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God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes hates Shakespeare
God and pedophiles

Masuk Islam karena Mempertanyakan Penikahan Nabi – Yusuf Estes
Jusuf about Mohammed marriage at age of 6 and Shakespare

Yusuf needs to fight for his prophet.

This is a story about God, pedophiles and power hungry sexual frustrated men with small penises. The above YouTube link we can watch the story told by Yusuf. He was approached by a man saying that Mohammed was a pedophile or implying the thought.
The men asked Yusuf why a 54 year old prophet could marry a 6 year old,?
Yusuf gets angry he wants to take of his jacket to start a fight. Which is funny as he always wears a long dress.

Yusef Needs to fight

Yusuf says he want to punish this guy with his hands ( doing the work of God ) because his prophet was insulted. Surely the prophet always needs violence between people. The ego of man to defend his Ego. God and Mohammed would feel screwed without humans like Yusuf defending some of the pedophilia accusations.
Yusuf was bullied by former Christian preachers so he has a minority complex which occasionally turns in to violence and rage (with god’s blessing of course).

Yusuf was bullied by a pries and converted to Islam

It’s the human ego’s defense mechanism, Jusuf, let me explain: Mohammed was the prophet and the most powerful man. A poor father gave his virgin daughter to him. The people in charge love young virgins as for their ego they are the first to be with the child. They are rich/powerful and need attention for their ‘holy” penises.

Holy Penises (double meaning)

When man starts defending themselves about their “gods or prophets” being insulted, they actually mean their penises ( God shorten their penis for a purpose). Often they have a very short penis. A penis that can’t really get stiff because all of Gods “anger and rage”.This is why pedophiles like little boys.
These “powerful” men deal with Gods rules on a 24 hours a day on a daily base. “Powerfull”men who force Gods rules upon others and these individuals are very stressed and that tends to lead to impotency. So they become pedophiles to feel powefull over children. 


These men can not really handle a real woman. That’s why they have to wrap themself into a ninja suite. If other humans with a bigger size penis would stare at their woman and seduce them. Honor killings and all kinds of bloody violent shit  for the invincible man in the sky, according to their rule in the book which was dictated by God.
Is the writer of Quran, Mohammed’s stalker?
Mohammed’s wife never said a bad word about Mohammed? States Yusuf. Was the writer of the Quran with  Mohammed day and night 24 hours a day, day after day, month after month, year after year?  Did this writer check if Mohammed kept his hands to himself?
The writer “spy” checks if his wife had said anything bad about her husband. Would the writer of the Quran sit in the bedroom of the Prophet Mohammed until his death?
Yusuf claims a girl can think for themselves at age of 6. The a father wants to give his daughter to a powerful man, who cares about the phrase Pedophiles.
Does Yusuf realize he is telling his own version of a very old book written by humans?  This is how other humans would read the story and interpret the words of the Quran.

The interpertation of old holy books

An old man marries a 6 years old, but says he lets her play in the yar. The girl never said something bad about Mohammed. The writer stayed with the 6 year old for 24 hours a day her whole life.
It is a serious profesion a writer of holy books.He has to see if she was faithful and the writer loved watching the prophet having sex. ,
Fritz Josef from Germany comes to mind who had a cellar with sexslaves (his own spouse). Nobody heard nothing for 20 years. Hell if those poor girls where not escaped they still would be captured as sex slaves in his dungeon. Fritz was not only a pedophile he kept his own children in a dungon as sex slaves.

Bad Example.

The Caliphate Isis “team delusional” is now trading sex slaves of the “enemy”. It starts at the age of three years old in Syria. Comes with with the guarantee that the babies are a virgin. All because the prophet Mohammed gave the example of marrying very young virgins.
Writings in the Quran which justifies rape and slavery of captured “enemies” of the religion of “peace”.

Hells Angels Shakspeare “teaching”are offended by Yusuf

Yusuf rambles on now about William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’s “love story”. How one of the children from the play commits suicide. Suicide is a sin and you go to hell according some of the big religious writings.
Yusuf now raises his voice how can somebody write that as a love story? Which writer commits such atrocity? I mean a well-known writer, poet, playwright and actor as Shakespeare is attacked for his word?

Angry Hells Angels

Yusuf I got news for you,.I just happen to know a clan of Hells Angels who love Shakespeare and basically took Shakespeare’s writings as a life guidance religion. They are not amused by your insult to this literary genius Shakspeare who is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English  language. 
The hells angels are now discussing with other biker gangs to carry out the sentence for insulting their famous writer ( it is forbidden in the culture of bikers to offend Shakespeare).

The Hells Angels Sentence

I heard that one of the bikers rules is to hang people who offend their beloved writer Shakespeare. Hanging them by their penises upside down with 12 dozens pencils up their butt.
Do not try to take off your dress and try to defend the religion of “peace” in your underwear. When it rains punches and bikers boots upon you. If you would survive the onslaught because you offended the bikers writer Shakespeare


I and with me many others understand that you instantly would become an atheist. God and the Prophet did not give you the strength to even deliver one punch to defend them. They are too busy selecting young virgins for their own pleasure.
Shakespeare would have made a play out of this.

How to redicule your own religion

Yusuf’s arguments makes Islam and the Quran painfully more ridiculous. Yusuf do not defend Islam the way you do, it makes it more painful ridiculous (pedophiles are pedophiles). I do not need your spaghetti spilling bible story or attempts to disguise pedophilia. These so called “Holy” books are fiction and were written and created by early descendants  of Walt Disney.

Walt Disney Religion

Btw Yusuf whatever you do do not watch fifty shades of grey,. I repeat do not watch fifty shades of grade. I feel pity for you as you have been raised the way you are and have been bullied by religious Christian Prist. They forced you to become a religion hopper being now used as a propaganda human for Islam on the Muppet channel Peace TV.
Do not read fifty shades of grey or watch that movie. It could cause you a heart attack ( if you are forced to see it, interpret it as fantasy with the 100 million woman who read the books).

King John of England married 12-year-old Isabella of Angouleme

What people should know is that in those times it was accepted and “normal” to marry very young. At the age when a girl reaches early puberty, in the case of Aisha she was an early flyer, let’s keep it at that.
Pedophelia was not an issue at those times.
Many debates about her age, but then again somebody who was writing that chapter in the Quran could have spilled some spaghetti sauce. The stain which dropped on the Quran’s page were the age of Aisha was mentioned.
The spagetthi stain covers the number 1 so only a 6 was left, while Aisha actually was 16 ( still young still way to young but a little better then 6 years). Yusuf you would make yourself more trustworthy by explaining that in those times we were less evolved.

Spaghetti spilled while writing the Quran

Humans had the wrong idea when a woman (girl, child) would be old enough to make her own decision. The Horny perverts who liked to bang very young virgins were hopefully not among the writers of the Quran, when God was dictating his rules.
In his heart Yusuf knows the truth and he knows he cannot defend his prophet. Marrying a girl of such a young age. So Yusuf  tries to bullshit his way out of the confrontation.
He should have said that five centuries after Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha king Edward married a minor. The  33-year-old King John of England married 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême. The world is simple riddles with pedophiles.

Wrong excuse

Yousef should have said that we are living in modern times. It’s not necessary to defend any interpretation of the Quran or be offended by words from critics or non believers.
Nobdody should be offended by other holy Gods and religions, especially not threatening with violence. In perspective Aisha could have been very young.
If there is any truth in the story. Her age for marrying was the norm and accepted at that time ( sad but true). I would swallow that story Yusuf, but bashing Shakespeare?
Unfortunately throughout history the rape and slavery of young virgin girls has continued to today, in all religions as well among non believers.

Catholic Sex Scandals

Catholic sex abuse cases in the United States are a series of lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and scandals over sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy.
Since 1985 till now more than 2 billion dollars (see link)  was used by the church to buy off sex scandals (only in the states) where mostly young boys were raped by the “holy” penises from priest. 
Today it is 6.9 billion, that must make the Church the biggest and best paid whorehouse worldwide.
That makes the church the biggest paying institute for sex in the world. 
You would say let those offenders rot in hell. But the church has a great method lightening the burden for evil people and that is exactly what they are., it’s called confession.

Holy Pedophiles

The priests all know this. So they would stick their penises in every under aged boy they could find. Often the children were threatened with stories of an angry God. The Devil would be visiting the little boys and their family soon, if they did not “clean” the “holy” penis.
After many of these priests were caught because the abused children grew up and realized it was not normal to have been molested. The young adult men receive a priests penis up their butt at very young age. Claims were filled against the church.
The priest would do a confession, the church would pay the fine ( lawyers and victims got their portion of  “holy” money) and the priests would find some new young boys/girls and then the circle would repeat itself.

Sex Scandals in the Media Headlines

The guardian: ‘Endemic’ rape and abuse of Irish children in Catholic care, inquiry finds
Another Sex Gang Bust: 6 Jihad Pimps on trial in UK enslaving 6 non-Muslim little girls.
Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?
The Yorkshire town where 1,400 girls have been sexually abused by Asian men is a byword for depravity – all because people wouldn’t rock the multicultural boat.
 ‘House of horror’ children never saw daylight
The Sir Jimmy Savile scandal: Child sexual abuse and institutional denial at the BBC.
For the people who like to know more about famous and royal pedophiles:

Charity money for the settlement of Child abuse, rape and murder

So let’s not blame all these abuse cases on just the Prophet Mohammed. We can see it’s a pretty popular occupation under the elite. The list is big; religious, famous musicians, leaders of world banks, presidents, politicians. 
Bill Clinton’s sex scandal and him lying through his teeth could be followed in the press. The opposite political party spending 60 million of our tax paying dollars ( and donations from other scumbags).
A chance to get Bill Clinton off of his throne after he had sex with Monica. More scandalous is that amount of 60 million.
The murder of more than 3000 Americans on 9/11, only 15 million was spent in a farce research team. The wife of Clinton is predicted to run for the presidency soon.

Sex Child Scandal by the elite and famous.

Michael Jackson the world’s most famous musician, paid tens of millions to settle a child sex abuse cases to his victims. It should be noted that these children of these families normally never see a penny and only are traumatized and scarred for life.
Big law firms find out about these cases and smell a chance of a big win. They take many of these high profile cases and receive the majority of the settlement money. Rarely are the famous, politician or religious priest/leaders get convicted.

Head of World Bank Dominique Strauss rapes maid

Dominique Strauss-Khan of the world bank, head of the international monetary fund raped a poor maid, only in 2002 the girl decided to not press charges.
The maids own mother mother talked her out of it pressing charges.Take a wild guess who was paid? Later allegations followed but Straus has the best lawyers he can buy and escaped the prosecutions ( what else is new).
BBC host Jimmy Savile victims were between 5 and 75 and the scumbag died without paying a penny or spending a day in jail.
Here is a top ten list of political pedophiles and rapist
The reason I mention these people is because of what David Icke has to say about this. He researched these scumbags his entire life and finally the huge pile of shit is reaching the surface. Icke was ridiculed for many years for his views and opinions on this subject and it is coming out that he was right from the beginning. 
David Icke – Two Hour Special Royal/Political Pedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit. Bush, Cheney and Clinton ring of pedophiles

Satanism and Pedophelia

It’s tragic but the list is endless, if we want to evolve as a species we need to understand that children cannot make decisions for themselves. Anything we the parents would teach and show our children would become of huge influence in their lives).
We like to think we know the age for a child when calling them adults. The truth is that many times the parents themselves are still children. Pedophilia is a sickness and often used as a form of Satanism. Sucking out the life from innocent child victims to be used by sick masochistic devil worshipers.

David Icke was right

According to David Icke, Satanism and pedophilia could bring the downfall of the royals and politicians ( many involved ), Icke predicted and revealed many names years ago in a book he published ( YouTube link).
Long before Jefferrrey Epstein was ever in the picture as a notoriuos pedophile he was exposed by David Icke. Icke also claimed Prince Andre was a pedophile over a decade ago.

Prince Andrew was a lot on the island of Jefferey Epstein

A lot of young children are being abused by religious and other evil people at locations like churches and parliament buildings. This is because these children are indoctrinated from the moment they are born. The infants are invested with religion and obedience.
Then there are children who are caught in a vicious circle often becoming a pedophile themselves at later age and repeating the circle.
We need to get rid of people who preach hate, fear, obedience, submission , giving up your heart and soul to Gods, priest, politicians and other vultures. Let’s change our system and get rid of these “reptiles”, they possibly cannot be human as they lack a shred of empathy.


We know what is wrong and the only good solution for pedophilia behavior is castration.

Quote the pope “Of course pedophilia is first rather a sickness of individuals. The fact that it could become so active and so widespread was linked also to an intellectual climate. Through the foundations of moral theology, good and evil, became open to question in the Church.

Questioning the Church

Good and evil became interchangeable; they were no longer absolutely clear opposites.”
― Pope Benedict XVI, Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Sign of the Times – A Conversation with Peter Seewald”.
Quote “But the broader theme of scripture is that a man’s children are his possessions, to be trained, traded and treated as he sees fit, even if it kills them.
This concept of the child emerges in the Hebrew Tanakh, beginning with the BOOK of Genesis, and continues into the Christian New Testament.
Stories, commandments, legal codes, and theology are built on this premise and make sense only when we understand fatherhood to mean ownership.”

Makes you wonder if these stories are not just some screenplay from a shakespeare from those times?

Quote “Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains that I shall show you.” (Genesis 22:1-12nasv)”.

Sacrifice your own kids show obiedience to your God

“Look, I have two daughters who have not known a man; let me bring them out to you, and do to them as you please; only do nothing to these men, for they have come under the shelter of my roof.” (Gen 19:8nrsv)
In the Hebrew Bible, premarital sex is regulated legally within a property framework. A used female is damaged goods, and consequently a rapist can be forced to buy the girl he has violated, from her owner—her father.
So the Quran makes very clear that Muslims may indeed marry pre-pubescent infants. Theres no need for a divorce unless you were first married! Obviously, Muhammad’s marriage to a child of 6 (consumated at 9) gave inspiration to this hideousness.
Child Sex Normal In Islam and Quran
As for the righteous (Muslims)… We (Allah) shall wed them to beautiful virgins with lustrous eyes” [Quran 44:51-54]

Paradise Whorehouse

Other verses in the Quran—such as 37:40-48, 44:51-55, 52:17-20, 55:56-58, 70-77, 56:7-40, 78:31 (also see describe the Paradise to be an alluring whorehouse. Any sane, rational person can believe in such teaching and crave for such depraved sexual paradise is unbelievable.
Let’s start with the castrating process with the gang of priest and other religious delusional pedophiles!

Shakespeare’s Jack and Jill new updated versions

You should know Yusuf when Shakespeare’s books/works were printed one page was left out and re-written. This was the page were it was described how in their real lives of jack and Jill both were abused at very young age by a religious preacher.
That was actually the reason why one committed suicide, but Shakespeare re-wrote that part and left out the church involvement which led to the suicide. He reached a non disclosed settlement with the church to not write about the real events.

Wash our Sins

Ooh lord let us wash our sins………… will work when the castration is done. After that you pedophiles can complain during the confession or praying to Allah. How unfair it is that your balls our now with God.  Most priests will understand as they all miss their balls. “Gods” ways are mysterious and he would show huge balls to make this happen.

Fun with Shakespeare

Yusuf let us know which version of the rhyme of Shakespeare you refer to ( there were quite some edits). Many verses have been added to the rhyme, including a version with a total of 15 stanzas in a chapbook of the 19th century.
A third verse, sometimes added to the rhyme, was first recorded in a 19th-century chapbook and took the form:
By the early 20th century this had been modified in some collections, such as L. E. Walter’s, Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes (London, 1919) to:
Version 1:
Jack and Jill went up the hill and had a lot of fun, stupid Jill forgot the pill and now they have a son.
Version “Shakespeare” BBsays:
Jack and Jill went up the hill, chased by a rapist who wants to kill.
God in need  for sacrifice, so pastors deeds are justified.
Gods friends waiting in line. Sex with child is divine,
Taking turns raping a child, Gods ways are lustful and wild.
Up Jack got with sore butt, tries to run faster.
Just ending up in bed giving head to another pastor.
Then Jill came in and she saw the sin.
The scene is odd, cock in mouth ordered by God. ..
Cock deep in throat causing Jack to choke.
Jill wants to tell, but god threats with hell. 
Jack dies from pain and lawyer’s know who’s to blame,
Jack was ill, it was Gods will.
Jill prays to God’s, justice she demands, Gods says no,
God loves porn on his command.

God Loves Porn

Jill went to court for jack, to get some justice back,
she told about the chase, but God’s money will settle any case.
In heaven finally, peace eternally. For Jack not nice, nope not paradise.
Fucked forever in time, penetrated by Gods cock which is divine.
There is a new shakespeare every time!

Shakespeare would have given me a 10 (for efferots)

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  1. […] Moreover, the story of the legend Sinterklaas who lived in Turkey is full of miracles. The myth says that this “holy” man brought back alive butchered murdered kids and he saves three young girls from becoming prostitutes. The usual portion of miracles to show how holy and good Sinterklaas was ( the bishop in Myra near Antalya). The trustworthy Sinterklaas is an old man who likes to give candies to young children. He has black Pete’s with him to scare the children if they are up to no good. Ahum, I grew up ( some say I never did ) now knowing the real story of Sinterklaas it sounds that the Sinterklaas character is just another pervert who comes to seduce children with candy. He uses scare tactics “saving butchered children bringing them back to life”? Like Jesus revived alcoholic Lazarus from the dead, reminds me of  my previous blog: “God” loves pedophiles, Hells Angels, Yusuf Estes hates Shakespeare”. […]

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