have sonar and radar, we have tracking devices we can install on a fly, we had the space shuttle and have a space station, yet we can’t find a whole plane that vanished from the sky which was reported to fly for another 4 hours, but nobody knows where?
Possible motive:
Quote: “The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild at the sole owner of the important patent”.
The shooting down of flight MH 17
I am from Holland and I have never seen such a display of propaganda in my whole life ( looked like Goebels came back to life). The homecoming of all the MH-17 victims filmed live on TV unloading the coffins into cars and driving away with an escort seems to take forever. For days on end the flights from the Ukraine to Eindhoven is bringing back the dead from the Ukraine crash site, special music, military saluting and parading and TV camera’s every were (made me sick to my stomach), my former hometown became instantly famous throughout the world. Then the front-pages of the newspapers read:
Times of India: Obama blames Russia. Putin is to blame for flight MH17 shooting.
Forbes: Smoking Guns: Russian Separatists Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17; Putin Must Be Held Responsible.
New York Post: Flight MH17 demonstrates Putin’s way of business.
Herald Sun: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutality should not come as any surprise.
Forget some drunken Russian separatist: How about this for a headline:
The Dutch newspapers were no different and remember no investigative results have been released yet, no black box, no live witnesses who saw the rocket trail, nothing.
The independent: To punish Putin for the MH17 disaster or not? we must boycott Russia 2018
Holland who lost the most lives in the tragedy also boycotts Russia and this cost the Dutch a staggering 1.5 billion euro so far in missed revenues on top of the loss of lives and all this without evidence.
Even when the evidence is pointing at a complete different direction ( its actually shot down by Ukraine fighter jets )
Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile
Possible motive: US to violate own laws by financially aiding Ukraine’s coup-installed govt – Moscow . http://rt.com/news/us-aid-ukraine-illegal-202/
Now this make sense as the US would love to get the Ukraine to become a member of Nato and put some more nuclear warheads on the soil of the Ukraine with the rockets pointed at Moscow. Quote: Not only that an American selected Ukraine president would be great for the son of Vice president Joe Biden. Hunter Biden just happened to join the board of directors of Ukraine’s largest oil company at a time that the U.S  is urging Ukraine to develop energy independence from Russia and just days after the vice president visited Ukraine.
So from the beginning Putin/Russia did not have any motive to shoot down that Malaysian passenger plane. The Ukraine and the US did have very big motives themselves to use this “accident” for their political and financial gains. Actually Russia was getting away with the Crimea problem and just when it got really quiet in the media regarding Crimea. BAM a passenger plane is shot down and the moment it is known, Putin is the bad guy on every front page newspaper in the world.
For sure the deal which Putin has been working on for year to form the Brinks for countries to drop the dollar and use Russian rubles and Chinese yuan has something to do with this as well, Quote: The last country Putin visited was Brazil, where at BRICS summit in Fortaleza on July 15 the group of 5 emerging economies – Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa – signed the long-anticipated document to create the $100 billion BRICS Development Bank and a reserve currency pool worth another $100 billion. Both will counter the influence of Western-based lending institutions and the dollar. : http://rt.com/business/173520-putin-latin-america-deals/ 
Quote: “it is a coincidence that flight MH17 crashed and Israel began its ground invasion on Gaza on the same day and surely Thursday, July 17, will go down in history as a day of terrible tragedy”.
The invasion of Israel into Palestine about same time when MH17 flight is shot down: 
Quote: “Critical information regarding the fate of MH17 is likely being withheld. A leaked document dated August 8 and obtained by the Russian website Live Journal and translated into English by the Global Research web site is reportedly a non-disclosure agreement signed by the four nations involved in the MH17 investigation—Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium. Under its terms, all intermediate results of the ongoing investigation will be classified. The document includes a stipulation that publication of the investigation’s final results would only take place if Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium arrived at a consensus”. http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/09/10/mh17-s10.htmlThe results will be classified, WTF? Sorry for all the loved ones and accusations to Putin/Russia we cannot let you know what we found out we signed this document that we would not talk and say anything about the results ( btw did you like our parade on TV with all those coffins with bodyparts?), make sense?
The world is a pool of brainwashed people in countries who are programmed to think that the media and the government is there for them and that everything we hear on the news is true. Like we learned that St Claus does not exist, the media is owned by humans, humans with an agenda and a network. These people keep their pyramid scheme working for them and the rest within their network , the people will always loose no matter who they vote for, welcome to 2014. If Isis was founded by the CIA, it is the most brilliant move in history on the war on terror. In Holland alone 2000 imbecilics left to Syria, another 13.000 Jihadist from 80 other countries all traveled to Syria. This is great news for those countries, they know exactly who the extremists are and in my view they should have provided those delusional lunatics with a tracking device which also can be detonated the moment they start running around with a gun on Syrian soil.  Smart move To get all those “sleeper” Jihadists out of those 80 countries to one place is an astonishing  result. Take away all those passports from these Jihadists and let them get an ISIS passport and see how far they can get with that. We should support Assad, the US tried to remove Assad from power in Syria and this country has been invaded by Jihadist lunatics from all over the world.
Quote by Jospeh Goebbels the propaganda master for Adolf Hitler:
“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”
― Joseph Goebbels
Are you confused by what is going on in the middle east? I Quote Aubrey Bailey “Clear as Mud”
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