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Nukes or Swift? Bank run because of “Crazy” Putin?

Last night, I watched one of my favorite podcasts, “Coffee with Scott Adams.” And what he talked about made me have a sleepless night. The voice of reasons I thrust, the man I quote many times for his accurate predictions and persuasion techniques, and #THeFinePeople Hoax. For six years, mainstream media and leftists have called Scott Adams a Nazi and far-right extremist. Does it look now like Scott himself suffers from a form of cognitive dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance and two movies on one screen.

Scott Adams uses these terms a lot “cognitive dissonance” another term is two movies on one screen. But last night, it looks like Scott jumped on some Ice bucket challenge. I hear Scott with heroic Zelensky quotes comparing him with the former actor Clint Eastwood.

Zelensky might win the war if he holds till Monday or Tuesday; I can hear Scott and others say this? Bar owners around the world empty vodka bottles like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Social media is booming with Vladimir Putin’s pictures and that little recognizable added mustache under his nose. The main topic is to take away Swift options for Russians. The “experts” expect this will lead to bank runs. And we should hope these bank runs will only happen in Russia.

Shorting Russian Bank Stocks.

Bill Ackman is certainly shortening Russian Bank stocks, especially after producing his latest tweet it points in this direction. George Soros has been funding the Ukrainians with massive amounts of dollars. Many financial YouTube financial advisers all talk about the Russian bank run on Monday, February 28, 2022

Nobody in the press talks about the pandemic anymore. There is a meme that they nominate Putin with the Nobel Peace Prize for stopping Covid in less than 48 hours.

Covid is not gone, and neither are long Covid patients. Vast parts of the world suffered two years of lockdowns, resulting in substantial financial disaster. A vaccine scandal is looming. The headline is now; Swift and Bank Run everybody must boycott Russia.

The bill for the world’s citizens comes with the highest inflation in the last 40 years, and we just started. The House market bubble explosion is. Next is a vast financial doomsday scenario, and the Fed does not control this problem.

The world may have forgotten Russia’s vast arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The U.S. blasts Putin’s nuclear order as ‘unacceptable, ‘considering further sanctions.

In the Netherlands, we have a saying, “A cat in a tight spot makes weird jumps.”

NATO / EU with the U.S. has taken the Baltic states and supplied them with nukes aimed at Moscow (Putin’s claim). In 2014 the U.S. coup in Ukraine installed puppet president Poroshenko. The economic hitman plan from the U.S in Ukraine came to a halt. Because of the downing of the MH17 plane. This backed off companies such as Dutch Shell and Chevron from investing tens of billions in Ukraine (a territory too unstable).

The current situation looks like Putin could be a cat in a tight spot. Are we waiting for weird jumps or expecting weird jumps? No more Swift in Russia and possible bank runs; it seems like an odd spot to me.

Why keep poking the bear?

Another saying is (Don’t) Poke the Bear, a Russian bear. This saying means: To do something that might provoke someone into becoming angry or causing problems. Well, this Russian bear has been poked year in and year out. I do not hear any mainstream media report about a scenario in which the order is given to use a nuclear strike?

Just imagine if you have nothing to lose? The world confiscates all wealth and assets from Oligarchs and Putin. And so do many Russian army generals; they will lose everything. You know you are not getting these assets back. Are you going to be pissed?

The man who saved the world was a Russian Submarine officer named Vasili Arkhipov.

Vasili Arkhipov was a Soviet naval officer, The Brigade Chief of submarine B-59. They gave this submarine the orders to launch a nuclear strike during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Study this crisis, as the Russians are supplying rockets/nukes to the island of Cuba aimed at America. This conflict causes American blockades on Sea and other sanctions. Do you wonder why America does not like Nukes aimed from Cuba at their capitals? Putin is watching this happen because the former Baltic States joined NATO.

Because of a false flag operation, an order comes to the B-59 submarine to launch a nuclear strike. It takes three people to turn this key to launch the atomic strike, but Vasili refuses. I demand to go to the surface and check if it is true that Russian ships are under attack. They do go to the surface and find out there is no attack on Russian ships. So Vasili becomes the man who saved the world from that moment. No nukes were fired because of one man.

Now, remember that Vasili had a family and did not thrust the order to launch the nuclear strike. The two other Russian officers did want to throw the atomic strike and follow orders. This incident happened on one submarine. Question yourself how many nuclear submarines are at Sea now? And if an order would come, would there be a Vasili in each case? What if Russia loses in the coming days? 

Who will become Russia’s president and control its Nuclear arms if Putin loses?

Would Zelensky become president, and some Neo-Nazi battalions now control Russia’s nuclear arsenal? Will Zelensky become the owner of the Russian banks? They then are allowed to use Swift again, and no more bank runs?

There are ten nuclear-powered subs. Each submarine has three officers who must turn the key to launch a nuke. If they get the order to establish a nuke, we need a Vasili on each sub. What are the odds?

Did Russia prepare for this war for years?

What if Russia did prepare for war for years? They do not have a lot of debt. During the last two Covid years, there were no lockdowns in Russia. Putin has bought a massive stockpile of gold. And in Hollywood Bond movies, the Russians are always the bad guys. What if these bad guys (like financial guy Bill Ackman) have seized the moment of Invasion to put “put options” and shorten the global market and made trillions already? What happened to the stockpile of Russian nukes?

Correct me if I am wrong, but are Pakistan and China not using a different banking system than Swift? I am sure there are others ways to pay for Russian oil.

PAKISTAN has hammered a nail into the West’s response to Russian threats after striking a new gas deal with Vladimir Putin.

Millions of Barrels of Russian Oil, Products Head for U.S. Ports

Is the world on the brink of a financial collapse?

What if Europe and the U.S. are on the brink of an economic collapse. There are already food shortages in the U.S. The farmers can’t even plant their corn seeds because the fertilizer prices and environmental policies have made it three times more expensive to farm. It’s not sustainable.

The engine of Europe “Germany” broke down.

Germany depends on importing its energy. The windmill “park” stopped working for Germany when a month-long storm hit the country last month. It also damaged a lot of the windmills. Here is the reality. Germany used to be the engine of Europe. The massive influx of “refugees” did not add any value to German society. 

Greta Thunberg effect.

The “Greta Thunberg” policies have put the country in jeopardy. The “refugees” have cost hundreds of billions and became a leach on German and other European societies. On top comes the colossal health bill, negative GDP, sky-high energy prices, and Covid is not going away. Germany closed all its Nuclear power plants. What is the financial situation of NATO? How are the NATO countries doing after two years of multiple lockdowns?

On the other hand, by invading and conquering Ukraine, Putin could access the world’s biggest and richest agricultural lands. The price of weed is skyrocketing on the global market. Russia already has vast oil production. By controlling the Ukraine oil fields, they would become the wealthiest oil producer in the world. That is a motive for invading Ukraine, a reason worth trillions.

Bank Run outside Russia?

What if many Russians outside Russia take all their money from foreign banks? Will others follow those who think banks will not have enough money? Trudeau’s dictatorship policies are reversed. They no longer confiscate assets and freeze bank accounts from political protestors. Can Russians outside of Russia still use the Swift system?

Trudeau’s assets confiscation policies caused bank-run banks already. There were many technical bank failures when people tried to get their money from the banks in those days. The same happened in Australia.

Another question is, how many people have vast amounts of money in banks after this pandemic? The middle class is getting poorer and poorer. The rise of an enormous unemployment problem is imminent because of A.I. Jobs. Robots will take over human jobs. Not to mention that long Covid patience will significantly impact the health system.

Will China invade Taiwan?

What if China invades Taiwan in the following months, another Swift boycott? Ooh, waits to use another system? If we boycott China, where does the world get their 80% of all medicine and products?

There are very few headlines about why Putin did what he did. The “ice bucket challenge” pushed by the mainstream media is a bully, mad man, and many Hitlers. 

Does Putin want to give up his power and assets and maybe go out with a bang because of the abuse of painkillers? Many stories are floating out there, but we should be skeptical and believe nothing the mainstream media tells us.

People who make a difference are the entrepreneurs who make a difference on the world stage. One of them is Elon Musk.

How excellent is that answer from Elon Musk? The problem with Elon Musk is that the government does not control him. He is a one-person army that keeps performing. His future way of thinking and making things happen would make me not bet against him in any of his ventures.

Trump’s weapons delivery is used now to fight off the Russian Invasion.

The irony is that Trump delivered hyper-modern anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. Those weapons they use now to stop the Russians’ quick victory. Does that make Trump a good “Nazi” now?

Trump admin approves new sale of anti-tank weapons and missiles to Ukraine.

In December of 2017, Trump approved the sales of Javelins, a step Obama never took, and it shows again how tough Trump was on Russia. Two hundred ten Javelin missiles and 37 launch units.

My former country Holland is run by the WEF Klaus Schwab.

I worry about my country, the Netherlands, which has U.S. nuclear weapons 30 miles from my parents (Volkel Air Base). This Volkel airbase with nukes is a terrifying thought. Even more moronic, the government denied that 66% of the Dutch voted against the Ukraine road to NATO. Now, these morons in my former country Holland send weapons to Ukraine. Ukraine is not a NATO country. Russia could see it as an act of war. One nuke would wipe Holland from the map.

Von der Leyen de, chairman of the European Commission, gave the ok for Ukraine to become a member of the EU. Great timing to put some more oil on this “nuclear “fire. You would almost think certain people are pushing this doom nuclear war scenario at lightning speed. This membership push results from the 2014 Association agreement made by Obama and the EU.

Make My Day Punk!

They offer Zeleneskyy to evacuate. He answered this: Quote: I need ammunition, not a ride. It sounds like a Clint Eastwood war movie quote, “make my day, punk .”I like Zelenskyy as a former actor. He knows how to use the media and raise the warrior spirit. Imagine Ukraine wins from Russia, and Zelensky becomes victorious. The question is, how can anybody be victorious against nukes?

That quote of him makes him a truly heroic figure. The bad guys always lose in the movies, and the good guys win. Although in “No Time To Die,” Bond does get killed in the end. The problem is this; it’s not a movie. Hollywood recently sent Sean Penn to Ukraine, paid by Vice. 

I first used the YouTube Link of Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine is on Fire,” but it was censored.

Oliver Stone made a documentary about what’s wrong in Ukraine or Russia (Ukraine on Fire see video). The finding of Oliver Stone is not w. Some you won’t find in the mainstream media. They will promote a book by Alexander Vindman as he rides the Obama and Biden narrative.

Do masks help when it rains nukes?

I hope this war soon comes to an end without further bloodshed. This pandemic is far from over, but you could ask yourself, Do masks still work if it rains nukes! We are going from a Covid Virus hysteria to war hysteria. Next are the financial crisis and energy blackouts. War is excellent for evading/avoiding the inevitable financial crisis. Ooh, do I want to be wrong.

Obama funds Ukraine Nazwere; War started in 2014.

Mark Twain Quote: History Doesn’t Repeat, But It Surely Rhymes.

(C) Bas Boon

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