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Paul Pelosi’s LGBTQIA Attacker, Hammer Time for U.S. 2022 Midterm! Two movies on one screen, here comes the Pelosi’s. Their alleged junky Son was in the news, and the latest scandalous D.U.I. “accident” by drunken father Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi. Alcohol, drugs, and insider trading are controlling this sick family.
The official mainstream media story and narrative is that a Trump M.A.G.A. supporter broke into the home of Nancy Pelosi to kill Nancy for political reasons. No release of camera footage from the Police, house security, and street cameras? I smell a Smollet Hoax just before the Midterm elections.

Everything about this case is off: Obama and all big-name democrat politicians, Fake News, and other heavyweights keep repeating the message that a “dangerous climate” is created when people begin demonizing others. This evil trump supporter, the Maga Maggots.

Paul Pelosi’s attack narrative resembles the LGBTQIA Smollet Hoax.

The mainstream media will examine DePape’s background; his title will be a conspiracy theorist and the magic word for the mainstream propagandist, the spreader of hate speech.

Here is what does not add up in the official Paul Pelosi story and narrative the mainstream media pushes.

David DePape “MAGA” supporter, lives in the Berkeley Hippie community, some drug hideout building. A place in which the inhabitants promote nudity. A huge LGBTQIA flag hangs for the house, and B.L.M. is written on the windows. The usual place of liberal nutjobs, AIDS, needles, decease, piss, and shit is everywhere. If you mentioned the name Trump, I would assume it is like a death warrant in that habitat.

David is a Maga Supporter because there is also a flag with 9/11 on a wall where he lives. He must be a conspiracy theorist. The connection is made that David is a Trump supporter.

I am sure they will throw in some Q-anon as well. This does well to describe rightwing nutjobs.

LGBTQIA flag and B.L.M. on the windows.

People in the neighborhood described David DePape as a junky disturbing figure with alcohol and drug problems. Sometimes even described as psychotic. His political preferences are all described as leftist by some of the witnesses in the area. Which fits the environment of the piss hell hole where he lived.

Now let’s apply some common sense and look at the actual case.
There are claims that David DePape stated he was involved in a sexual business deal and argued with Paul.

The property of the Pelosis has a fence partly. There are security cameras everywhere. A wise decision after drunken Nancy pooched with her twenty-thousand-dollar fridges filled with ice cream on T.V.
The testimony of the alleged “attacker” David gave to the Police makes sense as he has been found only wearing his underwear.

Another detail is that the glass of the smashed door window looks like it was done from the inside. The cause of this ravage is someone trying to escape the Pelosi house of horrors. The Police are not releasing their cam footage.

Just imagine drunken Paul standing there with his project parked in the mouth of David. You then hear Paul say if you can’t deepthroat, I only pay half. Now David gets angry he spits on Paul’s thing. Paul grabs a hammer, and they start fighting. Two naked alcoholics fighting must have made some award-winning video footage.

Hell, Nancy could be in this threesome as well. That would be the cherry on the cake.

I think David might get Epsteined. Or somebody mobilizes the Hillary death squad as I am typing this. Fortunately, David DePape is so intoxicated daily that he doesn’t know Epstein or Hillary Clinton. He only knows clients for sexual favors, so he can drink and shoot up some more heroin. David is reportingly bisexual and is not ashamed of this. No reason to lie for him, so he told the truth to the cops.

DePape is your typical product of democrat policies.

DePape is an actual role model even his daughter claimed she was sexually abused by him when they were very young up until 2008. Nancy Pelosi and the democrats promoted a liberal and progressive way of life. DePape has no clue in what rabbit hole he maneuvered himself in.

Paul Pelosi recently caused a severe car accident. Nancie’s husband was utterly intoxicated, but he only served five days in jail for a D.U.I.

Look at the epiphany of hate and liberalism, a product of the wicket Pelosi family. Some say schizophrenia, at least.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband is notorious for going to San Francisco gay bars. Neighbors spotted him bringing men to his home of half his age. This mess is probably a domestic violence case about a consensual sexual relationship. If I were Paul, I would erase any footage. Remember the three years’ probation from his previous drunken driving accident. Add that up with assault with a deadly hammer, and Ooh boy.

Another reason the cameras were probably all switched off is that this is a routine behavior from Paul when he brings his male toyboys home. He would not want Nancy peeking through the cameras.

Not that Nancy will miss her bisexual toy, as she still has her 20K fridge full of ice cream and now has the whole wine cellar for herself.
Now here, things get interesting. Elon Musk posted a tweet (which he later deleted) that deviated from the mainstream narrative. Just use google and see what the mouthpiece for the establishment media headlines is in this case. Baseless Conspiracy theory, Musk is evil and Maga and rightwing.

CNN forgets a Hammer.

It gets more juice. According to CNN, the ultimate Fake News broadcaster who wants to revive itself, two sources claim that David had a bag with multiple zip ties. According to my two anonymous sources, nobody mentioned this was per request by drunken Paul. CNN reports further that David brought the hammer with him.

DePape entered the home through a backdoor (no kidding). Here it comes: “it wasn’t clear if he circumvented any security measurements. W.T.F.? Look at the fucking door. It’s like a cement truck drove through there, From the inside out, that is”.

This ravage is violence, ultra-violence, which should be heard throughout the neighborhood. Paul called 9-11, and guess what. Until the Police arrived, he must have fought with David. That is a long ass fight for two alcoholics. And just when the Police entered the bedroom, they saw DePape “violently assault” Pelosi (struggle over a hammer, CNN leaves out they both had a hammer). Then the Police heroically tackled David to the ground.

For once, the Police have perfect timing.

What perfect timing (that should be suspicious by itself). Good thing the Police did not arrive 1 sec later; Paul or DePape would have been dead.
But it gets better in the CNN report: Quote: “Officers, while still outside of the doorway threshold, gave commands to both men to drop the hammer. Mr. DePape immediately pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and violently attacked him with the hammer,” Scott said in a Friday news conference. “The officers immediately entered, tackled the suspect, disarmed him, took the hammer away from him, and took the suspect, Mr. DePape, into custody.”

The officers gave commando to both men to drop the hammer. W.T.F.? Now there are two hammers? Two drunken alcoholics in their underwear with hammers? George Carlin cannot even write this script. Wait, Mr. DePape immediately pulled the hammer away from Pelosi (apparently being wounded) and then attacked Pelosi with the hammer. Only then the officers came in and tackle DePape.

Nothing makes sense from this police testimony. It’s a Uvalde bullshit story. It’s cocked-up nonsense. So, why did they not tackle Paul Pelosi when he refused to put the hammer down? They waited for David to take the hammer from Paul away.

The Guardian about Paul Pelosi is more Fake News bullshit.

Quote” Paul Pelosi, the husband of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was attacked with a hammer during an invasion of their California home, saved his life after secretly telephoning for help from the bathroom.
Confused Paul Pelosi with hammer says his friend David is waiting for Nancy, don’t ask questions about this, like how he knows the attacker’s name. Hi, my name is David DePape, and I come to murder your wife, Paul; I am an attacker, burglar, kidnapper, and murderer, and my name is spelled D.A.V.I.D. You got that, Paul? I also go by the name of Jesus Christ.

Politico reports another sewer-paid leftist government propaganda article.

Quote” According to Politico, Paul Pelosi told the alleged intruder – identified by authorities as David DePape – that he needed to use the restroom. Paul Pelosi’s mobile phone was charging in the bathroom then; the 82-year-old then made a surreptitious call to 911 and remained connected.
Paul must have said: Excuse me, David, Nancy is not home, and I need to go to the bathroom. The hammer is on my desk in the bedroom, can you hand me some toilet paper?

Then the 911 dispatcher heard Paul talking in code which alerted the authorities and heard Paul saying that David was a friend. W.T.F., was Paul and his old LGBTQIA friend David having Lipton or Green tea during this conversation while Paul was sitting on the toilet?
So DePape hears Paul making a phone call from the bathroom, but because it is in code, he lets Paul finish the call and leaves the line open. Sure, sounds believable.

After 9/11 deciphered the code as a distress call, 9/11 sent the Police. According to them, it took 2 minutes, which must be a record. For the new Uvalde police department, please notice this response and action from the Police. The brave Police immediately entered Pelosi’s house. There was a huge hole, which all the glass pushed outwards, so it must have been not difficult to enter the house.

N.B.C. “Expert” on extremism, clown show.

Suddenly both men are holding a hammer.

Now The Guardian says that the Police saw both men upholding a hammer, man its hammer time, Hammers everywhere. Paul must have found one on his toilet by accident while taking a dump. While DePapa gripped the hammer from the desk or the hammer he brought. You never know if your sex partner might have a hammer in the toilet.

So, in this garbage “newspaper,” they both have a hammer, and while the Police are there (perfect timing), David grabs the hammer of Paul and now assaults Paul with two hammers. DePape waited for the Police and needed at least two hammers to give Paul one strike, which caused him to fracture his skull. Before that, Paul was fine. The Police had a bad influence on David and made him angry and violent.

The attacker waited till Paul was done from the toilet, as a decent, honorable assassin would do. While Paul was in the bathroom, David kept asking where Nancy was; where is Nancy? I will bet you anything like the so-called minor car accident; we will hear the truth soon. The Paul Pelosi car accident is a hit and run by Paul, the drunken driver. The accident was horrific, and somebody got seriously injured—not a word by the mainstream media.

L.G.B.T.Q.I.A lover and nudist advocate, David DePape.

Important to mention is that David DePape also recorded a nude wedding of Gypsy Taub. According to many who knew him, he was a nudist activist and bisexual. Gypsy Taub married a man named Jaymez Smith in 2013.

There is a photo of Depape with Smith and his three kids watching “south park”. This must but thrilling for the LGBTQIA community, but I expect protests and controversy about why the attacker did not get LGBTQIA initials in the headlines. This discrimination has to stop.

An ex-partner of David said that he was mentally ill.

Of course, scumbag leftist propagandist Cenk Orc Uygur the one who loves bestiality sex, claims we defiantly know he was rightwing? While everybody who knew DePape claimed he was a leftist. The Reddit leftist profiling is an oil stain that spreads toward the voters for the midterm. The domestic violence case is now a milking cow for the leftist scum media, and they milk it to the fullest.

Orange man Bad, Jan6th insurrectionist, violent M.A.G.A. home intruder extremist.

It does not matter if you are left or right. Just read this story. There is a stench in every corner. It is rotten to the core in a house of horror. So liberal; The alcoholic Pelosi couple who produced an alleged junky son all living above the law and rubbing their crap into the “normal” people’s faces.

The F.B.I. has an awakening moment and does everything with fantastic speed in less than a day. They still are researching the Supreme Court Leaker. They Can’t Find The Jan 6th Pipe Bomber and have issues with “colleague” Ray Epss to testify. Still no motive for the Vegas shooter. We, the people, are still waiting for Epstein’s client list “leaks”? But before Pauls’s LGBTQIA friend visits him and is taken down by Police in his underpants, it is clear he is a M.A.G.A. supporter.

For the people who doubt the “gay story sex performance act gone wrong,” the moment the media calls it a conspiracy theory, you know there is no doubt. Mainly because, according to “ICE,” DePape is illegally in the U.S. Irony of Nancies/democrats open border policies comes to mind.

The LGBTQIA pretty much tolerates everything except cannibalism. I guess they draw the line there. There is heavy criticism for the Jeffery Dahmer Netflix Tv series. There should be no rainbow colors to promote this Tv series about a notorious gay serial killer.

Who is crazy?

The pro-abortion stalker of the Kavanaugh family; yep, That guy is crazy.

Remember Scalesi was almost murdered by a Bernie Sanders fanatic- media and F.B.I. call the guy instantly; Crazy.

Many witnesses claim David DePape was a psychotic crazy nutjob. Including his ex-wife claiming he had severe mental health issues. According to our media, DePape is immediately a M.A.G.A. evil figurehead of the Republican party.

So if you think a gay lover attacked Paul Pelosi, you are now officially a Putin Lover, M.A.G.A. fascist, anti-vax, misogynist, LGBTQIA homophobic, transphobic, nudist hater, and Ultra Maga extremist. And don’t forget your Ukraine and L.G.B.T.Q. Avatar flag on your social media accounts.

The F.B.I. outperformed itself.

What do we know about drugs and alcohol? It attracts misery and causes significant problems. D.U.I. arrest for Paul Pelosi, the Son, involved in shady companies, and Nancy and Paul, the insider traders. She is showing off her twenty thousand dollar fridges full of ice cream.

Paul Pelosi is known for visiting gay bars, and suddenly there is an LGBTQIA man with a hammer in his bedroom.

The F.B.I. got involved, which means this case finds its way to the closet where the F.B.I. accidentally stored the Hunter Biden laptop, never to be seen again.

Any F.B.I. genius who asked the question to Paul how he knew the name of his attacker? Was there anal research for Paul performed in the hospital, a standard “rape kid” procedure in search of lost traces/souvenirs of his LGBTQIA attacker?

The 44-year-old nudist leftist piss Goblin David DePape LGBTQIA cultist never expected to stumble over the 82-year-old alcoholic Paul who changed into a crossbreed of the Incredible Hulk and Thor that night.

Is there a brilliant F.B.I. agent who questions Paul about how he woke up with a hammer in his hand?

Lucky for Paul, he had a hammer in the toilet. I’m going to sleep now, but I bought a hammer before going to bed. I am not an alcoholic or drug user, but I wrote about these losers, and you know “the law of attraction” – it’s always good to have a hammer in your toilet or near your bed.

Italian Gay Man could be Patient Zero for a New Deadly CHM+ Virus.

(c) Bas Boon

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