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The WHO / CDC world domination by using Covid-19! Is this the beginning of the end of freedom and life as we know it?

The “planned” Chinese #Wuhanvirus  –  The WHO / CDC world domination!

The WHO / CDC is striving for world domination by using Covid-19! In January 2020, I talked with a hedge funds manager about math. I knew my friend was a brilliant mathematician like my father. Since December, I have followed the news about the Covid-19 Virus in China. But it was almost non-existence in the world news.

There was a graphic on CNN that made me wonder if the World lost its skills in math. I hated maths at school and dropped out at age 15 to start my own business. I learned how to count myself rapidly on a global scale! The graphic of CNN was the current state of COVID-19; according to CNN, at that time, it was not racist to say Chinese Coronavirus!!

The information about the Coronavirus in China stated the following:

Statistics so far: 38000 infected, 10.000 recovered, 1600 death, and 12000 critical

I could not believe my eyes. I talked to my friend with the hedge funds and asked him if I was going crazy or something. 15 till 25% critical? 

Immediately we started to do some math, and it did not look good! 

Even if the Virus were the same as the flu and not more deadly, the rapid spread would pressure the world health care facilities like Hospitals.

This rapid spread would mean the following. If the infection for people is similar to that of the flu – 30 million (or worse) in the states, 5 to 6 million would need I.C.U. Treatment. There are about 100.000 ICUs in the U.S. if you modify other hospital beds. My friend prepared his hedge funds in a different direction. He is “betting” on the oil market to go down, not in, and out of the stock market. To be short, wait a few months, Then buy back with a 50% discount or more in a few months. More on this later.

Comparing COVID-19 with the flu and other causes of death is irrelevant. We can not trust the WHO.

First of all, our worldwide health system I.C.U. Capacities have an average daily occupation of 70%. Here are some examples of the need for I.C.U.s; accidents, influenza, heart problems, etc. This occupation of I.C.U.s would mean that on top of the regular use of I.C.U.s, there would be an avalanche of COVID-19 patients. Who would need treatment in I.C.U.s? The media is not reporting on this simple fact. 

In the U.S., the democrats and fake media focused 24/7 on the Trump Impeachment hoax in December 2019 and January 2020! The fearmongering porn regarding the Covid-19 Virus made every person with a sniffle run to the hospital. Most did not show signs of the infection on arrival, but they got a souvenir from the Coronavirus at the hospital.

I followed Scott Adams on his daily periscope. I think it was January 24th, and he was angry. Scott is screaming why are we not closing the border with China? This lack of action is madness! A few days later, Trump implemented the travel ban on China against the advice of the WHO.

WHO says the reaction of Trump closing the border with China is an overreaction?

Now here is where —things get weird—the WHO advises keeping the borders open. Yes, you read it right. According to the “experts,” this would be an overreaction; what? To make things more absurd, democrat Schumer called Trump racist because he implemented the travel ban on China. Crazier – the house democrats tried to force to remove the power of the president to implement travel bans!

Why Europe, the U.S., and many other countries are screwed?

I traveled the world and almost sold Glory to a Chinese company. I traveled to many cities in China and have some good contacts there. Everybody I spoke to said it was far worse than what was reported. According to many people, the Chinese government lied about the death rate.

Sources and footage show that the Chinese government ordered 1200 mobile crematoria installed near hospitals to burn corpses 24/7. The whistle-blower doctor who warned the World about this Virus died of the ‘virus,’ so we are told.

Other doctors or journalists with a different message than the communist party would vanish or die! This was a “mess,” And when I saw hundreds of Chinese people in “Space suits” protective gear with headgear against contamination marching the streets with big blowers to disinfect the area. I knew this was no ordinary flu. It looked like a scene from a Star Wars movie where the empire soldiers in their white outfits occupied the streets!

China has experience with viruses, so it didn’t take long to sort out. The Chinese government instructs Sixty million Chinese people to stay home. Some neighborhood government officials with a police force would barricade doors of monumental buildings. Entries of highrise buildings are permanently sealed using welding machines!

We can see many of these Chinese government Covid-19 actions on social media. The problem is you never know if it is a false flag, especially images from China. Life went on like normal in every country. Even China, who knew they had a pandemic at hand, did not close any airport or close any border!

Measurements in the rest of the World. Bad signs!

I am talking to my friend again. And the topic is that we both foresaw a massive problem because of many countries’ lack of interest and measurements. The media would not be one-sided in fighting the Virus like the Chinese government is doing.

No, this media would start the blame game to get rid of President Trump. Demonizing Trump and exaggerating how bad Trump is handling the crisis on any occasion is what the media did. 

Trump wants to lock down certain States:


Major Cuomo wants to sue Rhode Island:


European governments would be afraid to close borders and be called racist! No mobile crematoria for Europe or the U.S., no vanishing journalist. There is no “Star Wars” force on the street spraying every inch of the city. No, the U.S. showed pictures of millennials, teenagers who booked their holiday for Daytona three weeks in advance, and no Virus would stop them.

Lack of sleep, party, and drinking the ingredients to make your immune system pleasant and weak. And ready to get some Covid-19 about two weeks later, when they return with their parents and go to school! Europe and the U.S. could never do what China did. And I see dark clouds coming! Don’t get me wrong.

I disapprove of whistle-blowers dying and journalists vanishing or locking people in their homes! But this saved many lives (for China, that is). And my point is that this would not be possible in Europe or the U.S.!

Star Wars Force to disinfect entire cities.

I forwarded my friend a tweet with a video from Iran. In the tweet attachment, you can see a person riding an old bicycle. The bike has a cylinder on the back with smoke coming out. Like how you kill local mosquitoes. I would laugh about comparing this with China. Where a “Star Wars” force would spray entire cities.

Drones are flying everywhere, and enormous trucks are spraying tons of disinfected stuff everywhere. This way, they disinfect huge buildings and hospitals with tens of thousands of beds in six days!

But my response is to prepare myself and my family. I was planning my move from Pattaya to Isan in Thailand with my family staying on the farm. My friend moved away from his office in London and isolated himself and his family in another country.

He would run his hedge funds business from there. Because of my action to move to the farmland in Isan Thailand, a new hobby, company, became a reality. I started a family YouTube Channel.

The sheeple panic, finally people start to realize how serious the situation is! Toilet paper “cure.”

In Australia, you could find a video of some overweight housewives fighting over a bunch of toilet paper rolls! Somebody posted it on social media, and it went viral. The result was crazier than the ice bucket challenge or anything I have seen before.

Worldwide the battle for toilet paper had begun. As if the asses of the World would produce a constant flow of endless diarrhea! 

This panic of toilet rage showed exactly why only 1% of the World was wealthy and successful. People would start hoarding food, but above all, tons of toilet paper. The viral video from Australia with overweight homemakers fighting for toilet paper became a worldwide topic for surviving COVID-19.

Far different from a guy in the U.S. who saw the pandemic and problems and bought 16000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Later he .sold these for huge profits online. There was not a single store with hand sanitizers in stock.

Hospital workers are among the first who became infected. We have known this for over a hundred years but do nothing.

Another sign of huge problems was the official report that over 3200 medical workers from China were infected and doctors were dying. People who paid attention would understand that a mask to protect your mouth would not protect you from getting this Virus. It should help protect others from you spreading the Virus – (coughing to minimize the spread)!

The opposite is true. The Virus would stick to the mask. And when you would remove it with your hands, not washing them, you would become the winner of some Wuhan virus.

Taiwan has a history with Chinese health lies.

Taiwan knows the WHO. It’s Chinese controlled and partly funded like the C.D.C.! This quick response resulted in only one person who died of COVID-19. Only 102 people tested positive! The same WHO advised the Trump administration not to implement a travel ban to China at the end of January. According to an official press release by the WHO, this action from President Trump is overreacting.

The same goes for Democrats and Fake News. They called Trump, racist for implementing the travel ban on China! The same WHO director is the controversial Ethiopian politician Tedros Adhamon Ghebreysus. Tedros made this announcement less than a few hours after Trump implemented the travel ban on China. The official WHO statement; it was an exaggeration to do this!

Check out this Timeline of events.

December 10, the first person in Wuhan became ill.

Dec Taiwan warns the WHO and other organizations that the Virus is spreading from human to human. 


On December 30e, China shut down social media and detained whistle-blower Dr.Wenliang.

January 1 They destroy Virus samples; C.C.P. claim no new cases

January 1 WHO statement; the disease is not transmittable to human-to-human

On January 31 January Trump implemented a travel ban on China

CNBC February 6 Taiwan lashes out at China for blocking WHO access. The most successful country today battling the Virus is Taiwan. They did not listen to the WHO. But Taiwan took action immediately at the end of December 2019 (still think that the WHO “experts” are not in the pockets of China).

Business Insider: February 6, 7: An initial batch of novel coronavirus testing materials the C.D.C. shipped to state labs around the country on February 6 and 7 didn’t work correctly. That delay stalled a nationwide testing rollout that might have helped curb the spread of the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, across the U.S. So far, at least 41 people have died.

Business Insider: February 6, 7: Korea, which detected its first positive case one day before the U.S., conducted over 18,000 tests a day by March 3. March 3arch 12, March 12. had born fewer than 14,000 tests total.

Something has gone wrong, no kidding?

Quote “But by February 8, something had gone seriously wrong with the C.D.C.’s testing kits. Around 50 labs had received the gears, and 36 reported having issues. The problem appeared to be with chemicals known as reagents. They use these to process samples from nasal swabs for lab analysis. Unable to trust results from the kits it had just distributed, the C.D.C. must continue to do all tests in Atlanta until they can manufacture new reagents.

For unclear reasons, the C.D.C. opted to design its COVID-19 test. Even though the World Health Organization had already approved a test developed by German scientists, new primers. The tests were widespread elsewhere without any technical problems seen in the U.S. 

Forbes March 14nd COVID-19: Scandal and Incompetence

2009, the C.D.C. recalled 800,000 doses of swine flu vaccine for children ages six months to 3 years after the products manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur failed potency tests.

2012, the C.D.C.’s main building housing infectious anthrax, SARS, discovered monkeypox gases to have been leaking deadly pathogens due to a flawed engineered airflow system.

In 2014, the C.D.C.’s lacked a response to the Ebola virus. It gave the green light to Patient Zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, and infected medical personnel to board commercial airlines while ill, exposing untold numbers of travelers to the deadly disease. Expensive isolation chambers that taxpayers had subsidized for $15 million sat buried in a Georgia warehouse.

March 14 Insider: The former director of the C.D.C. is calling for an investigation into coronavirus testing failures: ‘Something went wrong.’

March 15 “expert” Dr. Fauci’s “No immediate” need for domestic travel ban!

New Yorker March 16: What went wrong with coronavirus testing in the US? “To offer tests to anyone who wanted the,m as President Trump said on March 6.

March 6 is going to require commercial testing facilities to come online. Still, the three-week delay caused by the C.D.C.’s failure to get working test kits into the hands of the public-health labs came at a crucial time. In the early stages of an outbreak, it is essential to do contact tracing, isolation, and individual quarantines to contain the spread of disease.”

March 18th vice news: How the C.D.C. Botched Basic Science in Its Attempt to Make a Coronavirus Test

As I said, nobody is willing to go to China’s extreme measurements! Check out this video about some Chinese citizens surprised by the complete shutdown and travel ban. Walked home for miles and slept in parking garages (you see that happen in Europe or the U.S.)?


On March 20, Italy was on complete lockdown. There is no more traveling, even domestically, or jogging outside. Finally, after 50.000 infected and 5000 dead. The government realized only extreme measurements could have resulted, but it was too late!

Italy is hit the hardest. Here is why.

According to the media, it’s mainly the older adults above 80 who are dying in Italy. Many of them have underlining diseases. The truth is more morbid and sinister as again. China plays a double role in screwing Italy.
There are about 350.000 Chinese, mainly from the Wuhan province living in Italy.

Many Italian companies sold their companies to Chinese investors that installed almost 100.000 illegal Chinese cheap workers from Wuhan to produce and fabricate Italian haute couture products.
These workers fly back and forth every week without the borders ever being closed between China and other parts of the World. This cheap labor and open border policy cause the colossal tragedy we are seeing now.

A hilarious hypocrite team from China comes to the ‘rescue,’ arriving with a plane full of medical stuff from China. Europe is battling the same upward battle with the UK, France, and Spain. All countries follow the upward curve of infections and deaths as in Italy/shortage of medical supplies and money.


The Chinese team explained in a press conference: that Italy does not do enough to avoid the spread of the Virus. As I wrote and illustrated, the Chinese team is correct, but their telling the Italians is morbid and ironic!

This is precisely the reason why Europe will get punished. Italy major organized Hug a Chinese campaign in February to avoid racism! The Virus does not make any exceptions and loves hugging people ending up in more deaths!

Again, the graphic of CNN was the current state of COVID-19. According to CNN, it was not racist to say Chinese Coronavirus! Nations in Europe are blaming others for Racist actions like closing borders or calling the Virus by its original name!

https://twitter.com/basboon007/status/1241886854531567616?s=20 censored

Who benefits?

Trump was proud; he had the best economy in the World. He created the lowest unemployment. And the highest stock market ever and just won the trade war with China. The first phase of the new agreement between the U.S. and China was signed on January 11!

January 11th. China buys WHO officials and the international media. Meanwhile, China killed and burned thousands of Chinese citizens each day. The Chinese communist party blames other countries. They accuse the U.S. of releasing the Virus. An army of Chinese bots spread disinformation on social media. China causes economic upheavals. But the Chinese keep its borders open, knowing it has a pandemic at hand. They do not close any airports in China, business as usual.


It’s now March 20. The World is in complete agony. Many countries/businesses lost more than 50% of their wealth. Companies have to close or go bankrupt. The Covid-19 pandemic causes skyrocketing unemployment, panic, fear, death, hospitals overrun, and a shortage of medical supplies. Every country now needs tons of medical supplies. If only people paid attention to the math of the critically injured, the Chinese mentioned that.

The WHO claims to close your borders was a bad idea and unnecessary! One month later, people are hoarding toilet paper around the World. Of course, the U.S. media blames Trump for mishandling the crisis. He is leading the U.S. into the abyss, and the downfall of the stock market is his fault.

The Chinese stock market is up by 0.3%, and they report no new Covid-19 cases today. It’s under control. Ask that question again to yourself: who benefits? It’s chaos in Europe, closing borders left and right. Italy is surpassing the death toll of China in three weeks!

The similarity in other European countries with Italy is a scary scenario. Still, it tells you exactly what will happen if we are not making a lockdown in each country!

Political warfare:

The Fake Media is in full force attacking the president on his handling of the Covid-19 Virus. Trump just beat three years of hoaxes, #Russiancolussionhoax, #Ukrainehoax, #Finepeoplehoax, #Kavanaughoax, #Impeachmenthoax, the democrats and their #fakenews arm is spreading fear as they smell their chance to “finally” get rid of Trump, so they thought!

Trump is a fighter. He had a tough week last week and did not always give the correct answers. Or he could have handled things better, but he found his old self again—Trump counters with a good press release. The people like what they hear from Trump, and now his approval rating is up again!

The left shot themselves in the foot again, and more news reached the voters and the international press:

Some questions: According to the C.D.C., from April 9 through mid-April 9, 2010, approx 57 million people were infected with the swine flu in the U.S. (H1N1), and 260.000 people and up in the hospital. Almost 12000 people died, including 1180 children. But nobody blames Obama. No outrage from the media? Where are the worldwide country lockdowns and closing of borders? The people did not buy one extra roll of toilet paper.

It’s now March 20. Fast forward to the H1N1 outbreak under Obama. The same C.D.C.: there are 100 times as many flu Deaths in the U.S. This season than Covid-19 Deaths! Like I said before, I still think that any new strain of Virus spreading this fast with 15 to 20% of people who need to be in the hospital is a great danger, but for some reason, the press and the WHO did not; play the Obama H1N1 scenario! This hypocrisy should alarm the World about those who are so trusted “experts “who still, after decades, have hundreds of thousands of people die of the flu and other diseases.

The attacks on Trump continue:

Biden and the fake news latest Claim: The coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S. because Trump eliminated Obama’s pandemic office”. Indeed the counterfeit media and Biden would not mention that the office was in combination with others in a re-organization that left the Obama biodefense staff unaffected. 

It was a mistake not to fire those morons as they let almost 12000 US citizens die from H1N1, and nearly 60 million got infected. But no panic if it was to control the press and downplay COVID-19 to get the same results as Obama. They need to sack that team immediately. They did a horrible job!

Trump is to “blame” for hospitals not having enough ventilators!

Nothing in the world news about ventilators in this Chinese report about results and their experience treating Covid-19 patients.

The median time from illness onset to discharge was 22 days; death was 18.5 days. 32 of the 191 (17%) required a ventilator. Thirty-one of the 32 on a ventilator died (97%). They used ECMO on three patients. None survived. When they try to use RRT in 10 patients, no one stays. 

China is lying about multiple things. First, if their death toll rate is so low, was that because of their extreme measurements? Or did they burn thousands of corpses a day? Or were most critical patients treated with Chloroquine or Ivermectin? People use this medicine initially for malaria in combination with Azithromycin, which reduces the death rate.

Another frontal attack on Trump from the Fake Media using the pandemic:

Trump offers large sums for exclusive access to the coronavirus vaccine – The guardian.

Not for sale “anger in Germany” at report seeking exclusive coronavirus vaccine deal – The Guardian

Trump offered a German company a trillion dollars for exclusive rights to the coronavirus vaccine – Metro.

Germany says the Covid-19 vaccine is “not for sale” – business insider.

The U.S. Offered “Large Sum” to German Company for Access to Coronavirus Vaccine research< German Officials Say – New York Times.

Berlin Condemns U.S. Attempt to buy Rights to a potential coronavirus vaccine – Germany Spiegel.


We can see worldwide headlines about gangster Trump and his white house cronies. 

Trump’s trying to bribe a German company for exclusive rights to the Coronavirus vaccine is grotesque. Just another hoax and demonization of President Trump (#TeflonTrump). I saw the headlines and knew that another scam from the fake media using the tragic pandemic was upon us! 

Just a little bit of research, and you can find the official Twitter account of the company Curavac (see tweet), which claimed they never received such an offer from Trump. 

The next day we can read in the news. A few news outlets report on the denial of Curavac that the Trump accusation is false. Except for the A.P. who got the story right from the beginning weeks!

German Company Curevac says no offer Trump Coronavirus – U.S.A. today.


It did not surprise me at all. Comrade Merkel controls her state media narrative with her communist puppets! She says “Wir Schaffen Das” is the slogan for importing millions of migrants/refugees Muslims. A few years later, she had to admit she failed, costing the country hundreds of billions. The result in Germany is a negative G.D.P. for the first time in decades.

Merkel says German multicultural society failed: 


One of my business partners in Germany, whom I worked with for over a decade, said that his wife’s friend is a head nurse in a hospital in Berlin. Like the incredible influx of sick refugees/migrants who overrun hospitals with diseases like measles, polio, cholera, H.I.V., Aids, Syphilis, and S.T.D.s, Germany is lying again! 

Many hospital workers quit their jobs because their pressure was unsustainable, even before the pandemic. Muslims “refugees” spit on the faces of the female hospital staff. The reason; is touching them and speaking to them in the wrong ‘tone.’ The situation has been explosive for the last couple of years! But nothing terrible in the press, Merkel’s leftist indoctrinated “journalist” at work! 

The low death rate in Germany caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is not a coincidence. Do you think the situation is under control with their open border policy and refugees/immigrants'” weak immune system (two million + refugees/migrants)? 

German people tell me that many Covid-19 patients” death certificates say heart attack, stroke, bleeding, or pneumonia as the official death causes, not that they had the Virus! Flights from Iran were only halted recently when the police Union Leader attacked Merkel!


Ironically: GLOBALIST MERKEL’ s Germany is the last who closes the borders once the leader of promoting open borders!

Germany is the latest to close its borders _ B.B.C. 


Environments benefits!

Other groups that benefited from this Covid-19 outbreak are Greta Thurnberg and the Environment activist, Globalist, who have been crying we all would drown and suffocate because of Global Warming. Sure, we can see clearer skies, and even dolphins and fish swim in the waters of the Venice canals (which was fake news and propaganda and debunked!


Huge cities in China see blue skies first, and satellite pictures show us before and after images of cleared-up polluted skies! Positive for everybody and it shows if you would slow down the traffic this is possible, and the results are rapidly showing. Maybe there should be one week each month with travel restrictions or stay-home policies. Something to seriously consider after this crisis is over.

But the blaming of Trump continues. He not only eliminated the Obama pandemic staff, but he cut funding for organizations like the CDC/WHO and others working in this field!

Obama administration Climate Change Investment Totals USD 359 Billion Worldwide – C.P.I.

Those hundreds of billions $ invested in climate change did not prevent anything. They could spend 50 or 100 billion on preventing pandemics instead of having 12000 people die from H1N1! It means the best thing the Obama administration did was spend a fraction of the 359 billion. Little money is made available to prevent a pandemic outbreak that resulted in a pandemic outbreak. 

The pandemic happened under Trump’s presidency by “coincidence” and caused the World to pause. This pause results in the most significant reductions in emissions and pollution in history-The, the irony!


Extremely helpful if you need funding and want to control the World and manipulate the voters to vote for you. No sovereignty for whatever country but the WHO, which make the rules. This scenario would mean you would have a pandemic every election year. Ooh, wait, what’s this?

  1. Sars 2004
  2. Avian 2008
  3. Swine 2010
  4. Mers 2012
  5. Ebola 2014
  6. Zika 2016
  7. Ebola 2018
  8. Corona 2020

I am sure that is all a “coincidence,” like the reason multicultural promotion Netflix series pandemic release (the timing is incredible)!                                                           

For the people who like to know more about these “coincidences” and Event 201 and why 9/11 happened at the exact perfect date. Know this, just a month before the outbreak. They were doing simulations and training exercises for a Corona-virus pandemic outbreak, as discussed at Event 201. (google plan 21).


Nature takes out the weak.

Nature does not care about the weak people in the natural World. It takes out the weak. Humans have developed empathy over the years, and I want my parents to live for over 100 years. So, I would do self-quarantine and follow the CDC/WHO guidelines. But as we have seen, these organizations like the WHO and the C.D.C. change their opinion in a short time way too often. And particular governments finance them with a plan.

I just finished my latest call with my hedge funds manager friend. His fund is up with incredible percentages in only three weeks. But a co-worker in his office got Covid-19 Me. I am typing this from my farm in Isan, Thailand, where I have cows, pigs, birds, and a beautiful family. I wish everybody a good healthy life. Work on your immune system (try the ice man therapy), live healthily and don’t panic or stress out.

This Covid-19 pandemic and WEF/WHO plan is a reset and an opportunity for new things. Taking the glass is a half-full approach like Trump. I know he exaggerates and maybe downplayed the Virus in the beginning.

But he believes in no panic and handling things and wishes the best for the U.S. citizens and the World. The light should win over darkness, and sound should triumph over evil. I will now watch a movie with a glass of water and a toilet paper roll. Did I say toilet paper?

Wuhan Virus, Lies, Propaganda and WHO/CDC Incompetence.


(c) Bas Boon www.basboon.com

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