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The U.S. has Sandals (not Boots) on the Ground in Ukraine. For the decency of correctness, NATO and the U.S. claim they are not at war with Russia. The sanctions and help from the West and the U.S. are to make a strong voice, and landgrab games are not allowed for Russia.

One of the most famous Obama quotes is we do not have boots on the Ground in Syria. Well, it must have been a bunch of American soldiers wearing sandals in Ukraine.

On October 13, 2019, Trump ordered the Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Northern Syria. I guess some U.S. troops got lost and replaced their sandals with boots. Once again, Obama’s clear violation of international laws and a failed attempt at regime change.

Now back to Ukraine. The Ukraine forces do not have journalists reporting from the frontlines. We saw embedded journalists from CNN and other news outlets within frontline U.S. combat units during the Iraq war. Just imagine this scene. A CNN journalist chatted with some U.S. special forces in perfect English on the battlefield in Ukraine, and somebody films this on a mobile phone and uploads this to social media.

Hey bro, what are you guys all doing here? Nothing, we are testing out new footwear sandals.

Just look at the recent events, which in my opinion, are all an act of war. Is BOG responsible?

The murder of the daughter of Doegin in Russia

The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines

An explosion on the Crimea bridge

BOG stands for Boots on the Ground. By the way, the explosion “on the Crimean bridge looks a lot like thermite. The only time I saw concrete on fire and melt like that was when the WTC came down. Later there were reports that the terrorist attack on the bridge was a suicide bomber with a truck full of fertilizer. Now you know where the billions of American tax dollars are used for.

Unfortunately, there were civilian casualties. Certainly first time warmongering psychopath leftists celebrate a suicide bomber. These reports are not the first time thermite is used during this war. Watch this clip from July 24 to 2022 

The Intercept has produced an article that caught my attention, “Boots on the Ground in Ukraine.”

Intercept reports; American operations Secret operations inside Ukraine. Weird the Intercept did not put this in their title. Instead, the title is this “The CIA thought Putin would quickly conquer Ukraine. Why did they get it so wrong?

First, I would answer this the following: I think Putin knew he should not piss off all of Ukraine’s civilians by bombarding or invading Ukraine with an all-out war. He claimed it was a special operation for the breakaway territories (republics). He might have thought this and executed the invasion in such a way. Some leaders on the battlefield have criticized Putin because of this.

Another reason they buried the actual headline, “Boots on the ground in Ukraine.”

I would name this a “sandal” disguise (word games). You no longer need to get congressional approval to go to war. Here is how you do it. Biden describes the U.S. special forces in Ukraine as; “Bidens presidential covert action findings secret military U.S. operations in Ukraine .” Similar to how the Russians describe the use of Boots on the Ground in Ukraine. A special military operation.

A little history lesson.

Joint Poindexter was the security adviser under Ronald Reagan. The U.S. court convicted Poindexter in 1991 with multiple convictions for his role in the Iran-Contra Affair. The U.S. ran weapons (1985) to the Irian contras. Poindexter destroyed the evidence that the president signed off on the operation. He was criminally prosecuted after admitting it.

Miraculously without too much press notice, his convictions were reversed on appeal in 1991. 

Similarly, this is how Obama put in law that congress members can not trade in the stock market. A loud headline about the goodness and righteous Obama who comes up for the people, Mr hope himself. One month later, they changed that law. You can find a few articles about this on page 100 of a google search. Here we see the elite at work.

Watch the liar-in-chief say, “I will not put Boot Boots on The Ground in Syria,” lying without blinking an eye.

In April 2016, A.P. Reuters reported that Obama announced the most significant expansion with 250 U.S. ground troops in Syria since the war began. This number would be on top of the reportingly 1500 US soldiers who were already there. The AP article forgot that all these special U.S. troops wore sandals. For that matter, Obama is still technically correct that he did not put any U.S. boots on the Ground in Syria.

The Obama method is better, and Biden learned from this. Of course, you put some special operations unit “boots on the ground” that have nothing to do with war—just logistics and training others. If you see an American, you can say he’s one of the 1750 sandal-working logistics volunteers for a particular operation—nobody with tally devices checks these numbers of these volunteers.

Do you see how this works?

Remember that picture with Senator Mc Cain?

That is how the U.S. works, have special operations train, fund, and arm the opposite party. Now, who was the opposing party to Assad? Isis, El Nusra, and Al Qaeda imagine Mc Cain is that stupid to take a photo with a bunch of these terrorists.

13 Hours is a Hollywood movie about the Benghazi scandal. Some journalists and news have vilified Hillary Clinton for this. But remember, officially, America did not have boots on the Ground there. The sandal-wearing bunch of rogue U.S. wandering lost individuals had nothing to do with the Pentagon. The U.S. disguises U.S Boots on the Ground with an attack on an American diplomatic compound.

It is, of course, a CIA cover. They are the culprit and executors of American weapons finding their way to terrorists to topple a regime. Gosh, where have we seen this before?

The U.S. has no “boots on the ground” in Benghazi.

On October 20, 2011, in Benghazi, Sirte, Libya, dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed. Here is what Hillary had to say about this: “we Came, We Saw, He Died (laughing). The leader of Libya was dragged from a drain pipe, tortured, and murdered, broadcasted for the world to see. She did not repeat on camera her avalanche of verbal vomit during the Benghazi attack. 

She only admitted I should have put some more security there. As if Hillary Clinton did not know, some people in Libya might be angry when the U.S. is responsible for torturing their leader to die in the street. Gosh, who would have thought?

A little later: August 10, 2016, The Washington Post Title: “U.S. special forces ‘boots on the ground’ confirmed in Lybia for the first time.

Back to the Russia-Ukraine war, it’s not about land grabbing. It never was.

Turkey, a NATO member, has been supplying Ukraine with the hyper-modern “Bayraktar TB2” UAVs. North Korea has pledged 100.000 troops to Russia. The country of Iran is sending the “Mohajer-6 drones to Russia. America is sending more “HIMARS” High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. Germany is sending rocket launchers and armed vehicles to Ukraine. Hundreds of Billions of dollars are pouring into the hands of the Zelensky regime. 

Russia shows its capability with the new clocking abilities off their newest doomsday Submarine, where they have a nuclear torpedo that can cause a radioactive mega-tsunami. WTF, when is it enough? Which engineer would develop the idea and fabricate this? Who would fund such an insane weapon?

On May 15, 2015, Left Americans installed the Puppet President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. On the right, US Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland.

Do you still believe it is about some land?

All these weapons and doomsday scenarios unfold because the people from the breakaway territories voted to be with Russia. Even if they did not vote, is this proportional, this mad international response? Russia annexed these breakaway territories, and suddenly the whole battlefield was stuffed with weapons from the U.S., Europe, and China. Putin’s dumbest move in his political career. He walked into the globalist trap and is doing their bidding. Intrigant Globalist and a little Jewish banker Igor Kolomoisky got under the skin of Putin.

I did not see all this hardware and special boots on the Ground when the Hutus and Tutsis Rwanda massacre occurred. Correct, no country interfered. The number of cuts off hands, noses, and child torture did not matter to anybody. Not a single nation did zero.

After Zelensky called for a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia to prevent Russia from using its nuclear weapons, the following insane statement came from the president of the U.S. Biden said the word Nuclear Armageddon has never been so close. For what? Four breakaway territories in one of the most corrupt countries in the world? The next day the Pentagon 100% refuted what Biden said. This moron has not the slightest idea what is going on.

By now, it should be clear to every nitwit that this is not about those four breakaway territories. The overreactions by nations are about, once again, regime change. The U.S. wants a weak Europe and Putin gone. They do not need an assertive, independent Russia which respects family values and the rule of law.

A weak Europe is executing a Globalist Agenda.

This is the only reason. Just look what Biden does to Germany. Those Nordstream pipelines will not be operative or may be out of order forever. The Europeans beg Biden to supply them with gas. But dementia in chief refuses. Instead, he is appealing to the Saudis and Venezuela to produce more oil. But at least Biden did not put Boots on the Ground in Ukraine, so he says. He did sign some special ops team to do something in Ukraine, but he had already forgotten. On one side, we have Putin with his hands on 6500 nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, there is demented old fool Biden with his hands on nuclear weapons. Europe is right in the middle and is the first target once the first atomic bomb goes off.

What we should learn from history.

Humanity learned nothing from history. Afghanistan was a trillion-dollar disaster for the U.S. Decades of war in Afghanistan have once again led the same Taliban back into power. The Taliban already have new friends, and they are called Chinese. 

Another great example is the Vietnam war. America had a lot of Boots on the Ground there for the spread of democracy or to prevent communism. Finally, America lost the battle. Almost 60.000, mostly very young American soldiers, died for nothing.

Look at Vietnam now. Their GDP growth projection for 2022 is 7.5 percent. It’s a stable country, and all the fighting to get rid of communism proved to be unnecessary. Here is what Putin should have done. He should have followed the model of South Korea, once an impoverished country. In the last decades, they copied Japan. South Korea is now a world competitor with brands like Samsung and LG. Talk about cars which people don’t know the automobile brands like KIA and Hyundai.

Another brilliant way South Koreans expanded their good name and brands came with the invention of K-pop. By attaching their products to these celebrities, their products gained worldwide popularity. Look no further as the K-pop group Black Pink.

What is it what Vladimir Putin should have done?

Vladimir Putin should have produced 100 documentary films about Russia, the Tsars, history, and nostalgia. Putin could make Russia the number one tourist destination for the elite. Imagine he highlighted Russian Ballet and famous Russian people like the world-famous composer Igor Stravinsky. The Russian composer Stravinsky ranks between Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Vaslav Nijinsky was Polish but grew up in Russia and is considered the most famous ballet dancer ever. With holograms, Putin should revive Anna Pavlova world’s most famous female ballet dancer. 

Putin should have built 100 Russian old-school theatres where people watch new ballet dancers perform. Build unique museums with particular Russian themes, like all athletes who won medals at the Olympics for Russia. 

Or a museum that includes movie theatres about the Tsars of Russia: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Elizabeth of Russia, Catherine the Great, Nicolas the First, Alexander the Second, and Nicolas the Second.

Piers Morgen Guest is Jullian Assange’s wife and John Bolton.

Pier Morgan came up with the idea to invite the wife of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and had a live feed with Bolton on his show (loved it). I do not always agree with Piers Morgen, like his stances on vaccines, But this was brilliant T.V.

For the first time in journalistic history, Publisher Assange is prosecuted for violations of the espionage act. No chance of a fair trial. He is facing 175 years in prison. Bolton says he should get 176. The wife of Assange fired back that Bolton should be charged as a war criminal (which he is, in my opinion). 

The exciting part is that Bolton said to the wife, why isn’t Julian Assange coming to the U.S. if you have nothing to fear? The court will decide. But why does Bolton not accept a day in court if he does not fear anything or any wrongdoing? She should have asked him that.

She should have fired back at him. You got fired by Donald Trump because you are a warmongering lunatic. Then you write a book to enrich yourself from your position as a politician. You are a despicable human being. She was too passive if you ask me,

The U.S. tapped the phone of Angela Merkel; here is why this is important.

Anyway, I mention Julian Assange because of one crucial thing that Wikileaks exposed. The Americans were wiretapping the phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. No, this is not a conspiracy theory. This happened. Now, why would the Americans spy on Germany, especially Angela Merkel? Because her roots favor communism, it is unclear to the Americans which direction Angela would take with the Russians, so they tap her mobile phone.

On February 6, 2014, Victoria Nuland, the current undersecretary of state, said the following: “Fuck The E.U.,” speaking of the Ukraine crisis. This happened when she worked under Obama, pushing the regime change in Ukraine in 2014. Europe could see dark clouds coming. Do you still think the US is a friend of Europe?

America needs Europe to be weak and divided. The last thing the U.S. wants (or its globalist puppets leaders). Europe in peace with Russia and Russia becoming a NATO member? Imagine the powerhouse Germany, the engine of Europe, teaming up with Russia.

Now go back to the beginning of this blog. Do you think the Americans had nothing to do with these three points of sabotage I mentioned? We are now at a stage it does not matter anymore. Elon Musk is desperately trying to come up with some first peace proposals. He gets attacked by an army of American Bots (correct American, not Russian bots.). And it tells you anything you should know.

As if this is not enough, the Karma meter strikes immediately when messages from the front arrive that the Starlink communications are not working in the last few days. You can hear the people think, did Musk…?

Putin is an inch away from becoming worse than Hitler.

What does Putin have now? He is an inch away from becoming a figure in the history books worse than Hitler if any readers and books are left. It does not have to be Putin who has to put Boots on the Ground in NATO countries. He also does not have to push a button to launch a nuclear strike. 

We could expect a false flag nuclear bomb detonation.

Far more scary are Globalists who want this to happen as they adore death and population control.

Imagine a false flag where some moron detonates a nuclear weapon now. America is buying up all iodine pills. Countries are preparing for a nuclear war as if they can survive such Armageddon.

The amounts of boots and or sandals on the Ground in Ukraine is incredible. So many countries are present. Maybe that is just because it’s 2022, and we celebrate diversity! Maybe?

Blackouts in Europe, how could Russia win the War?

(C) Bas Boon

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