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Covid Vaccines account for 30-40% of Germany’s dead, the Pathology Institute in Germany makes a horrific discovery. The whole world should have this news on the front page, the fact that it does not means we are being hoaxed.

There should be autopsies on people who died of Covid and people who died of the vaccines. This just is comment sense.

Pathology Institute in Germany sounds alarm bells over Covid19 vaccines causing patients to die.

Published on August 3, 2021 (The regional daily Augsburger Allgemeine reported), remember this date and the name Peter Schirmacher, the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg.

Schirmacher sounds the alarm bells after he carried out over 40 autopsies on people who died within two weeks after the vaccination.

Quote; “Schirmacher himself is already leading an autopsy project on people who died from Covid-19 and subsidized by the state.

He then expanded the focus and also autopsied more than 40 deceased vaccinated people. Even if his results are only a snapshot, it is dramatic: 

Rare side effects from the vaccine, how rare are they?

30 to 40 percent died from the Covid vaccination itself. The pathologist cited “rare, severe side effects of the vaccination – such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases.”

Schirmacher is not against vaccinations. he already is vaccinated. Indeed, he received some critic from some of his colleagues. This news would be a huge bombshell for the vaccination manufacturers and government enablers.

The media completely ignore his warnings. Media ignoring the biggest story on the pandemic subject is a huge red flag for the safety of these Covid vaccines.

The New York Times scientist correspondent Alex Berenson shared the views of Schrimacher because an independent clinical trial by Pfizer showed similar results.

Pfizer has another trial and Alex Berenson reports the Pfizer results. Alex tweets the Pfizer results from his Twitter account, the account is promptly suspended

The Pfizer trial failed. Read in the link of the article Rare side effects from the vaccine, how rare are they? why?

Twitter acount terminated. 

Rare side effects from the vaccine, how rare are they?

The pathologist also received support from colleagues of his ranks—the FAGP (Federal Association of German Pathologists) requested to do more autopsies.

People who just died within a specific time after they were vaccinated, should get subjected to an autopsy. 

Now, here things get horrific and shocking. The “Autopsy Working Group” head wanted doctors and health authorities to know this and ask for more autopsies/research.

The Federal Association of Pathologists requested this in March by contacting health Minister Jens Spahn of the (CDU). The answer never came?

Where are the autopsies reports?

Why are these the only time autopsies on people who died from the vaccine? Why did Mr. Jens Spahn the health minister of Germany never reply? What could be more important than getting in contact with experts who produced such a terrifying rapport?

We believe we live in times with the most deadly and contagious virus raging on this planet. Lockdowns. Businesses closed, mask mandates, and detainment camps are built as we speak.

But nowhere except Germany made a decent autopsy report by experts on 40 people who died from the vaccine?

real “news which the whole world should be concerned about

There should be 40 to 100 autopsies in each country, why is this not happening?

You would think it would be a little bit important to find out asap during the most extensive experiments humankind has ever witnessed. Are you telling me we can not do 40 of these autopsies in each country?

According to Alex Berenson, who reported about the Pfizer trial, the vaccines do absolutely nothing in preventing getting Covid. Schirmacher autopsies on the 40 people who died from the vaccine point in the same direction.

My theory of the flu season is correct and is backed by science. Mask doesn’t work against these aerosol droplets. Vaccines make things worse according to real science (see tweet below).

We are fighting this virus the wrong way!

Listen to the doctor “below in the tweet” who is specialized in Immunology:


When does the flu season starts and ends?

Here are where things get interesting about the flu. People are dying, and look at the world, do the vaccines work? In February and March, the flu season usually ends in Europe. In some other countries, the flu season continues for longer.

The official Flu Season in Asia and some other countries starts early in 2019 in April. Every year the flu season is lasting longer it will not end at the end of May.

It continued in June as well. In my previous blog, I wrote about how in 2020, all media headlines predicted the most significant flu epidemic of all time. Check it out

Now let’s study some graphics.

Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, see almost no infection of Covid19 cases in 2020.

The flu season in Asian countries starts in April and ends in June.

In Europe and many other countries, the flu season begins in mid-September / October / December.

It is mentioned by the CDC and some newspapers (read my blog covid 19- influenza). that the flu seasons are expected to begin early and take longer and longer.

Thailand and Vietnam had almost no Covid-19 cases in 2020

We can see the number of Covid cases come down in Europe after the flu season usually is over. In 2020, nobody received a vaccination? Asia starts vaccinating people in 2021. The vaccination process is slow in many Asian countries

The result of autopsies of people who died because of the vaccination is still in its early stages. Autopsies should be a priority if there are deaths from Covid or just after people are vaccinated.

In this AMJ report, we can find a timeline of vaccinations, and strangely, it says that three vaccines have FDA approval? Which is strange as of now. I did not know there was an approval?

The vaccination roll-out starts at the end of January. More and more people get the vaccine in the US at the end of February March, and a more significant part of the country in April 2021.

Vaccinations with side effects force Moderna to stop vaccinating.

On January 6th Moderna’s vaccinations were paused at the San Diego center, a huge part of the vaccinated people getting allergic reactions.

March 11. Biden orders 100 million more doses of J and J that makes a total of 200 million.

Show performance from the FDA?

I think the reason the FDA stepped in and halted Johnson and Johnson, is to show they are still an authority.

It reigns complaints of side effects. People are dying from several different vaccinations. It looks to me like an FDA show performance; why not autopsies?

Real Problems with vaccines?

There are problems with vaccines, which are normal and not alarming. What is alarming is no efforts for more autopsies, this is problematic (unscientific). What is disturbing is that the scientific community is afraid to publish its finding. There is immense pressure from Big Pharma.

Fact-checkers from all over the place crawling out of tiny spaces to debunk results like these. It was a translation mistake; we should interpret it differently. Alex Berenson’s Twitter account got suspended by “accident”?

The coming flu season is around the corner a few months away for Europe, if the vaccinations do not really work we might fight this disease the wrong way.

The vaccination could lower the immune system and cause mutations. This way the death toll of vaccinated people would go up drastically. More reasons to do these autopsies.

You can see that the period when Covid really starts is around the flu season in Europe, it came down after the lockdown, and when the flu season was ending at that time the vaccinations started.

It’s not all bad news. Israel is fighting Covid with a newly developed medicine and it seems to work great: read here:

Plenty of conspiracies out there. Here is one: There is no Covid; it is H1N1. Obama saved it (H1N1 propaganda changing it into Covid) to get rid of Trump; there are tons of stories out there.

Which science to follow about Covid Vaccines?

The media should listen to all scientists. The Media pushes vaccines as the media gets paid by Big Pharma

Serious and immediate measurements should be prepared to research the effects of these vaccines in every country. To push for people to get vaccinated. It is from apocalyptic proportions and does not make sense for a virus with a survival rate of 99.9%. 

The flu season is over. Why is there an increase in Covid infections, despite lockdowns and vaccinations?

Autopsy reports and the Pfizer study reveal it’s the vaccines. Is that not a reason to do more autopsies? What do you think?

Google his name now Alex Berenson and check the vicious attacks from the Big Pharma enablers.

This is only the second autopsy test I can find about the vaccine and it is 100% devastating

Tweet censored by Twitter

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