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Wuhan Virus, Lies, Propaganda and WHO/CDC Incompetence. I am writing this blog from my farm in the South of Thailand. I am distancing myself from this pandemic. And I wait for my new son to be born in a few months!

I am surfing the internet and speaking to sources from all over the world, some in very high government positions! Please read this carefully. Everything I am about to tell you is happening and not a conspiracy theory!

In a previous blog, I informed my readers about a group called “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, China, and South Africa). The goal of countries under the leadership of China is to not use the U.S. dollar anymore for buying oil. Now things went smooth with the Clintons inviting China to the WTO. And the Obama administration continued the selloff of America’s independents. The U.S. receives huge payments from China. The vice president’s son Hunter Biden company 1.5 Billion from the Chinese when his father, Joe Biden, was vice president under Obama.

Donald Trump has become president of the U.S. COVID-19 is on its way.

Then something happened that they did not expect. Donald Trump became the new president of the U.S., And it was clear that “Make America great again” and America first was not the direction many influential people worldwide wanted.

Fast forward. We can see Trump, who became good friends with Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsenaro. The Brazilian president is another newly elected populist who used the term “make Brazil great again.” And lately, we could see how the president of India welcomed Trump with the most extensive live audience in a stadium ever.

For those who do not see the importance of this, let me explain: Trump took away two countries from the “BRICS” group and became friends. Trump discussed colossal trade deals with both members of BRICS” countries, India and Brazil, and was successful at doing so!

The whole point of “BRICS” is to develop their currency as a force against the dollar. These new trade deals would make the dollar stronger.

How can Trump be president? China is furious. COVID-19 is racist?

China was furious. How could this have happened? Trump should have been found guilty of the Russian Collusion Hoax. To name the coronavirus the “Chinese virus or Wuhan Virus” is racist. Russian Collusion is not. It’s a media thing, you know.

Soon we can see the Ukrainian Hoax and The Impeachment hoax. But Trump is a fighter. He survived the onslaught of fake accusations fueled by Russian and Chinese bots on social media and the Fake News. The impeachment occurred on December 18. But it was clear he would not be found guilty. As the Republicans controlled the Senate, and finally, on February 5, Trump was acquitted by the Republican Senate!

The Saudis as friends.

March 7-8 The Saudis become good friends with President Trump. There are colossal weapon deals with the Saudis as Trump becomes president. Trump is not too demanding on Saudia Arabia with the Khashoggi Embassy murder. The Saudis are still the oil partners of the U.S., but they declared war on Russia’s oil industry “policies.”

Putin refused to cut back Russia’s oil production in the face of depressed oil prices. Less demand of 3.5 million barrels per day because of COVID-19. So, the Saudis flooded the market with oil. This action slashed their expenditures, resulting in a first-day price drop of 25%. During a worldwide pandemic, the stock markets shook and had no end to the COVID-19 crisis (coincidence?).

Oil crises and their effects an explanation in this video.

The Health “Experts” paid for and bought for by China, giving “weird” pandemic advice.

In my previous blog, I explained that the WHO was in the pocket of China. China appoints the Director General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom, so he is paid for. On February 14, the WHO announced: “no human to human spread. But Taiwan warned the WHO in December that COVID-19 was spreading from human to human.

On the same date, February 14. Indeed not coordinated and just a coincidence. Clown “health expert “Michael Welling, the director of the Center for Coordination of health Alerts and Emergencies’ of the Ministry of Health, said; Quote “In Spain, we do not have Covid-19, and the population must understand that there is no risk”. Thirty-eight days later, Spain’s hospitals are overrun.

Spanish military finds bodies.

Quote the NPR: Spanish military finds dead bodies and seniors in “completely abandoned” care homes. Older people are left to die by running panicking social workers. And the death toll rises above 4000, surpassing China. The whole country is under lockdown!

Here is the tweet of the WHO on the same date, February 14.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in Wuhan, China. So naming it COVID-19 is correct.

I explained that the WHO advised the world to keep its borders open. China and Taiwan took their measurements, not trusting China and their WHO health “experts.” What are the Odds that on the same date, just after Trump announced the travel ban to China on January 31, the WHO announced that travel bans are an overreaction and unnecessary? Wuhan Virus, is no problem, acordinaccording experts.

More “madness” advice from the Chinese World Hemorrhoid organization

Just when you think it could not get worse:

Sabotage, Manipulating, Lying, or..:

The planned sabotage continues. Trump announced that everybody who wanted to get tested could get a test. He finds out that (CDC responsible) is the cause of delays. In 36 laboratories, the test kits don’t work, and it delays testing in the U.S. for three weeks!

March 6 PolitiFact: Donald Trump is wrong to claim everybody can get tested.

Indeed it did not come as a surprise to me that a former senior @HHSGov official under Trump claims that the CDC “lied “to the president. They lied about the center’s ability to produce #coronavirus test kits: CDC responds: see the link.

Still not convinced, here are the newest “coincidences”?

Is the disinformation and sabotaging continued by operatives carrying out “China’s master plan” or blatant incompetence?

China just sent 150,000 test kits to Prague. The problem is most of them don’t work works!

340.000 test kits bought from China do not work against the Chinese Virus

340.000 corona-virus test kits Spain bought from China do not work. Poor Spain gets like Italy, a double whammy. First, the Health expert tells Spain the public should not fear anything. There is no Wuhanvirus in Spain. As basically, everything is fabricated in China. Spain buys testing kits from China, and just like the batch sent to Prague, they do not work coincidentally. What are the odds?

Spanish Laboratories warn that Chinese test kits are imprecise:

My previous blog also revealed that the virus spread in Italy was mainly caused by the 100.000 plus illegal Chinese workers in Italy. The Chinese used cheap labor and bought Italian clothing companies.

The plan is bigger for China, not only wanting a considerable part of the Italian clothing business but:

China is buying Australia: 

The FBI arrested Harvard Charles Lieberman for lying about working for China

A new study shows China is lying.

The “miracle” drug.

The following 24/7 media push is that Trump goes against doctors’ advice. He is promoting a drug that is not FDA-approved, and governors of certain states ban the use of this medicine. Huge front-page news by the Fake Media. I have stated previously that the death toll figures from China are not correct, and it could have been much more:

CNN about “Trump’s “miracle drug Quote “pushing a drug not approved by FDA #chloroquine drug.” However, they do not mention that it is a cocktail mix of hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin with Zink, so again #fakenews which some doctors claim has excellent results against the Wuhan Virus.

March 20 NYT Coronavirus in N.Y.: ‘Deluge” of Cases Begins Hitting Hospitals

There are already critical shortages: A Bronx hospital is running out of ventilators. In Brooklyn, doctors are reusing masks.

The Guardian: Medical Staff is begging for Masks on social media amid the corona-virus crisis.

Indeed the next “coincidental” anti-Trump propaganda stunt has nurses in New York Hospitals posing with self-made protective clothing from Garbage bags. The poor propaganda leftist nurses are about running out of protective clothing. And the dire shortage of masks is widely reported by the mass media. Don’t get me wrong; I admire the hospital workers and doctors. And can understand the frustration and work pressure. Working in a hospital with hundreds of patients with the Whuan Virus must be crazy!

You get the picture; the shortages have multiple causes. The whole world has the same problems. You do not have to be a genius to understand there would be a shortage. Plus, the fabrication of the majority of masks comes from? You guessed it, China.

‘On March 23thrd, 2020, Trump has enough, so he puts AG Barr to work.

At a press conference, it is made clear to the public they will go after “hoarders,” and guess what?

Three days after Barr’s message/warning, the SEIU Union in California suddenly finds a mysterious stash of 39 million Masks.

It is loud and clear when Barr makes the following remark: “if you have too much toilet paper in your house. This absence of toilet paper is not something you have to worry about. But if you are sitting in a warehouse with masks, surgical masks, you will be hearing a knock on your door”!

More good news by this ‘miraculous” finder of the mask quote:

Union officials said they also found a supplier that can produce 20 million protective masks per week. And another that can provide protective face shields. What are the odds?

A church somehow forgot 5000 masks in a basement.

Just Weird?

For example, there is something weird happening in China. As in an episode of the twilight zone or X-files. Millions and millions of mobile phone subscriptions vanished. Sure reports swing from 8 million to12, and even 21 million users just disappeared in three months!

Or is the death toll correct, except it is not mentioned which drug they successfully used to have such a low death toll? Worldwide, doctors that treat Wuhan virus patients swear by the pill: hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin with Azithromycin with Zink,

A New York doctor came forward, informing the people he had used this medicine cocktail on 350 Wuhan virus-infected patients. The results were nobody died. The Fake-media quickly buried this. They were pushing that somebody had died from the “Trump miracle drug,” but they forgot to mention this.

 If you take too much paracetamol or aspirin, you can also die!

Why is France hiding a cheap and tested virus cure?

Now the proof that the drug must have some “magical” healing capacities was just recently confirmed by this press release on March 25, 2020. Quote; India bans export of malaria drug Trump touted as coronavirus treatment”!

India has over a billion people in lockdown. They might use some medicine for their people and do not have enough to supply the whole world!

Crack the ingredients code and sue me later!  

Reality or Fantasy?

I am sure Hollywood has several scripts about Pandemics like the well-timed Netflix T.V. release “pandemic,” The series includes tons of virtue signaling and multi-cultural figures! One Hollywood script I could think about, I heard some rumors of this. 

Some Arab guy in the desert got sick from a strange unknown virus. Dutch researchers send samples to their Canadian research facility. The facility happens to have many Chinese researchers working in the facility. One Chinese employee understands how contagiously and dangerous this virus is. And smuggles it out to China and brings it to the Wuhan biological warfare department. They develop the Wuhan Virus not long after that.

Did China already have an antidote?

They try to develop an antidote before they want to release the virus into the world, except the virus escaped before producing it. Or did the Chinese have the treatment and use their controlled outbreak not to be blamed? Is the Wuhan Virus released because of Trump? Did new variants surprise the Chinese recently when their antidotes do not seem to work anymore?

Nah, that is too much “fantasy.” The real story with WHO and CDC “controlled and paid for by China ordered to lie to the world” is interesting. Or blatant incompetence by morons who spread the wrong message. As a “professional,” they advise not to worry about some “small flu” outbreak is probably the exemplary scenario!

#TefonTrump is breaking records!

By now, “TeflonTrump” breaks all popularity records on how he handles the crisis. The fake news and democrats blame Trump for not having enough medical supplies. Trump is on it (mask and ventilators popping up out of nowhere)! The mass media and democrats blame Trump for a massive failure in not being able to test people.

Trump fixed it in a Trump-style fashion even while the CDC sabotaged the production time by three weeks, which is now a proven fact! Trump made sure that in record time, the U.S. tested the most people for the #wuhan-virus in the world!

The media’s answer (stop broadcasting Trumps W.H. Briefings):

America and the world financial markets need certainty!

Indeed the president promised within two weeks to make a decision (eastern). His leadership is at an all-time high. Democrats thought without Trump having the Stadium rallies; he would be finished. But Trump being Trump using the daily corona press briefings from the White House to get an all-time high approval of handling the crisis without one stadium rally.

Markets responded to Trump’s promises. He would make some decisions in two weeks (which is good leadership). Whether you move the date is like implementing a plan. Like the China trade deal agreement where you let workers return to work in phases. There are many options! (Media: Trump doesn’t listen to doctors, doesn’t care about the elderly. He wants you to die, disgusting propaganda and fearmongering porn.

How will this end?

Warships fire shots

There are many stories of the military on the streets from Holland and France to the US, and Los Angeles, don’t worry, the media will tell you.

The LA Times: The armed vehicles have nothing to do with the Wuhan Virus, just routine. Listen to the news and your experts like the CDC and WHO, and trust China. Italy, Spain, and the rest of the world found that following Trump might not be a bad idea. He may behave in crazy and controversial ways at times. But Donald gets the job done; Trump performs well under pressure.

By the time it is election time in the US. Joe Biden is still in “self-isolation, “trying to figure out social media and on which planet he currently is on!

1000 Unused Ventilators Stockpile found in New York

The Fake News continues its attacks on the president and tries to keep fearmongering the public daily. The following media “hoax” headlines will say there are insufficient ventilators. Which I believe will be the case in the future. Prominent headlines in the Fake News media, we are running out of ventilators in NY city, Cuomo asking for 30.000 ventilators. Trump’s response, I do not think you need 30 or 40.000 ventilators is the headline in every major newspaper and newN.Y.outlet!

The NYT shows a so-called nurse whistleblower revealing a ventilator and mask shortage as of now!

And magically, like the tens of millions of masks found in several places after AG Barr announced they would go after hoarders,”. The following news quotes: “thousands of new ventilators stockpile found in NY warehouse, what are the odds?

Indeed Trump is on top of things, so he tweeted the following: 

In 2015 Andrew Cuomo turned down 15.000 ventilators (Cuomo claims they do not need them). Undoubtedly, they asked some questions to Cuomo (yesterday) about Trump’s tweet. Here is how he responded: they didn’t need those ventilators yet. And he was squirreling: he meant he would need those extra ventilators in about three weeks. Never really explaining why there were thousands of new ventilators just sitting there? Could some real journalist ask if those “newly” found new ventilators are within the total amount the governor needs in three or four weeks?

Indeed the Washington Post already reports today that two patients need to be on one ventilator in a New York Hospital. I guess it’s a long way from where all these ventilators were found in NY to have some delivered needed. But wait, didn’t Cuomo say they require those ventilators for the future, in three weeks or a month?

March 28, 2020, The Washington Post: New York Hospitals desperate for ventilators is treating two patients on a device intended for one.

Lesson for the media:

I know this is all very confusing, but here we see another example of how the media is constantly fearmongering. At the same time, Trump is trying to boost the manufacturing of ventilators and masks and does everything to give hope to the American people. The swamp sewer journalist will continue their onslaught of Fake News to get rid of President Trump.

Regardless if that scares the shit out of millions of Americans. Scared people now run to their local hospitals in great numbers because of some minor body ache! Somebody from the WP should find that stockpile of ventilators and drop one off at this hospital in need!

On the positive side to end this blog: Let’s all work on a solution instead of blaming each other and pointing out the flaws of others.

Now I pointed out many “flaws and accusations” and named the blog sabotage, lies, and manipulation. But there is always the “Scott Adams factor,” and this gives me real hope: it all could be just a human error, stupidity, people fuck up!
That would be much better (as weird as it sounds) than a massive Chinese conspiracy. This possibility includes the WHO/CDC incompetent people making huge, fatally wrong decisions.

This tweet from the president gave me hope!

Let’s beat this virus all together a Global human army with the same goal!

Virus, Ebola, Covid-19, H1N1, Vaccines, and Fake Fear.

(c) Bas Boon

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