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TV and Social Media are defeating God and Religion. This blog gives a closer look at what communication progress is doing to religion. Humanity finds itself in a new time period, the time of the infowar.

Have we ever wondered why religion is on the decline? The Creator is unpopulair and extremists are on the rise?

I have been doing some research, and there is a straightforward logical explanation: The answer to these questions is common sense, logic, education, and alternative media.

The book titled “The gods were Cosmonauts” by Erich Von Daniken described two incidents about 70 years ago. The first incident occurred in the Brazilian rain forest. Here is where two scientists need to land their small plane in the middle of the jungle. 

When the pilots successfully brought the plane to an emergency landing, they encountered an Indian Brazilian tribe, which had never seen other humans before. They never have seen or used TV, radio, or any communication devices ever before.

For the tribe people, the flying man from the sky in a strange flying machine arrives. They were showing their fire from a device. And bringing them gifts must have been the experience of a lifetime. 

Flying machines arrive from the sky “Messengers from our Supreme Being”?

Scientists returned after 40 years to the same place. The local tribe had built a plane out of wood on the spot the scientist landed 40 years ago. All of the tribe members were worshipping the plane of wood. The Tribe people think after 40 years, their prayers work, the “Gods” came back.

Another similar story happened in Japan. Just after the second world war at one of the remote islands of Japan. One military airbase became a ghost place. Thirty years ago, all military and personal left the island. 

Erick von Daniken is the author of the bestselling book “The God Were Cosmonauts”.

The “Deities” came back thirty years later.

When the Americans came back 30 years later, they found local island inhabitants running around with papers. They moved from one place to another at the old military airbase. 

Every day the inhabitants would repeat running around the same area. They hold a stack of some papers in their hands. They were moving these papers from one place to another. 

When the Americans ask the tribe members what they were doing, the answer surprises the Americans. They witnessed a long time ago this ritual (military personal running around in the camp with papers and yelling). Some “Gods” would come out of the sky and bring canned food. The food would arrive in big cargo planes. 

Goods and food were delivered from a plane when it arrived at that time. For the inhabitants their prayers are heard, free canned food and goods from the sky are back.

So, what humans do not understand turns pretty fast into the explanation to justify the supernatural / God.

God on social media?

Humans have come a long way, and the age of technology has sped up communication between humans. The list is endless: Google translates, Smart Tv, Androids, Skype translate, instant messenger, Facebook, Google +, Linked Inn, chat boxes, YouTube, mobile smartphones, and Ipads. What was science fiction just a few years ago is the reality now:

Star Trek technologies became reality.

This Technology revolution is great for the transportation of news. And for the communication between people. But there is also a downside for the people who have been in control for ages. These days, you have Julian Assange, The Anonymous Group, tons of hackers, whistle-blowers, and alternative media. 

Anybody can start their TV Channel on YouTube its Childs play. The corporate media newspaper and TV owners controlled and paid for by the big corporations are rapidly losing territory. Sure, many of us are still getting fooled by the manipulation of false flag operations.

They even use crisis actors, blue screens, and fake witnesses to deceive us. Like Nazism Goebbels and Hitler manipulate the press to get their fellow Germans on their side. Religion is no different anything for a follower is the motto.

Tragic Events for Political Purposes.

We even have to ask ourselves is the Sandy Hook school shooting a Hoax? The shooting takes place in the US with tons of children dying this was big news worldwide. Journalist Pierce Morgan is upfront promoting the gun control agenda. If some of the tragic events are a false flag or not, the media and politicians milk events like this for propaganda purposes.

All to push agendas of politicians and other people of interest. Tv did the propaganda job for a few decades, but its losing 1000-1 to social media. Google and Social Media rule life on earth the last years.

You can believe in God but thrust yourself to achieve anything.

The Vietnam war starts because of a lie called the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Now religion is having problems because of the speed of information and the discoveries by the scientist. I would not go to the Darwin evolution debate now, which I had with religious people. 

The plague (Black Death/ Spanish flu virus) was a punishment from God in those days. Easy scare tactics by a scam artist. Priests spread fear to win souls for the church and personal gain and control. 

We know now about bacteria and viruses and more and more about the history of the earth. Copernicus discovered we are not on the planet which locates at the Centre of the universe. 

The Hubble Telescope.

We know the Hubble telescope shows us billions of Galaxies. You cannot find this information in any holy books except in the Star Wars “stories.”

Suppose you are an Imam or some holy religious person spreading the word of “God.” The spiritual person’s persuasion to win some souls is fearmongering, preaching about God’s anger, and he now brings the plaque, storms, and flooding stories.

Today, those religious people will find it harder and harder to convince people to follow their religion. New sort of religions does emerge such as “Climate Change”.

The government bans The TV series The Bible rules from broadcasting in Malaysia. Recently Egypt made a Fatwa against online chatting.

Social Media welcomes Religion

Sex Slaves!

All this is a desperate attempt by extremists to keep their control over other people and their sex slaves. Wonder why ISIS and other extremists do not want you to communicate, listen to music, hate freedom, forbid women to learn? In Saudi Arabia, they do not even allow women to drive cars (when I wrote this blog)? 

Now you know the answer, which is also the number one reason why you should die if you decide to leave fate. The religious community is so afraid you would leave the cult. That punishment by death is imminent. 

Muslim Extremist angry at Emoticons, he thinks his religion forbids the use of emoticons.

The extremist (mentally ill) knows that when women get an education, they could develop opinions, questions, and think for themself. They know it is impossible to control their “kettle” if other ways provide a better life than women hiding in a garbage bag. That information could lead to an uprise and disturb their ruling.

Control over people in the early days. You just needed a great speaker and a charismatic person. 

Jesus starts his religious empire, just one guy and a story writer, and “he” got over a billion followers. Mohammed also begins as one person. Fear, stupidity, and threats created a lot of followers. In those days, protection and fear were easy ways to get many followers rapidly. 

Today our government still does the same – problem, action, solution. 

The almighty God can create universes, but Jesus and Mohammed need humans to write the bible and Quran, yeah, right. You also can see that in developing countries, religion will grow like Islam. 

The pope is struggling to keep up with the trend of modern new followers of the faith. How to allow condoms and gay marriage (this was unheard of less than 70 years ago)? 

If you are starving, wishful thinking is one of the only options. With a good speaker and some good scary stories, the sheep are ready to follow some cult without thinking for themself.

The pope says now they are investigating gay marriage;

Pope says Condoms are ok in some cases. He welcomes gay marriage, anything to desperately keep followers for the Church.

It’s the sign of the times we’ve got to give what most people want to stay popular.

Hitler’s speeches and his propaganda machine created a whole nation of blind followers and the start of the 2nd world war. 

Religion has serious interpretation problems of their “holy” scriptures.

Online today: Beheadings, sex slaves images, chemical warfare, a woman in garbage bags, children with Kalashnikovs, Fatwa’s, Jihad, Holy war, Crusades it’s all taped and recorded. It can be seen by everybody through all media available. 

Now I am not a fan of the Kardashians, but I assume that if a woman in a garbage back looks at the “problems” of the Kardashians on TV, she might not believe this happens on this planet. It sure looks like a better way of living than hiding in a garbage bag in the desert. 

There is fashion TV everybody with satellite connection can receive the channel. CNN now has CNN Arabic. 

We find superstars like Justin Bieber thru a YouTube video clip. Super talented young artists make incredible careers through reality TV shows like the Voice. The history channel, the discovery channel bring target audiences precisely what they want to see. 

Modern New Day “Supreme Being” Mark Zuckerberg

If there were a God who knows everything (or a damn lot), it would be Mark Zuckerberg. The youngest billionaire who created Facebook (The King of Social media) has more information from individuals from all nationalities than all intelligent agencies in the world combined. That would make him for sure a modern God today. 

And when you have many followers, and you’re famous and seem to know many things, some of us still would name that “God.”

Who said an Atheist could not be like the Almighty?

Let’s speed things up, and instead of shooting cruise missiles and throw bombs from planes, we should drop smartphones on a parachute and have drones with free Wi-Fi in every corner of the world. 

Big tech is going to rule the world. Regardless of the religious community likes it or not. The problem is, who controls Big Tech? They have control over the world’s population especially with social media. Too much control can never be a good thing, especially not if the control is in the hands of dark forces.

Interesting times ahead

Love & Peace   

(C) Copyright Bas Boon

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