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Did God order the Holocaust? Human Reich, Moon Bible. Diabolic “holy “scriptures are all false, the devil is having a laugh. In my last blog, I criticized Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and talk about Buddhism.

Alice in Wonderland Holy Books

I got many positive responses to the usual comments from the religious community and many were asking why I left out the Jew. This was not done on purpose. I do not have a preference for human groups with a special label/religion.

I think all religions are dangerous as in many cases it creates extremists. People who literary take the whole fairy-tale out of context, creating pain, misery, and war. The holy books of the Jews are not any different than the holy books of other religions.

They are full of “Alice in Wonderland” stories and therefore children love these “teachings” and grow up in a fairy tale land.

Picture: Igor Golovniov, blind obedience like faith.

The Human Reich Book Predicted the Nazi Death Camps.

Here is one to think about, they find a very old book on a mission to the moon. After multiple missions to the moon, they find a secret place. This place of the moon looks like a worship temple. The research team finds a box with a thick book, USB stick, and a DVD.

It Is Kept A Secret.

The writings and video/DVD messages are from a time before mankind exists on earth. It predicts the rise of an empire of God. Researchers claim that what they find on the moon must be over 500.000 years old. Long before the Bible, Torah, and the Quran.

The book, USB stick, and DVD are secret and stored at the Vatican, which controls and finances the moon missions. Researchers discover the name of the book is “Human Reich”.

Interesting to mention is the prophecy of this book;

On 20 April 1889, a man will be born named Adolf Hitler. An angel of God visits Hitler’s parents. God tells them their son will be a world leader with God’s greatest assignment.

God’s orders are to exterminate all the Jews. Including other weak people who pray to false Gods and follow false teachings. This includes gypsies, mentally sick, and disabled people. Hitler’s assignment is to create one strong worldwide Third Reich. 

God Orders to Destroy and Kill Everything.

“Check this out: 1 book of Samuel 15:3: Now go and completely destroy the entire Amalekite nation–men, women, children, babies, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys,”

God orders the slaughter of an entire nation, including the animals (God hated animals as they never prayed enough). And they start killing all the Amalekites and their pets as it is God’s order”.

Nazi’s Newfound Book on the Moon “Human Reich”.

Bible, Torah, Koran move over. Here comes the real book hundreds of thousands of years older “The Human Reich”.

Back to the Nazis. In the “new” old book Human Reich, they write that Adolf needs to exterminate the Jewish people. The creator of the book predicts the Jewish religion will cause havoc in the future. The Jews will cause death and misery for many years to come and are threaten mankind.

Gods say that Jewish extremists almost head-butting a wall on a daily basis for hours and hours makes him very nervous and angry. People go to that wall with their complaints. It is not good for human health to shake your head that many times in front of a wall.

God is also complaining about the male Jewish curly hair and that they wear an eggshell on their heads. It irritates the shit out of God.

The place they found was the Human Reich Book on the moon.

Original Human Reich Teachings Carved in Stones on the Planet Life.

Before they translate the Human Reich book into 4000 languages, it is also put in digital preservice. In the form of a DVD and USB stick, the message is to keep everything original. 

Quote from the newly discovered “moon” book chapter:

Human Reich 11:11 “You will put the Jews to sleep to never wake up and they shall burn, their corpses will burn forever in flames”. Adolf orders to build these special ovens and showers. The Human Reich Book instructs how to use Zyclon B gas and start to gas Jewish people. After the gas chamber, the Nazis should cremate the Jews in ovens. Adolf knows he is doing God’s work.

Instructions for the Holocaust

Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief is taking the text literally from the newfound ‘old” Human Reich book. Or he might have written the book himself and gave it an old book look, just to speed up their agenda.

The Human Reich Chapter 18;13; soldiers must wear the symbol of God on their belts at all times (God Mitt UNS) and I God will be with them in battle.

Human Reich; Wear the Symbol of The Almighty in Battle at all Times.

Human Reich Chapter 13:13: In the east, there will be an alliance Asian nation from an island of Samurai warriors joining the battle of the great leader.

Human Reich Chapter 13:14 From the ancient land of Italy a leader will reveal himself as Mussolini. He will join the Human Reich army with his nation.

Human Reich Chapter 8:3 The land of Poland will attack the Human Reich Germany. HR will retaliate with great power.

Human Reich Chapter 8:7 From the land of Spain comes to Franco to join the battle for global conquering.

Human Reich Chapter 20:19 The Human Reich seems defeated by the year 19:45 by Zionist friend allies, the Reich will sleep for 70 years. It will come back disguised as the NWO (New World Order/Globalist). Klaus Schwab from Germany (WEF) will continue the Human Reich’s mission.

Klaus Schwab will make the Holocaust look like a minor incident in Human history.

God Predicts “Builds Back Better”.

Human Reich Chapter 20:23 God orders to have a free trade policy between all countries and there should be one world bank and currency. The United peace military groups establish the NWO their motto “Build Back Better”.

Human Reich Chapter 21.18 He who stir up the war between false religions and kill the weak and poor, will receive a reward. Me the number one and only God with world domination. An end-lasting peace and love and a couple of virgins.

Page 6 versus H666

Human Reich page 6 versus 666 A new religion will appear under the name Islam religion of peace. Humans should know the Human Reich book writer is a drunk Alien. The Alien is also an addict to magic mushrooms. He is hiding on the moon from bounty hunters from his own planet.

All these translation mistakes happen while he writes these new false teachings under Aladdin’s wonder lamp.

Human Reich chapter 1.11 The writer of the bible was a short fat bold guy who has bullied his whole life and left an orphan. He had an obsession with sex and virgins.

Human Reich chapter 666 The richest man of the world Gates will conspire to make a bioweapon. The new plaque’s name is Coovid Banana Variant and some number with sixes or nines. Specially made injections with poison will kill many.

The Nazi “doctor” Josef Mengele would turn around in his grave with all these new Eugenics possibilities.

If there was a God, he is an Extremist and is Creating Extremism.

The Word of God rules.

The extremist: the extremist will worship the holy story/book as the word and rule of God. This creates problems on earth as God is a very sadistic character who likes war and destruction and annihilation.

The orders of God are clear for the whale to swallow his prophet, Jonas. More horror from God as he decides to send worms to eat Jonas’s three shelters.

More “love of God. He orders the wife of his favorite Samson killer son to cut off Samson’s hair. Samson loses his hair and strength because of this action. Finally kills his virgin son by letting him nail to the cross.

Jonas the Whale and Samson

The result is that these brainwashed fanatics created a hateful racist environment. God promised us the land so we have God on our side. The Torah (the Old Testament) and the bible are “divine” and true. Other holy books are not, look at the interview where the woman says well, we Jews are right.

She justifies her truth by Jonah the whale story as the whale spits out Jonah around this area (brainwashed sheep, see YouTube).

The bible and holy books always promote murder to conquer the land. Jews only marry Jews till today (so they lead the world of racism).

An angel of God appears to Manoah and his wife that she will bear a son. But she cannot drink alcohol or feed the son alcohol. The child will be a Nazirite-dedicated to God from the moment he is born.

God always needs those types of people to feel strong and almighty himself. The message of God is that Samson will save the Israelites from the Philistines (the first book of Samuel).

(14:5-6) Samson kills a lion with his bare hands.  (14:19) Samson shows his strength by killing 30 Philistine men. The rampage of Samson does not stop there. (15-14-15) Samson continues to his killing prophecy by smashing down the skulls of another 1000 philistine men with the bone of a donkey (God loves violence).

Deities Love Violence.

Despite his parents would like to have Samson married an Israeli woman. Samson gets two relationships with Philistine women. He marries them both.

His second woman is kind of a nag and constantly asks Samson; why he is so strong? Finally, Samson tells his second wife, he never had a haircut and his strength is in his hair. Samson was kind of a rebel. Twice Samson did not marry a Jewish person and not with a woman from Israel.

Samson Has a Big Ego and Does What He Wants.

Good old Samson has a huge ego doing whatever he wanted, hey he could. He was a child of God and he knew it. Delilah his second wife takes advantage of this knowledge. The bitch cuts off all Samson’s hair while he sleeps.

Samson’s second wife is still a Philistine and loyal to her people. Like the Jews promote to only marry another Jew. God loves racism. He always promotes the racism agenda since the beginning of time. The Philistines capture Samson (no hair left and weak).

Samson Prays to God he Wants his Powers Back.

The Philistines bring him to Gaza and they display Samson in between two pillars in their temple. For the joy and entertainment of Philistine worshippers. The Philistine God had a weak for entertainment and drama as well.

(16:28). But Samson prays to God, he wants his powers back. God finally gives him a break and sends him some more power. Samson pushes down the two pillars to who he was chained. The pillars were the foundation of the temple and so he killed himself and all the Philistines in the temple with him.

Former Biblical Figures are Modern-Day Comical Marvel Stars

In Jewish tradition, they debate the story of Samson. Finally, some people with a real kind of view on this whole fairy tale, nope: (Sotah 9B) debates the Samson situation One Mishnah does not really like the Samson story. He marries twice an “enemy” girl (how could he, but hey EGO). The punishment for Samson’s they cut out his eyes.

Surely this is strange as Samson had God behind him, who are the Jews to question this? The Jewish tried to solve this “dispute” by finding a moderate middle way. It was God’s plan, so Samson is still a superhero despite he did love and marry with girls from the enemy”.

Basically, Samson is a superhero like we now have superman. Humans love superhero’s look at the billion-dollar success of superman. Other comic book heroes such as Batman, Spiderman, the fabulous 4, the hulk, it’s a trillion-dollar business.

The bible is a creation of a Stan lee like figure, the Marvel from those times.

Samson is a Superhero.

Humanity is always fascinated by the supernatural. And the best indoctrination comes when you are a small child. That’s why many of these comic books have such a huge success in this century. The majority of parents grow up with those comics.

If they could have made Samson dolls/comics at that time period, they would have made a fortune.

Jonah Prayed In The Belly of The Whale and Then Spit Out Near the Shores of Nineveh.

Israelwood not Hollywood.

People love good stories, especially in those days. There was not much entertainment at all, no movies, no radio, nothing. Most people were an-alphabetic, stupid, and poor. Jonah was a prophet (first Temple period). Jonah also got an assignment from God.

But Jonah can’t really see the point of God. So, he sails away to escape from the face of his prophecy (at that time the Jews were as stubborn as they are now). They are resisting any chance for spiritual self-preservation. Jonah sails away.

Awesome Stories in the Bible and the Torah.

Surely God does not like this betrayal and sends a big storm. God loves water miracles. Moses split open the red sea and he tells Noah God will let it rain for 45 days to flood the earth. The purpose of this flood is to kill every living thing.

Jonah knows it, God who sends the storm and says to the sailors toss me into the sea. He has a beef with me, not you. So, Jonah ends up in the sea and a whale swallows him. He survives and is now trapped in the stomach of the whale.

Much Better Stories than Alice in Wonderland.

This is the way of God to show Samson he is right and has control over every little thing. The stories back then were much better than Alice in Wonderland. That’s why they make a lot of the old stories into movies now. So, Jonah sits in the belly and prays a lot as he has nothing else to do.

God grants Jonas to leave the belly of the whale. The whale spits him out at the shores of Nineveh. When Jonah arrives in Nineveh, he warns the population. In forty days, they could either change their lives how God wants them to live. Or the city God will destroy their city

The King listens and the destruction of the city is postponed by 40 years. God must really have a beef with Jonah as he wants him to retreat to the outskirts of Nineveh. He makes himself a shelter in a tree. Then God sends a worm (God loves worms and maggots) to eat through the branches and killing the tree.

Surely the story is meant as a metaphor. For the more open-minded moderate religious followers. For our life journeys. We have to overcome, illness, seduction, danger vulnerability, ego, desire to control events, etc.

Jews: Land is money:

Christian burst into tears after Yusuf Estes answered his question!

Millions of YouTube hits for Yusuf Estes the Christian preacher who left the Christian fate learned Arabic and found out Islam was the new true religion. Now Yusuf finds new love from another cult Islam as his form Cult the Christians treat him poorly.

I burst into tears after I see this comical hilarious YouTube video. Yusuf Estes is one of those propaganda figures used by the religion of peace TV gang to make a point

Like I wrote in my blog about Abdur Raheem Green who preached about the Coca Cola Muslim

Doctor Zakir Is a Figure Which Fits a Villain From a Marvel Comic.

Yusuf Estes has a Christian in the audience asking why Yusuf switched faith? The answer of Yusuf is scripted by Peace TV. It does not come from the heart but instead, he reads from a piece of paper. Yusuf can mock the bible and their preachers (it’s his revenge on the preachers he used to travel with as they made fun of him).

It is comical how he explains; it was though as a Christian he wanted to save the world (definitely all the signs of a God syndrome attention-seeking delusional person). He even admits he is still Waco, but not so much as before (appreciate the honesty).

Yusuf follows with some stories that his fellow Christian preachers were bad and no good. He then praises Ahamd Didat and Doctor Zakir, the Peace TV preachers. Zakir (knowing the Quran by the head and owning his own TV “peace” channel.

Picture; crativei images Dr. Zakir Naik.

Peace Tv is Brainwash TV

Dr. Zakir Naik, Peace “brainwash” TV. Quote,” Dr. Zakir Naik, says “every Muslim should be a terrorist” and that Jews are “our staunchest enemy,”.

Zakir is to headline next month’s Journey of Faith Conference — which is billed as one of North America’s largest Islamic conferences. The organizers expected to attract upward of 10,000 people.”

Well, Dr. Zakir’s quotes give a whole new meaning to the word peace. On Zakir’s Twitter account (Zakir loves multimedia) “I call for an immediate ban of the movie Gravity as it shows Earth to be spherical. This is against the Quran & thus insulting to Muslims”.

Abdul Raheem is refused in many countries for his fundamental hate speeches, see my previous blog.

Quran 6666 Verses as If Three Sixes Are Not Enough Demonic.

Yusuf explains his views by speaking in Arabic and having the TV audience interact with his propaganda. The big crowd fills in the missing words. The YouTube video shows the zoom in on a boy in the massive crowd, the boy has hypnotized eyes fascinated by the words from Yusuf.

This is good for Yusuf’s ego and credibility in how well he speaks Arabic. A big help for the ego boost and thrust issue. Great interaction with his live audience and millions watching the “Peace” TV brainwash TV broadcast.

He speaks about Islam which is spread by the sword and that he should stay away from Muslims. Anything to discredit the bible and other religions.

Stay Away from Muslims

The word sword is mentioned 200 times in the bible, but he can’t find it in the Quran which has 604 pages, 114 chapters, and 6666 verses, yes you read it well 6666 verses (according to Yusuf speech). I mean I am not religious, but is there not something diabolic about 3 times a 6?

Sign of the devil comes to mind, well the Quran adds another 6 (I guess for the doubters, btw a flag with a sword without spaghetti stains). Where I really got tears in my eyes from laughing was the following explanation from Yusuf one of the reasons why he left Christianity.

The Bible is Stained by Priest who Spilled Spaghetti.

Yusuf Makes me Cry Laughing, He Should Do Slapstick.

A biblical preacher tells Yusef that the people who write and translate the bible into Latin are in Italy Rome. The priest who works on the translation does this with the help of candlelight, as there is no sunlight at night. So, when those monks are translating to the Latin Language the following thing happened.

They were eating spaghetti as Italian’s love spaghetti. Spaghetti fell down on the script and made an S before the word. So, the word became a sword. In Koine Greek, they describe the word as Logos, so how could this change into a sword. It’s all a bunch of lies.

Well, I got news for Yusuf. all books in those times were written at night with the light of candlelight. Except maybe the Quran which writers used Aladdin wonderland and were not allowed to eat spaghetti.

Human Reich Relation Is Also For Yusef.

Furthermore, Yusuf, you are quite a good speaker. As you know by this blog a new book/teachings have been found called Human Reich.

I am sure HR will welcome you to your third and final true religion. The HR teachings word of God was found on a mission to the moon and it was presented in 4000 languages (3000 none earth). there is a picture book of events and a DVD, just to take away the doubters.

The DVD is to avoid any spaghetti eating Italians spilling food on the greatest discovery of mankind.

Here Is Why There Is Never Peace Between Israel and Palestine.

Do you wonder why there is never peace between Israel and Palestine? Well, it’s because of these Orthodox Jews and people like Yusef, Ahamd Didat, Doctor Zakir, Abdul Raheem, Netanyahu, here is a list of people who spread hate and racism and are no better than the nazis:

I like books myself; Adolf Hitler also knows the power of books and writes his own book he names “Mein Kampf.” This was not ordered by God. The book is very popular and they sell in Germany alone more than 10 million copies. Many counties around the world ban the book of Adolf Hitler.

The bible is still the best-selling book in this world.

God interfered as he never orders Adolf to write his own book. Adolf should have flowed the teachings of the HR and in chapter 20:20 the HR forbids any other teachings and publishing of personal ideas and thoughts.

God’s Terms: He Wants Your Heart. Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity

Here is my advice to religious people: Do not try to justify your belief based on a book or what others preach to you, you should believe. It’s man-made nonsense to keep the people in a trance of hypnotic obedience state. The peace TV gang is making money on you as a follower.

In the Yousef YouTube video, we can see how many tactics are produced to brainwash people. At the end of the video, he walks up to the Christian who asked him why he converted from Christianity to be a Muslim and hugs him. Then the young Christian starts crying.

Emotion Tv to Win Souls

Emotions always make the best TV and he has to repeat the words of Yousef: Allah is the only God and Mohammed is his prophet, repeating words like submitting to Allah. Obedience, give it all up to God, God’s terms: he wants your Heart.

Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity, and Peace. By now the young Christian who first believed in the bible is converting to Islam on live TV with preacher Yousef holding his arms around him for a massive crowd. Repeat these words after me again and again. Keep religion for yourself, do not tell others what to do or how to behave it is none of your business.

I Recommend To Read The Following Books:

1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

2. Were the Gods Cosmonauts – Erich van Däniken

3. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Barbara Kingsolver

4. The Four Agreements: Miquel Ruiz

5. The Secret, the Magic, and the Power

6. The one-minute millionaire: Robert Allan

7. Rich Daddy poor Daddy: Robert Kiyosaki.

8. God is not great Christopher Hitchens

9. Financial IQ: Robert Kiyosaki.

10.  For the religious fans, I recommend Stephen King (lots of good vs evil).

Try to read all of these books and put religion aside for 3 months, your life will be enlightened and you will feel great, don’t thank me or God, but yourself!

May 6th, 2014 1500-Year-Old Bible Found in Turkey Is Stirring Up Controversy About Christianity TV, I recommend reading the following books: Read more at;

All religions tell their truth. Especially the Jewish people have a monopoly on the truth of their Torah. God said you can’t see further than the end of your nose. One of the reasons Jewish people have big noses and think they know better.

Breaking News 29 November 2014

Moon explorers find new evidence at the same place on the moon. were astronauts find the first Human Reich book. There is strong proof. An alien from the Zeta Rectuli binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum is causing many misinterpretations of the HR book.

The alien who made 1200 translations of the HR book got stoned and spilled ice cream (not spaghetti). When the Alien translates the pages, he is drunk. By the time the Alien produces the documentary DVD he is completely intoxicated and spills ice cream everywhere.

The Real Message of Human Reich’s Book Revealed After Ice-Cream Spill.

It should be noticed that the book’s name is Human Life and not Reich. It is sad to notice now a huge misunderstanding. The page where it said the Jews should be exterminated actually writes “examined”.

More text of the human life book is being examined for interpretation mistakes, sorry for the inconvenience, deepest apologies for 60 million deceased. It’s not Adolf’s fault, just an interpretation mistake.

Please notice that the missing page and DVD are public now. HR final Chapter: In 1967 a great-looking handsome smart man will be born with the initials BB. He will reveal all lies and misinterpretations from the book they found on the moon on his blog, peace!

Buddha; “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control his mind he can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue naturally come to him”.

Bas Boon

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